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  1. Can we please get this ? Don't see a reason we can save DB setup(s) but not league setup. In old FMs it would at least automatically save the most recent in the background somewhere, now you g´have to select every single league every time you start a new save. Then you have to change it to only top league and viewable for minor leagues and it just adds up to a lot of "wokr". While this may not be an issue for some who play one or two saves per version, there are many who a) play more saves and b) like to test stuff like Editor Data files or such. Seems a very easy thing to implement, so I hope you will consider this.
  2. ... Instead of only being able to do so a few days ahead of time ? Say i want to scout the U20 WC or the Toulon Tournament, is there any reason why i wouldn't be able to tell a scout or my scouting team to do so at any time i remember to do so ? Would be neat if this could be changed.
  3. That literally has no influence on the things noted in the OP/the issues with the AI.
  4. Also, is there really no stat/setting along the lines of "prefers young players/veterans" ?
  5. I noticed the extreme exhaustion of oposing teams and it is pretty much a game-breaker as far as i am concerned. Add to that the inability to develop young talent or play the better fitting player (for the tactical role) than the "better on paper" player in terms of CA and i think this needs serious work. As it is i feel the need to essentially give the AI a boost via the in-game editor by pushing their condition (remove all injuries, don't think one goes without the other) every 2 months or so.
  6. Can i really not tell my scouting team i would like them to look for bother young midfielders and experienced CBs ? Or physical strikers and technical Fullbacks ? Or am i just missing something ? (i am aware i can set short term assignments)
  7. Can anybody tell me if the bug where certain teams ended up with infinite funds in that category was ever fixed ? Considering doing another MLS save in 17 while waiting for 18 to work out the kinks ...
  8. Not sure if i missed a designated topic/section for suggestion, but here goes ... I like to test out different setups and sim a few years to see how things shape out and how certain edits on my part affect things or i simply want to sim 2 seasons ahead and take over a certain type of club that is struggling and if things don't shake up that way i will do the sim again. To this end i often end up creating multiple careers and sometimes in quick succession. I also tend to create different saves for different "regional career" like South America, Scandinavia or English LL. Right now (and i could swear this wasn't the case like 2 years ago ?) the game basically reset the setup each time and you have to do everything from scratch: Select the nations, choose the leagues, set view-only/playable. I would really like an option to simply save the setup the same way we can already save the database setup. Any chance for this ?
  9. yeah, yeah ... Realism yadda yadda ... This is a game that allows an in-game editor, has a pre-game editor, the option to start as a custom team, adds fictional players to teams etc, etc. Being allowed to decide beforehand which version of BREXIT will come (or disable it entirely) surely wouldn't disturb some unseen force in the universe. Come on, it's a single player game , why force the players hand with this particular option "feature" ?
  10. Can you not try and suggest a future staff role and then maybe sign him as staff ? Could at least become an option a few months into the season. Pretty sure i did that a few times in 16 with a player agreeing to become a staff member mid-season.
  11. Happens even for normal clubs in some way, i think.
  12. One thing though, an issue that all these DBs have on every FM : You need to lower the Club Balance significantly (or set it to zero) either in the Editor pre-game or using the in-game Editor in May. Otherwise the game Universe is way out of sync, at least for the Clubs in the Top Divisions. Because due to the game being "simulated" to May, the Clubs start with their starting Balance, get all the Income (prize money, TV Money, Sponsorship etc) but have almost no expenses in the first season as the game does not subtract Player Wages between July and May as well as not calculate other ongoign costs like youth setup and others. Basic Example for a good first flight club (Gladbach in Germany): Normale Start Date: July 2016/Editor Balance 60 mio, Income 110 mio, Expenses 100 mio = 70 Mio Balance in July 2017. May 17 start date: July 2016/Editor Balance 60 mio, Income 110 mio, Expenses 35 mio = 135 mio Balance in July 2017. May 17 start date with 0 Balance: July 16/Editor Balance 0 mio, Income 110 mio, Expenses 35 mio = 75 mio Balance in July 2017. Hope that makes sense.
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