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  1. Hi, first thank you for your work i've been able to play with my favourite team(ES Tunis from tunisia) in fm20 thanks to your work but i wanted to point out that it's not entierly accurate it's a mess actually, for example registration rules, in tunisia players under 21 do not need to be registred even if they're foreigners,also players from north africa are not considered foreigners (most big teams have many north african players and most of the time they're important players) so if you don't include this registration rule most of these players wont be able to play, secondly most of the players positions and attributes are wrong. I know it's difficult to get data on these players and these teams if you're not from around there so if you need any help with that you can reach out to me.I have fair knowledge of the tunisian first devision and i'm willing to help if you're ever intrested in improving it and making it more realistic
  2. Great job with this database, i played it for 3 seasons with barca b and it was fun but gotta say the league is too easy i dominate it with a bunch of 19 year old's ,the only tough opponent is espanyol and maybe girona , the others you can beat them pretty easily home and away
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