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  1. Hi @Timo61 , i played with your German lower league database and found it very hard to sign players for teams in the lower leagues. For example with TV herkenrath in the 6th division i was able to sign lots of good players who were willing to play for me for free. Whereas for a team in the 5th division, i was unable to sign players despite having money to offer them even though my team was tipped to finish top of the league! I was unable to sign EU players and there seems to be a bug. I could sign a bosnian player but for another bosnian player i could not sign him as he is not EU! Can someone guide me on this? Is this a database bug?
  2. Would you all say that salah is more of an AF slanted towards the right flank than an IF attack? I am not really a liverpool fan so I cannot say for certain about how he plays in games lolol.
  3. Hi all, requesting for german regional and lower divisions on FM20. Is there any database that I can download from here? Thanks.
  4. Nice work. Btw how did you activate the german lower leagues? Is there a database you download from? Can’t see anyone from the editors hideaway forum.
  5. Has anyone managed to get Salah to score tons on FM 20? He always seems to be getting tons of assists instead LOL. Even my friends have the same grouses. IF on attack, has anyone figured it out and stop it from assisting too much? Or is Salah ppm preventing him from scoring? PLAYER TRAITS Places Shots Likes To Try To Beat Offside Trap Runs With Ball Often Cuts Inside From Right Wing
  6. For those of us who have been playing FM for a while, wingers scoring lots of goals have always been a common occurrence with tap ins at the far post. In fact quite a few complained about this and the impotency of their strikers in their saves on FM19. So bearing this in mind, I am not surprised that they could have possibly tweaked something to get strikers scoring more and wingers scoring less.
  7. @zlatanera my AF is upfront with his strike partner, a DLF who is played in the centre. I had inspiration from rashidi’s liverpool save to try it out however the caveat was the lack of coverage down his channel or flank since he was stationed as the STCL. Rashidi was able to have his AF upfront as the quality of his team enabled his midfielders to do a good job covering his salah. In my save, my team is TV Hekenrath, the worst team across all the german regional divisions so I had to make do with him tracking his respective fullback to provide defensive coverage. Another reason why I did so before I read your post was that I noticed the top scorers in the various leagues I played all were taking advantage of tap ins at the far post. So I was thinking why not have a striker attack the far post in the same manner we see wingers doing it? As usually strikers would have better finishing and off the ball than wingers and can get them to take advantage of tap ins to score more goals for the team.
  8. @zlatanera I am interested in how you arrive at the winger role for your back post poacher because I have been playing around with it as well. I use an AF in STCL or STCR and assign him to mark the corresponding fullback to get him to arrive at the far post with more urgency during an attack since the mentality of a striker especially AF is very high, similar to how the get into the opposition area ppm works in your games. Managed to get a crappy striker to score 16 in 3O plus games with his 6 finishing. However I am interested in learning more about how you set up your backpost poacher in your tactic. Did you try the raumdeuter role for your tactic before arriving at the winger role?
  9. The thing is that all wide players on attack duty drift infield when the attack progresses further into the box. The only tangible reason for the IW to be in the AMLR slots as said above by @Experienced Defender is to have an option outside to cross more often in addition to cutting inside, sort of like cutting in a bit to deliver an inswinging cross into the box.
  10. A blank canvas wide forward role is what all of us have been crying out for years, the equivalent of the blank WM role except that it is on the AML/R spectrum. However for some reason we get a role that would not be too different from the IF.
  11. Well it seems we are getting it in the AM L/R areas. I remember posting about the differences I found between the IW and IF on FM19 several weeks back but cannot seem to find the post. In any case, the IF was more likely to keep pushing forward into the box while the IW was aggressive at cutting inside and shooting especially on attack duty. The IF did not really cut much, from what I noticed in my hours of gameplay. So what would it bring to us on FM20? I am taking a stab in the dark that the new IW will be cutting inside more aggressively than an IF from higher up on the pitch which would do well to disrupt defences and open up spaces. Any guess about how it would perform?
  12. Is it just me or does the inverted winger plays more like an inside forward while the inside forward plays more of like a winger? I often see the inverted winger cutting in like how you see on tv and scoring goals off it while the inside forward tends to be more of a tap-in kind of guy.
  13. Not sure if it is too early to revisit this but I found it shame that the thread was locked but found it interesting to see if a blank tactic without any team instructions could do well as long as the roles and duties are relevant enough. I find a lot of merit in @herne79 good work that deserves to be revisited.
  14. Agree with @EarthManBay . The AI is getting smarter nowadays that is why usually i use a simple CM on support with roam and move into channels to be my playmaking facilitator. Starting deeper and on support do not mean that he will be any less effective than being in the AMC slot. You will be surprised by how many key passes he can get per game from this position.
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