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  1. @the SLC Looks fairly balanced, only a couple of things i’d like point out: Not really a fan of a double attack duty flank, but that’s just a personal preference as these days i’m more defensive-minded. Seen as you’re playing as United you’ll probably be fine against the smaller teams but it’s something to keep an eye on against the big boys. The IWB on attack won’t actually cover for the CM-A, in fact they’ll probably try and get into the same spaces. I’d change the IWB to a defend duty so that he forms a double pivot with the DLP when you’re attacking. Apart from that everything looks fine
  2. Definitely going to give this a go! And i'm delighted to say Timo Werner will be joining me on this journey... Already got a 4-4-1-1 and a 4-4-2 set up, potentially looking at a 4-3-1-2 as well.
  3. I see, so first season did you use a variation of this tactic/playing style or were you set up very differently?
  4. What team are you using? I’ve been thinking about translating my playing style on FIFA to FM but i think i’d have to use a top team for it to work effectively.
  5. Pace and Power

    I think you need to decide whether you want to play a pure counter-attacking game (using the counter mentality), which is reserved in possession and means you’re more reliant on AI generated counter-attacks (unless you add ‘more direct passing, higher tempo etc), OR you can take the route @permanentquandary suggested and use an attacking mentality, which is inherently more risky but has much quicker transitions. I’m currently playing as Bournemouth, finished 6th first season using a set-up similar to PQ’s after using a counter mentality during the first part of the season and boy did things click after we made the change. The transitions are absolutely deadly, and a lot of our goals come from fast breaks. It’s a lot of fun.
  6. By the looks of it, you want to play a crossing game but you don’t really have anyone in the box for crosses. The DLF is dropping deep, the Treq will be roaming around, and the BBM/Winger on the other side will enter a bit later.
  7. 5-1-2-2 DM Narrow The Tactic: Over the weekend I finally had a chance to crack on with this save, and results have been okay-ish but i'll go into that a bit later. So, my initial thinking when looking at this formation is that getting the full-backs up the pitch is crucial to making it work. I need them to act as orthodox wingers in attack, stretching the play and providing width, so i've opted for two complete wingbacks. I've never used this role before, but it really is a fantastic role. Both wingbacks have been crucial to how we've played this season, and although their delivery has been disappointing at times, they often take up good crossing positions which is reassuring. The security afforded by the three centre-backs allows me to play a support duty DM, who acts as an attacking pivot for the team rather than a defensive holder, and Joijic definitely has the passing range/vision i'm after to be the 'quarterback' of the side, a la Pirlo during his tenure at Juve especially. I've seen quite a few pinged balls out to the wing-backs out-wide which is nice, although not much in the way of balls over the top for the DLF/P combo. The Carilero is there to cover for the attacking wing-back, although for some reason one of my new signings seems to consistently get terrible ratings despite having good attributes to play that role. Something to keep an eye on in upcoming games for sure. Considering the narrowness of this formation, a Mezzala seemed perfect to finish off the midfield trio, having the freedom of the left-half-space to operate and link up with the DLF. Up front i've gone for a simple creator/finisher combination. Transfers Not much done in the way of transfers. Both Hoger and Lehmann both lack acceleration/pace which I need in order to cover the right flank efficiently, so I brought in Barrios as another defensive minded midfielder but with a bit more mobility. The squad also lacked a backup poacher, and Zoller also has the ppm 'comes deep to get ball', so Hrgota was brought in from Frankfurt. In way of departures, unfortunately only Risse left the club. He brought in a decent amount of money but I was hoping to ship out a few more. Results Pre-season went okay, nothing really to shout about, and I never see a correlation between how we play in pre-season and competitive matches, so i've left those results out. Surprisingly, went 12 matches unbeaten, but that came to an abrupt end in our last game against high flying Leipzig who currently sit top of the table. Overall i'm pretty happy with the results, but i'm afraid that defeat to RBL is a sign of things to come. We were really lucky to win against Bremen, which was a game they absolutely dominated. On occasion we play some good stuff, moving up the pitch well as a team, but too often we struggle to break the opposition's defensive line. I feel we can be too direct in our approach, and if we play a ball to the forwards from deep they're still miles away from goal which results in long shots/the ball being played back into midfield. Currently unsure on how to fix these issues, but looking forward to find out.
  8. Evidently, moving the dm to dmcl/dmcr changes the dynamic of the original formation, as the SV role isn’t available from a central position.
  9. Right, but surely the formation shouldn’t play out as it does? It makes no footballing sense to have both defenders stand on top of each other, as this leaves the half-spaces on both side completely vacant, hence why the formation is bugged. One would think the ME would understand this aspect of football and compensate for the starting positions of the central defenders, allowing them to move laterally and cover the spaces.
  10. I'm not feeding my striker very well.

    Could be worth changing the AP-A to an AM-S? A playmaker will drop very deep to get the ball, which coupled with the AF pushing the opposition defence back, could leave him isolated. An AM-S will still link the midfield to attack, but won’t drop as deep.
  11. I agree with the above. Unfortunately United lack any sort of cohesion in attack and the buck stops with José. Too often we rely on individual moments of quality/opposition mistakes, there are no real ‘patterns of play’ as such, unlike our neighbours over at the Etihad. I think next season may be José’s last if we fail to win the PL/CL, and i’d love to get in Tuchel or Pochettino. Don’t get me wrong, José has done a good job of stabilising the club, but ultimately I think we need a more attacking manager. Ironically I think Klopp would have been perfectly suited to United, but Tuchel isn’t too dissimilar.
  12. Is that a new role in FM18? Haven't seen it..
  13. How comes you’re using Córdoba at DLF rather than Pizzaro? Too slow?
  14. Never played with 3 at the back before, yet alone 5. Excited to try it out, thinking the full-backs need to be aggressive as they're the only source of width. Definitely need a back up CB, someone to fill the 'quarterback role' in DM, and possibly a box-to-box type midfielder as the current CM's are really lacking in pace. Looking forward to this.
  15. @Ji-Sung Park I like the new tactic a lot more, I think it’s a more accurate representation of how they play. Jorginho as a DLP-s When I was doing my research, the spielverlagerung article noted the importance of Jorginho taking up a position behind the opposition’s forward(s) during the build-up phase. How did he perform?