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  1. Our kit will be in one of the Scottish kit packs over at Sortitoutsi
  2. And then he came up the road to us, won Scottish a championship then cleared out at the first available job back in England ha
  3. £375K per week as Motherwell Manager..... something’s off with that.
  4. If I’m not mistaken, The Bahamas are currently managerless.
  5. There’s a drop down menu when you have a shirt selected in the pre game editor that has three options “Plain” “Same As Front” or “Square Around Number” or something like that
  6. You should post these players data issues in the thread of the nation they play in as they will be in that database, not the Filipino one.
  7. Just use the in game editor to cheat your way to wins.
  8. Because you haven't followed the instructions given to you. When creating a new game, you need to select custom database size and make sure you load all players based in Qatar
  9. Can’t fine players when you’re managing an amateur team
  10. .pkm uploaded "Walkergate v Wideopen & District.pkm"
  11. I've just had a penalty awarded for the opposition for a tackle that seems completely clean, and is outside the box. https://gyazo.com/60759137152e925702a2878abcfd852a
  12. I've always wanted a much more aggressive team talk option after a bad result. Simply aggressively telling my team that "That simply wasn't enough" when I'mfurious over a result is so unfulfilling and just makes me more angry. I want to be able to pretty much belittle the players who played poorly haha.
  13. I often play games where I start in the lower leagues of the balkan nations. Most grounds there are either just a field or they have no seats and the stands look like roman ampitheatre style "seating" with cage fences around. It feels a little odd when the game generates a fully fledged stadium for my Macedonian 3rd tier team from a village that has a population of about 1500 people!
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