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  1. @avtothus could be one for you
  2. Hi, this team isn’t in the database as it’s such a lowly division.
  3. Hi, this has happaned a few times to me now: I just went to merge my unsaved changes with my Transfer Editor Data File and the maths doesn't work out at all. The file has ~11K changes, and the unsaved changes was about 250 changes.... But somehow after merging, the file now has 23,356 changes? Why is this happening?
  4. Hi @sporadicsmilesI have one team left and then I have completely updated all Algerian teams with correct squads and managers. It has correct contract ends dates, height, weight, City of Birth and Histories... if you like, I can send it to you and you can merge it with your file for future releases?
  5. Regarding the rest of the players that are missing, any missing players will be created in the next research phase ready for FM22. It's not ideal, but a lot of work has been done to improve the Middle East from the outdated DB it was beforehand. At the moment, it's a matter of playing catchup so when the transfer patch eventually comes out then I hope you will notice a big improvement in KSA and UAE in particular. But yeah, the players I ave missed will be done in time for the next installment.
  6. Ahmed Mahmoud Murad Mahmoud does exist http://www.playmakerstats.com/player.php?id=767744 https://www.uaefa.ae/en/profile/38182 https://globalsportsarchive.com/people/soccer/ahmed-murad/398194/
  7. Saudi Arabia has been fixed for the winter patch. The Qatari ones completely escaped my mind but it’s a simple fix in the editor. If you’re not clued up on how to use the editor I’ll provide you with a fmf file that will fix if.
  8. Finally, someone with a post on one of the nations I’ve been working hard on Been a really interesting read, I don’t normally come to these parts of the forums but saw this on the side bar and it piqued my interest.
  9. I fear the file has broken but I’ve no idea why. Hopefully we get a response soon
  10. For the past 2 months or so, I've been keeping a editor data file that was doing all transfer in Asia and copying all the research work I've been doing so I can just plug and play a save on the fly when I want. The file had something like 15k changes and now it's simply vanished without a trace or explanation. The file still appears in my editor data file (transfers.fmf) But when I load up the editor and try to find the fmf file to continue editing, this is all I can find: I've attached the file for you to investigate. The amount of hours I've spent doing this makes th
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