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  1. Yeah, you’re correct, it’s when I click to “save editor data”. The fact it shouldn’t be showing up is a something I hadn’t actually thought about, kind of a force of habit clicking that option.
  2. Yeah, it happened again. Not sure if you need another one but I will attach the new crash dump file just in case. Editor 2019 v19.3.2.1201728 (2019.04.12 15.00.37).dmp
  3. I'll have a quick go at doing this again and see if it happens again.
  4. So this is the 4th time now that I have merged database changes with one of my backups (my last backup, actually) and every time I try to save, the editor crashes and I lose the file altogether. I have a crash dump file for viewing. Editor 2019 v19.3.2.1201728 (2019.04.07 13.26.13).dmp
  5. This has happened to me on multiple occasions. The only response I ever tend to get is to keep backups, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating.
  6. I've been making a Thai xml with slightly altered rules on foriegn players, but no matter what I've tried, it always considerd Thai players as foreign in the top division. This doesn't seem to happen in the league below which is strange. Thailand.fmf
  7. So I'm in 2025 in my curernt save and have just added more Asian leagues to accomodate my career in Jordan, but have found that despite the game generated lots of players to fill teams, it has not generated enough staff to compensate. So now there is a huge huge list of clubs without mnagers for about two to three seasons now. Is it possible to get this changed for FM2020 so that it generates staff as well as players, because it's a bit bothersome for me tbh.
  8. I'm more than happy to offer my assistance to the Bosnian research.
  9. Anyone managed to figure this one out yet?
  10. Yeah. It’s more than likely an issue in my side, but I thought I would mention it just in case others appear to have the issue (which, I guess they don’t lol)
  11. How can it be a mistake to tackle your own defender when there is no attacker in the vicinity to present any danger?
  12. I’ve had a similar thing with my macedonia save. Found a regen at Shkendija who was Macedonian/German. There’s nothing really uncommon about that, except that his name was Daniel Blessing. If I’m not mistaken, that sounds like a name that has African roots, as opposed to German or Macedonian.
  13. I would presume that on FM20 it will have changed from FYR Macedonia to North Macedonia.
  14. Thanks. I’ve got absolutely no idea how or why people have twisted this to be something malicious. It makes even less sense considering my girlfriend is from Hong Kong. And as for the person that decided to bring sectarianism into this when there was absolutely no need for it, I’m a Northern Irishman who has a Protestant father and catholic mother so get away with that rubbish. I’m just a Rangers fan with no underlying hatred for any religion, race etc.
  15. Scottish/Bangladeshi isn’t exactly that uncommon. Perhaps bizarre is the incorrect word, what I should have said is uncommon. Now sure if you’ve taken any offence to that but there was certainly none intended....
  16. Just thought I’d start a thread to find out what the weirdest dual nationalities you have seen from regens. I find this stuff really amusing and interesting. Me personally, I just found a Macedonian/Djiboutian (see pics below) in my GFK Ohrid save. He’s not the best, but I HAD to sign this lad up for that uncommon nationality mix
  17. You can see from the video below what happens. I don't know why it is so fast, I turned the highlight speed down when recording this.
  18. He's correct in saying that yuo should post in the editors hideaway sub forum but OP is also correct, you rarely ever get replies.
  19. I'm completely with you on the issue of CA/Pa. I do something similar myself, when creating players that aren't already in the games databases. If there is appearance data online for them then I will base my CA/PA predictions on that, though.
  20. It was thought to pick between FM07 and FM19 but I went with 10 purely because it has much more capabilities. I’m 25 now (would have been 13 when playing 07)
  21. Got a lot of love for Hong Kong Rangers after listening to the two part special episode on the Hong Kong Football Podcast about Derrick Currie. (Also because I'm a Ranger fan)
  22. Transfermarkt is ok, but it is important to see when the player joined the club he is listed as being contracted to on there. Chances are (although not always the case) they have moved on if they moved to the club over two seasons ago. To check who they play for now, you could always try and type their name and club into google and see if there are any recent news articles that confirm where he plays, such as a match report etc. I know that some countries have good news sites or football specific sites that can help. Such as Zambia (http://zambianfootball.co.zm/ http://www.zambianfootball.news/ http://www.fazfootball.com/) and some countries have good facebook pages that can be helpful such as Rwanda (https://www.facebook.com/groups/247482408639668/ https://www.facebook.com/rwafootball/?__tn__=%2Cdk%2CP-R&eid=ARCAC0nPMfAyea5Us5lJcWkWe8Xujge6WptBHJwbXc_utU6iLKzZ0EbqCkvjcCysbbQNPk7IGvnM8WIK)
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