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  1. Shouts impact the simulation and calculations - change of attitude of the player may result in them playing better (or worse if they get angry or demotivated by you) Thus, since you impact the game (minimally, but still) the game has to recalculate the outcome and it does so every time the ball is out of play to avoid f.e. suddenly cutting the highlight and restarting it from different place. (Also, if you haven't noticed, while not showing the highlight the shouts are basically instant) Shouts aren't really about directly telling your players what to do in exact moment - they are about reacting to your player's body language. Which is a bit misleading in name, but works as intended.
  2. Agreed, I'd say it became a mainstay of the game and that should be addressed. Although in my opinion it shouldn't be an option that you simply assign. Tactical fouling isn't tactical from the managers standpoint, it's from the player's. It's the player who when seeing where the action (counter) is going makes the decision to outright stop it and getting a card for it, manager doesn't encourage it becasue you want to avoid cards at all costs. Also you want to avoid conceding goals. It's a tactical move developed by the players, bending the rules of the game. In short, the decision should be tied to the player's attributes (such as anticipation, concentration, aggression, tackling, etc.) and if he already is carded or not. If anything the manager should impact it only by forbidding the player fouling (like, f.e. the player has high dirtiness/low tackling stats and the tactical foul may result in a red card rather than a yellow, or the player is fast and can probably catch up to the player but is bad at decisions making and probably wouldn't think of that) by giving him already existing commands regarding tackling.
  3. Easier solution - Federation's President, a new job position. Basically a Director for NT and other stuff. They are the ones that change league rules or start programs like those we talk about. Stats and individual traits could impact their focus while being the president. Also, they are basically hiring and firing NT managers. I suppose the exact roles are pretty unconventional so implementation of such deep mechanics would be hard, but as a positions, for starters, maybe? I wrote about that
  4. Hi, I mostly agree with the majority of your ideas, but I can't agree fully on all of them. While I agree that this shouldn't be a static cap, the rating should be less tied to the national team accomplishments and more to the average club ratings. People with talent are born everywhere in the world, the main difference is how you can train such talent. It all comes down to the fact if the talent can be spotted (youth recruitment) and taught (youth facilities). In theory, every youngster can become a great footballer because they are all human, but in practice the combination of determination, talent and enviroment are what makes the greatest what they are. First two are individual but the third one must be created/given in order to progress as a footballer. And these are created by clubs (I mean, usually - ofc in some countries there are some ideas of finding and training national talents but one national project has smaller chance of success than thousands upon thousands of club academies) - the federation can introduce projects, league rules, etc in order to support them, but that's the most they can do. National teams in it's own don't impact this process. Winning a tournament doesn't make the kids more talented... permamently. After a success the "kids" (regens) should get motivated, which would mean that more of them should pick up football, which would mean that the clubs would have the greater variety of choice for their academies, thus increasing the number of greater-than-usual talents. But it's not an everlasting boost. Ok, this point got convoluted. In short - Youth Rating should be dynamic - it should be an average of Club Youth Ratings. International successes should result in a "boost" to the Youth Rating, starting 4-6 years after abnormal NT success and ending in 2-4 years. The boost should be slight, yer yielding singular results. (Explenation: "Kids" aged 10+ experiencing the NT success would become regens at 15-16 which explains why the start of such boost should be applied 4-6 years after. The boost should fizzle out quicker than it took to acquire it) Problem with this one lies in the fact that SI is pretty adamant in what the series is about. "It is Football Manager, not Football Chairman". What you described is tied to the competence of the federation, not NT manager.
  5. You are right, they are most likely closer to Eastern Europe and Russia and only Estonia is weirdly close to Finland. Although I knew it wasn't the best fit I didn't put the Baltics in Eastern Europe as it would just bloat the region even more. If that would be fine they should be kinda their own thing.
  6. Is this a collection of other creator's files or are some of these leagues done by you? Are the rules real or are fantasy/unreal/formulaic, how many levels do the countries have? Details!
  7. Yes, yes, yes to your points about Eastern Europe - it's really taken from the point of an UK based person, it's basically ex-USSR which some would even find offensive I wholeheartedly support the new Central Europe as there are some real-life relations between those countries. IMO, Bulgaria and Romania should be added to the new Eastern Europe as I think they are closer to those countries then they are to the Balkan countries (In terms of their football style, transfer tendencies and youngster training) I also agree with @enigmatic that Spain and Italy shouldn't be in your proposed categories - in my opinion, Western Europe block fits them the best. UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy - (minus Germany in Central Europe) these are the big leagues, big boys of the game, big clubs, mostly best training. If this group is too big I think the UK should be its own thing as they are a bit different in the football culture. tbh, the most difficult is... Greece. It's football culture and other aspects fit more the Western Europe type but geographically it's obviously far away from there. Also, calling them "Balkans" would definitely make some Greeks mad they are kinda their own thing but not significant enough to be their own thing so I agree with your grouping, but the name would definitely be changed just cause of them. Also - Malta, Cyprus. I think the best idea for the categories should be - UK, Western Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe (Balkans+Greece), Eastern Europe, Northern Europe (Scandinavia+Baltic) My proposal below.
  8. Glad to have you back! What exactly does "Work in Progress" mean? What are you planning to add to the existing files?
  9. To be honest, everything that would make the editor more complex and flexible would be a godsend. Especially some kind of system that would prevent file's data from crashing (players, leagues, clubs) and ability so simply port and overwrite between the games would probably make the modding community expand and wouldn't push away creators like claassen (who f.e. had to create whole clubs and league systems for most of the African countries which took him a long time - if he could just port it the only changes he would have to do would be to update the league). I understand that SI has some legal and financial limitations and deadlines they have to meet, but the solution for much much deeper game lies in the modding - just give us the community the right tools and every idea eventually can be realized.
  10. If I may, I can give you links for some of the leagues that are already finished and work well with this pack Australia: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/44463/fm19-australian-football-database India: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yiyqdxxun41gz5x/India+Super+League.fmf Japan: https://community.sigames.com/topic/457770-fm19-japanese-football-pyramid/ As for my ideas - @Timo61, you're doing fantastic job! I have compared your list of already made leagues with the league rating of each respective federation to find out which major leagues are missing. (every league below is at least in the TOP 15 best leagues of it's confederation) Africa - Sudan, Zambia, Libya, South Africa (3rd level can be activated) Asia - Iraq, Malaysia (3rd level can be activated) North & Central America: Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Mexico (3rd and 4th level can be activated) South America: Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia (so basically the rest of CONMEBOL countries :P ) I included only nations whose league haven't been done by anyone else on the internet. Just putting it out there as a suggestion :P
  11. Yeah, they do, they also don't clash with several other files
  12. Hello, I propose a quick tweak. I think the information about player's siblings, parents or members of the family present in the "Information" section should be known at the lowest percentage of scout knowledge - these informations are really basic and in real life even a quick google search would give us such information. I know it's a pretty small and insignificant tweak but it gives the player a tiny bit of extra immersion and makes it easier to see such information. I'd suggest a 10% scout information needed, even maybe just a 5%.
  13. OP meant diacritic signs signs like those that can be found in letters of polish alphabet such as: ą,ć,ę,ł,ń,ó,ś,ź,ż As for the topic, I wholeheartedly agree with that - we got diacritic signs for german, spanish, turkish and all of the scandinavian languages, but polish cannot get those even after its top division got licensed. The topic has been brought up many times in many outlets (on this forum, on polish FM sites) and the polish playerbase has been always shot down with "you just need to keep brining it up, maybe someday SI will look into that", which honestly in a way is insulting for the polish players. For the desired experience players need to download custom editor files - for something which arguably should be already implemented into the game when the polish league got fully licensed.
  14. Hello, quick suggestion As I am playing my current save I took over a team with two goalkeepers. One of them is a complete club loyalist, he has been here for his whole career, since the nations 4th division. In real life he was always the second player and was more than ok with that. But since I took over and kept him as the second GK he started to demand play time and caused and uproar in the team while forcing me to sell him. Now, after years with the series I think I understand the whole process and the mechanism that work in this type of situations, but players of this type happen in the real life - the loyalist types that are the soul of the team, have been there for years and know that they don't have the skills to be the starters but are always there when you need them to fill the bench or the first squad for a few games. So, in order to translate that to the game I propose a new type of relation for the player - Loyalist. Similiar with how you set the Likes/Disliked the Club/Person the "Loyalist" relation would be set by the researcher in those rare cases. Loyalist players wouldn't mind not getting the game time, would be easier on the new contract negotiations, etc. The relation would be added to the player after a mixture of years played/achievments/player's age/relation with the manager values would get met. As for the real life examples: Barlomiej Sielewski from Wisla Plock (basically played for the team since 2002, has been the teams main player when they were playing in second tier, now in the top tier he's the main captain that nearly never plays as he knows that he is not the best player in the team), Mateusz Oszmaniec from Bytovia Bytow (playing for them since 2008, went with them from 4th division to 2nd, he didn't play for two years in 2nd division but remained in the team simply because of the loyalty) Sorry for only polish examples but these I know the best (and first hand since I managed both of these teams in this version)
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