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  1. Hi Marc. Trashing the app like you told me and redownloading solved the issue. It is working now. Thanks for the help.
  2. I can´t update my FMdb since weeks. Always when i´d like to update it, it stops at 5% and the app is telling me this is not available in my country (Austria) Any news about this ? Its not ok, because i paid for it and can´t use it.
  3. If i use the editor in the beta with my steam account, will the leaderboard be disabled after in the Full Version too ? Maybe is that the issue, because i have played a lot of saves and none of them had count in the leaderboard.
  4. Than you have to change it in the editor. And watch out, there is allready a team called FC Salzburg in the db (16033076).
  5. You have no idea about Austria , obviously. 22 games here without the Playoff games and at least 6 more in the playoff in the Top Division 30 games in the second tier
  6. There is no Red Bull Salzburg in the game. It´s RB Salzburg
  7. Another question, because i can´t reproduce your issue, do you play with the original db or with a custom one like Claasen ?
  8. Of course, i think is this is a research or database issue. Do you have tried to find the club - FC Höchst as FC Hoechst ?
  9. I´ve raised this months before in the beta - now it happened again Also, i´ve raised an issue about physio is running thru a player in the beta, and this is also happening again Uploaded as: SV Donau – Donaufeld - physio on pitch.pk
  10. please raise this english issue in the english research thread. Thank you
  11. Working also as it should in my save. Do you use a data update or league update ?
  12. Very good @davie77 @Freddie Sands - i know there is a possibilitie to change this in the editor, but i am a Hillybilly with this tool, I am sure, it is only a click for you. Thanks in advance
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