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  1. Achieving high possession numbers on consistent basis is very difficult on FM20 unless you micro manage every game, due to how easy it is for the opposition teams to set up defensively from minute one and rack up hundreds of passes, and thus possession percentage, between their GK and defenders. I wouldn't get too hanged up on the number, focus on quality of the play instead.
  2. I think it was pointed out in other threads - there's a bit of an issue with ME where teams with managers with Plays out of defence tendency are going OTT with it by passing the ball between the defenders racking up 100s of pointless short passes and it's impossible to win the ball back.
  3. How are your opponents' passing stats looking like? What I'm experiencing myself when trying to build a possession orientated team in FM20 is it's impossible to win the ball back when opposition team decides to waste time from minute one just passing the ball between back 4/5 who end up racking up a million of passes between them.
  4. Low and medium level teams that have no interest in attacking just pass the ball between the defenders and the goalie racking up pass and possession stats this way. Just had a game against Southampton and their gk + 3 CBs got over nearly 600 passes completed between them with 95%+ accuracy while my attackers just kept running in circles trying to dispossess them unsuccessfully.
  5. I'm in the same boat - no point of playing FM without steklo skin.
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