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  1. I sent Fm2020 key and receipt to steam. I didn't get any answer.
  2. I can't login to steam. Changed pass and mail.
  3. Please help I have Fm 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 etc and can't play. I reported to steam and waiting for 20 hours. Steam did nothing. Steam Ticket: HT-QDF7-QD6P-QJQC Sorry for my English.
  4. Start of 25/26. Glazers leave the club at 22/23. New owners from Brazil. I'm so unhappy
  5. Third time board cut money total 771m pounds.
  6. We must sign with a lawyer for work permit and card fine.
  7. I hate Glazer too but leaves the club on the game. New owners from Brazil.
  8. What is this? last year they cut 250 million pound, total 463 million pound
  9. Ac Milan, feb 2024 https://mega.nz/#!CF0kDA7A!OEqf6lnrrc5GQ-NTnoTwRUTYPZcgZzNwCH5BKcTNIYU
  10. Start of 6th season. 4 league wins, 2 cl wins, 3 semi finals Angel Gomes Andreas Pereira, make good assists as amr-if Mason Greenwood Aliou Traore, good sub. Tahith Chong
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