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  1. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    I know it, all help is useful with attentions. Thanks anyway
  2. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    He's already in the db: Motaz Al-Mahdi (ID 13161822), @Aminezirar please pay attention, this is the second time that you ask to create a player already in the db.. Thanks Blake for this
  3. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    It means Not For Extraction, are players in the database but not in the game for various reasons. Anyway thank you for all your info, we'll try to make these asap.
  4. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    Please give us the site, there are dates of birth in there?
  5. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    He's already in the db Ahmed Rashid (ID 13161028), logged with some changes to do. Thanks.
  6. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    Absolutely not, Mariano Ondo have all info. Mariano Monsuy not. Thanks anyway
  7. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    Logged, Thanks.
  8. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    Deletion of Mariano Monsuy (ID 13203974) logged. Thanks.
  9. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    Already exist in the db: Dorvel Dibikou (ID 13158399), moved to AS Otôho and corrected surname to Dibékou for next phase.
  10. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    Concerned "Zappa Koroma", he already exist in the db: Francis Zarpa Koroma (ID 2016314), logged to rename him Francis Koroma and full name: Francis Zapa Koroma and set as non-player only. Thanks.
  11. lukafanzer

    [Africa] Data Issues

    Cédric Kodjo sign from USM Oujda cause he never played for Séwé in 2017/18 season. https://www.transfermarkt.com/usm-oujda/alletransfers/verein/39084
  12. lukafanzer

    FM17: African Talent

    These are all my guys and I'm proud of them (Issiaka Samaké, Merveil Ndockyt, Félix Chenkam and Moise Nkounkou)
  13. Great challenge!!, I'm following it
  14. Hi, I'm Africa Assistant Researcher and I haven't received yet the game, last year I waited 4 days after the official release but this year we are already a month..