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  1. Fire_03

    [Austria] Data Issues

    Thank you @jimmythebusdriver @Simon Tipple - he is right, shouldn´t be. As he said, only Wacker Innsbruck and TSV Hartberg did promoted this season. --- Found the problem or i think this could be the reason Have created a defect at TT.
  2. Fire_03

    [Austria] Data Issues

    He is left footed. https://www.bundesliga.at/de/daten/spieler/lucas-henrique-ferreira-venuto_61057/
  3. Fire_03

    [Belgium] Data Issues

    You are welcome. I know it is not easy, especially if you/or someone like this player, to understand sometimes the opinions from others. Hope, because i´d liked him very much here in Vienna and i´ve made a photo with him together, he will explode in Belgium and recover very soon,
  4. Fire_03

    [Belgium] Data Issues

    @fidelitywars Yes as you said - his consistency is not good, but he was able to play very good passes - but he didn´t showed it often. Maybe because of his injuries too. Here he was more a 7/8/9 finisher. Maybe in Belgium his role is different, or whatever. 100´s of reasons. Also possible, our defenders were play more man marking than in Belgium and he had not so much space. Tbh, i have no clue about the Belgium league. Have seen them play against Rapid Vienna in Genk (2x) and in Brussels vs. Anderlecht, but never a match in the league. So its only a possibilitie. Thats right. We have a lot of good passers here, but they all have troubles infront of the goal. And this skill is called finishing in combination for sure with decisions, Take a look at Deni Alar, he scored 36 goals in 70 apps for Sturm Graz . His finishing is 13. Now he signed again for Rapid Vienna, and ..... he is crap. Would never deserve a 13 atm. But feel free to change his finishing. He is away from my db and every Researcher/Head Researcher should rate him, as he is currently at this team. e.g. you set him with 14, because he scores a lot in Belgium. Next season he will join a team in Spain and will not score as often. He would not deserve this 14 there and the researcher would rate him with 8/9 as he is at his time in Spain. You understand what i´d like to explain? If i had given him a 14 here in Austria, he would have scored more than only 17 goals in my saves. The community had blamed me or my AR about this, because they said this is unrealistic.
  5. Fire_03

    [Belgium] Data Issues

    No, Georgi was never a good scorer in Austria. Need a lot of chances to score a goal. He scored only 17 in 55 games and - i have seen every of his 55 - they weren´t difficult to score. Technical - no, he played sometimes like a rock. First touch was bad, the ball jumped away 2-3 metres sometimes and passing wasn´t really good sometimes. He has 14 at passing, because i´ve seen him also a lot at the training pitch, but he never had the same level in the competition. I don´t know what happened to him - beacuse i´ve seen him before as he has played in Georgia. There he was a good striker. Later he moved abroad to Hungary and were bad. He had the same problems again as he signed in Vienna. Need a long time to be a real part of the team and then, he was injured very often. So i can´t say he was a good finisher here.
  6. You obviously didn´t uderstand it, right ? Why i am here ? Sorry, it is forbbiden to write in a turkish thread as not Turk ? Can´t remember that anyone said this before, Yes it is important for ... everyone. Also for the germans, italians, french or ....... but i can´t see any histeria from others. It was and it is a beta. Not more not less. Fine, you bought it - but you bought a beta. Release date for the full game is .... November. Now we have October. You see the difference now. Beta October, can have some bugs, Release November, shouldn´t have bugs. Why ?`Its easy, because everyone who bought the beta too, should look for bugs rather than play for the title. Obviously it makes no sense to discuss about this, because you don´t want understand it. And to fix a bug, would not take only 2 minutes. Maybe in your dreams, but for sure not IRL. Sorry to say that, but all these comments about HOTFIX, HOTFIX, HOTFIX were a bit annoying for everyone. The guys from SI work hard and their happened a mistake. Not the end of the world, bacause it is a beta and they can fix this. Every country have some bugs - some are bigger, some aren´t. But as far as is have seen, the game was playable (no crash or something). Only the foreigner role was corrupt.
  7. I didn´t understand anything you´d like to tell me. First you say, you don´t need a special hotfix for turkish leagues and a second later you say the game need a first day special hotfix. And than you understand the issue? Very strange for me.
  8. I´ve never said they are stupid - stop putting words in my mouth.
  9. You can play the turkish league, but not with the correct rules right now. Or is the league greyed out and not chooseable ? As is said before - Beta means testing. Than test all tho other stuff as long as your league isn´t 100% correct. Player profiles aren´t important ? They are atm more important than this stupid 5 foreigner rule. I can understand you, it is frustrating, but its is not a 2 weeks earlier release to play and be the best manager (as i´ve read - I am running for the 1st place in world rankings on single game and I am losing time) , it is ... a Beta
  10. Then be a part of the research team and do not blame them. Any knowledge how much work this is every year and it´s getting more and more ?
  11. Stop it - This is a beta - Beta means, there could be some issues and there are some. "So maybe you can fix that problem, then we could get into the spirit of the beta" - sounds a little like blackmail for me. I am sure, the SI guys are working to fix this, but to write 15000 times the same issue, isn´t helpful. There are more other issues, also in the turkish league, than this 5 foreigner rule but no one take care about this, because no one is interested into. Be patience - its not the fault from @perpetua
  12. Fire_03

    [Austria] (Official) Data Issues

    He isn´t in the Austrian db. So no change is possible. But i will provide this informations to his new club researcher Thanks for this
  13. Fire_03

    [Austria] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Strange. Never seen this before in any of my saves and also never in all of my beta saves (100+). @Ed Hewison Your opinion about this ??
  14. Fire_03

    [Austria] (Official) Data Issues

    I don´t know. I didn´t changed this. I´ve set 6/20 for their youth facilities, because their youth facilities aren´t good and Rapid is ready to build a new one. Compare the youth department at RBS or the new from FK Austria Wien with the one from SK Rapid Wien and you know why i´ve set this. Don´t hesitate to ask if anything isn´t clear
  15. Fire_03

    [Austria] (Official) Data Issues

    Yes should be. Obviously something went wrong there. Will take a look and change this.