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  1. Good work @Rashidi , seems to be doing well. How comes you opted for a flexible team shape? That was the biggest surprise for me.
  2. I actually read that occasionally Jorginho and Allan form a double pivot when in possession to better recycle the ball.
  3. Looks good mate, impressive results. 8 Clean sheets in 10 is astounding especially considering you have double attack duties on each flank - the press must be very effective. With my tactic we're winning a lot of games (beat Bayern home & away in the champions league) but feels like our possession is defensive as we're not creating that many chances. May experiment with removing 'dribble less' and 'retain possession' + adding an attack duty and see if this improves things.
  4. That's what I thought but Napoli move the ball very quickly and a counter mentality is just too slow. It's definitely a challenge to get it right, I can get results but not sure how similar the tactic is to real life.
  5. Makes sense, i guess the whole point of a RMD is being able to break away quickly during offensive transitions. My take on Sarri is rather different but that's the beauty of the game Look forward to the video when it's released
  6. Very interesting Rashidi, can't wait for the video to be uploaded. How comes you opted for a flexible team shape? Especially since you're using a RMD i thought you would have at least gone fluid to try and drag him back.
  7. Doesn't an APs have hold position? I know IRL Hamsik drifts over to the right a lot to create overloads which is why I settled on a RPM. I've been flickering between CFs and DLFa for Mertens, mainly because he's stopped scoring recently but could be a form issue rather than tactical.
  8. Thoughts?? Unsure on Hamsik/Mertens role
  9. I've literally read tons of articles/watched loads of videos and still can't get close to it Getting the team to win isn't a problem (we're 4 points clear) but i'm not seeing the free flowing, aggressive possession game Napoli play. Possession is a lot more laboured and we struggle to create chances.
  10. This is what I've got so far.. it's getting results but we're not creating that many chances.. any ideas? Key PI's: SK - Distribute quickly, distribute to CB's IF's: Get Further Forward Hamsik: More direct & more risky passes, get further forward Mertens: Move into channels
  11. Does using a very fluid team shape mean players are going to roam from their position? Should the TI be used or is this over kill?
  12. Go for it mate, looking forward to your input! The reason why I didn't use shorter passing was for two reasons: 1.I didn't want to limit players passing options --> if there's a direct pass on then go for it. 2. Due to the team shape I'm using (very fluid) a lot of passes will be short naturally due to being more vertically compact. Tempo was something I was very unsure of. The idea behind it was an attempt at drawing the opposition in, creating space for quicker and more direct passes but I see where you're coming from. Will experiment with a normal tempo for sure. I think it's worth pointing out that a much lower tempo on 'control' mentality will be around lower to normal on a standard mentality, so in reality it isn't that slow.
  13. What roles/duties have you selected for your defence?