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  1. All players have been changed with two exceptions: Saad Natiq: I've seen both dates reported and without any conclusive evidence to support either DOB, I will keep it as what we have. Mustafa Malayekah: My Saudi Arabia AR has ensured me that the DB we have is correct.
  2. Baghdad Bounedjah: Done Amin Hazbavi: Done Nayef Al-Hadhrami: Done
  3. Ali Adnan: All the links you've posted all say 19/12/1993 which is what I have in the DB Mahan Sadeghi: Done Saman Fallah: Done
  4. I will get to creating these tems today. Unfortunately, the Iranian 3rd tier teams were decided a bit too late in the research cycle so a couple of them missed out before.
  5. All Iraq, Iran, Qatar and UAE changes made. Khodadad Azizi since left Iran so I added it to his NP History. Thanks for your help!
  6. Kanwulf


    @Milos Tasic tagging you in case you missed these as there is no longer a Europe Data Issues thread
  7. Going by transfermarkt he left at the end of August/beginning of September and hasn't played since that date either. Something we will need to monitor in the Bosnian research team His last match was their 1-1 draw against Siroki Brijeg where he was on the bench.
  8. I’ll have to take a look at the stadium moves set in the game and see about that.
  9. Umm-Salal aren't listed as playing at Umm-Salal stadium in game, they are listed at Thani bin Jassim Stadium. Al-Shamal aren't listed as playing at the Al-Shamal Stadium that wasn't built. They are listed at Al-Shamal Club Stadium which is where they do play IRL. The rest has been ammended. Let me know what else you do find and it will be fixed,
  10. Righr, now that you’ve actually listed some errors, I can amend things. In future, saying “so many stadiums are wrong” is just not constructive if you don’t elaborate what exactly is incorrect. I’ll look further into this when I have more time.
  11. Hi, Darko Curlinov should have Boris Churlinov (2000292722) set as his brother. Posted this in the wrong forum before so apologies for the double post.
  12. Most likely a cosmetic thing that the creator of the skin added for visual effect or something, I suppose.
  13. Just in future please try not to use language that can be misconstrued as condescending
  14. No-one is making fun of you - I've taken what you said on board and decreased his reputation in game.
  15. Thanks, I'll look into these later in the week when I have a bit more time and get back to you when they are done or if some don't need changing etc.
  16. That will be an issue with the skin, we don't set capital cities in the database.
  17. @Fire_03 I looked at his profile on ORDB and he doesn't have NFE ticked on his profile
  18. Date of Birth changed - Thanks
  19. Name has been changed, thanks
  20. All Middle eastern duplicates deleted - Thanks
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