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  1. "Dom Naglik" should have his name changed to "Dominik" and first nationality set to Poland, with Scotland as second nationality. http://www.polishfootballalmanac.net/Dominik-Naglik.html
  2. Hello, the situation has been mostly explained in the title but I've also created a gif to showcase the situation (in the spoiler) Uploaded .pkm file is named " Michal Mak 94th min.pkm "
  3. I'm not the first one, you had similar discussions on FM20 translation topics, also I did get an upvote on my original post so I'm not truly alone on this one :P The argument of "no one really objecting to that" isn't really a valid one as this topic isn't very popular so you can't assume that this is representative sample of palyer's opinion - we can do a vote in some polish online FM community and see the results. What is more important - you haven't really given any counter to my arguments - it's not about "underestimating" the players, it's about what is the most fitting translation.
  4. I checked the db and nowhere it is "Wyspańskiegoi", and also no changes have been made... so I guess it's fixed? :P
  5. The reserve team of Chrobry Głogów (Polish "I liga") has been put in wrong league - it's currently put in "Polish Fourth Division (dolnoslaska West)" when it should simply be put in "Polish Fourth Division". @Ed Hewison
  6. https://www.sport.pl/pilka/7,65082,26227980,barcelona-juz-zlozyla-oferte-6-letni-kontrakt-transfer-o-krok.html https://www.chelsea24news.pl/2020/07/20/chelsea-zlozyla-oferte-za-havertza/ https://transfery.info/aktualnosci/media-legia-warszawa-zlozyla-oferte-za-dmytro-riznyka/137985 https://tv.pl.canalplus.com/sport/news-valencia-zlozyla-oferte-za-javiera-hernandeza_780521 https://futbol.pl/news/556836_AS_Roma_zlozyla_oferte_za_obronce_Manchesteru_United http://www.90minut.pl/news/128/news1281625-Legia-zlozyla-oferte-Arce-w-sprawie-Joela-Tshibamby.html https://eurosport.tvn24.pl/pilka-nozna,105
  7. While the educational angle is a good thing I thought the news items are meant to imitate real-life news items, and nowhere in polish press/internet "przedkłada ofertę" is ever used, so the principle is against the common use. Also, as you have quoted the definition in the past: Keywords seems to be "komuś" - an entity, like a footballer. But this translation shows up 90% of times in context of presenting a club - so a non-entity - with an offer, so in the context of the news item it would only make sense if the news would describe it as presenting the offer directly to the person
  8. Also, last thing - is "...przeciwnikiem zespołu będzie Śląsk..." - is the "zespołu" necessary? I think the context is clear enough?
  9. "Najświeższe" spring to mind news, articles, rumours, not necessarily injury reports - I suppose it comes from english "Latest" which is more universal in it's use. I guess "Najnowsze" would signify that this is the state of players and their current health at this, general, day, while "Najświeższe" signifies that something happened just now, like in "breaking news" which doesn't really work with reports which are in nature thought out and structured - "crafted" - while it works very good in transfer news, transfer rumours, etc. Which are dropping in the moment, press reporting it as fast as
  10. Alright then, I must have simply not notice that before and though "Gee, that's a long title for such a short message"
  11. The reserve team of Chrobry Głogów (Polish "I liga") has been put in wrong league - it's currently put in "Polish Fourth Division (dolnoslaska West)" when it should simply be put in "Polish Fourth Division". @Stephen Glennon@Sebastian Szlenkier
  12. Could Artem Ntumba, Maksim Akale, Samuel Adeniyi, Amin Ramazanov, Anwan Lawrence, Sievusch Khabibulloev and Dmitri Ignashevich be added to the database? https://www.transfermarkt.ru/artem-muamba-ntumba/profil/spieler/558688 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/maksim-akale/profil/spieler/525833 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/samuel-adeniyi/profil/spieler/691806 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/amin-ramazanov/profil/spieler/669155 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/anwan-lawrence/profil/spieler/685589 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/sievusch-khabibulloev/profil/spieler/635974 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/dmitri-
  13. @Aljarov is there any chance that the canadian players I've mentioned earlier will be added before the full release?
  14. In Ekstraklasa every match is broadcasted on TV, in game there are games which aren't.
  15. Could you add Kamron Habibullah, Nathan Demian, Emiliano Brienza, Frixos Petsas (Vancouver Whitecaps FC) Matthew Catavolo, Sean Rea, Benjamin Collins (Montreal Impact) Eleias Himaras, Rohan Goulbourne, Kobe Franklin and DeAndre Kerr (Toronto FC). These are top youngsters for their countries (Mostly Canada, but there are few exceptions), are being called up for youth teams, most of them took part in the U19 World Cup in 2019. They are all missing from the database. Their TM profiles: https://www.transfermarkt.us/kamron-habibullah/profil/spieler/718092 https://www.transfermarkt.us/nathan-de
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