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  1. Running FM17 for some old school fun , but finding that despite 16gb DDR4 Ram , a GTX 1070 with 8gb , the game is constantly pulling in 40-50% Memory and Power from the PC, and an AMD Ryzen 3 Quad Core 1200 3.40GHz , the game regularly freezes between updates to the point where it takes down the whole PC forcing a reboot. What settings do I need to adjust to stop the game being so memory / processor heavy?
  2. Limited After a good season where I outperformed, the tactic became useless in season 2. Getting beaten by all and sundry despite the team being completely familiar with it.
  3. This is very similar to a tactic I want to see developed involving Herrera's 1960's Inter Milan Catenaccio, although theres no sweeper and the right back would need to be a right wingback. I might use this as a template to tweak and see what I can get going
  4. Has anyone ever managed to get the Inter Milan , 1960's Catenaccio formation used by Helenio Herrera, that dominated European Football for almost a decade?
  5. So this was what I was testing here, as it struck a chord as having worked relatively well in previous FM versions. So this was the results up until 1st January. The tactic has been used for 18 months now, and so its fluent, but performances are inconsistent. Even with the window coming up, I wasnt making any major acquisitions (no cash), so the playing staff didnt alter much between the New year and the end of the season. The tweak was made, to move the squad from "Fluid" to "Structured" and this was the end result. It clearly works better for limited players. What surprised me (although it shouldnt have) was how much better the defence performed. There are still issues, as you say, with massed defences, but theres no way around that at lower levels when you dont have the technically gifted players to make the killer pass. It was still susceptible to long balls, but thats just the limitations of the players at this level rather than the tactic itself resulting in over-committed defences.
  6. What I might do then, since I run mainly lower league games, is try running the tactic with as Structured rather than a Fluid approach. Ill give some feedback after ive run it the rest of the season
  7. One of the limitations I see in Apex is that when the option is there for a wide player to beat a fullback (where he has space, and the pace, to get to the byeline), he will instinctively turn inside to look for a short pass. It limits the counter attacking potential because the midfielders need to be really, really quick to break out and support him, or the defence will get back and into shape. The majority of goals seem to come from slow build up play from the back, but I wonder, is it that I need faster central mids, or can the wide players be tweaked to beat their man or make a killer pass when they're on a counter attack? I've also found that my best results seem to come when I tell the team to play a rigid counter instead of a fluid control. Again this might be related to the quality of players in Conference National, but do you have any ideas on how to be more defensively solid without that approach?
  8. Cant get this to come even close to working. Its immense at scoring goals. I mean, no club in the division (conference national) can keep a clean sheet against us. However at the back, im shipping 6 or 7 goals a game. I cant put all of that down to the defenders, because the tactic is susceptible to balls over the top. Its a lottery whether im going to win 4-3 or get humped 7-2.
  9. Any tips for Aldershot? Squad is underperforming (16th) but Fitchett , Williams , Oastler and N'Guessan are all playing very solidly but being let down by others around them. I really need a good keeper as well. Attack minded 4-4-2 is just haemorraging goals.
  10. I am looking for a tactic that is horrible. I mean just truly horrible. Complete and utter anti-football. A tactic designed solely around closing down the space in my own half, allowing no clear cut chances whatsoever, and winning games on set pieces. Something which would make even Sam Allardyce frown. Something that allows a team with 9 razor ruddocks, and a John Fashanu. I know I saw one earlier last year which was pretty negative (1-0 wins for more than half the games in a season), but I want something that goes further. Something that drives fans away from the ground because just watching it is enough to destroy your love for "The Beautiful Game". Anyone got something for me? I was putting my own version together as a 3-4-3 (the 3 being 2 central mids and an AM C), but I have hit a wall in that long balls still catch out the back 3 even when dropped back deep. Help welcomed
  11. Going forward , against a 4-4-2 , or against an attacking 4-2-3-1 , this is devastating. Against a defensive 4-1-3-2 or any variant, its poor. The fullbacks get forward, but the wingers just arent good enough as inside forwards , and defensively this is terrible.
  12. Attacking Set Pieces. Found that my right back was my best set piece taker, and thus if the free kick was wide and cleared upfield into space, there was nobody to cover. Moved the left back to "Stay Back" from set pieces to counter this. Beyond that, attacking free kicks are excellent.
  13. I have the overlap shout in my pre-match instructions. The problem seems to be getting the midfielder to go far enough forward for the fullback running outside to be effective. At the moment the midfielder is on attack but the fullback on support. Will try and switch that around and see if it works. I assume (since I havent tested it properly since the patch) that Fullbacks can now get to the byeline before crossing, as that bug was well reported pre-patch. Would you say I have to remove the individual instructions in order to get the overlap to work properly, and if so, which instructions are counter to the overlap shout? (midfielder should not be told to get further forward?)
  14. This is possibly the most frustrating aspect of the current ME for me. Currently playing at the lower levels of Scottish Football (Scottish League 2). Trying to develop a formation where the fullbacks and wide midfielders interact with each other , allowing overlap to get crosses into the box. 8 of the 10 teams in the divison play with 5 across the middle, so in theory, this type of formation should be wildly effective (although prone to counter attack, but I am less concerned with that aspect at the moment). The Fullback is set to support, the wide midfielder set to attack, with individual instructions to push forward, dribble more, run wide more. Every single time the fullback comes forward to support, the wide midfielder stops dead. If he does take the ball, he immediately stands still and waits for the return, or passes the ball backwards. At no point does he attempt to run beyond any covering defender to allow the fullback a chance to pass. Nor does the fullback "Overlap" and go past the Wide Midfielder. What should be a wide, attacking move, turns into a centre of the field passing triangle between fullback, wide mid and one of the central midfielders. The number of crosses achieved per match , despite playing a wide 4-4-2 variant, can be counted on one hand. How do I go about increasing the efficiency of my wide players, without moving them into the AML/AMR role as out and out wingers (who even then cant get the overlap becuase the fullbacks still dont get past half way unless its a set piece).
  15. They're perfectly viable, to me, to make profits, if you havent already charged a full retail price for the game. DLC has crept into the gaming market in such a way its deemed as "Acceptable" to charge for add-ons to established titles, and its a path I never thought I would see SI taking. They're also something the modding community has been doing for years for no charge, because they loved the game and the community around it. I have no doubt that if this path continues, more DLC will appear, the DLC will become more core to the gameplay mechanics for FMC. BTW, quoting "We just advertised 20 new jobs" is irrelevant without being able to quote headcount stats for previous years, which I would'nt expect since theyre the very definition of commercially confidential. Natural wastage, people moving to other companies, yadda yadda yadda. I think I stated the game needs more people, more development, more testing before its released. In 10 months time, we can sit here again and discuss whether the product thats released (FM15) is entirely working as intended and doesnt need patched because of game breaking bugs. If its the former, on time, bug free, then I will come on here and state for the world "I was wrong to be cynical. SI has the playerbases best interests at heart". If its the latter, would you come on and say the same? Say "We are sorry for releasing the game in an unfinished format". Nobody from SI has, to the best of my knowledge, ever said or would ever say such a thing.
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