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  1. A lower mentality basically works by pushing the sliders to the left. If you open your In Possession tab and switch mentality to Very Defensive, you'll see your Attacking Width, Passing Directness, and Tempo all decrease. In the Out of Possession tab, you'll see your Line of Engagement and Defensive Line move lower, and your Pressing Intensity decrease. So by lowering your mentality, you'll play more patient football and defend lower down the pitch. A Defensive mentality with a Much Higher Line of Engagement is pretty similar to a Balanced mentality with a Higher Line of Engagement. You n
  2. What kind of goals are you conceding in those matches? Is it counter-attacks? Set pieces? Passes through the middle? Crosses from wide?
  3. Your tactic is sending too many players forward. Your wing-backs and your centre-mids are all going forward, leaving your two centre-backs alone at the back. Liverpool, United, Arsenal and City are probably all playing with front threes, so when you lose the ball they can spring a counter-attack with three attackers going at your two defenders, and that's not a situation you want to be in. You're also pressing very high, which is a risky strategy against the big teams who have the players to beat the press. If you look at real life examples of the 4-2-3-1, you'll see that there's usually a pla
  4. There's no reason Son's Current Ability shouldn't be increased. It's only 160, which makes him the twenty-second best winger in the world - I included anyone with at least 18 at AML or AMR in my search. He's fourteen points behind Sterling, and nineteen behind Salah and Mane - now you could certainly argue that those three are better than him, but that gulf seems excessive. Bumping Son up to somewhere around 168-172 CA wouldn't even put him in the top ten wingers in the world, and would keep him behind his 'rivals' in the Premier League. But it would allow a more accurate representation
  5. This post won't be as detailed as my Son post, but I'd like to suggest some changes to some other Spurs players. Harry Kane + 'Tries Long Range Passes' According to Whoscored, Kane 'plays the ball of the ground often' and 'likes to play long balls.' This video demonstrates him doing so. Lucas Moura + Important Matches (8 -> 14) Lucas has a really good track record in big games for Spurs - most notably a brace against Manchester United, a late goal in Barcelona to go through to the Champions League knockouts, and his famous hat-trick in Amsterdam. He also scored
  6. Heung Min-Son is severely underrated as a dribbler. Of the fifteen 'wingers' in the Premier League top six - this is kind of subjective, but hey - Son completes the joint-third most dribbles, with the sixth best success rate. This shows that's he a pretty damn good dribbler by the standards of the top six wingers, certainly above average. The eye test will also tell you this. Son has a track record of excellent solo goals - most notably against Chelsea and Burnley - and will also frequently use his dribbling to open up space for shots in tight spaces. And yet of the seven main
  7. In all honesty I completely forgot about Valero and Eriksen, I sold both for not fitting my key attributes. I'm surprised Brozovic isn't in your first XI though - has he complained at all?
  8. Who else starts in your midfield, out of interest? Gagliardini and Brozovic? Or do you have Barella in there somewhere?
  9. Sensi's only been a backup/rotation player for me, mostly because he's not great physically and doesn't have the levels of aggression, bravery, and work rate I like from my players. He's done well when he has played as a mezalla or right-back, to be fair - excellent set piece taker - so maybe I should give him more of a chance.
  10. Most people here won’t be able to help you if your screenshots are in Polish. Could you set your language to English and post some screenshots that way?
  11. Ignazio Abate and Neil Taylor will have you set for fullbacks, Abate is a free agent and Taylor shouldn't be too expensive. Charlie Daniels is worth a look too if you're not a fan of Taylor.
  12. Very consistent against defensive sides, we tend to score two or three against them, home and away. Defensive sides tend to pack the box with players, but we're okay with that because our side is full of big, aggressive players who do well competing for crosses. We do really well from set pieces too, which helps.
  13. Might not be the best example, but even during a counter-attack the right winger there should be running down the wing. Instead he sort of stands still for a bit, then the fullback catches up, then they make the exact same run.
  14. Players are dumb. Even in your own clip, you've got the left winger and left back practically touching each other, and the right winger and right back only a few yards apart.
  15. Juventus we drew 0-0 at home and won 1-0 away. We got a little lucky away, Ronaldo missed a penalty in the last twenty minutes. AC Milan we beat 2-0 "away" and won 1-0 at home.
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