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  1. Great read, loving the compact 442 shape you're getting off the ball Curious as to what the in possession TI's might look like?
  2. How do you create these traps? Sorry if it's off-topic!
  3. I think FB ratings are universally low in FM21 for some reason. In regard to your tactic, why not use one winger on support? That way you still have some variation, as he will look to cross early. I'd also change one of the striker roles personally, as two pressing forwards might be a bit static.
  4. AFAIK, the HB only drops into the defence to make a back three during build-up, which is disappointing. The only real solution is to.. use a back three This would definitely work.. bear in mind you're using an attacking mentality too, so they'll be relatively aggressive in their passing anyway.
  5. In a nutshell, yes Even a MEZ-S is too risky for a 4231; the two CM's in this formation are there to break up play, cover space and recycle the ball... you have 4 attackers high up the pitch, is there a need for another? It will likely to reduce space further in the final third. If you want to use a CM-A (one of my favourite roles both IRL and in the game) I would look at switching formation to a 433/4141.
  6. I agree with the above who's really attacking the box? Both the AP and CF-S are looking to drop, the W-A is an underrated goal-threat but will primarily look for crosses, and the IW will drift laterally. Personally i'd look at having the striker on an attack duty, maybe DLF/PF-A so he occupies the centre-backs. When playing against defensive teams it's hard to draw the centre-backs out as they're heavily protected by a DM (maybe 2) so best to keep them engaged. Other suggestions: - Drop the LOE from much higher to higher (possibly standard) to give your attackers more room. -
  7. This happened to me too, particularly when the opposition used a 3atb formation... often my wingers would form a box with the CM's (and sometimes even be deeper than them!) It left the flanks open for the wingbacks time and time again, very frustrating. I can only assume it was a bug, but unfortunately I never found a work around.
  8. I agree with this... I also think the out of possession instructions are far too aggressive, both in FM terms and how Everton play IRL. Roles and duties look okay for the most part, but don't forget the impact that mentality & player traits can have on your tactic. For example, looking at your left side, Digne could easily be a WB-S, even on a positive mentality. Midfield seems a bit passive to me.. essentially a double pivot with Allan & Gomes holding, and Doucoure only making late runs into the area. I reckon you need to use that AMC area a bit more as currently James is the only per
  9. I’d say your roles and duties are pretty much nailed on, the only change I’d make would be Thiago to a DLP-d. I think he’s definitely the only pure playmaker in Flick’s system, and you could replicate him dropping in to make a three by asking the GK to distribute to playmaker.
  10. Personally speaking, a HB drops to make a back three during build up but advances up the pitch as any other DM role would when the ball is deep in the opposition's final third. A simple FB-d with sit narrower always does the job
  11. Both of these look exciting tempted to try #3 as it’s the complete opposite of what’s popular this year, cough *gegenpress* cough 😂
  12. Nail on the head. An AF is great when given space to run into, both in behind the defence and into the channels, but with two strikers either side his movement will be pretty limited. As your system seems to be working I wouldn't suggest you change anything, but if you want more from your AF then i'd consider playing him as one of the outer strikers and maybe not press so aggressively.
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