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  1. @Experienced Defender If you were to use a MEZ in a 532, would you play him behind the support or attack duty striker, generally speaking?
  2. If you look at the screenshot, the wide players are too narrow for my liking. In all honesty they shouldn’t be out on the flanks, but they should be maybe 5 yards wider than their current position, and definitely higher than the CM’s. If we stop focusing on the wide players for a second, what could be causing that behaviour from the CM’s? We can both agree (finally) that their positioning is definitely an issue here
  3. No worries, all good Personally, when the tactics creator changed I believe it would have been prudent to document changes to player’s individual mentality, and the effects it has on pressing, positioning etc. The vast majority of people play on key or extended highlights, so may not be able to identify these changes in behaviour. Also, with all the additional features there is so much information to take in, people may not necessarily have the time. In regards to pressing, the example I gave earlier was actually real, from a 4231 I ran with Leverkusen at the start of FM20. The main issue I had was from opposition goal-kicks, where the Winger was positioned as if he were a strata lower. I also think attack duty CM’s should be higher during build up play, but that’s another conversation entirely
  4. I here what you’re saying, but my wide players are nowhere near their CBs So who exactly are they marking? How does their positioning benefit us in anyway?
  5. I have great respect for you Rashidi, and have learned so much from you over the years, but this sounds a tad patronising. In hindsight, the fact that different roles now have different mentalities does suggest that there may be differences in pressing intensity, positioning etc, however this is not public information. Secondly, I’m not sure if this is a good change. Say for example you’re using a 4231 and want to press high, and have an IF-A and W-S on the flanks, surely the winger’s deep(er) positioning will impact the ability of your team to press high?
  6. This is a massive change, and something we should have been made aware of. But in any case, the positioning of my players is still wrong, surely? I mean I understand support duties defending slightly deeper than attack duties, which shouldn’t be the case as it indicates you need to use attack duties to press high, but for my centre-mids to be higher than the wide players? This can’t be right, even with changes to the ME.
  7. I understand what you’re saying, but my formation is narrow in possession. In FM, the defensive shape is based on your formation, so naturally I would expect the wide players to take up wider positions. Perhaps the fact that the opposition are using a back three has meant my players attempt to press their CBs, but I don’t believe this should be the case. The positioning is clearly wrong - they’re too deep to even press their CBs. I don’t believe I should have to use man-marking instructions for my wide players to defend the flanks? That’s where they are positioned, that’s where they should be.
  8. Extremely narrow formation? I play a 4141 DM WIDE. If I played a narrow formation such as a 4222 then this sort of positioning would be expected, but I’m not. The closing down and marking did not kick in after the goal kick was taken, as I mentioned before. Their wide players shouldn’t be unmarked as I’m playing with wide players myself, I don’t understand what’s so hard to grasp here.
  9. I don’t see how it makes any sense, regardless of formation. My wide players and centre-mids are practically marking each other, and my wide players do not once get back out to try and defend the flanks. The greatest danger of a 3412 is their WB’s, but we opt to just leave the flanks empty? Baffling.
  10. This is the first time that i've seen this behaviour. What you're saying is true, but those are in possession instructions, which shouldn't impact the behaviour from goal kicks. Also, if you look at the screenshot the CM's aren't really wider than the wide players (which is a problem in itself) but they're higher up the pitch. That's more concerning for me.
  11. In all honesty I don't believe this to be true. The positioning of my players is during the opposition's goal kick i.e the ball has just gone out of play. The only instructions that should have a direct impact on this should be 'prevent short GK distribution' which wasn't used, and line of engagement settings. In any case, my CM's should never be higher up the pitch than my wide players, and my wide players shouldn't be so narrow. Anyway, here is the tactic: The front three have been asked to close down more, mark tighter & tackle harder. *When I increased the line of engagement, I removed these split-block instructions. *I've watched previous goal-kicks and the positioning is the same throughout the match. Notable changes to the tactic at this point in the match: DLP --> Defend. Line of engagement --> Higher. Width (In possession) fairly narrow. Here's a clearer screenshot of the goal kick: Any thoughts?
  12. Hi mate, The main issue I have with your 433 is that your midfield seems to be at odds with the style of play. You’re looking to draw teams in an attack quickly which makes sense as Villa are a weaker team, but not one of your CMs is really looking to get forward to support the strikers. Even Grealish as an AP-A will drop deep to collect before running with the ball, and won’t really enter the box all that much. You’ve also got a ST on attack so this further damages the link between midfield and attack. Also your left flank seems somewhat passive if not a tad confused. An IWB is a good choice if you have a player in MCL that’s aggressive and pushes up I.e MEZ-S/A, but makes little sense behind a CAR as is a role primarily concerned with covering for an aggressive full-back, filling in on the flank when he goes up to attack.
  13. I will posted official screenshots tomorrow but I doubt they will help to build a clearer picture. The screenshot was taken from the opposition’s goal kick; no team instructions should encourage this sort of behaviour, it’s just baffling.
  14. This match engine produces some really, really weird moments at times. Can anyone explain why my CM’s are higher up than my wide players? And why my wide players are so narrow? Practically looks like they’re marking each other. During this whole move, neither of my wide men make any attempt to get to the flanks and cover their WBs, who have complete freedom of the pitch and deliver a wicked cross, from which they score. It just looks so wrong.
  15. I don’t really get why you’re using a much lower d-line and low line of engagement when you don’t have any defenders? That’s the main issue for me. You’ve essentially got 5 forwards, two of which won’t really track back all that much. You’re much better off defending higher up the pitch with that many forward players, so that the play spends as much time in the opposition’s half as possible.
  16. Beginning to get extremely tired of the number of set pieces goals scored in this ME.
  17. As we’re in the era of xG, I’m obliged to say that constantly winning 1-0 may not be sustainable if you’re not creating many clear chances
  18. Perhaps a little bit out of pocket here, but I think the feedback on this forum would be far more effective if posters provided more context, as to better understand why they’re seeing certain patterns of play that other’s might not be. Having read through the responses since the ME update, there seems to be a 60:40 split (haven’t done the maths so don’t hold me to that) in favour of the update being positive, with an increase in the variety and occurrence of goals being scored. Some posters may not be keen, but perhaps a new thread should be started whereby those who have seen the positive changes post screenshots of their tactics, as do those who are struggling, so that we and SI can gain a better insight into how the ME is performing. Obviously tactics are highly nuanced, influenced by your players, morale, dynamics, game state etc, but it would at least provide a basis for comparison, to see if basic principles are being followed and if there’s any correlation between that and one’s view of the ME. It’s not an exact science by any means, but certainly an interesting idea imo.
  19. I know SI are working hard on improving certain aspects of the ME, but I am so disappointed in the state of the game as it is. From my experience, the Beta is 90% similar to the FM19 ME which was one of the most boring editions I’ve played. I’m seeing a plethora of blocked cross and shots, teams defending ultra narrow etc. It’s so difficult to find space and play through the centre, but even on the odd occasion that you do, the finish is usually woeful. The official ME for FM2020 isn’t much better either. The only way I can describe it is pure chaos. I know long balls have been mentioned a million times on here but man they are SO frustrating. They become even more infuriating when defenders don’t mark properly, and no matter what roles/instructions you change, getting left 2v2 is a massive probability. Unfortunately, team instructions which are used to replicate a certain style of play are virtually redundant as the ME doesn’t seem to acknowledge them. Genuinely, I have never been more disappointed with Football Manager. It is a game that I, and many others, love dearly but it’s currently an embarrassment to its former prestige. I feel as if I’ve paid £40 for an incomplete product, and I don’t know if it ever will be.
  20. Following on from what Rashidi has said, I think player traits could be vital here. Some notable ones that spring to mind: brings ball out of defence, gets forward whenever possible, and runs down right/left flank.
  21. That was not my intention sir, apologies. I was merely citing your post which explained in depth a lot of ME issues with the game in its current state.
  22. I’d have to disagree here; ‘We don't feel the match engine is broken, unplayable or needs 'fixing'. We'd like to improve it and that's what we're working on.’ Statement from Neil Brock/SI. My issue with this is that clearly, certain aspects of the ME do need fixing. I don’t see how changing the behaviour of CB’s so that there isn’t a 20-yard gap between them can be seen as an ‘improvement.’ Likewise, the abundance of long balls, and poor 1v1 conversions as a result, cannot be seen as improvements to the ME. These are issues which should have been eradicated before the Beta was even released - it’s now mid-jan. Basic long balls cause so much confusion amongst the backline it’s ridiculous. Defending in general is abysmal, I’ve seen my FB leave his man from a throw in and charge across the other side of the box - for no apparent reason - several times on this edition, and in FM19 too. In all honesty, that statement from SI is rife with a lack of accountability, passing off serious issues as potential ‘improvements’. It seems as if SI are happy with the balance of the game when the reality is, they shouldn’t be. The issues I mentioned above are the extremely obvious ones which should have been dealt with, but there are a plethora of *match engine issues* which @themadsheep2001explained in great detail. I do understand that SI have a very difficult job on their hands, and I do not mean to attack them in any way, but their assessment of the game vs. User perception is vastly different, and the most important thing for any business is to understand their customers. Do I believe the current ME to be unplayable? Probably not. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t unplayable to some. Some posters in here should take that under consideration, instead of attacking people who have differing opinions to themselves. My main gripe is the lack of clear, coherent and congruent communication from SI. I’m sure most users would feel somewhat appeased if SI were talking us through the fixes, reassuring us that it’s a priority, even given as a potential timescale, which of course, we would understand if it had to be delayed. However, sitting in the dark, unaware of whether changes will be made before the winter patch, doesn’t exactly do much to stifle the discontent amongst some members of the community. SI do deserve credit for the non-ME changes that have been made over the past three years, truly amazing work. The development centre, training and club vision are my personal faves - especially club vision, as you really feel like you’re building a project just as in real life. It also acts as a point of reference if the board decide your time is over - was I meeting my targets? Was the project headed in the right direction? Great stuff FM20 has the potential to be the best of the lot, no doubt, but if you can’t replicate your style of football on the pitch, then all the off-field improvements become rather futile, unfortunately.
  23. It seems as if their studs have got stuck in the turf, much like centre-backs when *defending* long-balls.
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