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  1. There must be something wrong with your edited DB as Northern Ireland should not be blocked out at all. If you could upload the edited file you are using to here We can get somebody to take a look. Cheers
  2. Would you be so kind to take a look at this? I feel this could be very important. It's in collision with UEFA rules and dates, it would be good to sort this out before the full game is out. Thansk.


  3. Thanks for the post, if you could post in the match Engine bugs forum I will be able to help http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/365-Match-Engine-3D-and-Team-Talks Cheers
  4. Sorry to hear that your game won't load can you please try the steps attached in this link to see if this works http://www.footballmanager.com/faq/?game=38&id=248, please let us know how you get on Thank You
  5. Ok could you follow the other steps in the link I provided previoulsy and disable the anti virus and if that does not work update your graphics card, please let us know how that goes Thanks
  6. Sorry to hear that, have attached a link of common questions asked would suggest you use the microsoft download link as it could be a configuration issue if that does not work please post back Cheers
  7. Sorry to hear that could be a number of reasons have attached a link with common issues http://www.footballmanager.com/faq/?game=38&id=195 If the microsoft link does not work post back Cheers
  8. Ok this could be one of a few things have attached will attach a link with some possible solutions try the first link first and see if that works as it could be a configuration issue http://www.footballmanager.com/faq/?game=38&id=195
  9. Ok so just to clarify, you have FM 14 installed through Steam, but when you click to load it does not get past the logo screens?
  10. Have you signed in and out again to see if this re starts the Download?
  11. Sorry to hear that, Have you tried disabling any anitivirus software you may be running, further details can be found here http://www.footballmanager.com/faq/?game=38 If this does not work please post back
  12. Have you tried clearing your Cache details on how to do that can be found here http://www.footballmanager.com/faq/?game=38 Cheers
  13. Ok if you could find the FM.exe right click run as administrator option and see if that works Thanks
  14. Sorry, Could be a problem with the Intel graphics card could you update the drivers and see if this works Thanks
  15. Thanks for post this link here should provide you with information on how to do go about seeing if GPU rendering is on and other common issues, if this does not help please post back http://www.footballmanager.com/faq/?game=38 Cheers
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