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  1. After watching some more games, this happened vs Livingston where I remembered Scotland doesn't have VAR. However, it's not very clear that the goal was ruled offside.
  2. I'm having an issue where the disallowing of goals isn't being shown on Key Highlights. I'm having Goals being Awarded and it's happened multiple times in my save which I have uploaded. However, when a goal is being disallowed, the highlight of the actual event happens but the VAR event does not. In FM21, this was a highlight so I'm expecting this to be the case here too. This has happened multiple times and the VAR event has not been shown. This happened most recently in the Hearts game where Hearts had an equalising goal disallowed and was not shown.
  3. This slightly links back to when long throws were OP because of the amount of times you'd lose possession through a long throw inside your own half. To put it simply, I'd like the ability to have different throw-in set pieces for when I'm inside my on half and inside the final third. Traditionally, long throw teams wouldn't do their long throws inside their own half as they'd want to keep possession. It's about wanting to create a direct goalscoring opportunity like they would with a corner. To add to this, I'd like the ability to move a line around the pitch which decides where to use a different throw-in tactic. Keeping on the long-throw logic, I'd have that border nearer the corner flag as it's more likely to score. However, deep inside my own half, I'd want a quick throw to keep possession and maybe surprise the opposition.
  4. End of Season 7 - 2025/26 Promotion through the playoffs is fantastic. Had a poor start and changed tactic. Without that poor start, we could have added a title to our collection as well but it was not to be. A Southern League Cup makes up for the lack of trophy. The Chippenham game wasn't as easy as you'd think. Their two leads deflated me as I expected them to run away and had to make changes. A freekick from Parrett on the stroke of half-time gave us an undeserving lead then Chippenham fell apart. Giving away a penalty which caused the player to be sent off. Into the Vanarama National League South with 146 points.
  5. Well. The gap between the top two and everybody else is huge. A promotion or a cup and I might be able to look at bridging that gap. Looking at it, just promoting would get me to 543.
  6. End of Season 5 - 2024/25 Short one as not spectacular. Didn't expect it to be as I needed playoffs in the division below. However, Basingstoke won this league with a final day draw and Met Police losing to Poole. A positive note in the fact that we were only 16 points down on Basingstoke compared to the 20 of last season. Horrendous runs of form contributed to that with runs of 8 games without a win and one of that run being a draw. Reducing that next season will be the aim and comparing my scout reports mean that we're likely to be massively overperforming. The focus of next season will be to improve the defence and goalkeeping positions. Despite an xG of about 44, we conceded 62. That's an area that needs resolving and giving opponents too much space for unlikely shots as well as poor goalkeeping helps that.
  7. I'd be praying for 17th if I were you. Though relegation isn't awful with parachute payments.
  8. Ah. Thanks. Had assumed that the points were for a title win.
  9. End of Season 4 - 2023/24 Wow. What an end to the season. Began the season strongly but fixture congestion combined with the loss of the promotion momentum meant we slipped from an early unbeaten part of the season which gave us good cup runs in the FA Cup and FA Trophy where we got beaten by teams in League One and the National League. Was on the edge of even making the playoffs but made a tactical change as an experiment for the playoffs in the final league game as Bemerton Heath weren't going to pass us even if we lost. We held on to that win so we were the bottom team of the playoffs. Last season's chaotic man Joseph Brown got sent off in the first half before their player also had a second yellow in injury time of the first half. Match edging towards penalties so moved some of the team around to accommodate our best taker whilst also taking off one of our worst in Urwin (right-winger). Kithambo wasn't needed for what he was brought on for but I don't care. No trophies but I don't mind winning the playoffs. The finances don't look as good as you'd think because we've been able to upgrade our training facilities from Poor to Basic which cost approximately £100,000 but we're still healthy for where we are. No trophy this year but we'll add 30 points for 76.
  10. End of Season 3 - 2022/23 Won the league on Goal Difference on the final day. We needed a win and for Bemerton to lose and both scenarios came up and a Wessex League Cup to put us on 46 points. Our Right Back isn't bad and has done a solid job for us this season and our goalkeeper did as well as I expected so that's not a huge issue. It's all about finding improvements to the squad to keep moving forward than any specific areas right now as we move up the leagues. A fantastic run in the FA Cup ended when we lost to a National League relegated Torquay side so I'm not unhappy about that. The FA Vase was possible but a poor loss to Burnham put that to bed. Thanks to the FA Cup, our finances are looking good with over £100k in the bank. Since our stadium (field) isn't good enough, we're now renting Testwood Stadium which is the home of AFC Totton. Totton finished 7th in the Southern League Division 1 South so we'll be stadium sharing with a league rival. It's approximately 10 minutes drive away so it's not too bad. Though I'd thought we would rent Team Solent's former ground.
  11. End of Season 2 - 2021/22 Won the league with three games to spare having failed to win 7 games at the time. Three losses and four draws. Knocked out of the Wessex League Cup to Bashley in what can only be described as the Joseph Brown Show. In the first half, he scored a brace for us and scored a third through an own goal to send us to 3-2 down. We came back to draw 3-3. On penalties, we were 3-3 with two penalties for us and one for them. Joseph Brown failed to score that fourth penalty and it took until our last player (and other centre back) to miss. Near-certain glory to defeat. If I can gain anything from that, they were top of the Wessex League Premier Division. In the off-season, our focus will be on depth and key positional improvements. Finding a first choice Goalkeeper and Right Back will be crucial as both players from both positions were taken by other teams and it was essentially a rush job to find replacements. The aim is to properly find a first team option for both this off-season. Depth became an issue with our two centre backs being the only players that would play centre back at a reasonable level and the single, non-start of the series generated goalkeeper could have been catastrophic. If I find any other improvements, I'll take advantage but the key improvements are Goalkeeper and Right Back.
  12. End of Season 1 - 2020/21 Won the league in dominant fashion with 28/30 wins and the others being a goalless draw against Overton United and the other being a 1-1 draw with Locks Heath. An unbeaten season was combined with a Hampshire Premier League Cup win for 6 points. After the cup final, the board decided to go Semi-Professional.
  13. Was struggling in Tier 7 in a personal save I did with the intention of going from Tier 10 to Champions League. But found this database and trying this challenge with a team far closer to home. Not the closest team to me but for that, I'd be immediately in the Premier League but it's not far. Had intended to change Bush Hill to their new name of Millbrook FC. Instead of going for Millbrook FC, I went for some updates in the pre-game editor and changed Bush Hill to Southampton United. A fantasy, alternative team. Nothing else changed so no wild advantages. Logo is custom and, yes, it has Barney the Dinosaur in it.
  14. Looks interesting. How far are you planning to go into England? Would love to take one of my local teams to win the PL and win FA Cups to reclaim the most FA Cup wins.
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