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  1. Everyone understands that QME stats and FME stats will never be 100% directly comparable, it's always been like that on FM. I think the majority just wanted acknowledgment of how whacky some of these FME stats are.
  2. This is what I think is happening. I've seen it several times where my winger goes past a defender, it's acknowledged in commentary and nothing pops up on the stats. I have seen a few posts mentioning that stats and post-match analysis don't match up as well.
  3. Yep, makes no sense to me. I would have thought xG was worked out in a similar way to half chances and clear cut chances. For example...clear cut chances equal 0.8 xG and half chances equal 0.4xG. I try to play football manager realistically, no player search. That means I use my scouts and stats alone. With the current setup stats are absolutely useless for finding players. Currently have Sean Goss, a cdm in my Cheltenham team (League 1) with 62 key passes. Meanwhile, in Spain...Messi sits on 12 key passes despite topping the league with Barca.
  4. Ngl, return to this post every couple of days after work to see if there's been any acknowledgement from Si staff. At least change the marker from 'known issue' to 'issue we're choosing to ignore'.
  5. Thanks for the reply @Jack Joyce, I hope you had a nice Christmas break. 1. Fair enough, I have noticed an improvement to player ratings since the recent update. However, are you saying key tackles do not impact a players match ratings? 2. Oh c'mon...have you looked at any of the screenshots on this forum, on twitter or YouTube? Even on your own saves? Key tackles are broken, I haven't seen a single key tackle in two seasons. How much evidence do people need to provide? 3. I appreciate that there will always be some discrepancies between FME and QME but once again, these are not mi
  6. Key passes aren't being registered correctly...neither are clear cut chances, dribbles, key tackles etc. etc. It's clear as day in match analysis and when viewing player stats in the league. It's not gamebreaking...just incredibly annoying.
  7. Hi @Neil Brock , never got a reply to the above post? It's an ongoing issue after the recent update. The match engine is not registering stats properly. Thus why there are so many topics in this forum about match analysis being incorrect...
  8. Was marked 'known issue' prior to my fat message with screenshots. My fault I suppose, should have included it all in the initial post.
  9. I would appreciate a response to the above or at least acknowledgement that this is an issue...
  10. I'm sorry Neil, I don't buy this. Football manager has never had such huge discrepancies between leagues with different levels of detail. My league (League One). Another league... My league (Dribbles per game) Another league (dribbles per game) My League (crosses attempted) Another league (crosses attempted) My League (Key Passes) Another league Key Passes I could go on and on, check your own saved game. These are abnormal stats in human leagues, one would argue that the leagues with less detail look more realistic?! I wouldn't say I'm particular
  11. Would really appreciate some acknowledgment of this issue. Haven't been able to play the game since I've noticed these problems. The issue is clearly related to actions in the match engine not being picked up by the stats.
  12. I've seen a number of topics highlighting individual stats that are not being registered correctly. I just wanted to makes sure that the SI Team is fully aware of the extent of this problem. Firstly, the following is occurring in EVERY save since the most recent update. The issue seems to be occurring in leagues that include a human player (are running at the highest detail). Key Tackles - Not being registered in leagues with a human player Key Passes - Much higher in leagues with a human player (huge discrepancy!!) Clear Cut Chances - Much lower in leagues with a human player (hug
  13. Check the other stats...dribbles, clear cut chances for example. And compare these stats to other leagues. There is a real issue with stats reported in leagues that include a human player.
  14. You're correct. Has nothing to do with detail level, these bugs only occur in leagues with human players. A mod just needs to open their own save and scroll through 'Detailed Stats' of each league. It's such an obvious bug occurring with several stats.
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