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  1. To be honest lower league management is good if the other team are more or less of the the same quality in terms of players, however if you ever get a chance to manage the chinese national division(the league below the super league) you would find the gulf in quality between the top teams and bottom teams like day and night. I would use this guy either as a poacher or as an IF. I am leaning towards an IF here as his pace is good so could perhaps exploit the half spaces better.
  2. I was wondering whether a generic wide forward role like the wide midfielder role except that it is at the AMLR spectrum, could be made for the upcoming FM19? Because doing so will free up lots of creative space for tactical innovation without the need for hardcoded roles with no room for flexibility. Something like a blank canvas for us to create the sort of attacking wide player we want.
  3. @Cleon Pardon me for asking you this question as i know that you are busy with many projects and might have answered this question before, but if the trigger for a CA is the number of players between you and your opponent during a turnover then if let’s say i create an exaggerated tactic like a 4-1-5-0 to increase the likelihood of winning the ball during the turnover, would CAs be more reliably triggered?
  4. Hi guys so i just got started on a new chinese league save in the national first division not the super league. I took charge of Feihu and could not make any signing as all my signings have been refused as having reached the limit of having signed more than 8 under 17 players. I tried signing old ones and young ones but to no avail. I ended up with no signings at all, none lol. Is there anyway around this?
  5. Good post. I am in the midst of trying to get my cwb to be my top goalscorer. I am using an inside forward type as my cwb on the left so that he could cut in more to score. Honestly i would have gone for thomas as he fits the bill for what i am looking for. In any case, to me positions do not matter as much as the overall tactic.
  6. I agree with @blackdevil about generic wide am being called wide forwards and generic strikers termed as centre forwards. It allows for more creativity in designing tactics without the need for roles that sound like pasta dishes like mezzala or carrilero although on a personal note, i do love the unique player roles like a true FM hipster. Regarding moving into channels i believe there is a misunderstanding on exactly what it actually means. From as far back as i believe FM11? People have been talking about moving into channels. I think what jean is trying to replicate is the tendency of ronaldo and muller to move into space between defenders to latch onto passes to score goals. Cleon was explaining that moving into channels is basically moving into wider areas which they already are in if they are in the MLR or AMLR spectrum, so there is little value in them being asked to move out wide. The raumdeuter role starts out narrow before moving out wide to look for space. So in a way it is the opposite of an IF which starts wide then comes narrow via cutting inside. So if you wish to make a wm become a raumdeuter then just roam with sit narrower should suffice or with run wide with ball.
  7. Real madrid under carlo ancelotti 2013/14
  8. Ronaldo 2009/2019 at real madrid was him taking the inverted winger to the highest level. Just go to any youtube video showing him vs any team in that season you would see him literally cutting in at evey chance and blasting at goal.
  9. Jyuan83

    The Egyptian king

    It would seem that striker roles would lend itself to more goals than assists especially if you want to create the run that salah is on right now. I understand what rashidi meant by the raumdeuter not really being on the shoulder of the last defender. In a way he honestly to me functions like a wide treq without the playmaker tag and is more usually seen where there is space to exploit like half spaces. IF role would work in terms of scoring goals but the fact that it is a wide role means that it would also lend itself to a fair amount of assists as well(cut backs and crosses). I honestly think the issue had been settled with salah being an AF off to the right. There might be a new role to account for this in the new fm19. A winger but one solely focused on scoring goals only.
  10. Jyuan83

    The Egyptian king

    @Rashidi, how is the defending on your right flank? I see that henderson is set as a dlp support with a rampaging gomez on the right. Does having the wing back on attack work better for covering the flank from becoming too vacant in your games?
  11. Jyuan83

    The Egyptian king

    @Gegenklaus just a simple carrilero beside the WM and behind him just a DM on defend duty. I also have a wingback on support on that flank to make sure it does not appear too vacant down that flank
  12. Jyuan83

    The Egyptian king

    @Gegenklaus i basically set my WM with sit narrower and run wide with ball together with specific man marking on the centre back closest to his flank so as to exploit the space between the full back and centreback during turnovers. In an attacking setup with pass into space, you get lots of chances for the wm to pounce on. Run wide is for the wm to create and open space up for others to exploit when he cannot find a way past to score. Sitting narrower with an attack duty is more than enough to get him in the box during attacks. I have tried a raumdeuter before for the specific marking but he ends up being too high up to be a part of the build up play.
  13. Jyuan83

    The Egyptian king

    I am experimenting with the WM on attack role to create a specific role that behaves like how a wide forward like salah and CR7 should behave. A poacher during the defensive phase, hanging around the centrebacks and a winger during the attack phase. In a way if you read closely the interview mentioned by rashidi, salah basically is given free reign at attacking given his superior counterattacking threat not unlike that of CR7. I have tried similar creations of the WM in past FM versions but FM18 seems to be more successful at implementing the role.
  14. Defensive forward on defend duty for is the ideal forward to have when you want to play others in. The DLF and F9 pale in comparison. Instantly fell in love with the DF when he made 8 freaking key passes in one game. In all my years of FM i have never had a player make that many key passes before.
  15. Jyuan83

    Ineffectual Raumdeuter

    @permanentquandary i love the look of your heskey, his attributes are point-blank insane! Your left back looks good as well. How about changing your striker to DLF on support? Might work a bit there. Your tactic looks spot on good too. I echo the setiments of the posters above me and agree that the raumdeuter sort of feels like a trequartista without the assigned playmaker tag. Due to his roaming, he will go where there is a chance of space and having space does not necessarily mean it will be space to score goals himself but can be space for him to create for others. In a way if you want a sort pf playmakerish role without making him the focal point, the raumdeuter is the one to go. The inside forward or even inverted winger are your go-to guys for scoring goals from the flanks so far in the games i have played.