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  1. Wrong thread. This is no Data issue pls can someone change this to the correct thread
  2. Than make a suggestion to fix this Maybe @Alerioncan also help with this, he is responsibly for RB Salzburg The only club in Austria, who cause troubles since the takeover in 2005
  3. I appreciate this, but the club is not called Wolfsberger. Its called Wofsberger AC or WAC. The city is called Wolfsberg and their habitats are named Wofsberger., s This is set correctly in the database, so its not a problem from the research team. You can see in the screenshot and also in your editor, the "can not play in same division" field is not checked.
  4. He has only set Croatia as his nationality, so there is no need to set declared for
  5. This is correct This status depends on his archievements. All of them have won the trophy (Bundesliga or Cup) and the rule says, if a player or manager has won the trophy and also it depends on the amount of games he played for the club.
  6. Denke schon, da ja der Verband das sagen hat und nicht der ÖFB
  7. https://stfv.fussballoesterreich.at/st/Spielbetrieb/Tabellen-Ergebnisse/STFV-SparkassenOberliga-OberligaMitteWest/Tabelle Oberliga Mitte West not Oberliga Mitte https://stfv.fussballoesterreich.at/st/Spielbetrieb/Tabellen-Ergebnisse/STFV-SparkassenOberliga-OberligaSuedOst/Tabelle Oberliga Süd-Ost not Oberliga South
  8. Exactly what i have mentioned before we had to make the change from an affiliated independent team (Cooperation agreement) to their B-team Nobody took care on my warnings.
  9. Tbh, youth leagues are no licensed leagues in the game. As i kn, we are not responsible for Youth leagues , but i will take a look into this and make decisions.
  10. Send me an official statement or source where the club or a responsible person is mention this.
  11. This is no data issue from the research team, is a translation issue Pls forward it to the translation thread
  12. Not a data issue please forward this again in the correct thread specific league issue.
  13. Make suggestions for Austria Klagenfurt or you can be the new SK Austria Klagenfurt researcher. Only telling its better than in the beta, won´t make the data better. Get in contact with me on skype - fmaustria There we can talk about this,
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