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  1. Really enjoyable thread! Whatever direction you go in, very eager for more.
  2. True, but then I'm entirely reliant on the FBs, AM + Striker to create movement.
  3. @Jean0987654321 Sorry just seen your post, I'm playing the 4-1-3-1-1 DM AM, so narrow. Think I'm due a restart tbh
  4. To be fair, if you're using Joaquin and Guardado as your starting wide-midfielders, I can see why defending the flanks will be difficult. Also doesn't help that Garcia and Carvalho as awfully slow, and will be required to cover a lot of ground in this formation.
  5. That's a shame, was really enjoying this thread, but you still did a great job replicating the tactic. Well done mate
  6. This is the key, I’m trying to find ways to achieve this, but it’s proving difficult so far. Working with the 4-1-3-1-1 DM AM, but I’m still torn between using the abundance of players centrally to dominate possession, or play more defensively and shun the opposition out wide before counter-attacking. This issue with the latter is that we usually defend with 10 men behind the ball, so with only the striker being advanced, breaking out is quite difficult. In terms of spreading the team out horizontally, using a higher mentality could be the key, which could push the outer CM’s to defend almost as wide-midfielders. Naturally this formation leads to using at least one Mezzala, but I don’t think this is enough to provide the width we need (as the FB on that side would have to be conservative). Still plenty of work to be done.
  7. Count me in please Jambo! Glad it's Real Betis... did a save with them earlier on in the year but was utterly disastrous, now I've got a second chance
  8. Personally, I think Rashidi is saying you may need to adjust some of your roles and duties, depending on what you want and who you want your main goalscorer to be. Currently, you're overloading the left-hand-side (DLP-S+IF-S) which in turn frees up the W-A for a cross on the other side. However, you may not consistently have players in the box to for these crosses, as both the IF-S + DLF-S will attack the box a bit later, plus crossing against defensive teams isn't the most effective route to goal. There are various TI tweaks available, but I'd start with focusing on who the main goalscorer is and how you want your goals to be scored.
  9. So would you say that prioritsing central play over flank attacks in a 532 is counter-intuitative?
  10. Clearly not Herne, but I'd say a BBM-S/CM-A pairing in a 433 is a bit too aggressive if attempting to play a possession-based game. Both roles are 'runners', which may leave the DLP at the only player able to recycle the ball and initiate attacks. Another thing to mention is that your left side looks very attacking - (WB-A, CM-A and IF-A), and they're not really creating space for one another, with the CM-A and IF-A, in particular, looking to use the left half-space/central area.
  11. He’s a pain in the a** tbh, probably going to move him on. Usually play him as a Carrilero although he doesn’t really suit this role, but it’s what the system needs. Occasionally play him behind the strikers as an AP-A, but he’s too selfish and hammers those long-shots. Really and truly he needs to be played in a midfield three, may look to create another system as Gomez and Zapata are both out atm.
  12. Wow, your roles and duties are exactly the same as mine (playing with Atalanta over in Italy) except I’m using another WB-A instead of the CWB-S. How does your front three perform, especially your AM? Whilst doing well, i’m struggling to get any sort of combination play from my front three, and the AP-A only really spreads balls out to the WBs but never tries through passes to the strikers.
  13. Interesting that he has ‘Plays Simple Passes’... I think ‘Dictates Tempo’ would be more appropriate, allowing him to pick and choose when he plays aggressive passes between the lines - which he does quite often.
  14. Just finished my first season with United, and I'm very pleased with how things went! OGS taking over inspired me to jump on FM and get United playing 'The United Way', and that's exactly what we did. This was THE most intense title race I've ever experienced on Football Manager. City pushed us all the way and were actually ahead by 1 point up until the final day. We took care of business and beat Wolves comfortably 3-0, whilst City lost at home to LIVERPOOL (of all teams) 2-1 at the Etihad. Can't say I wasn't fearing another infamous Aguero moment, but fortunately, that never came. In terms of tactics, kept things relatively simple in a 4231: This was my starting XI when everyone was fit and available. Sanchez was an absolute monster on the right, and Martial was equally good on the left albeit a tad inconsistent. Lukaku bullied the smaller teams, but struggled in the big games, especially when we were playing on the counter, but 25 goals in 38 league games is a good return so can't really complain. The whole team back to front was just solid, only conceding 15 goals in the league - Smalling deserves an honourable mention, never had a bad game whenever he was called upon. City had their chance to gain revenge in the CL Final, but we were one step ahead once again, beating them 2-0 AET. Going out to Liverpool in the FA Cup was really disappointing. We had so many chances, especially Lukaku, but we just couldn't put them away whilst Liverpool scored from two indirect FK's! In terms of transfers, pretty much wanted to keep the squad as it was, but Young popped up to me with this: So off he went to West Ham whilst we set a record for the number of wins in a PL season
  15. I'm really intrigued to see if there are any comparisons between this tactic and your 442 from a few years ago Herne, more in terms of overall thought process as I know it wasn't meant to be a possession tactic. I think the development of that system was the physical manifestation of the lightbulb moment you mentioned earlier.
  16. What does your tactic look like? Can’t really help unless we see it.
  17. There’s a couple of things I’d like to point out. Firstly, i’m not sure why you’ve selected the ti ‘hit early crosses’ when the majority of the time the only player able to take advantage of that will be the AF. The F9 looks to drop deep, so does the AP-A and this will be worsened by Mata’s ppm ‘comes deep to get the ball’. Secondly, using the ti ‘exploit both flanks’ and setting width to extremely wide seems that you want to play a direct game using the flanks, but you’ve only got two WB’s and no wide attacking players further up. Seems a bit counterintuitive to me. Not sure why you’d want to encourage wide play when using a diamond. In terms of roles & duties, the majority look fine, apart from the attacking trio. The F9 and AP will be looking to do the same thing really. If you want Mata to be the creator, i’d look at changing Rashford to a CF-S so that he’s more forward thinking in his runs, and gives Mata two options for through balls.
  18. I think this is because these are the most common two roles for wide forwards IRL, plus a RMD and an IFa aren’t much different (in terms of needing to create space for them to be effective.)
  19. Maybe removing the counter-press ti might help? I'm pretty sure defend duties don't engage in the counter-press, but your cm's will, and whilst the basic premise of your tactic was to stop cm's from drifting out-wide to stop counters, maybe the defensive wingers will benefit from the additional help during the transition.
  20. Perhaps use a flat 451, with both outer CM’s holding position, middle CM has license to get forward. Flanks can be wingers/inverted wingers. Or, narrow full-backs/inverted wingbacks to cover the half-space, forming a square with the CB’s. Wide-midfielders on support so they’re keen to drop back in transition?
  21. There’s no variety mate, your only real plan of attack is crosses into the box. Also, what’s the thinking behind having the midfielders staggered?
  22. Looking at the tactic you've created, I'd have a read of Cleon's 4231 article again. One thing he emphasis consistently is the need for variety in attack. Is there a need for an AP-S and an AM-S? Even though you've changed the RPM to an Anchor, you've still got the Volante, AP-S, AM-S and IF-A all looking to use the centre, plus the striker is there too. One thing I'd consider is who do you want the main goal scorer to be? If that's the striker (which I'm assuming it is because he's a Poacher, doesn't look to do much else), who's supplying him the ball? How are they doing so? Once you've done this, think about how you're going to get the ball to the supplier. For example, Poacher's thrive of crosses and through balls. So what does this mean? Well, you could have a winger (attack or support) swinging in crosses from outside. Next, who is going to give the winger the ball? If the winger is on attack duty, you could have the full-back playing more direct and/or risky passes, to try and find him early. Or the SV could be the provider, driving up the pitch with the ball, hopefully dragging the opposition's FB to him before releasing the ball. I'm not saying this is the only way of creating a tactic, but think along these lines and you'll be much closer to where you want to be.
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