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  1. This is a current trend, started with the past transfer window - there seems to be a boom for MLS team to pick up the standouts from polish league, It started with Frankowski move to Chicaco Fire and Przybyłko to Philadelphia, this window the only moves so far are Buksa to Revolution and Niezgoda to Timbers, but what you can miss is that nearly every better than average player of the polish has been linked at some point with MLS teams. It's a pretty new thing, there's not saying that this trend will last but the link is there. Well, it's not like polish clubs have set a rule to pick only from the 3rd division, it's just the level at which players they can afford are playing, there have been a few moves from 2nd devision (or, in theory from La Liga - see Chuca from Villareal to Wisła Kraków) so the preference should be set. Fun fact - the link goes both ways. Polish top devision pick ups spanish players because when in Spain they may not make a breakthrough their technique and vision is the missing component in polish teams that are focused on physicality of play. At the other hand, spanish lowers team like to pick up polish goalkeepers as there is a lot of talent that cannot make the break but their physicality and ability is usually at greater level than of their spanish counterparts. You're right, I got a bit too focused on the nationalities. Greece is usually the place that average foreign players come from or go to, on their globetrotting journey Thank you for tweaking Russia - I admit that the lack of transfer relations between countries from that region (i.e. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) is a bit surprising, but if anything, players from polish league tend to go to those league, but not the other way around.
  2. Italy should have Poland at the "optional countries" rate as Poland as of late has become a well traversed market by Serie A teams in search of new prospects. This is a fairly new trend but is very noticeable. Same situation is starting to occure with MLS teams sending offers left and right. Turkey is also a direction players take on whenever are better than average and want better salaries. As for Poland itself - the biggest trend as of now is signing players from 3rd level of spanish league. Balkan countries are also a big market for Poland (Serbia and Croatia especially) As for numbers - currently in the top polish division the most common nationalities are: Slovakia (23 players), Spain (21), Serbia (15), Croatia (13) and Portugal (10) Also, worth mentioning - Russia and Greece are nowhere near being important markets for polish clubs.
  3. Vatican City isn't in the original FM database, does that mean it replaces one of the countries?
  4. First you download the database (note that this thread is for the facepack) Start the game with all the files you want When in game, in options you can check an option to show and ID next to the player's name Go to a player that you know for sure is in the Japanese database you downloaded, f.e. Andres Iniesta Check his ID that should be next to his name, write that down Open Editor (you can download it through Steam, search in the library for "Football Manager 2020 Editor") Open the .fmf data file and search for a player you've checked - in our case, Iniesta Open his profile, check the ID, write that down Now -> [ID from the game] - [ID from the editor] = [the ID offset] Open config.xml file included in the facepack with notepad [facepack config.xml ID] + [the ID offset] You have to manually do the calculations and writing unless someone has the better / faster solution ( @EST Touiro ?) In general, I highly suggest downloading fmXML from FMScout After all that, replace config file, clear buffer, reload skin, enjoy playing
  5. Amazing, you are truly a godsend for the whole community after claassen retired, thank you for that. I'm keeping records on leagues available online and for the whole world to be completed only countries missing are: Chad, Mauritania, Namibia, Niger, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Yemen and maybe additional leagues for South Africa. In case of countries that are done, but by smaller creators: Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda - done by 'ouma' on FM Scout Syria - 'RakanFM' on FM Scout Most of Oceania has been done by Minuy, Americas have been done by Tonao. By your estimate, how long will it take to finish these countries, especially in the first group (not done by anyone) ? Once again, thank you for everything you've done so far!
  6. Belize appears twice in the .rar file - once in Caribbean, once in Central America. Mexico file is missing from Central America. I'm guessing that some sort of mistake?
  7. I think the regionalization has always been a problem, the structure just throws a fit so often this is a bug most of the users learn to live with. btw, what levels are we talking here, is it just the 5th level or are we going deeper down?
  8. If I could maybe nudge you in certain direction - Kosovan 1st and 2nd level just need to be unlocked and are the only european competitions left that aren't available anywhere on the internet. Also, could Thai league down to 4th level be possible?
  9. @Timo61 Fantastic work! Just so you know, only Kosovo and FYROM missing and the whole Europe will be playable!
  10. Vasilis Dimosthenous (43462196) should have Olympia in his history and should be now at Doxa Katokopias https://www.transfermarkt.pl/vasilis-dimosthenous/profil/spieler/551016
  11. Shouts impact the simulation and calculations - change of attitude of the player may result in them playing better (or worse if they get angry or demotivated by you) Thus, since you impact the game (minimally, but still) the game has to recalculate the outcome and it does so every time the ball is out of play to avoid f.e. suddenly cutting the highlight and restarting it from different place. (Also, if you haven't noticed, while not showing the highlight the shouts are basically instant) Shouts aren't really about directly telling your players what to do in exact moment - they are about reacting to your player's body language. Which is a bit misleading in name, but works as intended.
  12. Agreed, I'd say it became a mainstay of the game and that should be addressed. Although in my opinion it shouldn't be an option that you simply assign. Tactical fouling isn't tactical from the managers standpoint, it's from the player's. It's the player who when seeing where the action (counter) is going makes the decision to outright stop it and getting a card for it, manager doesn't encourage it becasue you want to avoid cards at all costs. Also you want to avoid conceding goals. It's a tactical move developed by the players, bending the rules of the game. In short, the decision should be tied to the player's attributes (such as anticipation, concentration, aggression, tackling, etc.) and if he already is carded or not. If anything the manager should impact it only by forbidding the player fouling (like, f.e. the player has high dirtiness/low tackling stats and the tactical foul may result in a red card rather than a yellow, or the player is fast and can probably catch up to the player but is bad at decisions making and probably wouldn't think of that) by giving him already existing commands regarding tackling.
  13. Easier solution - Federation's President, a new job position. Basically a Director for NT and other stuff. They are the ones that change league rules or start programs like those we talk about. Stats and individual traits could impact their focus while being the president. Also, they are basically hiring and firing NT managers. I suppose the exact roles are pretty unconventional so implementation of such deep mechanics would be hard, but as a positions, for starters, maybe? I wrote about that
  14. Hi, I mostly agree with the majority of your ideas, but I can't agree fully on all of them. While I agree that this shouldn't be a static cap, the rating should be less tied to the national team accomplishments and more to the average club ratings. People with talent are born everywhere in the world, the main difference is how you can train such talent. It all comes down to the fact if the talent can be spotted (youth recruitment) and taught (youth facilities). In theory, every youngster can become a great footballer because they are all human, but in practice the combination of determination, talent and enviroment are what makes the greatest what they are. First two are individual but the third one must be created/given in order to progress as a footballer. And these are created by clubs (I mean, usually - ofc in some countries there are some ideas of finding and training national talents but one national project has smaller chance of success than thousands upon thousands of club academies) - the federation can introduce projects, league rules, etc in order to support them, but that's the most they can do. National teams in it's own don't impact this process. Winning a tournament doesn't make the kids more talented... permamently. After a success the "kids" (regens) should get motivated, which would mean that more of them should pick up football, which would mean that the clubs would have the greater variety of choice for their academies, thus increasing the number of greater-than-usual talents. But it's not an everlasting boost. Ok, this point got convoluted. In short - Youth Rating should be dynamic - it should be an average of Club Youth Ratings. International successes should result in a "boost" to the Youth Rating, starting 4-6 years after abnormal NT success and ending in 2-4 years. The boost should be slight, yer yielding singular results. (Explenation: "Kids" aged 10+ experiencing the NT success would become regens at 15-16 which explains why the start of such boost should be applied 4-6 years after. The boost should fizzle out quicker than it took to acquire it) Problem with this one lies in the fact that SI is pretty adamant in what the series is about. "It is Football Manager, not Football Chairman". What you described is tied to the competence of the federation, not NT manager.
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