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  1. Hey guys, considering the game uses some of the same elements as FM, i have been wondering about a couple things that i can´t seem to find. Hoping they are in and i´m just not looking in the right spots ... When filtering in the player search, is there no way to display the scout recommendation and sort by it ? Or search for it ? (showing only 4 or 5 star recommendations f.e.). The former is kinda possible on the draft screen, but that´s not really helpful when managing outside the NHL or when looking at Free Agents. The same goes for your own roster and/or AHL roster. Is there no way to display and sort by the recommendation of your assistant ? Also, is it not possible to have more than 1 shortlist at a time ? In FM i always have several, in EHM it´d make sense to have 1 for Juniors, one for draftees and another for Veterans. I realize you can filter by age/rights, but then the list gets cluttered quickly. Heck, in FM i like to have shortlists for interesting players i won´t ever sign but whose career i want to follow. Also, are there any plans to make it easier to track player development as it has happened in FM a version or 2 back ?
  2. Is there any chance that squad rotation for the cpu was adjusted despite not being listed in the update ? Playing in leagues with a lot og games, this has been a major issue with the cpu doing a terrible job. There have been multiple threads on the bug forum as well on this, in case one want to catch up on the issue.
  3. Easy: Randomness. Theres a couple text sims that used this, for example Front Office Football. Essentially, there is x% chance that certain players get either an upgrade to ability/potential or (on the flipside) a reduction, for example linked to certain injuries or failing to play a certain amount of games over a season (or multiple seasons). It would all be about the frequency, but if, say, 10 in 1000 players of a certain PA range get a 20 point PA bump at their 22nd birthday, it wouldn´t be outrageous.
  4. Sorry for not getting back to you initially, totally lost track of having posted this ... As i can´t get the FTP client to work i would kindly ask someone else to do it ? In any case, this has been the case for as few year now and can be so easily recreated (1 changed/ticked box in "Germany ---> Transfer" in advanced rules) that i hope you can find the time to do it.
  5. No offense, but simply look up the canadian Amway Championship Teams and you will see that they do not have their U18/Reserve Teams participating in a league.
  6. You likely don´t have a problem due to your team not being affected. Just check the Reserve/U18 squad of other teams and you´ll see that many are not in a league. There are a couple settings that differ from the US reserve setup in the current file (f.e. the division level of the participating teams set to -1)
  7. Not to be a pain, but the Canadian reserves and U18 are not working at all. There are 3 reserve and 3 U18 leagues created, but many teams are not entering into them (including most Amway teams). Might have found the reason, testing it now but will need a bit for verifying and starting a save.
  8. I merely started a game and checked out the universe without selecting a team though. Just in case this helps pinning it down further. I think the creation of specific reserve divisions (under Canada --> Reserve Rules --> Reserve Leagues) might be an issue. But simply deleting them did not do the trick (with there are reserve leagues, but most teams don´t enter. Without them, no teams have reserved in any league)
  9. Also, in the Canadian System there needs to be some major editing done before starting in earnest i think. Even in the Amway Championship, quite a few teams lack basic things like a stadium to play in The reserves and U18 not working at all is the killer right now, though
  10. Actually, i simply want to make the Concacaf CL more challenging, have little interest in a global tournament. There should be an option in the editor to "force" teams to convert upon promotion to a certain league (since thats the way it works in England), maybe someone here will know where the option is ?
  11. Cheers, got it to work Set an alternate (and smaller) stadium for the 3rd and 2nd division, working like a charm. Oh the rare instances where the editor is straightforward ...
  12. Would like to start with a team in a lower league that has a big (relatively, 30k) stadium. Ideally i would like to edit it so that they start playing in a smaller, nearby stadium and only move back to the original one once reaching the top division. Is it possible to create this scenario with the editor ?
  13. Sensing an opportunity here due to the CL integrated into the file ... Would it be at all possible to alter it so that Brazilian and Argentine clubs (say 2 a piece) enter the Champions League ? Also, can you think of any reason why (some of) the canadian logos wont load ? The US logos all load (down to the very "least" of the clubs) while the canadian ones load very spotty (compared to your screenshots). Had similar issues with other custom canadian files.
  14. I noticed that every Team has a U19 and a U18 Team. Is that the real life setup ? Seems kinda weird and not really a good thing in terms of in-game mechanics ... And for lower league teams there are no scheduled games for the U18. And is there "Promotion"/"Relegation" for the youth teams or will a lower divisions U19 always play in the same lackluster division even if the main team would reach the Serie A eventually ?
  15. View Only teams with loaded players are absolutely active in the transfer market nowadays though. Loading all divisions of a country seems kinda pointless unless you manage there to me. examples from my current save: I load largely depending on where i start (Balkan-centric, Scandinavian-centric would look slightly different than when starting in England or Germany), but in general: - Country i manage in: All divisions - 2,3 surrounding 2nd tier countries (for Germany would be Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands) first division playble - ENG/SPA/FRA/GER/Ita first 2 divisions - Rest of Europe view only and a bunch of others i´d like to have some semblance of "realism" (and stats) Players (advanced settings): - From clubs in Continental Competition in Europe - Top Clubs from the bigger european countries (say down to the level of Norway and the likes), which adds a few more that are not currently in European Football. Also Top Clubs from decent non-European Countries from each continent (say Japan, Quatar, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Tunisia, New Zealand) - First division of the 2nd tier countries not loaded (The Belgiums, Switzerland, Portugals and the likes)