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  1. Matiudi plays out like a carrilero. Supporting the central midfield with protecting the left flank. In a way their tactic is similar to Portugal’s 442 in which ronaldo plays like a pseudo wing forward but whose defensive duties on that flank are taken care of by the central midfielder on that side. Greizmann tends to drift to the flanks as he used to be a winger during his real sociedad days so it makes sense for someone defensively responsible like matiudi to cover for him like a carrilero.
  2. False winger- unlike a typical winger who stays wide, dribbles down the flank to send in crosses, the false winger stays wide to stretch the opposition’s defence before aggressively getting into the box to exploit gaps for goal-scoring opportunities especially when the ball is on the other flank. I see this role being in the ML/R spectrum, a sort of stealthbomber who drops deep to link up play but focuses on the end product rather than out wide crossing. I see Richarlison playing this role for Everton this season and Sterling doing it for man city on the right flank last season.
  3. Loving this as i am trying to replicate real madrid’s 4141 against bayern in last season’s champions league with ronaldo upfront alone in a counter sort of arrangement. Will play around with what you have here. Good tactic and nice results👍
  4. Portugal used the same hybrid strikerless 442 against Uruguay and could have won had they made better use of their chances. The way they set up at the top is very similar to how @Rashidi pictured them in his earlier post about portugal’s set-up with joao mario, ronaldo and guedes occupying more or less the same positions as can been from this image i got from whoscored. Joao mario seems to be the playmaker for guedes and ronaldo but when he was replaced by manuel fernandes in tbe dying moments of the game, i felt he gave portugal more of an attacking boost and made me wonder if the scoreline could have been different had he started. Really interesting to read about the careers of little known players who catch your eye at the world cup and reading up on manuel fernandes made me realise that he helped lokomotiv moscow win their first russian premier league title in 14 years!
  5. The bundesliga is teeming with quality young players who are craving to prove themselves. It surprised me that Low chose to go with his favourites when one of his qualities when he first came to the fore as Germany coach was the insistence on youth integration in the national set-up. He left behind phillip max, who had 12 assists last season second only to muller with 14, a quality left back for jonas hector and plaven. He left behind julian weigl, a top-class DLP ready to step into schweinsteiger’s shoes. He left behind leroy sane with 14 goals and 17 assists. In my opinion had he gone with this bunch of talents instead of the likes of ozil and khedira, the general public would not have blamed him so much had they crashed out of the world cup.
  6. They have those replacements but for some reason joachim low refused to bring them to russia. Sandro wagner for klose and julian weigl for schweinsteiger.
  7. Interesting how mbappe was used against peru. The french were set up in a 4231/4411 which sought to overload the left side in an attempt to isolate mbappe on the right with the opposition’s fullback and give him plenty of space to attack. I think deschamps may have found the right formula to play mbappe. I have always felt that his pace and burning acceleration was wasted playing upfront in congested central areas. He was staying wide and hugging the touchline against peru and was really dangerous in tormenting his fullback. Kudos to deschamps for figuring out the right system for him.
  8. I agree with your observation of guedes being moved deeper to replace joao mario. His heat map on whoscored showed him more on the left flank as opposed to his previous heat map against spain which was more in the inside right channel. Once you put ronaldo upfront alone, you end up nowhere because he needs someone to feed off and for him to do it alone upfront yields nothing. I feel guedes needs more time to get used to his new position because he does have good link-up play at times. I thought bruno did a good job against spain so was surprised to see his omission.
  9. @RashidiYou are not alone in seeing portugal more or less play like a hybrid 442/433 system. It reminds me of ancelotti’s hybrid 442 he used during the 2013/2014 real madrid season. Only difference is that portugal is practically playing a strikerless variation of it.
  10. Thanks @Jean0987654321 for the reminders👍. Very interesting to see Belgium’s tactics against panama. Basically functions like conte’s 3-4-3. Perhaps the only tactic to fit in the talents of de bruyne, hazard, mertens and lukaku.
  11. I think what Argentina was up against was like facing a living wall of titans. Physically, every iceland player in that match was bigger than their argentine counterpart so no point in crossing high to vertically challenged guys like aguero and messi. They could have done what man city did last season, drag them wide with wingers then send in cutbacks instead of crosses via channel movement from the central players. Messi had 11 shots and 9 dribbles in that match from whoscored.com but of the 11 shots, only two shots or so were on target. Which showed how effectively staying close and compact really was for iceland in holding out for a draw.
  12. I felt that Germany was being far too predictable with two players in draxler and muller who do their work drifting inside rather than out wide stretching the defence. Ozil was not really stretching the defence by drifting to the right, he is not the most mobile of players to do so. Khedira phyiscally is no longer the force he once was for Real Madrid in his best 2011\2012 season so with kroos going off to wander the channels, there really was nothing to protect the defence. The wingbacks are not as dynamic as lahm in going to the bylines and sending in quality crosses. The leftback if i am not wrong had only one cross or so for the whole match. Kimmich was doing too much on his own upfront and not tracking back at all. Complete disaster really. Would be better with leroy sane as an option.
  13. Portugal played more or less the same tactic that won them Euro 2016. Basically a 442 with two pseudo-strikers in ronaldo and guedes. Guedes spent last season on loan at Valencia from PSG where he played mostly as a left winger and at times a right winger. He is no stranger to being upfront as his average positioning for valencia often showed him to be the furthest at the top. He took over from Nani as ronaldo’s striker partner and it would appear that portugal had no true striker in the system, but for some reason it worked well with guedes often dropping deep to release ronaldo. Portugal is perhaps the best counterattacking team at the world cup and it would be interesting to see if their Euro 2016 win was a fluke or not.
  14. That looks really good. I like the simplicity of how you described russia’s tactic without lumping a whole bunch of TIs and PIs. To me russia was standard and structured with main focus of tightening up the middle and attacking down the flanks.
  15. Four years ago the Hand of God introduced to us how FM could be used to interpret the teams at the 2014 world cup and it was sn absolute joy understanding tactics in the real world setting. It is my wish that this thread could be used to support the tactical discussions related to the current world cup👍