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  1. In the second screenshot it says Capped at U23 level, presumably he played in the Olympics. If he did so before gaining Ukrainian nationality, it would mean he wouldn't be eligible to play for Ukraine.
  2. Summary: Name of club changes in titlebar from modified name to original name Description of Issue: There's an editor file which modifies an extinct club so that it is no longer extinct and changes the name of the club among other changes. When that club is viewed, the name of the club is changed in the titlebar from the new modified name to the original name when a dropdown menu is clicked. Steps to Reproduce: Load BlueLou - Club Changes Name.fmf Search for the name "Cadoc" Click on the Scottish Club St. Cadocs Click on Shedule, observe that name in the titlebar changes to Balliestoun (the original name of the club before it modifed in the pre-game editor file) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Blue Lou - Club Changes name.mp4 BlueLou - Club Changes Name.fmf Blue Lou - Club Changes Name.fm
  3. The quickest way, copy data from old laptop to a USB memory stick or similar and then copy it to the new laptop, Installed Games: Copy C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam folder on original laptop to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam on new laptop. Saved Games: Copy C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive on original laptop to C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive on new laptop Then reinstall Steam on the new laptop, it will detect the installed games.
  4. Summary: The back of the shirt when set to 'same as front' does not match the 3D shirt in game for the following: Dual Striped Sash Dual Striped Sash (reversed) Description of Issue: On the 2D images, if you imagine putting the images back to back, the sash does not line up. The 2D images for the back of the shirt need to be flipped horizontal to match the 3D image. On the 3D images, they do line-up.
  5. Summary: The league competition has been set up in basic format to run from December (2019) to June (2020). The game does not seem to handle dates correctly and displays events for the wrong year. If I bring the dates a year forward in the advanced editor, the issues are resolved. Description of Issue: - The pre-season friendlies are occuring in the following the year after the season. - In league rules, the squad registration rules are displayed for the year after the season Steps to Reproduce: Load attached FMF file (Blue Lou - Guinea Bissau - December start.fmf) in the pre-game editor. Choose Menu > Test Competitions Add Bissau-Guinean Premier Divison Create new test Date to run to: 23/11/2019 (the same date as the beginning of a new game on FM20) For friendlies issue: Navigate to Bissau-Guinean Premier Division > Test > Years > 2019 > Rules > Schedule Scroll to bottom of page to see that pre-season friendlies for the 2019/2020 season have been arranged for November 2020. For Squad Registration issue: Navigate to Bissau-Guinean Premier Division > Test > Years > 2019 > Rules > 0 - (League) Season dates are: 13/12/2019 to 20/6/2020 The Squad registration displays: Players can be registered between Monday 7th September 2020 and Friday 13th November 2020 Players can be registered between Monday 8th March 2021 and Monday 5th April 2021 The years appear to be 1 greater than necessary. The next available registration window in 2020 is not being displayed. Further information: If I Convert the rules to Advanced Rules Navigate to Guinea-Bissau > Transfers > Transfer Windows > Change the 2000 in the dates to 1999 Change the 2001 in the dates to 2000 Navigate to Guinea-Bissau > Season Periods (New System) Change the Start date year from 2000 to 1999 Change the End date year from 2001 to 2000 The issues are resolved (although transfer window dates are not displayed in calendar order). Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Blue Lou - Editor - Friendlies after season.png Blue Lou - Editor - transfer window years.png Blue Lou - In game dates.jpg Blue Lou - Guinea Bissau - December start.fmf
  6. What is the file location for the XML file for the pitchside adboards? I presume it's in an FMF file but I don't know which one (and haven't been able to find it).
  7. Summary: "Club" is included as a field for several International Competition records. The Nation is not included in the records section . Navigate to World Cup and see that nation is not listed for several records (but club is): Competition Record - Matches Biggest Win Highest Scoring Match Most Goals By A Player In A Match Highest Attendance Lowest Attendance Highest Average Attendance Fastest Goal Competition Records - Runs Most Matches Won in a Row Most Matches Lost in a Row Most Matches Without Losing Most Matches Without Winning Most Matches Without Scoring Most Matches Without Conceding Player Record - Matches Most Appearances Most Clean Sheets by a Player in a Season Youngest Player Oldest Player Youngest Goalscorer Oldest Goalscorer
  8. Summary: After converting the basic Uruguay competitions to advanced rules, the rules do not verify. Description of Issue: The issue seems to be the unneccessary inclusion of the "Uruguayan Intermedio" competition in the List > Uruguay > Competitions section . The Uruguayan Intermedio is listed below advanced rules. I don't think it needs to be included anymore, this seems like a leftover from a time before the "Other Competition to Use" field came into use. The Uruguayan First Division has the competition Uruguayan Intermedio in Stage 1's "Other Competition to Use" field and has superseded the above. The error message produced is: When the competition is removed from List > Uruguay > Competitions section, the competitions verify. Steps to Reproduce: Navigate to Rules > Add Nation Rules Choose Uruguay and 'Add Lower Divisions and Cups to Existing Structure' Navigate to Rules > Convert to Advanced Rules Save the file Navigate to Rules > Test Rules > All
  9. This shouldn't be happening 3 months in to a new game (during 2019), if that's the case, post it in the bugs forum. In the default database, he loves the club. Board confidence is set as 200 Fan confidence is set as 195
  10. Pre-Game Editor. People - Edit Filter The filter type "Has Non-Playing History at Club" does not work. If you select it and type in the name of a club into the text box, the editor will return 0 results.
  11. There's Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales - no need for an addon.
  12. It depends on the country. Sometimes the "B" team will find their way in to a playable lower league.
  13. It'll be in your C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\games folder Copy the file ending in .fm to a USB stick or put it in the cloud. Then copy it to the C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\games folder on the new laptop
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