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  1. Love your approach ! Was actually browsing the forum for the first time in months, looking for a counter attacking tactic by blindly searching the word Managing Milan and just at the start of the 2021 season, i lost Pulisic to ManU (triggering his release clause of 100+ mio) and could not really settle on a replacement at LAM for him. I also failed to identify a world class striker to upgrade that position and i was already thin at the position. I also have 2 great looking young CAMs out of my academy and after getting a bargain CM regen who looks like the real deal had room for a 3rd CM. So yeah, trying this one out after 4 seasons of 4231. Especially now Milik is out half a year ... First semi-competitive game in the Super Cup went kinda awesome i think (well, aside from the Milik injury ...) : Wurm and Unsalo the CMs, Locatelli the DPM. Some great looking goals as well, both here and in preseason.
  2. Can´t seem to locate it once i missed assigning it on the original mail ... Anybody that could maybe point me in the right direction ?
  3. Anybody here who has maybe tried it and reached the next season ?
  4. Hey guys, i am currently in April 2018 with AC Milan and have spent the 2 new non-EU players for the current season. Now when i go to make an offer for another one for a transfer at the end of the season (July 1st), i get a line at the bottom warning me that i would breach that rule by doing so. Wouldn´t this transfer be considered as a non-EU transfer for next season (where i have 2 new spots) as the player won´t transfer till July ? Is this merely a "graphical error" or do i need to wait to offer until July ?
  5. Thanks for taking the time ! Too many games for my liking unfortunately, same thing that always keeps me from playing in Brasil Gonna have a look and see what i can do with the Editor to make it a better fit for me.
  6. I bet the same news item will come up quite often for players who in fact have lower PA. It is clearly self-referential and not in any way worse that your assistant scout telling you a youth has 5 star potential.
  7. What about the games ? Will it at some point be a 44 or 46 game schedule and then settle on being 38 ? That´d likely discourage me from playing in Argentina, sad as this would be
  8. Can anybody clarify what happens to the league structure in the future in FM ? (no of teams and games ?) Haven´t gotten around to do a test sim myself unfortunately.
  9. Don´t hold your breath I think it´s sth like 700k € participation money. Still sth. and you likely get good attendance your 3 games, but likely won´t set you up for a spending spree. Also 500k for advancing a round (playing in final a bit more and winning the whole thing 2 mio or so)
  10. Out of interest: Was this in the first season ? Of so, transfer budgets there are naturally smaller than they will be in the 2nd season due to the game reflecting the fact that most teams have their squads full/finished IRL when the DB was locked.
  11. Hey guys, considering the game uses some of the same elements as FM, i have been wondering about a couple things that i can´t seem to find. Hoping they are in and i´m just not looking in the right spots ... When filtering in the player search, is there no way to display the scout recommendation and sort by it ? Or search for it ? (showing only 4 or 5 star recommendations f.e.). The former is kinda possible on the draft screen, but that´s not really helpful when managing outside the NHL or when looking at Free Agents. The same goes for your own roster and/or AHL roster. Is there no way to display and sort by the recommendation of your assistant ? Also, is it not possible to have more than 1 shortlist at a time ? In FM i always have several, in EHM it´d make sense to have 1 for Juniors, one for draftees and another for Veterans. I realize you can filter by age/rights, but then the list gets cluttered quickly. Heck, in FM i like to have shortlists for interesting players i won´t ever sign but whose career i want to follow. Also, are there any plans to make it easier to track player development as it has happened in FM a version or 2 back ?
  12. Is there any chance that squad rotation for the cpu was adjusted despite not being listed in the update ? Playing in leagues with a lot og games, this has been a major issue with the cpu doing a terrible job. There have been multiple threads on the bug forum as well on this, in case one want to catch up on the issue.
  13. Easy: Randomness. Theres a couple text sims that used this, for example Front Office Football. Essentially, there is x% chance that certain players get either an upgrade to ability/potential or (on the flipside) a reduction, for example linked to certain injuries or failing to play a certain amount of games over a season (or multiple seasons). It would all be about the frequency, but if, say, 10 in 1000 players of a certain PA range get a 20 point PA bump at their 22nd birthday, it wouldn´t be outrageous.
  14. No offense, but simply look up the canadian Amway Championship Teams and you will see that they do not have their U18/Reserve Teams participating in a league.
  15. You likely don´t have a problem due to your team not being affected. Just check the Reserve/U18 squad of other teams and you´ll see that many are not in a league. There are a couple settings that differ from the US reserve setup in the current file (f.e. the division level of the participating teams set to -1)