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  1. Not a data issue please forward this again in the correct thread specific league issue.
  2. Make suggestions for Austria Klagenfurt or you can be the new SK Austria Klagenfurt researcher. Only telling its better than in the beta, won´t make the data better. Get in contact with me on skype - fmaustria There we can talk about this,
  3. No, please change the language to english and u will see all names are without sponsor Its obviously changed by the translation team without letting me know. Please forward this in the german translation thread - not a data issue
  4. This is correct in the db. First name: Carlos Miguel Second name: Coronel Common Name: Carlinhos Full name: Carlos Miguel Coronel No need to change anything Over to @Alerion- he is the RBS Researcher
  5. Ja wäre es, aber die Kollegen sind Engländer und können nicht Deutsch, somit würden sie es nicht verstehen. Dadurch herrscht hier Englisch
  6. Its easier now to read I know this bug was already mentioned in the beta. Is nothing i can do from my side - one for @Stephen Glennonand his colleagues.
  7. No, is correct. Also you will see, this is happen to the leagues belower too.
  8. It is. There will be changes in the winter update, but as long, the players will be in the lowest team
  9. Hi BanOly, i was not responsible for the Bundesliga, but have mentioned that the number 12 is locked or only told the 12 is wrong at the player ?? This is a big difference.
  10. Yes is true. There is no Assistant Researcher for the lower leagues. And to have it equal, its the best option But u can make suggestions for this, as it is described above. Only telling that it is, will not change anything
  11. Its the World Reputation For example Barcelona has 184 and Manchester United 171 @Stephen Glennon can u please take a look if this is a bug
  12. Look at the year. Its 2044. Nobody can say what will happen in 23 years. We only can set this for 5 years, And actually, 2020 its 139
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