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  1. Yeah this might work. I'm slightly wary of declaring interest in too many players as I'd prefer to avoid unsettling my own squad too much, but one or two declarations shouldn't hurt. I suppose it's also possible that the movement of other players in the market might create the demand.
  2. Let's say, theoretically, that a major club, in another country, is having a bit of a crisis (consecutive poor league finishes, etc.). A lot of their star players are now listed by request, but no-one seems to be interested in them, even though, on paper at least, they're still very good players - a lot of the crisis is due to stuff like for some reason deciding to go a whole season with only one striker, who isn't anywhere near good enough for a good team in their league. Is there anything I can do to stimulate interest in these listed players, preferably without actually spending much money? Yes, my reason for this is that I want to see their crisis get worse.
  3. I was going to suggest some changes in terms of certain players' positions and styles of play, particularly concerning First Vienna, but with the suspension of football I don't think my memory is accurate enough now to be very useful.
  4. Thanks, looking forward to the update! About the Stadtliga, I haven't played it yet because I can't find a good editor file for the Austrian lower leagues. Do you have one for managing Lauterach?
  5. He played the whole of the derby against FAK on 1 September, and played well (hopefully you were enjoying the win too much to notice). Yes, he was playing because Grahovac was injured, but at the moment he isn't even good enough in-game to be considered when there's an injury crisis. Will be good to see it changed, I assume this will be the winter update? Will probably have some thoughts concerning some Stadtliga stuff once someone has made it playable.
  6. Dalibor Velimirovic (16202417) has been playing a bit in the Rapid first team this season and should probably have a more appropriate CA/PA than at the moment, where he isn't even good enough to merit a chance in the first team squad
  7. Jiri Floder (25050107) starts the game on loan at Kromeriz - a loan which ended in January. He has been first choice keeper for Brno most of this season. Patrik Zitny (25055025) appears to be 196cm tall in-game despite being 177cm in real life - although I seem to recall having this issue with him and a few other players last season, and they all became the same height so it might be another issue. Jan Pazler (25022098) seems to be better than he should be. Antonin Rusek (25053188) has the opposite issue.
  8. I was wondering if there was a way to remove or alter the limits on the length of a season. Any help would be much appreciated
  9. How come you have images of it if you can't do it?
  10. For future games (probably not for several years), I think there should be more unpredictable outside influences on your save (wars, corruption, riots, fixed capital, etc.) to make it more realistic. You should also be able to take a more hands-on approach with tactics and training, with specific drills and ability to set passing preferences in player instructions.
  11. I don't see a problem. The games transfer mechanics are so hugely biased in favour of the selling club that it is, in a way, fair.
  12. From supportsinteractive.com: The Future of FM The Ideas Pot There are four sections for improvement - Scouting, Training, Tactics and Press/Team-talk. Scouting The first idea is an issue many agree on. The idea was found here: http://www.supportsinteractive.com/topic/80/scouting-your-opinion-and-suggestions/ The problem: Many people believe that scouting in FM13 is not at all intuitive, quite laborious and, more importantly, scouting does not feel realistic. The solution: To improve intuitive-ness, the suggestion is that the game provides a 2D map. On this map you have three or four views such as global, continental and regional and national. So global shows you the whole world and continents which are red have scouts assigned and areas left grey have no one assigned. On each continent could also be a bar to show your knowledge of the area and maybe the top three countries you have the highest knowledge of in this continent. You click on a continent and it brings up a scouting screen showing which scouts are there and what they're doing and it also gives you the option to send scouts there. - Sheriff Skacel Not interactive enough for the Sheriff. I think when you have zoomed in on just one nation you should find all the players that have been scouted and all the players that are currently being scouted or planned on being scouted from that nation. In three separate lists. If you are not zoomed in on one nation you should see those three lists for a whole region and so on. Players should not go automatically in to one unorganised default shortlist. You should be provided with the option to put them into one of three defaults. Youth prospect, First team, and High priority. Or something similar, with option to add custom shortlist underneath. Scout reports could become more detailed/accurate as more time has been spent viewing the player. More detailed analysis on how the player would fit in to the squad; Basically don't just give a personality type, give a more personal opinion on the players behaviour — talk about his effort and friendliness. They currently are not interesting to read. Most people skim over them looking at key features only. An opinion from the scout on the players recent form and the abilities they've shown in matches would help this improve. I also think that there should be more 1-to-1 communication with scouts and especially chief scouts. You can discuss which types of players you want scouted with them and they can bring their own ideas forwards; Not similar to the team meeting currently. Training This is an idea I saw on the 'FM Nutters' Facebook group. Jack Richards to be precise. The problem: The problem is that general team training is lacking. Individual training works very well, but choosing a focus for the week doesn't really satisfy because I fear moving off general, tactics or defending will damage the effectiveness of some players. Before FM13, training was even less realistic. Sliders didn't really emulate a managers job very well. This feels a bit basic when you're telling your whole team (Inc. defenders) to focus on attacking. The solution: This seems like something that could be implemented in a future version but probably not FM14, or even FM15. The idea is that the manager can become more of hands on coach-style manager should he wish to. He can create his own drills and training sessions. Not just choosing from a bunch of drop down options on a strict timetable. For example, I could create a few drills like here: http://www.supportsinteractive.com/topic/538/ajax-youth-development-when-real-life-meets-fm @Cleon81 has found out how Ajax conduct training. Managers of future instalments could learn drills like this and create them using an in game drill creator system. As detailed or more than the tactics creator. I wouldn't necessarily have to be a hands on manager and I wouldn't have to create drills for each part of the team. I could teach drills that improve fitness and I could hire technical, defending/attacking and goalkeeping coaches. This would create more realism and more variety in management approaches to the game. People could become specialised coaches as well as managers. Chairmen would consider this a factor when choosing to hire you or not. Training for more hands on coaches could involve letting your aerobic coach take the warm up for half an hour. Forcing unfit players to go for a full hour. Then letting players split into their respective areas. With defenders coming to you to learn from you because you've learnt your trade from someone on FM-Base or SI Games. A regrouping after two hours for strength work with your strength coach and back to you and your assistant for tight pitch nine-a-side game at the end of the day. Tactics This is an idea I found on a similar forum to this, here: http://www.supportsinteractive.com/topic/195/based-on-fm13-so-far-how-do-you-improve-the-game/ The problem: Some players feel that the current Tactic Creator doesn't provide as much control as real managers get. Specifically involving the players positioning/runs when on and off the ball. This has been omitted for several years. The solution: The Tactic Creator should have a defensive phase (team/positioning/roles/runs) screen and an attack phase (team/positioning/roles/runs) screen like they have defending and attacking set piece screens. Not a great comparison since one is a necessity and the other is not, but the idea is clear. - Tactikzz @TacticNewspaper It should be obvious that players are not always told to act out the same function in defence and attack. I've always wanted to see my Central midfielders (in a 4-1-2-1-2) play wider when defending to close down opposing wing backs and the AMC drops deep but I can't without this feature. My 4-1-2-1-2. It already works like the one on the left when in attack, but in defence I'd like it to transition to the one on the right for wide security. At the moment they occasionally close down the fullback but quickly retreat because I haven't (because I can't yet) instructed my CAM to drop deep and they are scared that the centre is exposed. Also, we should have the ability to make 3 or 4 players switch positions. For example, in a 4-1-2-2-1 style, the wingers and striker all swap throughout the 90 minutes with each other — or a temporary shout to tell them when to swap. Press/Team-talks The problem: The press conferences and team talks are repetitive. Even the 1-to-1 talks and team meetings are boring. The solution: Not an easy or (I imagine) cost effective solution but if SI could import AI into these areas then I think the game would improve massively. I think the journalists should be able to learn about your reactions to questions. And they should be able to ask from a database of more varied questions so that a press conference flows. With five times as many responses you can choose from. The responses shouldn't be ordered so obviously as well. This is all pointless though if the articles published aren't worth reading. There should be more variety here most certainly. Shady journalists like The Sun should try to provoke a reaction from you to get a cheap story. Whereas respectable journalists should be writing about your recent form and asking you about your tactical manoeuvres and selection choices whilst remaining aware that big stories are often the basics - Diving crisis, Underdog stories , etc. For team talks, the players should learn your style. For example, a player gets motivated by your confidence in the short term but in the long term, they think you take too much of the limelight in press conferences and begin to think twice about you. Whereas a player with a different personality enjoys your laid back style to team talks and he's always happy when he talks to you. This AI stuff works better in 1-to-1 situations and team meetings. I think because in press conferences and team talks it seems like a lot of effort for a small change. This would make meetings flow and mean each one is different because it is based on what you talked about last time plus the new issue. An improvement on this would be maybe him going and chatting with me and the scout about a guy he thought of after he left the room. Conclusion I think some of these ideas are difficult to implement by FM14. But I shouldn't be the one to evaluate — you should be. I'd love to hear feedback on these ideas; Hopefully positive. I'm also keen on hearing any more ideas you have to revolutionise (...or just improve [...or just refine]) the series.
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