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  1. I can't quite find a precise explanation of which games are counted as "important" in this hidden attribute, so this may be already in the game, but as of now it feels like this attribute comes up only in the cup finals. Could 'Important Matches' be a bit more situational? Like f.e. the last few games end of the season games, when it's still mathematically possible to be relegated or promoted, league play-offs, rival matches - games that are important for the club, tied to the context of the game and not necessarily the phase of the league/cup. And as for the player themselves - could s
  2. The "w sumie" in this sentence is unnecessary.
  3. "Dom Naglik" should have his name changed to "Dominik" and first nationality set to Poland, with Scotland as second nationality. http://www.polishfootballalmanac.net/Dominik-Naglik.html
  4. The reserve team of Chrobry Głogów (Polish "I liga") has been put in wrong league - it's currently put in "Polish Fourth Division (dolnoslaska West)" when it should simply be put in "Polish Fourth Division". @Ed Hewison
  5. The reserve team of Chrobry Głogów (Polish "I liga") has been put in wrong league - it's currently put in "Polish Fourth Division (dolnoslaska West)" when it should simply be put in "Polish Fourth Division". @Stephen Glennon@Sebastian Szlenkier
  6. Could Artem Ntumba, Maksim Akale, Samuel Adeniyi, Amin Ramazanov, Anwan Lawrence, Sievusch Khabibulloev and Dmitri Ignashevich be added to the database? https://www.transfermarkt.ru/artem-muamba-ntumba/profil/spieler/558688 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/maksim-akale/profil/spieler/525833 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/samuel-adeniyi/profil/spieler/691806 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/amin-ramazanov/profil/spieler/669155 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/anwan-lawrence/profil/spieler/685589 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/sievusch-khabibulloev/profil/spieler/635974 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/dmitri-
  7. @Aljarov is there any chance that the canadian players I've mentioned earlier will be added before the full release?
  8. In Ekstraklasa every match is broadcasted on TV, in game there are games which aren't.
  9. Could you add Kamron Habibullah, Nathan Demian, Emiliano Brienza, Frixos Petsas (Vancouver Whitecaps FC) Matthew Catavolo, Sean Rea, Benjamin Collins (Montreal Impact) Eleias Himaras, Rohan Goulbourne, Kobe Franklin and DeAndre Kerr (Toronto FC). These are top youngsters for their countries (Mostly Canada, but there are few exceptions), are being called up for youth teams, most of them took part in the U19 World Cup in 2019. They are all missing from the database. Their TM profiles: https://www.transfermarkt.us/kamron-habibullah/profil/spieler/718092 https://www.transfermarkt.us/nathan-de
  10. Oh, pardon me then, this is the kind of mistake only an ignorant European could make!
  11. Teams don't respect the "one polish U22 player on the pitch" rule in Ekstraklasa In this situation Jagiellonia started with Paweł Olszewski (a polish U22 player) but subbed him off around the start of the second half for Filip Panak (Czech 24 yo player) and continued on with the game - in fact, they didn't even have any other polish U22 player on the bench and - besides the starting Olszewski - no other U22 player on the field at all. I also checked and none of the other players took on the polish citizenship (although they also wouldn't be eligible due to age). In real life this w
  12. Kamron Habibullah, Nathan Demian, Eleias Himaras, Matthew Catavolo, Sean Rea, Rohan Goulbourne, Emiliano Brienza (ordered by the importance, based on my opinion) I think these are among the more interesting canadian prospects so I don't really see a reason as to why they shouldn't be in the database
  13. Why most of the squad of Canada U17 from U17 2019 World Cup missing? Other than Jayden Nelson, Ralph Priso, Damiano Pecile, Gianfranco Facchineri, Julian Altobelli, Tomas Giraldo and Keesean Ferdinand others are missing. Could they be added?
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