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  1. Selling a retiring player

    Can you not try and suggest a future staff role and then maybe sign him as staff ? Could at least become an option a few months into the season. Pretty sure i did that a few times in 16 with a player agreeing to become a staff member mid-season.
  2. Finances Fleetwood Town

    Happens even for normal clubs in some way, i think.
  3. One thing though, an issue that all these DBs have on every FM : You need to lower the Club Balance significantly (or set it to zero) either in the Editor pre-game or using the in-game Editor in May. Otherwise the game Universe is way out of sync, at least for the Clubs in the Top Divisions. Because due to the game being "simulated" to May, the Clubs start with their starting Balance, get all the Income (prize money, TV Money, Sponsorship etc) but have almost no expenses in the first season as the game does not subtract Player Wages between July and May as well as not calculate other ongoign costs like youth setup and others. Basic Example for a good first flight club (Gladbach in Germany): Normale Start Date: July 2016/Editor Balance 60 mio, Income 110 mio, Expenses 100 mio = 70 Mio Balance in July 2017. May 17 start date: July 2016/Editor Balance 60 mio, Income 110 mio, Expenses 35 mio = 135 mio Balance in July 2017. May 17 start date with 0 Balance: July 16/Editor Balance 0 mio, Income 110 mio, Expenses 35 mio = 75 mio Balance in July 2017. Hope that makes sense.
  4. Finances Fleetwood Town

    https://www.insidermedia.com/insider/northwest/losses-widen-but-fleetwood-town-look-to-the-future 2.5 mio loss IRL during the 15/16 season + a new 6 mio Training Ground, which is likely what the loan repayments/Interest are for. So yeah, they were struggling financially when the the current Games Database was made, so makes sense they bleed money for you as well. But that being said: There is no reason to sell all your players , it's not you money after all ... Usually at the end of the season the Chairman/Board will give a Cash Injection so that the club stays afloat. Your job is to work within the Budget they give you, not to "fix" the club. You are the Manager, not the Owner !
  5. Want to lower the prize money starting in 17/18 because the increase puts the league out of whack ingame. For some weird reason, it will not let me verify ... I use the option to add to an existing league structure, then edit the prize money (stages --> stage 0 leag --> league settings and there towards the bottom) and get an error message when trying to verify, "Fußball-Bundesliga has not finished in time for season update day 1/1/2017. When i don't change anything i can verify, when i change the prize money for the 2017/2018 league (there are 2 in Editor by default due to league rules/prize money changing IRL.) i suddenly can't. I change nothing else ... It's the same with all DB files out there as well. So yeah, i am stumped ... Anybody have any idea what the problem is here ?
  6. Leaving on a free transfer?

    I think you might need to clarify a few things ... Are "you" Arsenal or another Team ? If their contract runs out, any team will be able to offer them a contract in January. If they stated that they want to leave (Status "Leaving on a Free Transfer") then they have made up their mind not to resign (with "you" ?) but have not yet decided where to go.
  7. Weird ... Is that Information only showing up post-brexit(-decision) ? Might then be that it has not happened yet in 2024. Just seems weird that it does not show pre-brexit when similar Information is shown for other leagues on default.
  8. No Information on that on this screen unfortunately. It's there for other leagues (laLiga for example has listed the "count as EU" countries) and i could swear it was there in previous versions as well ...
  9. I would likely scratch out my eyes at some point Did it from the 8th level in FM15, taking 15 or 16 seasons and that was mind-numbing enough ...
  10. Is there any menu where you can look it up ? Running a long term save where in 2025 i am now thinking of quitting my current post in Italy and trying to get a good gig in England. Would like to know beforehand which Brexit occurred (if it did).
  11. [U.S.A.] (Official) League Specific Issues

    The Allocation Money Bug makes the MLS essentially unplayable, occurs for some teams every savegame. So have no idea why you guys would not be able to reproduce it ... If it were a changable thing via in-game Editor, we could at least fix it ourselves ...