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  1. There are known issues with some of the analytics and internal stat collection in FM21- tackles and pass maps, crosses displayed etc. The advice of 'ignore the ratings' would be fair enough if the ratings were independent of game play and merely offered a way to quickly judge performances. But because player morale/value/success is partially dependent on the rating that they get it is a little annoying. I don't really have any advice beyond sucking it up, or start using a different tactic :/
  2. 100% agree. Part of the what I was trying to get across in the posts above was that whilst there are certain immutable features about the recent system Pep has been using, there is so much flexibility and reaction to opposition on top of that. The aggressiveness of the 10/8s, where the LB plays, how the wingers play, these features alone all depend on the opposition. And basic features like tempo, pass length, work ball into box and underlaps/overlaps all depend on the formation and system the opposition are playing. Against set block defences the generally correct strategy with this form
  3. Stress tested results I made one change to the tactic for the subsequent games after the 5-1 Manchester Derby: The left back has been switched to a FB on defend. With the positive mentality this gives him a cautious mentality, so he kind of ends up sitting wide and slightly deeper than the DM, but occasionally gets forward to support if necessary. It makes the line of three better for sure, but also, results are very good: Some great goals in there, and a very healthy number of clean sheets. Puts us 1st in the league going into 2021. Conveniently, in real lif
  4. In match examples I'll show you the Manchester Derby first, as it provided some good examples of the tactic in action. First, the game: Positives: 5 goals scored, despite a penalty being missed Considerably higher xG than opponent Outscoring xG (given underperformance in previous games) Outshot opponent Negatives: Low possession- an anomaly compared to the seasons results, but United pressed very aggressively (20 fouls). And I was testing this system, so didn't really set it up ideally to counter that high press. But shows we can get a good
  5. I've been messing with a wide variety of ways to replicate some of this behaviour. WARNING: If PIs and messy formations are not for you, look away now! Caveat: This is absolutely the opposite of a plug and play tactic. In fact, it is almost certainly not the optimal way to play with City, as it only even exists out of the necessity of having no strikers. What it does do is produce a reasonably accurate representation of the way Pep's City have been playing over the last few weeks, produce good results (with the best players in FM) and produce some fun and attractive football. Wo
  6. Hello all, sincere apologies in the delay on getting this out there, been very busy IRL. Forgive me/please let me know if there has been any substantial discussion on this elsewhere, I haven't been checking the forums since last week. Let me present the first of my tactical recreations on this: Man City's strikerless 4231. Thanks also to @JamesC86 for sending me some thoughts on this, they were very helpful and I came to similar conclusions myself after experimenting. MANCHESTER CITY 4231/3241/334 The system In the past few matches, Pep has played a slightly bizarre syste
  7. Hello everybody. Seeing as my Dean Smith's Villa tactical recreation thread seemed to go down well and generated some interesting discussion, I thought it would be a nice idea to try and do some of the other more unique tactical systems that are on display in the premier league this season. Here's the link to that thread if you haven't seen it. In the FM21 beta I also tried to do a recreation of Southampton's system under Hassenhuttl with Udinese. I definitely want to revisit this as I think the changes from the Beta match engine to the current one (especially changes to centre of
  8. It is just the default skin Unless you were talking about some of the other screenshots, which are from various online analytics sites. For what it's worth, I've been playing with various different versions of these tactics and any combo of SS/a and CF/s (esp with both having close down more PI) seems to get a pretty good pressing shape. The sad part is that it's not particularly effective in FM at all- I guess it's a pretty complicated topic but football aesthetics vs functionality and how they translate into FM is kinda interesting. Like, why do we care about the pressing struc
  9. Hi @nick1408, thanks for the Qs. So, the 442/4231 issue is something I've been thinking about how best to simulate in FM for a while now. Whilst nominally the FM formation is the defensive formation, so if they 'defend' in a 442 then we should play with the 442 on paper and set up the roles in order to get the attacking shape we want, I'm not sure if that will work. Let me explain. So the number 10 in Villa's system will usually (but not 100% of the time) move up alongside the striker so they can press effectively from the front and/or block passing lanes. Sometimes this will even be
  10. Thank you! You're right, watching back a bit and there are definitely overlaps. But there are also plenty of times where the full back will hold the ball and pass it back inside to the runner. Personally I think underlaps give prettier attacking play in FM but maybe turning them off would be more accurate! I've tried holidaying a bit with various versions of the tactics with a left sided overload and I've struggled to get any success. But also haven't put a ton of thought into it. I also tried switching the midfield combo to Car-DLPs, DLPs-CMd and CMs-DLPd. All seem to be decent. Somethin
  11. Hi all, happy new year. Aston Villa have been one of my favourite teams to watch in the league this season, partially due to Grealish's somewhat mesmerizing performances, but also that they just look good this season. And the numbers back them up on this. In the 15 league games they have played so far this season, they've earned 26 points. They've scored 29 goals and conceded 16 in those games as well, which makes them the 5th best attacking team and 3rd best defensive team in the league. What's remarkable about Villa this season is how they improved so rapidly from one of th
  12. Sure, that's exactly what I anticipated- my two defensive wingers are both constantly in positions to make tackles. But "most of the time" is quite different to 91%. Like, what's the point of tackling as an attribute if other stuff is enough to result in a world class tackle success rate despite a 4 in the tackling attribute. Off the top of my head TAA and Andy Robertson have like 65-67% tackle success rate. Which is very good! Lol I just went to check the other tackle win percentages in the league... Wtf lol. These numbers are absolutely bonkers. Knight-Percival
  13. I've been playing LLM so assumed that it might have been because my keeper lacks the decisions or something like that. But switched to a top team for this experiment and noticed the exact same behaviour. Don't think it's due to the new patch btw, as I was noticing it last week.
  14. So after watching the very recent Rio Ferdinand and Carlo Ancelotti BT sport interview (it's on Youtube if you want to watch it, think it was uploaded a couple of weeks ago), Ancelotti discusses the "Christmas Tree" final. He's absolutely adamant that defensively the formation was a normal 442. And it was in attack where Seedorf moved inwards, Gattuso stayed narrow and reserved, and the full backs bombed forward. With that in mind, I decided to try a little replication. I'm using my old Udinese testing date (away to Inter) so bear that in mind. The player pool I used is relatively suitab
  15. Managed to get yourself out of a bad run of results, and with a pretty unorthodox tactic? Love to see it Tactic could definitely be tweaked a little to balance it out but who cares!
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