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  1. The thing is that all wide players on attack duty drift infield when the attack progresses further into the box. The only tangible reason for the IW to be in the AMLR slots as said above by @Experienced Defender is to have an option outside to cross more often in addition to cutting inside, sort of like cutting in a bit to deliver an inswinging cross into the box.
  2. A blank canvas wide forward role is what all of us have been crying out for years, the equivalent of the blank WM role except that it is on the AML/R spectrum. However for some reason we get a role that would not be too different from the IF.
  3. Well it seems we are getting it in the AM L/R areas. I remember posting about the differences I found between the IW and IF on FM19 several weeks back but cannot seem to find the post. In any case, the IF was more likely to keep pushing forward into the box while the IW was aggressive at cutting inside and shooting especially on attack duty. The IF did not really cut much, from what I noticed in my hours of gameplay. So what would it bring to us on FM20? I am taking a stab in the dark that the new IW will be cutting inside more aggressively than an IF from higher up on the pitch which would do well to disrupt defences and open up spaces. Any guess about how it would perform?
  4. Is it just me or does the inverted winger plays more like an inside forward while the inside forward plays more of like a winger? I often see the inverted winger cutting in like how you see on tv and scoring goals off it while the inside forward tends to be more of a tap-in kind of guy.
  5. Not sure if it is too early to revisit this but I found it shame that the thread was locked but found it interesting to see if a blank tactic without any team instructions could do well as long as the roles and duties are relevant enough. I find a lot of merit in @herne79 good work that deserves to be revisited.
  6. Agree with @EarthManBay . The AI is getting smarter nowadays that is why usually i use a simple CM on support with roam and move into channels to be my playmaking facilitator. Starting deeper and on support do not mean that he will be any less effective than being in the AMC slot. You will be surprised by how many key passes he can get per game from this position.
  7. Most people who play FM are in it to get out of their mundane lives and enjoy playing a game of football to relive their fantasies (example:liverpool winning the title). To understand so much about football and its intricacies would take the fun out of playing FM although there are some who derive pleasure from everything about football like half spaces to marking theories. So i can perfectly understand that plug and play tactics have their place in playing FM because it allows them to leisurely enjoy a game without stressing out over results when they already have a lot on their plate in the real world. For me i have been on both sides of the fence, from using plug and play tactics like modern warfare in earlier versions of FM to devising my own tactics using ways of making players mark certain opposition players to recreate the sort of movement i am looking for. And having been on both sides of the argument, i can say that there really is no right or wrong at all. It is a game after all. You could be using a tactically sound plan without any exploits and still suffer the occasional match engine screw up like getting three players sent off in ten minutes and your opponent scoring five free kick goals in the last ten minutes. It is a game so just enjoy it.
  8. Not sure if it is just me but i have been unable to get my carrilero to drift out wide and cross often like angel di maria did for real madrid under ancelotti. I tried players with the same foot as the flank they are closest to but still very few or none at all in terms of crosses. Even tried run wide with ball but to no avail. Is this something that is possible to achieve on FM19?
  9. Actually a lot of sides play like that with inside forwards as their main strikers and inverted wingbacks. Ronaldo is basically playing as a free roaming inside forward that never tracks back to defend. Same thing for mbappe on the right flank for psg. Out and out strikers in the modern game are getting very rare.
  10. Interesting piece @Rashidi. Your revelation about how the channels were more easily abused on FM18 were something that i stumbled upon but at that time did not think of it as a bug or an ME exploit. I was managing a chinese division one side called Feihu on FM18, and even in the lower division, a lot of the teams were vastly overpowered with lots of good foreign players like pato and yannick carrasco. I played a 4-1-5-0 formation with the left sided WM on attack set to mark the centre back closest to his side of the channel(DCR) with instructions to sit narrower, run wide with ball and cross less often. What it did was that it opened up the channel for my rampaging midfielders to score and also allows the WM to run onto balls fed into the opened up channel and score lots of goals. He ended up scoring 16 goals in 30 games. The only stats that were decent for him were his speed and acceleration. In fact the entire squad was really atrocious in terms of attributes and technical abilities compared to the other teams in the division. I tried doing that in FM19 and it was no longer as effective. Looking forward to reading more from your series @Rashidi👍
  11. Thank you so much @JordanMillward_1 for letting me know about it😊👍
  12. Wow thanks @JordanMillward_1for alerting me to this! So do i upload this to the database in the files?
  13. As above, the lowest german league playable on fm19 is down to the third division. Is there any way for me to play the german regional divisions in the game and play teams like alemmia aachen?
  14. The key to guardiola’s man city team is in getting the wingers to stretch the defence for the channels to open up for the two “8”s in david silva and bernardo to exploit with their runs and passing. The wingers also exploit the gaps between the fb and cb and either score goals from good passes from the two playmakers or to cutback across goal for a tap-in. The wingers only enter the box when a killing blow is imminent. From the vid by @kpsia518 sane stayed wide as much as possible until the last possible moment so that the channels remains stretched for the maximum possible exploitation by the playmakers. I would just go with ML/R and put them as roam and stay wider with wm(a). AML/R will always converge too early. Those are wide striker spots anyway.
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