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  1. Yeah this might work. I'm slightly wary of declaring interest in too many players as I'd prefer to avoid unsettling my own squad too much, but one or two declarations shouldn't hurt. I suppose it's also possible that the movement of other players in the market might create the demand.
  2. Let's say, theoretically, that a major club, in another country, is having a bit of a crisis (consecutive poor league finishes, etc.). A lot of their star players are now listed by request, but no-one seems to be interested in them, even though, on paper at least, they're still very good players - a lot of the crisis is due to stuff like for some reason deciding to go a whole season with only one striker, who isn't anywhere near good enough for a good team in their league. Is there anything I can do to stimulate interest in these listed players, preferably without actually spending much m
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