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  1. In the second screenshot it says Capped at U23 level, presumably he played in the Olympics. If he did so before gaining Ukrainian nationality, it would mean he wouldn't be eligible to play for Ukraine.
  2. The quickest way, copy data from old laptop to a USB memory stick or similar and then copy it to the new laptop, Installed Games: Copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam folder on original laptop to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam on new laptop. Saved Games: Copy C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive on original laptop to C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive on new laptop Then reinstall Steam on the new laptop, it will detect the installed games.
  3. What is the file location for the XML file for the pitchside adboards? I presume it's in an FMF file but I don't know which one (and haven't been able to find it).
  4. This shouldn't be happening 3 months in to a new game (during 2019), if that's the case, post it in the bugs forum. In the default database, he loves the club. Board confidence is set as 200 Fan confidence is set as 195
  5. There's Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales - no need for an addon.
  6. It depends on the country. Sometimes the "B" team will find their way in to a playable lower league.
  7. It'll be in your C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\games folder Copy the file ending in .fm to a USB stick or put it in the cloud. Then copy it to the C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\games folder on the new laptop
  8. Are you referring to the smaller logos not displaying? If so, add: <record from="2082082828" to="graphics/pictures/club/2082082828/icon"/> <record from="2082082896" to="graphics/pictures/club/2082082896/icon"/>
  9. @Neil Brock Unless I'm mistaken, the file for Canadian Premier League Official Logos only contains images for: 20502998 - Canadian Premier League | icon | logo |trophy 39935334 & 567370168 <- I don't know what these are. There are no club logos inside the file.
  10. Gibraltar league have been made available this way since FM14. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=232843105
  11. Even with the disc copy of the game, you won't need to use the disc. You only need the code which can be activated through Steam. You won't need the disc to play at all.
  12. KUBI is correct. The Welsh Universites have been set up by the relevant researcher to remain amateur. (If you're so desperate to change it, you can with the In-Game Editor.)
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