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  1. So, thats my last answer to you. If you are so good as u tell everybody here, please do me and all out there a favor - take over the role as the Head Researcher from Austria. I will step back for you - i promise. Good luck. @Woodg SI - do you accept my resignation ?
  2. No thats ok with 6. Have you seen there youth facilities ?? Maybe 7 or 8, but thats too much in my opinion. 16 without an academy ?? No way
  3. As long the cooperation rule, i´ve requested this in 2015, isn´t implemented, the rule will never be correct. As far as i know, we had to set the 7 player foreign rule for the second league some years ago, because every team in the second league was filled with 2/3 foreign players The reason behind, the teams don´t buy any home based players if there is no lower league extra file.
  4. Yes Soren, FC Liefering is the unofficial second or Reserve team from RBS . There is a special cooperation rule for these 2 teams (also with LASK and FC Juniors). So no need for a loan deal, Thanks for raising this
  5. Hv to check this, but if so, it was set from the Swiss HR.
  6. So i ask u again after months, which concerns about the Wiener Stadtliga ??
  7. Yes that is, bcos the game starts in 2019. And with the winter update, he is 2019 at start of the game in the squad from RBS. Nothing wrong with the joined date
  8. The manager from a player i have loaned out, is unhappy with the role his player is playing The player played every single game on the indetified role. When i talk to him and tell him that he had played always there, he is happy. My answer: I´m suprised you feel this way. Keith has frequently been used in the agreed role during his loan spell so far. This is happening every 3 - 4 weeks and is very annoying, Steps to reproduce; Load the save game and start the conversation Uploaded save game: Wrong loan promise.fm
  9. The Goalkeeper is holding the ball for longer than the allowed 6 seconds. It should be an indirect freekick, but there was no whistle from the ref. load the pkm ; go to minute 91:30 and watch the szene. Boldmere – Prescot.pkm
  10. Maybe correct, maybe not. Please show me an official source about this clause - not a report from journalists. Off topic: I really hope, this Haaland will leave Austria very soon. Look in this data issue thread - most of this is about Haaland.
  11. @Lucas - any news about this for me/us ??
  12. Thats why i have said, he played his first match after the lock. Also Arase and Ibrahimoglu aren´t good enough. Is also changed Yes, every changes, will be in the winter update, Tell me about your concerns in the Stadtliga - i am listening
  13. @Apaco - please create a CA/PA list from RB Salzburg and LASK, how they should be in your opinion.
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