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  1. I can't quite find a precise explanation of which games are counted as "important" in this hidden attribute, so this may be already in the game, but as of now it feels like this attribute comes up only in the cup finals. Could 'Important Matches' be a bit more situational? Like f.e. the last few games end of the season games, when it's still mathematically possible to be relegated or promoted, league play-offs, rival matches - games that are important for the club, tied to the context of the game and not necessarily the phase of the league/cup. And as for the player themselves - could senior debuts count as 'important matches' ? Same goes for national debuts. Even friendlies played while on trials could be counted as important for the player. Just a few ideas, aiming at providing more opportunities for this stat to be used and have more effect on the player, thus making it more important in general.
  2. The reserve team of Chrobry Głogów (Polish "I liga") has been put in wrong league - it's currently put in "Polish Fourth Division (dolnoslaska West)" when it should simply be put in "Polish Fourth Division". @Ed Hewison
  3. Could Artem Ntumba, Maksim Akale, Samuel Adeniyi, Amin Ramazanov, Anwan Lawrence, Sievusch Khabibulloev and Dmitri Ignashevich be added to the database? https://www.transfermarkt.ru/artem-muamba-ntumba/profil/spieler/558688 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/maksim-akale/profil/spieler/525833 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/samuel-adeniyi/profil/spieler/691806 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/amin-ramazanov/profil/spieler/669155 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/anwan-lawrence/profil/spieler/685589 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/sievusch-khabibulloev/profil/spieler/635974 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/dmitri-ignashevich/profil/spieler/558630
  4. @Aljarov is there any chance that the canadian players I've mentioned earlier will be added before the full release?
  5. Could you add Kamron Habibullah, Nathan Demian, Emiliano Brienza, Frixos Petsas (Vancouver Whitecaps FC) Matthew Catavolo, Sean Rea, Benjamin Collins (Montreal Impact) Eleias Himaras, Rohan Goulbourne, Kobe Franklin and DeAndre Kerr (Toronto FC). These are top youngsters for their countries (Mostly Canada, but there are few exceptions), are being called up for youth teams, most of them took part in the U19 World Cup in 2019. They are all missing from the database. Their TM profiles: https://www.transfermarkt.us/kamron-habibullah/profil/spieler/718092 https://www.transfermarkt.us/nathan-demian/profil/spieler/718091 https://www.transfermarkt.us/emiliano-brienza/profil/spieler/718097 https://www.transfermarkt.us/frixos-petsas/profil/spieler/720766 https://www.transfermarkt.us/matthew-catavolo/profil/spieler/718093 https://www.transfermarkt.us/sean-rea/profil/spieler/718099 https://www.transfermarkt.us/benjamin-collins/profil/spieler/718102 https://www.transfermarkt.us/eleias-himaras/profil/spieler/707069 https://www.transfermarkt.us/rohan-goulbourne/profil/spieler/718087 https://www.transfermarkt.us/kobe-franklin/profil/spieler/718086 https://www.transfermarkt.us/deandre-kerr/profil/spieler/718098
  6. Oh, pardon me then, this is the kind of mistake only an ignorant European could make!
  7. Kamron Habibullah, Nathan Demian, Eleias Himaras, Matthew Catavolo, Sean Rea, Rohan Goulbourne, Emiliano Brienza (ordered by the importance, based on my opinion) I think these are among the more interesting canadian prospects so I don't really see a reason as to why they shouldn't be in the database
  8. Why most of the squad of Canada U17 from U17 2019 World Cup missing? Other than Jayden Nelson, Ralph Priso, Damiano Pecile, Gianfranco Facchineri, Julian Altobelli, Tomas Giraldo and Keesean Ferdinand others are missing. Could they be added?
  9. Lewandowski has whole videos breaking down his masterful penalty technique - he should be one of the benchmarks of what 20 in that attribute looks like. Especially if other players got that attribute to 20. Also - with Finishing 19 and Composure 17 you'd get the ~10% of penalties missed so I think this would be the most realistic option
  10. Shows up alright in my game and in the database - have you used some editor files, etc. ?
  11. I've got stuck in a introductory team meeting. Actions I've taken: Standard introduction Made a promise to give youngsters some playtime Chose to not make any other promises Picked the "not getting into the relegation battle" After that the meeting got stuck - I have the option to go to the Summary but that only brings me to the dynamics page, but can't continue further as the message in inbox doesn't allow me to and prompts me that I need to "reply" to something (Sorry, not playing in english). I've done the tutorial, anwsered to every staff advise, read all the scouting reports. Reloading the save also doesn't work. I'm stumped - this is literally the second day of the career. Uploaded File: Team Meeting - Wisła Kraków.fm
  12. Well then, you can say that about anyone, how can you know who else has more potential to be tapped to? I agree with you about the PA's definition and the main problem isn't necessarily in the researcher added players. (Also - I'd advise not bringing the "fleshy researchers" argument up, as there are countless examples every year of researchers - literally - moving the goalposts. "Oh I admit it, I didn't catch his talent last year, but after his great breakthrough I finally see what he is really capable of". Case in point - Tyrese Campbell from your Stoke recently got one-upped in PA department after his breakthrough in Championship last season at the age of 19-20. He had a perfectly good, high, adequate PA - what could possibly make you reconsider your opinion to the point that you would raise his PA by - dare I say it - 10 points on average??? After 4 editions of consistency in your opinion regarding the amount of his talent, this particular time you decided to tweak it to include the amount of talent you haven't accounted for before. Hmm.) That ties nicely to my argument that you - and the computer - can't be certain of everything at all times as some stories may simply be unexpected and you should have a mechanism to account for them. Let's say that the game generates a really min-maxed player with great, professional character that is faring really great despite his age. Sadly the played will be a starlet only for a few years because he will tap all of his untapped potential and rot in the low league club forever, because he "lost the genetic and physical lottery". His muscles simply won't grow, atrophy will consume them over the summer break, any additional synapses in his brain will simply dissolve as he is not a product of perfect eugenics branded by some top academy in the world. I'm all in for the generated PA to be based on raw talent, sadly PA is closely tied to the academy the player got generated in. Congrats on dismantling an example showcasing the idea with simple numbers, you really got me here. I'm talking about serious overachievers at a relatively young age, not for a sudden PA jump for your loveable 28 yo captain. And it's not about the flat PA slap - that's why I threw the hidden attributes into the mix, as a form of control of how much the PA should be raised !IF! the player really surpassed even the computer's expectations. Throw all of these variables into the mix and you'll get PA raises of various amounts points. (Side note: even researchers have a built-in tool in a form of negative-numbers PA - let's say that if a player had his PA randomised from -6 and got 110, then game would raise his PA by the cheaty 10 PA points and he would have 120 which is the maxiumum value of -6. In this situation the PA is still in the realms of what the researcher agrees that can be put on this player, while the change probably makes sense in the context of players gameworld. Or it cheated once again?) Also, yes - in general those who are professional and of the right mindset achieve far more than those who don't do anything with their talent. Good character is sought after for a reason, you know? Because you can achieve much more with ambition driven athlete. Also, you failed to notice that this would go both ways and players potential could worsen as a "penalty mechanic" (ooh, it got a little too game-y in my realistic game where all-knowing computer-god has accounted for every option while creating his masterpiece, ooh) for hoarding talent, but yeah, stinky players and their cheaty ways. Yes, that's why countries like China pumped horrendous money into building facilities in hopes of mass producing talent. If the day comes that they will have a golden generation of players you'd probably say "yes, these kid simply have it mate, the other generations simply weren't born with it". Or about the kids on the african streets who game - and you, in this philosophy - deem unfit to make it, but I bet you that if you saw some of these in the ranks of your Stoke City you would be probably singing to a different tune. It's obviously due to the weather or the rich english history of football somehow affecting how much raw talent their bodies can hold after crossing the borders. In general, what I'm proposing is more of a self-correction mechanism for the game as to keep the game fair and present player with sensical reactions to the unique stories of their footballers. I'm not expecting the game to be correct about everything from the very start, the current generation method is a solid baseline but the whole system is static and football world is far from static - you know about 95% of wonderkids but there is this 5% group of players that you wouldn't have found on the Golden Boy shortlist dating 10 years back. Are these 5% important if it's such a low margin? Yes, everyone loves a good underdog story. It's a way for the engine to correct those who overachieve and punish those who underachieved Oh yes, me - mere mortal - shall not oppose the powers that be! People harped, harp and will harp about it for years to come. Maybe because they are end consumers that think that the game isn't reacting to their actions as they would expect it to do? Maybe there's a reason to that? Also, if this forums' philosophy is to simply discard any idea based on topic and being closed off to any discussion of the game mechanics as surely nothing worthwile can ever come out of them - good going then!
  13. My opinion (long post) : A sensible compromise would be to give a little (I'm talking about values around 10-15 PA "points") headroom for the player's PA if the player would get to the 80% of his PA while under the certain age of - let's say - 20 years. Example: You trust in / are forced to start a young, 17 yo winger, who with more gametime and training is quickly improving your attributes and becomes a fully-fledged starter by the age of 19. Let's now say that the player had PA of 100 and CA of 70 at the age of 17 and got to CA of 90 at the age of 19. In this case, I'd propose that his PA would automatically be raised to 110, as probably he would probably catch some attention of better clubs, as a young player with booming talent, thus probably having better chances to be a better trained player. Situations like these is how "sleeping talents" are born. Sure, we can say that the 100 was his talent pool and it should simply reach his ceiling and would never raise ever again - at the age of 20 he will be just the same for the next 10 years of playing football, no room for any sort of improvement. He was a booming young prospect but simply stopped, like that. move over. Let's be honest, unless we're talking about some really low level league and some really unlucky player who wasn't noticed this is not like these kinds of stories end. If someone is outstanding at the young age, then 95% they will have even a stint at some better club. And when they do, they can thrive there, suddenly they can be better than we initially thought - why? Because we need to accept talent isn't just a number, talent is perceived - just go to the sortitoutsi database and check how sometimes PA changes from edition to edition (Great example - Aaron Wan-Bissaka) And I know that the "perceived talent" is mostly affecting us, human researchers that may be simply wrong and not predict future well, but the big and all-knowing computer knows "the future", so it's a case closed. But what the computer doesn't do and is causing the whole PA problem for years in the FM community is that it doesn't account for randomness of life and simply human will to improve. By the computer's outlook - you will be a forever bad footballer because you got born in the wrong country, wrong city, your parents signed you to the wrong club with youth facilities of 3/20. And whatever you would've tried you will never escape the lifelong destiny to be forever bad and even if put in the best enviroment in the world - you're helpless and nothing will change about you. I don't know about you but I think this isn't quite life-like and immersive. That's why the game should generate players in the clubs with PA corresponding to their "starting position", but be more flexible with the PA - it's the experience, resources and a bit of luck determine how far your talent can eventually reach, it's really not the case of your legs literally being unable to carry you further (unless it's due to the injuries of course) Also, I'll just point out that I'm not advocating for a flat and "cheaty" PA raise just because some treshold has been met - we have attributes for that already in the game - Ambition, Determination, Professionalism, some other - that could handle by exactly how much the PA should raise (or fall). Let's take Cristiano Ronaldo - he was a natural talent, but many consider that due to him putting extra work and professional attitude he got much further then he would get by going on talent alone. Maybe without that Ronaldo would be a max 180 PA player, instead of 195 PA that he is? Also, the same system should be applied to the other end - the players would lose their PA points, due to benchwarming after certain age, not getting the playing time needed due to injuries or misconduct. Let's say that if the player has 40% of his CA after certain age (let's say 22) his PA would drop by said 10-15 points. How often do you hear about wonderkids who didn't make it in the end - these tales must stem from something, right? In FM if a player is destined for greatness he most probably (95%) will achieve greatness - there's far too few histories of wasted potential in FM. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
  14. Roleplaying purpose? Some players like to immerse themselves and create their own stories. Also would make for a neat detail that would potentially surprise a few players in the "oh, I didn't expect this tou be counted, nice" way. Plus some more interavtivity I guess, for when the game asks you if you want to take the second nationality. It's not an outlandish idea, so why not?
  15. I've made a polish translation and sent it to the author, but she didn't update the post, if you still want it send me a PM
  16. Implementation is key, information will be gathered gradually by the researchers and the community, imo it's better to be ahead of the curve
  17. A new backroom staff role with the ability of individual training focused on mental stats. Individual training could be based on and improve (skills in order of their significance in the training) Work ethic sessions (Work rate >> Detemination > Ambition) Stress management sessions (Concentration >> Composure = Pressure > Important Matches) Self-improvement sessions (Proffesionalism >> Bravery > Leadership) Creativity sessions (Flair > Decisions) And a new "training drill" Group session (Team Work >> boost to the team morale, chemistry and individual bonds > Vision) Club Psychologist has become a standard member of the staff in modern football. In FM series some of the mental stats can be raised slightly by the training (as they are connected to the on-pitch skills) but some, that are more based on personal psyche cannot. The only way they can raise is by the player getting older, which in today's world is old-fashioned. Most of the athletes work with individual psychologists but they are employed by the clubs as in football world they are needed by everyone - from old players who need to find motivation or reignite the passion for the job of footballer, to the youngsters who have the potential and dreams but not the character and drive to achieve it, from top flight players who underperform under pressure to the lower league players who you'd like to be a bit more focused or you'd want them to take this seriously and work a bit harder or simply want them to get more creative) Also, sometimes the Psychologist can arrange a group session where the players can work out their issues which results in a better understanding how to work together as a team, helps to alleviate the tension a little bit and may even make them more perceptive of eachother and where they are on pitch. From gameplay standpoint - I know how important are Ambition, Determination and Proffesionalism stats in the overall player improvement path. That's why I tried to focus the training on the "on-pitch" skills and for the hidden attributes to be raised slightly. It also validates hiring psychologists as they improve attributes that no other coach can. Their work may be the difference between achieving the full potential of a youngster or failing. I tried to make the sessions balanced - some seem more suited for youngsters, some for already developed players but all can be used accordingly to your needs.
  18. I'm unsure as to which part of my comment are you referring to. Sure, I'm no skinner, but: 1. I'm not asking for "coding" anything new - the "Key Employees" with all 5 "categories" is part of the base skin - so, as you said - you can work with what you've got. All I'm talking about is the position of two panels, I don't know how you came up with the whole idea for your comment 2. the autor himself confirmed that this positioning is based on his personal idea and taste - and that's fine, I'm just pointing out that this one small thing may be done differently as it would get used by some just as the other Extra files 3. the author confirmed that this thing is not impossible - it's, in his words "isn't done too easily". Author sometimes anwsers some requests with a DIY solution for people with singular gripes, maybe the process for this one was just a tad too long and complicated for non-skinners to do this right, but it's not impossible, that's why I'm asking. 4. In case, as to clear this one out - I'm not requesting to get rid of the "Hot Prospect" panel or asking the skin author to make the regen faces look better or wahtever. I'm noting that since I'm still perplexed why are you sending me away to the SI's suggestion forums - maybe you've mistunderstood what was my line of thought, maybe I should have put it more clearer. But anyway, I took up way too much space here anyway and I asked what I wanted to ask for, for which I haven't got an answer. There is no point in further dragging on this one thing, I'll be waiting for bossland to answer and "officially" tell me what is or isn't possible. If he doesn't answer it's fine, I'll take the hint But yeah, up until that I want to end it here and not litter the thread.
  19. Damn, I missed it then, thank you! ... and it's a bit dissapointing :/ I share the same outlook as the first poster, I mean, for the youngster to be one of the two biggest panels isn't intuitive at all, I understand that if you like to hunt for youngsters it may be neat, but I don't need this info for every single club. Also - it often means that you are met with giant render of a regen's face, that simply clashes visually with the others that come from perfectly good and crisp looking facepacks. Sorry for ranting a bit, I always found it a bit bizarre that - since I remember this series of skins - the youngster thing was always there, and I always wondered ... why? Why such a big focus on something that gives you so little insight to the OVERVIEW of the club. Like the first person who picked on that topic wrote - you're pushing Messi away because there is some robotic-looking 16-year old in the youngsters. I mean, I understand that for someone the prospect may be the most importnat thing, but not everyone has to share the same sentiment. Who knows, if I haven't annoyed @bossland too much already, there would be a possibility of creating an 'Extra' file for malcontents like me? :P
  20. Hi @bossland , I've read through the whole thread and I think that no one asked about this: How can I switch around panels in "Key Employees" - I wanted to switch around "Hot Prospect" with "Key Player"
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