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  1. South Korea has its own thread, however, if you were to report any for the Middle East, I’d happily edit them.
  2. Already been edited in, the capacity was left blank for some reawson so it generated to 750. anyway, it's been changed for the next release.
  3. People are stupid but also f*** the BBC
  4. Only time I've seen that symbol with some sort of Nationalist meaning was in Macedonia actually lol - It means Greater Macedonia with the circle part being Macedonia/North Macedonia (whatever you want to call it) proper and the three fingers being each other part they claim as their own such as Pirin and Aegean Macedonia.
  5. I heard talk that FK Skopje was going to save them with a merger like Miravci did a few years ago. Just rumours on Twitter though, so probably nothing more than that. In other news, Enis Bardhi is out with COVID
  6. Just had a glance over the squad list again and two domestic talents that probably should have been called up are Besart Ibraimi who was top goal scorer in the league for Shkendija this season. Sure, he’s in his 30s now but a return of 24 goals in 32 league matches is nothing to sniff at. Also, I’d personally have went with Tome Kitanovski from Makedonija GjP instead of Risto Jankov. But it’s clear Angelovski favours Rabotnicki players considering that’s where he came from to take over the National Team.
  7. Qualified through the Nations League - Beat Kosovo in the semis and Georgia in the final
  8. Angelovski has announced his squad for the upcoming Euro 2020/21: for those who can't speak or read Macedonian, here it is: Goalkeepers Stole Dimitrievski - Rayo Vallecano, Spain Damjan Siskovski - Doxa, Cyprus Riste Jankov - Rabotnicki, Macedonia Defenders Visar Musliu - Fehervar, Hungary Egzon Bejtullai - Shkendija, Macedonia Kire Ristevski - Ujpest, Hungary Stefan Ristovski - Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia Darko Velkovski - Rijeka, Croatia Gjoko Zajkov - Charleroi, Belgium Ezgjan Alioski - Leeds United, England Midfielders Enis Bardhi - Levante, Spain Arijan Ademi - Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia Boban Nikolov - Lecce, Italy Stefan Spirovski - AEK Larnakas, Cyprus Elif Elmas - Napoli, Italy Tihomir Kostadinov - Ruzomberok, Slovakia Daniel Avramovski - Kayserispor, Turkey Marjan Radeski - Akademija Pandev, Macedonia Ferhan Hasani - Partizani, Albania Darko Curlinov - Stuttgart, Germany Forwards Goran Pandev - Genoa, Italy Ivan Trickovski - AEK Larnakas, Cyprus Milan Ristovski - Spartak Trnava, Slovakia Aleksandar Trajkovski - Mallorca, Spain Krste Velkovski - FK Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Vlatko Stojanovski - Chambly, France (Loan) Nice to see some domestic talents in the squad. The team will predictably be relying on Pandev and Elmas to be the ones driving the team forward no doubt. I'm surprised to see Ferhan Hasani in the squad again, he's hugely unpopular with the Maceodnia fans due to his poor form for the team over the last couple of years but I'll reserve judgement on him until I see his performances at the cup. Also would have been nice to see someone like Ljupce Doriev get a call up as he has been in great form for Renova and Shkendija over the past couple of seasons.
  9. @avtothus could be one for you
  10. Hi, this team isn’t in the database as it’s such a lowly division.
  11. Hi, this has happaned a few times to me now: I just went to merge my unsaved changes with my Transfer Editor Data File and the maths doesn't work out at all. The file has ~11K changes, and the unsaved changes was about 250 changes.... But somehow after merging, the file now has 23,356 changes? Why is this happening?
  12. Hi @sporadicsmilesI have one team left and then I have completely updated all Algerian teams with correct squads and managers. It has correct contract ends dates, height, weight, City of Birth and Histories... if you like, I can send it to you and you can merge it with your file for future releases?
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