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  2. This is from 2014:
  3. Strange. They do for me.
  4. I've updated the file on Steam Workshop. You're the first person to mention this problem so I didn't know about it 'til now.
  5. I've just looked. I've passed it on to the Asian researcher because the player is in Qatar.
  6. Bigpole, thanks for posting the IDs. It's a big help. A lot had already been done. There were a few who aren't in Africa, but I've passed them along to the relevant people. Lars, I've added those missing players, thanks. The Eritrea national team is currently 'disbanded'. If they decide to compete at the CECAFA Cup this year, I'll add those players too.
  7. Fortunately, that's already been spotted.
  8. It's nice to see some of the competitions brought to life.
  9. [removed - nevermind]
  10. I will send you a private message.
  11. This was found by Spurs08 in the Editor forum: Regarding v.16.3.2 of the data editor In the pre-game data editor, the maximum value for Coefficients has been set to 20 (in the Football Manager 2016 Editor\data\format\database\nation.xml file). Spain have three values higher than 20 (2011/12: 20.857, 2013/14: 23.000, 2014/15: 20.214). If these are adjusted by the user to another above 20, it reverts to 20. The maximum allowed value in the editor (20) is too low and needs to be increased. I've attached a screenshot of the editor showing the maximum value allowed to be input and the existing values in the database.
  12. It's possible to "turn on" (i.e. create yourself) most, if not all competitions in the database. The issue with European U17 Championship is that the youngest international type the game supports is Under-19. What I provided above is a workaround but it's not perfect.
  13. There are many competitions in the database which aren't playable by default. I've posted the best solution I know.