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  1. Absolutely- Bielsa has his whole -1 in attack, 1 extra in defence, so it's usually very easy to predict what formation he'll use against a certain opponent. He always matches them in midfield in theory but in practice it's often a 1 DM 1 CM/AM combo instead of a double pivot e.g. 3313 vs 343. It would be an interesting FM challenge to always follow this formula for a campaign!
  2. There is no right answer! (As @Jack722 has rightly pointed out) I just wanted to give one example of: "same style, different formation" would be Nagelsmann at RB Leipzig. He has used 343, 4222, 352 (and more I am sure, but I am not an expert in RB Leipzig). But the RB Leipzig tactical identity stays the same throughout (although obviously occasionally they will sit back and defend or slow the pace down etc, like all teams do). This might make sense if you play an offensive/intense style and think that the main reason of switching tactics from your 5212 would be because maybe a playe
  3. If you're playing strikerless then I've been using the following front 3 in a strikerless 343 system (although i think it could translate well to a 4atb if the rest of the roles are suitable): SSa-AMa-SSa And it provides some absolutely beautiful goals. The type of player you play in each role massively impacts things though (i.e. traits like dropping deep, killer balls). The central AM will do everything from pressing as a false 9 at the tip of the attack off the ball, to dropping deep to collect, play a 1-2 and then finish the move off after the SS plays the pass. However, I have f
  4. Look- there are plenty of things about that tactic that one might normally say aren't ideal e.g. no width on the right hand side, no defensive cover on the left hand side, 2 BPDs is probably overkill, extremely aggressive system not typically ideal for a lower league team etc etc. However, there are actually quite a lot of things I like about this tactic. It reminds me very much of some of the Red Bull systems that have been employed. It completely packs the middle of the pitch (4 midfielders plus supporting target man will drop deep and the IWB will maraud through the centre as well), so
  5. So, the first thing that comes to mind is that you're first in the Bundesliga in May, and rule no. 1 for tactic creation imo is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Having said that, by the sounds of it the 4231 is what got you this success and wanting to switch to a 442 is the issue? My go-to 442 looks something like this: CFa-CFs WMa CMs CMs WMa FBs CBd BPDd FBs On a balanced or positive mentality, and then I go from there. I would then tweak the roles depending on personnel- for example I would not play two attacking centre mids as CMs as they will both n
  6. Like Bielsa's crashed and burned with Leeds? Or do you think there are specific differences between the two styles which mean that Pep's would fail with such a team as Leeds and that Bielsa's would succeed? I'd also point out that Mourinho by his actions and words very clearly wants a specific type of player as well. Note also that Mourinho had the highest net spend of any Manchester United manager since the start of the Premier League era, and also has a net spend of ~£130mn at spurs, which iirc is far higher than Poch's was. This is not to get into an argument about various managers buy
  7. Just resurrecting this thread as I have been trying out this tactic (with some slight tweaks) on my current Journeyman save. I took over a just relegated NEC team so for our first season in the Keuken Kampioen division I thought the squad had a number of characteristics to play a style of football like this: -Exceptionally technical players -Strongest team in the division -Lack of pacey strikers and/or attacking mids (1 pacey attacking winger). I just want to say that the tactic has worked phenomenally well defensively. I struggled with 2 things which led to connected cha
  8. Been playing a lot with various front lines in different formations looking something like: ST-ST 10 Although it might usually be a no-no having all three of these duties on attack, in the right set up (namely relatively counter attacking and/or possession based systems) it can work wonders just having a front 3 let rip like that. My favourite combination at the moment is: DLFa-AFa SS And then depending on the rest of the tactical set up and/or the opposition I will sometimes tell the strikers to stay wider, split strikers. This leaves so much room
  9. This looks good. I would be interested in seeing results and how you feel the tactic plays (looks maybe a little too counter-attacky?). I've also been thinking about this today after reading an interesting analytics deep dive into Villa this season and I agree that more direct passing is the way to go. Hopefully I will get a chance to revisit this soon- I'd also be interested in hearing how Grealish plays as the WP-a (for me TQ is still him to a tee!).
  10. This post might have some interesting stuff- I can't play test your tactic atm but my personal thoughts are that your set up is broadly right. If you want to try and mimic it using a 433 as the base formation then I'd be inclined to have Bernardo as a potentially more offfensive role. It's difficult to truly mimic as the midfield 3 are very flexible. For example against Liverpool they settled into a 442/4222 block in midfield at times, and it'd usually be Gundo-Rodri as the pivot with Silva joining Foden up top to press. But sometimes Gundogan would be the presser and Silva would be in the piv
  11. Yep bang on. Thought it was really interesting that he chose to bring on Laporte and shift Zinchenko into midfield (on paper). Of course, that left hand side position he occupied is where a conventional Pep full back (sometimes wide, sometimes inside) would play anyway. Funny old things formations. I need to go back and double check but they were effectively playing a kind of Cruyff style 343 diamond, with much interchangement, other than Rodri mostly hanging slightly further back. I can't pretend to have watched the City U23s at all so I'll take your word for it. Would you say it's more
  12. Just to chime in on the overkill of adding pass to CBs whilst also having POD and shorter passing- usually I would tend to agree, but I have to say that in FM21 I have noticed an increased likelihood of Keepers kicking it long despite having, say, 2 of those 3 instructions. So if you did want a "play out of defence in nearly all situations" (e.g. 2020 Arsenal) then I'd be inclined to add all 3 instructions. Not that I'm saying that that suits this Soton tactic, but it isn't as much of a no-no in FM21 as previously, imo.
  13. This was from the beta- you might find it useful. To be honest I think it is less close to how Southampton have been playing this season, and more like how they were playing last season. This season they are being less front foot in possession in my opinion. Out of possession, they are still pressing the 3rd most intensely in the PL (3rd lowest PPDA after Leeds and Liverpool) but their attacks are actually not as direct as they used to be. In a trivial sense, they are pressing less than last season (but only because every team is pressing less than last season, Covid fatigue presumably). But r
  14. You're right that Pep's positional play is all about having a wide player stretching the play (typically). But this was just a replication of the specific tactics that have been used when Cancelo has been playing and no striker has been on the pitch for City. In recent games the tactic has actually been mirrored (with Walker as the reserved/defensive full back and Cancelo inverting from the left hand side). So for the specific matches I was basing this tactic off, what was happening was a flexibility in the postional play principles. That is, there was always someone keeping the width ont
  15. There are known issues with some of the analytics and internal stat collection in FM21- tackles and pass maps, crosses displayed etc. The advice of 'ignore the ratings' would be fair enough if the ratings were independent of game play and merely offered a way to quickly judge performances. But because player morale/value/success is partially dependent on the rating that they get it is a little annoying. I don't really have any advice beyond sucking it up, or start using a different tactic :/
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