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  1. Sure no problem, not at home atm, I will simulate it later today or tomorrow
  2. You have to set the regional division for every level for every club
  3. Neub Skin V1.3, Metallic Logo Megapack,.. Never had any problems No other league packs. Wanted to holiday till 1/1/2019 and on, i think 11/11/2018 it crashed. As i said, I'll try it again at some point today
  4. Oh yeah, forgot to mention this, saw this too I'll do another sim today at some point to see if it always crashes there
  5. Would have to simulate one season to see if a B Team can get promoted to the top tier... But still, if you look at the rules of the top division you will see that it says: no B/reserve Teams are allowed to get promoted, which is wrong because there is no promotion Yes the crash did happen with the new file, never used the old one
  6. Found an Error: In the highest League you've set no B/Reserve Team can be promoted..... As far as I know, you have to set this in the second Division so no B/Reserve Team gets promoted to the highest Division. And my Simulation crashed on 10.11.2018 or 11.11.2018 can't remember exactly
  7. I know it got asked a few times in the past but i can't really find a good answer (or relatively new one) How can I add a new Nation? If i can only edit an old Nation, isn't the naming pool for Newgens wrong then? Like, if i edit Iceland and want a South African Nation, wouldn't the Newgens have icelandic names?
  8. It would be nice if you could add an option to release all first team main coaches on one click.
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