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  1. Largest. Tiki-taka is a possession heavy system. You should be dominating matches with it and playing in the opposition half. As such you want to leave the opposition with a long counter attack distance (definitely not a short one!)
  2. I think that depends, a bit glib just to say its not a good choice.
  3. Change to a formation with more width. Change role/duty in midfield. Change shape.
  4. For a tactic with those team instructions I would look to have more support roles generally.
  5. I think you've done the right thing basically holding or locking the central mids down. In this formation it's very risky to have them bombing fwd. I get why you're using wingers cause of counter style and not overloading the centre where you have an AMC.....but I think at least one wide man could be cutting inside and exploiting the space between full back and centre back. I used to think more wingers in a 4231 and inside fwds in a 4141 but nowadays I challenge that observation quite a bit. A 4141 has that deeper mid allowing one central mid to surge fwd. This is not possible in a 4231.
  6. The overlap instruction will make your wingers hold the ball up and wait for support. Is that your intention? It looks like you'll end up with 2 players on each flank wanting to put crosses into the box for a lone striker. The tactic doesn't really address the half spaces at either end of the pitch. Think this system leaves room for improvement.
  7. Mmm. But I can say that Drongelan and Vagnoman turn out very well.
  8. As a Utd fan it pains me to say as much but this might be the best FM19 thread to learn from. Packed with stuff you can gain from.
  9. Personally I wouldn't play 'direct' with a team losing its legs. Direct requires runners.
  10. Good opening post @Jack72 with smart observations of your own as well with @Tom8983 I don't think you need to get too deep. The lower your block the more likely you are to recover the ball in deeper areas. This creates space but leaves you a long way to go up the pitch when attacking. Eventually good teams may pin you back and you'll end up capitulating under too much pressure if you're not careful. I'd worry slightly that passing direct to a poacher without a strike partner is a bit one dimensional. It just looks for a through ball as you say but if that's defended then what? Normally a 'direct' escape route up the field would have a target type player (not necessarily a TM) that holds the ball up and allows the team to catch up and join him. Icardi may also tend to stay fairly central with that poacher role and clearances to the wings, especially to the left where your wide man is inverted may not be picked up and you simply turn the ball over. I reckon though you're going to work a lot of stuff out, it would seem to be a promising thread, so good luck.
  11. Just given this an upvote, it's a very good article and I like the Hammer & Anvil that it links to as well.
  12. I think I'd try Mata as an Advanced Playmaker, keep a wide midfielder one side but invert the other one to help channel the play a bit more through the centre. The full back on the inverted wide man's side would maintain some width and cover down that flank.
  13. 2 fullbacks + 2 widemen. None of them inverted so they'll run up and down the flanks providing crosses. It may not seem to be a problem and that's fine. All I'm highlighting is you seem to have spotted you want low crosses, presumably as central attackers aren't tall, so why use a formation that has 4 players who will take up wide positions and offer the team crosses. Maybe it's food for thought, maybe not. Just an opinion to consider.
  14. Sure. If your striker isn't an aerial presence, and your AMC is a technical player like Juan Mata, why use a wing-heavy formation at all?
  15. By and large in agreement with the posters above. The diamond lacks any kind of width really. Don't really see how the underlapping helps that set up. Similar with the 4231 using the 'very narrow' TI. As post above suggests try and review the roles out wide.
  16. All of your screenshots have the TI 'low crosses', why is that? I have noticed what appears to be Juan Mata in the no.10 role and who might be Mason Greenwood leading the line. Mata is short and Greenwood not the biggest so that might explain the TI. But if that's the case I'd question the system anyway. Why use fullback and wingers down both flanks if you don't want to be a crossing team?
  17. Pretty much the same question I asked on the previous page on October 15th last year.
  18. Adding more to this quote. I think of it as an overload instruction. When most people here talk about overloads, they overload a flank. Exploit the middle brings defenders and defensive midfielders forward. Personally I think its misunderstood by the community. When teams are sitting back against you, give it a try. Should mean more people joining the attacking phase and more passing options. Weirdly just read this thread and people told him to remove the instruction. Left them to it but not sure it was the right advice for him. That's the trouble with forums, eventually too many opinions or certain voices too frequent or loud. Hard to tell wood from the trees. I'm sure what I've said here will be disagreed with by some.
  19. Agree a fair bit here with @Tom8983. My advice would be to try some of his suggestions.
  20. Speed, speed, speed. Drop lower tempo and work into box. Distribute quickly, maybe throw it out.
  21. Who are you expecting to be the source of goals? I only see the pressing forward as an outlet. Every other player (barring CDs and GK) look to have creator type roles. So who they creating for? I'd try to get the AMC running into the box and maybe go as far as one of the midfielders as a Mezzala as they are quite attacking. Just think you need to have two if not three players with the purpose of getting in the box and/or the half spaces to have the chance of getting more goals.
  22. Hi Below is the 2nd of the 2 tactics you posted. I've highlighted some things to consider. You use 2 strikers with the more attacking one having an attack duty. The attack duty means that he as an individual will have an attack mentality and take up positions high against the oppo central defenders. Defensively as his job is a Pressing Fwd, he will harass defenders and press them. However you have asked your fwd line to have a much lower line of engagement. I believe that's a conflict. Similarly your fullbacks are on support. They will support attacks. But defensively you want them to drop back, and keep dropping back, to a much lower defensive line. They have too much ground to cover. If you want defenders to play with a really deep line then I think they should have a defend duty. They need to be disciplined and in position. You can not risk any gaps playing very deep. So again I believe this is a conflict in your set up. I could also have highlighted that you are attacking narrow but have selected a winger role. That's a role that wants to beat players on the outside, hug the line and cross from wide areas. Personally the more narrow I play then I become inclined to change that role to something like a wide midfielder. Hope these things help, good luck.
  23. I think there a quite a few styles to add. Styles tend to come and go with eras and different regions or countries. I will probably do 1 or 2 more myself but would welcome anyone just having a bash. Here are a few additional suggestions. Total Football. Already mentioned, good shout. Wingless Wonders. Samba football. Other references to it such as Ginga or Joga Bonito. Positions of Maximum Opportunity (i.e. some sort of crossing, target man style. associated as traditional British football in the last century) Strikerless. Is that a style? Not sure, possibly? Plus maybe a style that is aimed specifically for 3-man defences and wingbacks made famous by Germany. Or something Argentinian perhaps around the no.10 role as the central fulcrum of he side.
  24. @Kuchiki Hi. Is this in the correct part of the forum? Looks like it might sit better in the FM Career Updates section?
  25. Thanks for the reply @sparkyunited and I'm not inclined to disagree with your comments at all. As you said mine is a broad representation, I don't mind that one bit. Hope you have a little play around with the ideas, let us know how you get on.
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