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  1. You can see from the video below what happens. I don't know why it is so fast, I turned the highlight speed down when recording this.
  2. He's correct in saying that yuo should post in the editors hideaway sub forum but OP is also correct, you rarely ever get replies.
  3. I'm completely with you on the issue of CA/Pa. I do something similar myself, when creating players that aren't already in the games databases. If there is appearance data online for them then I will base my CA/PA predictions on that, though.
  4. It was thought to pick between FM07 and FM19 but I went with 10 purely because it has much more capabilities. I’m 25 now (would have been 13 when playing 07)
  5. Got a lot of love for Hong Kong Rangers after listening to the two part special episode on the Hong Kong Football Podcast about Derrick Currie. (Also because I'm a Ranger fan)
  6. Transfermarkt is ok, but it is important to see when the player joined the club he is listed as being contracted to on there. Chances are (although not always the case) they have moved on if they moved to the club over two seasons ago. To check who they play for now, you could always try and type their name and club into google and see if there are any recent news articles that confirm where he plays, such as a match report etc. I know that some countries have good news sites or football specific sites that can help. Such as Zambia (http://zambianfootball.co.zm/ http://www.zambianfootball.news/ http://www.fazfootball.com/) and some countries have good facebook pages that can be helpful such as Rwanda (https://www.facebook.com/groups/247482408639668/ https://www.facebook.com/rwafootball/?__tn__=%2Cdk%2CP-R&eid=ARCAC0nPMfAyea5Us5lJcWkWe8Xujge6WptBHJwbXc_utU6iLKzZ0EbqCkvjcCysbbQNPk7IGvnM8WIK)
  7. My bad, I thought I had posted the file with it. Here it is. Macedonia by Kanwulf.fmf
  8. You have my full support. I also offer myself to help out if you need me to.
  9. So I'm trying to create the Vuko Karov tournament and (just like in real life) I've set all the games to be held at the Gradski stadion in Kavadarci. However, when I holiday a save with these rules, I'm finding that despite me setting a specific stadium, it's ignoring that and having it set as the home teams stadium like so.... Does anyone know why this is happening?
  10. It was me who filled them out lol. I don't mind taking over Iran.
  11. You are a hero! Thanks very much!
  12. I deleted all the small logos for nations from my logo megapack and it still doesnt work.
  13. Aaron Evans (15057384) He is incredibly underrated on the game. Over the course of his two years at Barito Putera, he made 63 appearances, but he is rated as one of the worst players in the team on FM. Furthermore, he has since moved to PSM Makassar. I think his CA shoul be somwhere between 80-90.
  14. Nikola Bogdanovski (62235010) should have Macedonia as his primary nation and Serbia as his second nation. He was selected for the Macedonia U21 team. https://www.gol.mk/fudbal/ilievski-vo-dojran-kje-selektira-fudbaleri-za-makedonija-u21
  15. I've been using the logo megapack since FM19 came out and it had never replaced the flags before now.
  16. Hey all, Anyone got any ideas as to why the flags aren't showing up on my game? I am using a logo megapack which has been absolutely no issue at all until now.
  17. When will people finally get it that SI have their hand tied on the matter of minors in the game
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