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  1. lukafanzer

    [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

  2. contact @SeaChelski he's Andorra Head Researcher.
  3. lukafanzer

    [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    He's the Ivory Coast local national team manager and his ID is 13136687 (Ibrahim Kamara)
  4. lukafanzer

    [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    Just logged
  5. lukafanzer

    [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks for these, very appreciated. For winter update Mohamed Camara was already transfered to FC Liefering . Concerned Djémoussa Traoré we had a lot of work this month, I can't update him for now but surely I'll do for next release. Sorry..
  6. lukafanzer

    [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi, done for the left foot. However he's listed in Réal Bamako: http://www.cafonline.com/Portals/0/Total Gabon u17/Mali.pdf Thanks anyway mate
  7. lukafanzer

    [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    In 2016 Van Dave Harmon played for Diambars with 4 caps and 0 goals.
  8. lukafanzer

    [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    For Okuruket already done in november
  9. lukafanzer

    [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    Please post in South African thread Thanks.
  10. lukafanzer

    [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    Thank you Mons , logged.
  11. lukafanzer

    FM17: African Talent

    These are all my guys and I'm proud of them (Issiaka Samaké, Merveil Ndockyt, Félix Chenkam and Moise Nkounkou)
  12. There are two Siriki Dembélé, we have the one born 17/04/1996 who plays for ASC Ouragahio as right back. I'll try to fix this problem.
  13. Great challenge!!, I'm following it
  14. Hi, I'm Africa Assistant Researcher and I haven't received yet the game, last year I waited 4 days after the official release but this year we are already a month..