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  1. Thanks man! Didn't use any specific PI's at all... if you use the tactic let me know how it works out for you!
  2. Hi everyone, Just finished my first two seasons at United and overall, it's been pretty successful. I like to start with the first summer transfer window disabled just to keep a bit of realism and see how well (or not) I can do with a good, but nowhere near world class squad. Season 1 Season 1 finished with an impressive 92 points (didn't make any transfers in January either), but Liverpool were just unstoppable. In Europe, we managed to reach the CL final, with some impressive wins over Barcelona and PSG leading to a mouth-watering Manchester Derby. Unfortunately, we just didn't turn up on the day and lost 4-0 . Liverpool also knocked us out in the fifth round of the FA Cup, with a narrow 1-0 loss seeing us exit the competition. So overall, a decent season all things considered but we need to strengthen in some key areas in order to really make a push for the title next season. Season 2 Transfers Just like Fergie used to, I like to get my transfers done early A double swoop from Inter saw us sign two very important players in Hakimi and Bastoni. Much like real life, AWB needed competition, and an unhappy Hakimi was just too good to turn down, at a fairly reasonable price. Bastoni at just 22 years old made the perfect partner for Maguire. Strong, fast, agile and intelligent with superb ball-playing abilities. Oh, and he's left-footed too. I'd recommend anyone to try and sign him. United's midfield has been poor for as long as I can remember, so this was rectified by signing Ajer from Celtic to play the HB role, and wonder-kid Florentino Luis who I'd argue is the new Kante. He won the most tackles in the league by some distance, as well as having the best tackle success rate. Outgoings were fairly straightforward.. Mata, Bailly, Fred, James, Lingard and Rojo all left, and somehow managed to con Norwich into paying almost £10M for Phil Jones Whilst some younger players were sent out on loan to further improve their game and highlight their ability. I aim to introduce Hannibal, Diallo and Mengi into first team regulars over the next season or two, which could see a change in formation. The League This was arguably the best domestic season i've ever had on FM, winning the league by a landslide and equalling/breaking many records in the process, including the record for most wins in a season, and the most points. We also equalled City's record of winning 18 matches in a row... hopefully we can hit 19 next season We also scored an astonishing 110 goals, whilst only conceding just 19. As you can see, our front trio completely ripped the league apart! The Tactic For anyone interested, here is the tactic: Now the big task is preparing for season 3.. honestly I can't figure out what position needs to be strengthened!
  3. I think you may be overcomplicating this a tad, i'll do my best to clear some things up. This isn't something which needs to be tweaked from game to game, small tweaks might be needed for big games, but largely it should remain the same. My advice would be to think about this in regards to the thirds of the pitch. There are predominantly three areas where you can look to win the ball: in your own half i.e. close to your own goal, in midfield around the half-way line, and finally high up in the oppositions half. Again, try to think of this logically. Say I want to win the ball high up the pitch, what formation will make it easier? A 4231 where I have 4 players consistently in the opposition half, or a 4141 where only the striker is there? Typically, top heavy formations i.e. 4231, 424 etc are good for high pressing systems, where more bottom heavy formations such as the 4141, 352, are suited towards aiming to win the ball in the middle/lower third of the pitch.
  4. I think this is it. Both combinations can work.. i've used an IW-S (with take more risks) on the same side as a Poacher and he scored for fun, but i've also played with a WP-S on the opposite to the AF and he hit some sweet diagonal balls.
  5. Great read, loving the compact 442 shape you're getting off the ball Curious as to what the in possession TI's might look like?
  6. How do you create these traps? Sorry if it's off-topic!
  7. I think FB ratings are universally low in FM21 for some reason. In regard to your tactic, why not use one winger on support? That way you still have some variation, as he will look to cross early. I'd also change one of the striker roles personally, as two pressing forwards might be a bit static.
  8. AFAIK, the HB only drops into the defence to make a back three during build-up, which is disappointing. The only real solution is to.. use a back three This would definitely work.. bear in mind you're using an attacking mentality too, so they'll be relatively aggressive in their passing anyway.
  9. In a nutshell, yes Even a MEZ-S is too risky for a 4231; the two CM's in this formation are there to break up play, cover space and recycle the ball... you have 4 attackers high up the pitch, is there a need for another? It will likely to reduce space further in the final third. If you want to use a CM-A (one of my favourite roles both IRL and in the game) I would look at switching formation to a 433/4141.
  10. I agree with the above who's really attacking the box? Both the AP and CF-S are looking to drop, the W-A is an underrated goal-threat but will primarily look for crosses, and the IW will drift laterally. Personally i'd look at having the striker on an attack duty, maybe DLF/PF-A so he occupies the centre-backs. When playing against defensive teams it's hard to draw the centre-backs out as they're heavily protected by a DM (maybe 2) so best to keep them engaged. Other suggestions: - Drop the LOE from much higher to higher (possibly standard) to give your attackers more room. - Reduce pressing intensity. Hope this helps!
  11. This happened to me too, particularly when the opposition used a 3atb formation... often my wingers would form a box with the CM's (and sometimes even be deeper than them!) It left the flanks open for the wingbacks time and time again, very frustrating. I can only assume it was a bug, but unfortunately I never found a work around.
  12. I agree with this... I also think the out of possession instructions are far too aggressive, both in FM terms and how Everton play IRL. Roles and duties look okay for the most part, but don't forget the impact that mentality & player traits can have on your tactic. For example, looking at your left side, Digne could easily be a WB-S, even on a positive mentality. Midfield seems a bit passive to me.. essentially a double pivot with Allan & Gomes holding, and Doucoure only making late runs into the area. I reckon you need to use that AMC area a bit more as currently James is the only person actively pushing into that space.. maybe have DCL come a bit deeper i.e. DLF/S-A or PF-S.
  13. I’d say your roles and duties are pretty much nailed on, the only change I’d make would be Thiago to a DLP-d. I think he’s definitely the only pure playmaker in Flick’s system, and you could replicate him dropping in to make a three by asking the GK to distribute to playmaker.
  14. Personally speaking, a HB drops to make a back three during build up but advances up the pitch as any other DM role would when the ball is deep in the opposition's final third. A simple FB-d with sit narrower always does the job
  15. Both of these look exciting tempted to try #3 as it’s the complete opposite of what’s popular this year, cough *gegenpress* cough 😂
  16. Nail on the head. An AF is great when given space to run into, both in behind the defence and into the channels, but with two strikers either side his movement will be pretty limited. As your system seems to be working I wouldn't suggest you change anything, but if you want more from your AF then i'd consider playing him as one of the outer strikers and maybe not press so aggressively.
  17. I've found it extremely difficult to break teams down using a possession-based style... there's literally zero space/movement for quick combinations and even when there is some space, players prefer to pass wide then split the opposition with a through ball. Of course it's possible but in some ways i feel as if you have to have Rashidi level knowledge to execute a possession style effectively.
  18. Couldn't agree more. Very good point you make here. Although Ibra has 10 for team-work and 7 for work-rate, so he won't do much pressing either way I do have him as as Treq in a 4231 though, where we might be able to get away with it due to the attacking trident behind him. The CM-A is also one of my favourites roles, both in FM and IRL... I think a lot of people just associate the role with scoring goals (which it does of course) but it can be so much more than that, player dependent of course. Paqueta will be doing his best Messi impression i'm sure, but it doesn't hurt to have another creative player if he's having an off day. Honestly i've created so many tactics I am not sure which one to use. The 4231 is by far the riskiest, but I have made some tweaks to try and dial it down a bit: Firstly, i've removed higher tempo, for two reasons. Considering its top-heavy nature, ball distribution is likely to be forward thus we may move the ball quicker as a byproduct of the formation. Also with so many players advanced, losing the ball in transition or in dangerous areas high up the pitch could be detrimental, but playing on positive the tempo is still relatively quick. Secondly, the tactic doesn't have any overlaps. Wingbacks on support should be aggressive enough for this formation, only getting into attacking positions high in the opposition's half when possession has been properly consolidated. The more I write about it, the more I want to use it we shall see!
  19. @sporadicsmiles Great thread as always, certainly got me thinking! Recently i've found it pretty challenging to replicate possession-based football in the current ME, but this thread has inspired me to give it another try (well that, and the abundance of time everyone now has ) One thing this thread highlights for me though, is that the way mentalities work in FM really needs an overhaul. The ability of lesser teams to play on a counter mentality (which sets CBs to more direct passing by default) yet still keep the ball at the back despite an intense press is ludicrous. It's not even as if they're keeping the ball deep to invite the press and play through it (which would be kinda cool), they just never attempt to progress it. Anyway rant over! With Milan i've opted for a two minor changes so far: PF-S --> DLF-S as Ibra is far more suited to the role, especially it has age. A Treq is another interesting option, but I fear it may roam too much and not link play in central areas as i'd like. I've set the two outer CMs as a CM-D and DLP-S. Main reason for doing so was that I want the playmaker to have a higher mentality than a defend duty would provide, being more aggressive in his passing and maybe even contributing to a few assists. The rest of the team is pretty much the same. I am also considering a true 4231 variant modelled after Ajax's 2018/19 campaign, with Ibra in the Tadic role and Paqueta operating as a hybrid 10/SS a la Van de Beek.
  20. Indeed I’ve seen this too. In fact, my Brentford team were scoring so much from set pieces (default ones, no special set-up) that the board added ‘make the most of set-pieces’ or words to that affect, as part of the philosophy Sums up FM20 tbh
  21. Does anyone have any solid defensive set-piece routines? Because no matter how I set them up, the AI always find a way to score from them. It’s killing me to be honest, preferred conceding from long balls over the top 😂
  22. @Experienced Defender If you were to use a MEZ in a 532, would you play him behind the support or attack duty striker, generally speaking?
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