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  1. We have so many high scoring tactics here, but I'm looking for something totally solid at the back. Where the other team can have 60-70% possession if they want, but they'll be reduced to 30 yards shots the whole match as there is zero space to play in my final third. A tactic so defensive, you would have to call it "Total Negativity". Full on Big Sam/Sean Dyche where you defend for 90 minutes and then score a single set piece. Using a variant 3-4-3 just now with 3 centre backs and no strikers, but it still feels too positive (3 AM C to try and generate goals, but I would prefer 2 and
  2. Going through a lot of lists at the moment reading peoples idea's of a "Wonderkid" and finding that in various saves I have, none of these kids ever reach their potential (at their original clubs or subsequently) and some genuinely shouldnt be listed in posts. Starting with TJ Eyoma, who else have you seen on these lists that in your game genuinely never gets even close to fulfilling their potential?
  3. Weekly Training Report Always look at it, always go to every player that gets above an 8.00 and Praise their training performance Always go to players who get under a 6.00 and criticise their Training Performance Not only does this increase their morale, but it adds to you having respect within the dressing room, which the board will notice. Only use "Demand More" in Shouts, or when youre missing a ton of chances, use "Get Creative". Almost always elicits a positive response. "Show some Passion" also works if youre getting outplayed. Halftime : Either use Passiona
  4. No, its correct. If you manage a team that gets relegated into a Division that you dont have loaded, you automatically get sacked because you cant play the game in that division.
  5. In my save, he actually lets his PSG contract expires and becomes a full free-agent. I assume that no club has actually offered him enough money yet to sign.
  6. IRL, meeting the criteria would result in an automatic contract extension. The player cannot just ignore the clause and sign for someone else. Definitely worth looking at.
  7. If a player sign a contract which states "1 Year Extension if they play X games and avoid relegation" , this clause can be overridden by another team offering a contract once inside 6 months remaining, because Avoiding Relegation has not yet been achieved.
  8. Knap has 22 tactics right now for FM20. What kind of formation or style do you want to play You can find a link to them here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TE22-1gsGXb4Y3yxpsUST7KusUiFPl_XBkhvxIO0fH0/edit#gid=567996015
  9. Hi Guys I'm currently working with a 4-4-2 , and my backup is a 3-5-2WB formation. I find that i am dominating possession, but that I struggle against the 5-3-2 (4-1-2-2-1 Winger) formation) as I can't break down a packed defence in the centre. Any suggestions welcomed.
  10. When I take over a struggling club, one of the key things I want to see as we recover is whether I am winning over the fans. For some reason now, when I put up my schedule screen, it no longer shows the match attendances. And the match screen doesnt show the attendance without scooting through a few screens. Its one of the basic, important parts of watching any match. So please, restore the attendance figures to the Schedule screen on FM21, and the Half Time / Full Time stats, rather than having to click each match individually.
  11. Staff Data for Columbus Crew is about 3 years old. The Crew had a complete backroom clearout 12 months ago, as per below. List of Staff In game at start of 2020 season attached. List of Actual Staff on the Club Website Here : https://www.columbuscrewsc.com/club/staff?fbclid=IwAR2NYtKll5jY5UHq50mZcPZJ6O-v61jGKCojWFSNTnC7ugbfWPVs2OWd7Dw Examples Neil McGuinness listed as "Scout". Neil McGuinness is the Director of Scouting (effectively a DoF or at least a Chief Scout) Pablo Moreira listed as "Chief Data Analyst". Pablo Moreira is an assistant coach. The following indivi
  12. Running FM17 for some old school fun , but finding that despite 16gb DDR4 Ram , a GTX 1070 with 8gb , the game is constantly pulling in 40-50% Memory and Power from the PC, and an AMD Ryzen 3 Quad Core 1200 3.40GHz , the game regularly freezes between updates to the point where it takes down the whole PC forcing a reboot. What settings do I need to adjust to stop the game being so memory / processor heavy?
  13. Limited After a good season where I outperformed, the tactic became useless in season 2. Getting beaten by all and sundry despite the team being completely familiar with it.
  14. This is very similar to a tactic I want to see developed involving Herrera's 1960's Inter Milan Catenaccio, although theres no sweeper and the right back would need to be a right wingback. I might use this as a template to tweak and see what I can get going
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