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  1. I barely win or even get a xG over 1 in games with this tactics. I want a high pressing game and with high tempo, but I had to slow it down so my players could get in to dangerous positions. I think the roles balance each other but the results and performances says otherwise. Do you find any flaws with this tactic?
  2. I've had bad luck so far in FM21. My latest save is with Aston Villa and after eight games i have six draws and two losses. My idea for the tactics was to create a simplistic 4-3-3 since I know that to many TI's can be bad. In my opinion I have the necessary TI's for creating a possession, high pressing game that I want. My main idea was to create space and chances for Grealish. I I tried some variations of this tactics, but the one attached is the one who worked the least. I wanted Barkley as DLP so the opposition could focus on him, leaving room for Grealish. When Jack has the b
  3. My idea is to play on the counter, with balls behind opp's defence. If you have other thoughts about the tactics, please tell me!
  4. If i choose to play with a structured 4-4-2 who aim to score at counter attacks, how do I do when I really need to score a goal? Say if you are playing against a team that is at a lower level than yours and play defensively, or you are down 0-2 with 45 minutes to play. Do you just change the mentality to attack/control? Or do you raise the defensive line and increase pressing? How do you deal with situations like these?
  5. I want to recreate Antonio Contes tactics from 16/17 when Chelsea won the league. In defence, they played 5-4-1, in offence 3-4-3. Which one should I use for my team? How does the game interpret the formations?
  6. Thanks! But the thing is, that my drivers are up to date. Both according to Nvidias own "driver software" and my PC info. Bonus info: I've recently reformat my HDD, and I've had issues with my screen turning black for a couple of seconds since then, so maybe It's a bigger problem overall.
  7. It happens randomly, usually 5 minutes in when I start the game. DxDiag.txt
  8. I have the latest drivers for my graphic card, despite this the game crashes. Any solutions? FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.09 13.29.06).dmp
  9. With Arsenal, my plan is to build my tactics around the pace from my wingers and fullbacks. Obviously sitting deep and counter attack would be ideal, but that doesn’t go well with a club like Arsenal. My idea for the roles: SW (A) WB (S) - CD - BPD - WB (S) DM (D) MEZ (S) - CAR/DLP (S) IW (A) - DLF (S) - IF/RAM (A) Do you guys have any ideas how I can build my tactics on pace without sitting deep?
  10. Player roles: Wb (A) - CB (D) - CB (D) - WB (S) DM (D) - BWM (D) IF (A) - AP (S) - IF (A) TM (S) My idea is a team that scores goals on the counter-attack. The wing backs would be my main assist providers. I will play with slightly higher line and pressing since I don’t want my team to be passive. I use an AP because not every attack can be a counter one. I want him to dictate the play when the opponents are defending at lower blocks. He will also pick up the balls that the TM wins so he can help him distribute the balls to the inside forwards
  11. Whenever I try to change the kit numbers to white (in editor), they show up as black. With other words, I'cant have white numbers on the tactic screen? Any solutions?
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