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  1. If I’m playing outside of Europe then i will load 45+ leagues so I am freely move around the continent whenever I please. If I’m playing in Europe then I’ll just load relevant countries. So if I manage in Croatia, for example, I’ll load all former Yugoslavian, Soviet, Czechoslovakian and Hungary, Austria and Poland. Or if I play in Norway, I’ll load all the Scandinavian nations and the U.K. nations.
  2. I've found yet another issue with this file. I'm in my third season and for some reason, i have not been entered into the Emperor Cup!?
  3. I've just entered my 3rd season with Vonds Ichihara. Been promoted back to back. Each year I get a news item saying that my tea, has received X amount in TV Money, but it never shows up in my balance? Is there any reason for this?
  4. If I find any good Sudan informtion, I will be sure to pass it on kooora is a good tool that I use for the Middle east nations I research for FM, I tohink it has regularly updated news for Sudanese Premier League and it has full suqad lists on there. However, it can be a little out of date in some cases.
  5. Hey @sporadicsmiles any chance of getting Sudan in this? Every single Sudan file I have tried doesn't show up at all. So would be good to get it in this instead. Thanks for the fantastic work you do. It's great having Egypt with more than just two teams........
  6. Forgot to say that I reloaded the skin and the problem still persists.
  7. Hi, I've used the in-game editor to update kit colours and club colours, but each time I do this, it removes the mini logo from my logopacks like in the imagine below (Look at Masirah) The same happened with Lao Toyota
  8. Furthermore, you really need to have a look at the bottom tier. I just got promoted throught the aforementioned Regional League Playoff and have had to pay out double prize money because winning the Kanto Division and winning the "Regional League" are counted as two separate leagues and thus I had to pay league payout bonuses for two separate leagues. I'm now £350K in debt......... EDIT: It's also affecting team records. My record low points in a season is 7 points and record low wins is 2 because they relegation playoff counts as its own separate league.
  9. Is the Regional League playoff group schedule supposed to be like this?
  10. Does Macedonia file include the structure I mentioned before where 2MFL merges into one league in future?
  11. Hey Timo, I have been looking into prize money in the ASEAN nations and thought I would share so that you can implement them properly into your files (if you haven't already done this). I have converted them all into Euros as I believe this is your currency? Also, I can only find real prize money for the winners of each league/cup so you should scale it down for the rest of the league. Although, I am fairly certain that prize money in most of these leagues are only awarded to top 3 or 4 teams at the end of the season. Laos Premier League: €31,000 Laos Division One: €3000 Laos Cup: €2000 Cambodian Premier League: €13,000 Cambodian Cup: €2500 East Timor Premier League: €14,000 Brunei Super League: 1st=€9000 2nd=€6500 Brunei Premier League: 1st=€4500 2nd=€3300 3rd=€2000 Brunei FA Cup: €6500 Thai Premier League: 1st=€300,000 2nd=60,000 3rd=€45,000 4th=€25,000 Thai League 1: 1st=€145,000 2nd=€90,000 3rd=€30,000 Thai FA Cup: Winners=€30,000 Runners Up=€15,000 Thai League Cup: Winners=€145,000 Runners Up=€30,000 V-League: €120,000 V-League 2: €20,000 Vietnamese Cup: Winners=€40,000 Runners Up=€20,000 Semi Finals=€8000 Quarter Finals=€1000 Second Round=€800 First Round=€400 Myanmar National Division: 1st=€60,000 2nd=€45,000 3rd=€30,000
  12. @Weiry I don’t have my laptop on right now but I’m case you don’t have correct prize money set, the winner of the LPL gets 300m Lao Kip (approximately £26000 or AU$50000) The winner of the Lao Division 1 gets 30m Lao Kip (approximately £2600 or AU$5000) The winners of the Lao Cup get 20m Lao Kip (approximately £1700 or AU$3300)
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