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  1. Sorry if this has been asked but is there a way to force a team to be promoted from an inactive completion?
  2. Missing players for FC Dallas from the U.S. U-20 national team Tanner Tessman https://www.uslleagueone.com/tanner-tessmann Kevin Bonilla https://www.fcdallas.com/players/kevin-bonilla
  3. A couple of missing players for New York Cosmos (20029882) Paul Blanchette (33071431) Emanuele Sembroni (43006652) Garrett Halfhill (20044993) Bljedi Bardic (20042223) Aaron Dennis (20040218) Aly Hassan (20028727) Michael Kafari (72041446) Shavon John-Brown (30001159) Salvatore Barone (20044975) David Diosa (20030482) Efrain Burgos (72023384) Isaac Acuña (51010727) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Cosmos_(2010)#Current_roster
  4. For some reason it says Ante Milicic (7200379) has Macarthur FC in his history for 2011-2012
  5. Missing staff and players for Hashtag United (29233953) Jay Devereux (7941280) should be manager Neil Richmond (89013531) should be assistant manager/player Joe Keith (108695) should be a coach Tom Williams (5101228) should be a coach/player Cabhan Clarke (29191460) Cain Brougham (31036127) Okwute Izuchukwu (89054517) Simon Peddie (89004803) Sam Byles (28018848) Matt Carter (28103160) Jesse Waller-Lassen (28049319) Harry Honesty (89054355) http://fulltime-league.thefa.com/DisplayTeam4.do?divisionseason=404341863&id=643311853&seasonTeamID=899960823 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashtag_United_F.C.#Current_squad @GripperAlso wouldn't it be possible to import the data from the Hashtag dlc over?
  6. Would it be possible to add Noah Botic to the game https://www.transfermarkt.com/noah-botic/profil/spieler/703655
  7. Missing player César Villaluz (51000034) from CD San Pedro (87001733) https://www.transfermarkt.com/cesar-villaluz/profil/spieler/53192
  8. Lee Sawyer (5007414) - Saffron Walden (8325138) https://www.saffronwaldentownfc.com/teams/187661/player/lee-sawyer-2052361/52322
  9. Christian Nanetti (28030713) - Corticella (43106377) https://www.tuttocampo.it/EmiliaRomagna/Eccellenza/GironeB/Giocatore/Scheda/8056510/Carriera
  10. Pavel Solomatin (58059657) - Akron Togliatti (58145316) https://www.transfermarkt.com/pavel-solomatin/profil/spieler/126352
  11. Please add Shady Radwan https://www.transfermarkt.com/shady-radwan/profil/spieler/624906 https://www.talentshunter.eu/shady-radwan/
  12. Bourges Foot (50041792) have the wrong stadium set https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bourges_Foot They should be in Stade Jacques Rimbault (945) instead of Stade Yves Du Manoir (979) which is also owned by the council https://www.hauts-de-seine.fr/sports-loisirs/sports/les-equipements-sportifs/stade-yves-du-manoir/
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