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  1. I've always wanted a much more aggressive team talk option after a bad result. Simply aggressively telling my team that "That simply wasn't enough" when I'mfurious over a result is so unfulfilling and just makes me more angry. I want to be able to pretty much belittle the players who played poorly haha.
  2. I often play games where I start in the lower leagues of the balkan nations. Most grounds there are either just a field or they have no seats and the stands look like roman ampitheatre style "seating" with cage fences around. It feels a little odd when the game generates a fully fledged stadium for my Macedonian 3rd tier team from a village that has a population of about 1500 people!
  3. Have squads been added? Or have you left them untouched? Either ways, this is a monumental task
  4. Place the file in the editor data folder which can be found in “My documents > Sports Interactive” then when starting a new game, it should automatically be active.
  5. I’ve been using their content for years. 100% recommend it. If you plan to download their logo or faces mega packs then I’d suggest paying the £10 for annual premium as it makes the downloads much much faster and you can download them all in one file rather than in parts.
  6. Just one forum back - you should put it in Editors a hideaway but not the downloadable content sub-forum part.
  7. The main issue in having is that my scouts keep recommending me players who are on far too big wages for me to afford. Like, players already earning 13-15k where my team can only offer a maximum of 2k per week. What’s the point?
  8. You’re a strange man, doing that to the team you support.
  9. Kanwulf


    As a Rangers fan, this is an excellent read for me. Keep it up!
  10. Interesting read and love reading about saves in Eastern Europe - Particularly in Belarus where I've had many a fun save. Also have to say I find it fascinating to see how many of those teams are no longer around.
  11. What have you done with the kosovar teams though? Because irrespective of your political persuasions, they have a fully recognised league and teams in the eyes of FIFA and UEFA. Not to mention, Kosovar teams were also active in the old Yugoslavian leagues.
  12. I’ve never managed in South or Central America, but this kind of update is something that might change that. Looking forward to taking over a Nicaraguan third tier team and building up from that!
  13. He just said above why this is the case
  14. Have you made sure that there is also 22 teams in the “Teams for next season” tab or whatever it’s called. Otherwise, it’s likely that this is something like an ID clash, and remaking the file from scratch could be the key.
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