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  1. Thanks @Jota90 and @dvielis, all sorted out now.
  2. Also, I'll look into the Estonia issues mentioned above by Bashar and Cedrik. Thanks for the heads-up, guys.
  3. OK, guys, let's turn it down a notch, please. As you all know very well, asking for a certain player to be looked at in a non-playable country's lower leagues usually comes from someone having a specific interest in that person, and that's what has happened here, I believe. I might be mistaken though, so apologies upfront, just in case. The thing is that neither Godtfredsen nor I knew that this player was playing for Tera since our focus was on the first two tiers, as mentioned above. Naturally, if someone draws our attention to such issues, as is the case here, we're more than glad to see to
  4. They have all, indeed, been logged, just the Makela defect remains open. Hopefully, it gets done on time as well. Thanks for the heads-up.
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