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  1. Cheers guys, will order it now, won't upgrade the ram straight away but it seems to be quite straight forward so can be something I can do in the future if I need it. Edit: Just noticed that the 256GB SSD one only has a 1050 4GB Graphics card compared to a 1050Ti 4GB Graphics card, does it make a difference? @Smurf
  2. Looking at the one you linked they have an upgrade from 128GB SSD to 256GB SSD for £20 more so will probably go for that one. In terms of games that I play it'll mostly be FM and the new Civ, along with other strategy type games, so is the processor more important than the graphics for these type of games? At the moment I play in 2D Classic as my current laptop cannot handle any more, I would like to go to 3D, but would prefer to just run more leagues and have a larger database.
  3. Same as everyone else, need a new laptop for FM19, is this a good deal to go for? https://www.box.co.uk/FX503VM-DM102T-ASUS-FX503VM-DM102T-Gaming-Laptop_2267825.html?wgu=13045_116019_15349440885146_74a95eef1a,13045_116019_15349745168945_041d6f2563&wgexpiry=1542720088,1542750516&source=webgains,webgains&siteid=116019,116019
  4. Delph on for Alli, need to be closing down that full back more.
  5. Young keeps losing the ball, definitely been our weak point so far.
  6. Thought Brazilians were supposed to be good at penalties?
  7. It's like Kane has been told to play attacking mid with Sterling as the lone striker, Kane is playing far too deep.
  8. So little movement off the ball from our attacking players, I thought that was why they're in the team.
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