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  1. Already changed for the winter patch.
  2. BURKINA FASO: USFA, Salitas, Rahimo IVORY COAST: Africa Sports, RC Abidjan SENEGAL: Génération Foot, Diambars
  3. First step: you're obviously right, I add for example the Académie MimoSifcom as ASEC Mimosas' academy. I can't add CFDFA as academy of Africa Sports d'Abidjan, another example, if it's not in real life. Second step: I set reputations for each clubs (in my database) every year. Concerned PA ratings for second levels, as I said above, the facilities are poor. It's not a question of researchers, quality players grew up in academies, in Ivory Coast there a lot of academies. How many players results in Europe from Songon FC, RFC Yamoussoukro or US Fermiers?, Zero. When a club have a decent academy I set it in the database as obvious (maybe I can forgot one or two, but surely will be in next game patch and so on). As always if you have some suggestion with proof (facilities images, articles etc. Or club "X" have low quality facilities compared to reality) I'll happy to add into the db .
  4. @Enzu225 Ivory Coast Head Researcher here. The Ligue 2 research is almost impossible and the players who are in those teams are very very few, consequently the majority of players are created by the CPU based on club reputation. I added a lot of academies with facilities filled, you must to know that most of clubs haven't proper academy and take young players from specialized academies (like AFORGER or CFDFA for example). Concerned regens, as BigPole said the training facilities are poor (FC San Pédro players, one of the best teams right now, made physique preparation on the beach this pre-season..), I can't increase facilities if are poor..
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