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  1. [Turkey] (Official) Data Issues

    Aras Ozbiliz (37005653) should have Daniel Ozbiliz (59115614) set as his brother https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/aras-ozbiliz/profil/spieler/124891
  2. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Etrit Berisha (68015622) should have Drilon Berisha (59115609) set as his cousin. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/drilon-berisha/profil/spieler/388211
  3. [Hong Kong] (Official) Data Issues

    Marko Krasic (5774817) should have Ognjen Krasic (62013527) and Milos Krasic (5745043) set as his cousins.
  4. [Poland] (Official) Data Issues

    Milos Krasic (5745043) should have Ognjen Krasic (62013527) set as his brother and Marko Krasic (5774817) set as his cousin.
  5. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Hey, this isn't really a data issue as such, but I think Goran Pandev should probably have a preference to play for FK Akademija Pandev Strumica. On a save I was playing in Macedonia, he ended up signing for Vardar in the second season. Whilst this could be a possibility in real life, I think it's much more likely that he will play for his own club. His brother, Sasko Pandev, is currently playing for the team. Just a suggestion, of course. EDIT: Also, a preference to be a coach at Ak. Pandev upon his retirement would be quite realistic too.
  6. [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    In the database, he is set as Northern European ethnicity with Skin Tone 5. As you can see, this is a little bit off
  7. [FM18] Ukraine Level 5

    Great work guys, will likely have a whirl with this.
  8. [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    HR Egypt Ibrahim Salah (12034162) currently plays for Arab Contractors SC since 26/8/2017. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/ibrahim-salah/profil/spieler/105957 Torric Jebrin (12021753) currently plays for Arab Contractors SC since 26/8/2017. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/torric-jebrin/profil/spieler/181665 Solomon Okuruket (13175654) currently plays for Arab Contractors since 7/9/2017. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/solomon-okuruket/profil/spieler/426735
  9. Wasn't there a debate over this irl? Something about the other teams in the league complaining that Plymouth were having players play in both teams.
  10. [Asia] (Official) Data Issues

    HR Iraq Luis Ramos (63001452) is a free agent now https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/luis-ramos/profil/spieler/74336 Oday Al-Jafal (23236511) plays for Al-Jazeera Amman now. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/oday-al-jafal/profil/spieler/285138
  11. [Asia] (Official) Data Issues

    HR Iraq Hussein Jwayed (29199480) and Hussein Abdullah Al-Jwayed (23320670) are duplicated. The first one should be deleted.
  12. [England] Free Agents

    This is the reason I constantly request the ability to changed Based Nation in the pre game editor
  13. Edited the file to include various media sources from Macedonia.
  14. Deleted things in DB now have a Crash Dump

    I heard there’s a few European nations just begging for a Burnley fan to make them