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  1. Roleplaying purpose? Some players like to immerse themselves and create their own stories. Also would make for a neat detail that would potentially surprise a few players in the "oh, I didn't expect this tou be counted, nice" way. Plus some more interavtivity I guess, for when the game asks you if you want to take the second nationality. It's not an outlandish idea, so why not?
  2. I've made a polish translation and sent it to the author, but she didn't update the post, if you still want it send me a PM
  3. Implementation is key, information will be gathered gradually by the researchers and the community, imo it's better to be ahead of the curve
  4. A new backroom staff role with the ability of individual training focused on mental stats. Individual training could be based on and improve (skills in order of their significance in the training) Work ethic sessions (Work rate >> Detemination > Ambition) Stress management sessions (Concentration >> Composure = Pressure > Important Matches) Self-improvement sessions (Proffesionalism >> Bravery > Leadership) Creativity sessions (Flair > Decisions) And a new "training drill" Group session (Team Work >> boost to the team morale, chemistry and individual bonds > Vision) Club Psychologist has become a standard member of the staff in modern football. In FM series some of the mental stats can be raised slightly by the training (as they are connected to the on-pitch skills) but some, that are more based on personal psyche cannot. The only way they can raise is by the player getting older, which in today's world is old-fashioned. Most of the athletes work with individual psychologists but they are employed by the clubs as in football world they are needed by everyone - from old players who need to find motivation or reignite the passion for the job of footballer, to the youngsters who have the potential and dreams but not the character and drive to achieve it, from top flight players who underperform under pressure to the lower league players who you'd like to be a bit more focused or you'd want them to take this seriously and work a bit harder or simply want them to get more creative) Also, sometimes the Psychologist can arrange a group session where the players can work out their issues which results in a better understanding how to work together as a team, helps to alleviate the tension a little bit and may even make them more perceptive of eachother and where they are on pitch. From gameplay standpoint - I know how important are Ambition, Determination and Proffesionalism stats in the overall player improvement path. That's why I tried to focus the training on the "on-pitch" skills and for the hidden attributes to be raised slightly. It also validates hiring psychologists as they improve attributes that no other coach can. Their work may be the difference between achieving the full potential of a youngster or failing. I tried to make the sessions balanced - some seem more suited for youngsters, some for already developed players but all can be used accordingly to your needs.
  5. I'm unsure as to which part of my comment are you referring to. Sure, I'm no skinner, but: 1. I'm not asking for "coding" anything new - the "Key Employees" with all 5 "categories" is part of the base skin - so, as you said - you can work with what you've got. All I'm talking about is the position of two panels, I don't know how you came up with the whole idea for your comment 2. the autor himself confirmed that this positioning is based on his personal idea and taste - and that's fine, I'm just pointing out that this one small thing may be done differently as it would get used by some just as the other Extra files 3. the author confirmed that this thing is not impossible - it's, in his words "isn't done too easily". Author sometimes anwsers some requests with a DIY solution for people with singular gripes, maybe the process for this one was just a tad too long and complicated for non-skinners to do this right, but it's not impossible, that's why I'm asking. 4. In case, as to clear this one out - I'm not requesting to get rid of the "Hot Prospect" panel or asking the skin author to make the regen faces look better or wahtever. I'm noting that since I'm still perplexed why are you sending me away to the SI's suggestion forums - maybe you've mistunderstood what was my line of thought, maybe I should have put it more clearer. But anyway, I took up way too much space here anyway and I asked what I wanted to ask for, for which I haven't got an answer. There is no point in further dragging on this one thing, I'll be waiting for bossland to answer and "officially" tell me what is or isn't possible. If he doesn't answer it's fine, I'll take the hint But yeah, up until that I want to end it here and not litter the thread.
  6. Damn, I missed it then, thank you! ... and it's a bit dissapointing :/ I share the same outlook as the first poster, I mean, for the youngster to be one of the two biggest panels isn't intuitive at all, I understand that if you like to hunt for youngsters it may be neat, but I don't need this info for every single club. Also - it often means that you are met with giant render of a regen's face, that simply clashes visually with the others that come from perfectly good and crisp looking facepacks. Sorry for ranting a bit, I always found it a bit bizarre that - since I remember this series of skins - the youngster thing was always there, and I always wondered ... why? Why such a big focus on something that gives you so little insight to the OVERVIEW of the club. Like the first person who picked on that topic wrote - you're pushing Messi away because there is some robotic-looking 16-year old in the youngsters. I mean, I understand that for someone the prospect may be the most importnat thing, but not everyone has to share the same sentiment. Who knows, if I haven't annoyed @bossland too much already, there would be a possibility of creating an 'Extra' file for malcontents like me? :P
  7. Hi @bossland , I've read through the whole thread and I think that no one asked about this: How can I switch around panels in "Key Employees" - I wanted to switch around "Hot Prospect" with "Key Player"
  8. both of these are duplicated in the database
  9. Well put ideas. Menager send off would be a nice flavor to the immersion, and probably doable due to the fact that staff does have stats like controversy, fair play, etc so their behavior may have some basis. In theory, this would open the possibility for the assistant maanger to coach for the rest of the match and the next game, although it wouldn't change much - as we all know, when the main manager is sent off the phones are on, so the decisions, tactics etc still come from the main manager. Maybe the assistant manager would make decisions based on his attributes with a small "buff" (based off the main manager). But as I said, as fun tidbit would that be, it's purely flavor, may be not high on the eventual list of priorities. I think that the lack of movement may be tied to the database you're running, but yes, staff should jump around more often. I think this is already in the game - every staff can have it's "Chairmen" role tendency set so in the future they can become the chairman. But due to the fact that becoming a chairman or a board member (which isn't really a role in FM) being quite unpredictable. most of the time this role tendency isn't set or is set really low. Besides, board member isn't even a possible job and the job of chairmens and board members is basically non-existant. Again, sure - flavor, but this is not that necessary as in it current state this doesn't change much. The idea sounds nice, bonus points for being something that managers can spend money on. There is one problem though - problem of gaming the system, Because, what does stop you from learning new languages all the time? Some limits should be set, like, let's say having a limit of 3 foreign languages (+ your native), or some 'points' system, where let's say you have 12 language points, "basic" takes 1 point, "good" takes 2, "fluent" takes 4. And the languages could deteriorate over time, especially if you're not working in the country it's used in. I'd love that, some other players probably would too. But does it change the game much? When you're taking over a new club the language is never an issue, you can always say that the club is providing you an interpreter, etc. At the current state, when even SI doesn't seem to care much about the language - I'd say it would get very little use.
  10. Wow, didn't exepct such a response! :P Thank you for the effort, but I think something else could be done with this screen. I'm going to write down some critiques and ideas that are purely subjective and somoene who doesn't know a thing about both design and "coding" 1. If you're going for the horizontal view of the pitch, the opposing team should be inverted as if the teams are opposing eachother, that would be way more natural to look at. 2. If you're including the pitch in tactical formation, with faces, names, match rating and status (like carded, goal scored, injured?) I don't think the lower part is necessary as it only gives you one more information - condition, which I guess can be also implemented to the pitch representation (in the form of circles) Like in the YACS' I mentioned at the start - in two simple rows there are included informations about the morale, match rating, condition and a player info icon with surname in the lower row - player's photo, kit and status are visible above the rows, positions are not needed as the presentation of the pitch and formation are contextual, you know who is playing at which position (YACS). Kits are probably an overkill but maybe it enhances the immersion and gives a better presence, other than simply floating faces. My idea - get rid of the lower stats, make the pitches bigger, as to fit a second row under the name for where morale and condition would be shown (maybe body language somewhere in there?) and put the player info icon next to the name. 3. There is a lot of unused space and filling it up may be awkward. For sure, the limiting factor is the horizontal pitch. If I were you and wanted to keep the horizontal pitch - I'd move the pitches to the upper corners to free up space in the middle where I'd put the game report and stats window - both with the same length, ending alongside the pitch. Under them - a recent events tab, above them - competition name and logo, stadium, date and weather (with a graphic, maybe?) In this combination there should be some place left under the pitches, I can't think of an use fo them, right now, the squad list seems to be the first thing that comes to mind but as I said before - it's redundant information, but it's better at showing body language. Maybe it would be nice to somehow feature the benched players under the pitches. (like in their own darker bar, running alongside the pithch, with their faces and names) 4. The header could be a bit more stylized, like the score could have it's own midbar in darker color - so not to be split in half by the colors of the teams. IMO it would look better that way. 5. Are there any circular pitches anymore? Stripes would be better for the pitch, I think As I said, I didn't expect that you would go and try to do something with the panel, I'm very honored, given that you wanted to take a break from this project and my post moved you to do stuff. I really don't want to sound rude or picky - I came here with clear idea on my mind as I liked one particular thing about YACS' skin and wanted to merge them. Of course, I don't want you to plagiarize someone's else work, that's understandable why you want to do something similiar but different (although I also don't think that forcing ideas for the sake of being different is good for the overall end result - sometimes good ideas are just simply the best) You asked me about my opinion and I wanted for it to be an honest one, I hope you won't be too mad at me for that :P
  11. It's okay mate. Remember this is just a game - every aspect of it. If you're not having fun with skinning it's okay to just take a hiatus till you feel the enjoyment again (and especially if the whole process gives you more negative emotions than the positive ones) It's just a skin for a game, nothing to get stressed over. Some people may be very demanding as if their lives were depending on it being released but it really doesn't - do what you like to do and focus on what you want to focus. No rush, you already gave us - the community - a great skin that's functional. I just wanted to know if someone knows how to or maybe tried to do what I came up with. There was no intention to sound demanding or to diss on your work. There is just no other place I can find help regarding this very specific thing, that's all
  12. Hey, this is nothing against the skin, there is just no better place to ask about stuff like this. Has anyone tried to "Frankestein" the match overview with field players photos from YACS (bottom of the page, in the Extras) with TCS ? What I mean is - the layout, the functionality of this with the font and stylistic entegrity of TCS (example) There is even the code exactly just for this feature - link Is this even possibe? Maybe is there someone who already tried or done that? This is nothing against the TCS skin which in general is the best out there with how clean and informative it is. It's just quite baffling why in a skin so balanced in the aesthetics and information richness the match screen is so stubbornly ...dull and vanilla?
  13. This is a current trend, started with the past transfer window - there seems to be a boom for MLS team to pick up the standouts from polish league, It started with Frankowski move to Chicaco Fire and Przybyłko to Philadelphia, this window the only moves so far are Buksa to Revolution and Niezgoda to Timbers, but what you can miss is that nearly every better than average player of the polish has been linked at some point with MLS teams. It's a pretty new thing, there's not saying that this trend will last but the link is there. Well, it's not like polish clubs have set a rule to pick only from the 3rd division, it's just the level at which players they can afford are playing, there have been a few moves from 2nd devision (or, in theory from La Liga - see Chuca from Villareal to Wisła Kraków) so the preference should be set. Fun fact - the link goes both ways. Polish top devision pick ups spanish players because when in Spain they may not make a breakthrough their technique and vision is the missing component in polish teams that are focused on physicality of play. At the other hand, spanish lowers team like to pick up polish goalkeepers as there is a lot of talent that cannot make the break but their physicality and ability is usually at greater level than of their spanish counterparts. You're right, I got a bit too focused on the nationalities. Greece is usually the place that average foreign players come from or go to, on their globetrotting journey Thank you for tweaking Russia - I admit that the lack of transfer relations between countries from that region (i.e. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) is a bit surprising, but if anything, players from polish league tend to go to those league, but not the other way around.
  14. Italy should have Poland at the "optional countries" rate as Poland as of late has become a well traversed market by Serie A teams in search of new prospects. This is a fairly new trend but is very noticeable. Same situation is starting to occure with MLS teams sending offers left and right. Turkey is also a direction players take on whenever are better than average and want better salaries. As for Poland itself - the biggest trend as of now is signing players from 3rd level of spanish league. Balkan countries are also a big market for Poland (Serbia and Croatia especially) As for numbers - currently in the top polish division the most common nationalities are: Slovakia (23 players), Spain (21), Serbia (15), Croatia (13) and Portugal (10) Also, worth mentioning - Russia and Greece are nowhere near being important markets for polish clubs.
  15. Vatican City isn't in the original FM database, does that mean it replaces one of the countries?
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