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  1. Thanks. I'll update accordingly.
  2. Fixed. Luka, how come you don't email me these? Fixed. Fixed. Unfortunately, it was on oversight on my part as I had been using FIFA website to find out which teams were in the top flight and they are still using the name EEPCO. I've passed this on to the Asian HR.
  3. Diop is in the Asian database. I'll pass those details on. (I've also passed along Keita details to Spanish HR, and Ouahdani to the Italian HR.)
  4. Use the 'Advanced editor' For the playoffs stage, Ensure Reverse Teams is Unticked For the first round of the playoff stage. For round defaults: Fixed draw (1v2,3v4 etc.) Don't randomise home and away teams For the playoffs stage, look at "Teams" on the left hand side. You will have something similar to: Add a 'team index' of 0 (1st place) Add seven more similar lines for each position so it looks like this: The order of the numbers is important.
  5. Start pre-game editor Load database Load China Cup_E7CC3C91-1201-4DFE-A48E-5F1FEE0728C8.fmf from FTP Select Test Competitions Select Settings In the 'Divisions to simulate down to' box, click on 'Add' Add China Cup Click on 'Create new test' Enter a date such as 1/2/2017 Click on 'Run to date' The editor will close with a popup saying "Editor 2017 has stopped working". Operating system: Windows 10.
  6. Can the steam protocol be re-enabled? It doesn't work on this new board. for example: steam://install/482870 - The link to install the editor, doesn't work. This is how it looks: steam://install/482870 and this is how the forum outputs the above, it strips away the link. <a rel="external nofollow">steam://install/482870</a>
  7. In cases like this, I always think it's best to upload your editor file somewhere where people can download it to try and help out. Use somewhere like Re: The first issue. I don't think the league history has been input into the database so there's nothing for the game to display.
  8. This is how it is done in the 'advanced rules' section.
  9. To install Touch. If you're not using Chrome. Copy and paste this in to your browser window and press enter/return. steam://install/482750
  10. What I did was look at how nation's competitions are made in the editor using the basic comps and converting to advanced mode . I press F12 to take a screenshot of anything i find interesting / need to memorise
  11. I was considering adding what I made to the Steam Workshop, I didn't bother adding the Chatham Cup because the Premiership don't take part. I added the Charity Cup before realising it doesn't take place any more.
  12. Give this one a try: