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  1. Won't be doing the challenge straight away, but will plan on going to Portugal first as a result of my affiliates last season with Paços de Ferreira that I had at Siena in FM 21.
  2. So a quick question for those of us who plan on doing this challenge once FM 22 comes out. What countries do you think you will try and do the challenge in? Do you want to try and complete it in Europe, or do you want to try and do it in a foreign country? I see myself doing it mostly in Europe, but I'm very much open to doing it abroad too if I need to.
  3. ACN Siena 1904 – Season 28 – 2048/49 Season Review After 16 seasons in the league, we have finally qualified for the Champions League for the very first time, though it was at this moment that I confess on not wanting to do another season of the save with FM 22 coming out so soon. I like the idea of ending this on this sort of high where we can claim to have gotten a top 3 finish for the very first time in the club's history in Serie A. It's not a title win, but it's still better than nothing, especially since we for the very first time ever got two top 7 finishes in a row, it felt nice. At one point we were actually top of the table, but as you can see, we started losing more than we drew and we lost to some teams that we needed to beat. We did managed to beat Juventus 3-1 however, so we did finish unbeaten against them, but I look at some of these results and wonder what could have been, especially in Janury, April and May. We were unlucky against PSV, and any other team we probably would have beaten them, but it just wasn't to be. I got offered the Hollands job in April too, after their previous manager left them for Newcastle, I said no. I also convinced the board to form a link with Croatian side Varaždin after the season finished too, which was nice. One more thing. My former player Giuseppe De Biasi is a manager now, and he managed to win the Lega Pro Girone B in his first full season in charge of the club. I am very proud of him.
  4. ACN Siena 1904 – Season 28 – 2048/49 Season Youth Intake So our latest youth intake arrived and it wasn't the greatest intake in the world, but it was still an intake that I was pretty pleased about. The main reason I was so pleased was the arrival of Hugo Hals, who despite the fact I will be making this my last season gives me hope for the CB position, he has all of the attributes that I'd want in an BPD, so he was pretty good to see arrive. The last player that had more than 3 stars of potential ability was Angelo Pavone, but his position is filled with so much talent that it might be pretty difficult for him to get a look into the first team in the future, the poor soul.
  5. Can now add Ukraine to the list after getting an affiliation with Dnipro-1.
  6. I'm using my foreign affiliates in my Siena as for what countries I plan on go in future saves. So far it's looking like a decent sized list. Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Finland, Holland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Switzerland, Uruguay, Norway, Slovakia, South Africa, Romania, Sweden, Serbia, Greece and finally returning to Italy if I fail in all of those countries.
  7. ACN Siena 1904 – Season 28 – 2048/49 Season Preview So my latest youth intake preview came in and it doesn't look good for us as far as I am concerned, the fact that the only positive is the fact we have a lot of wingers outside of the talk that this could be a real golden generation for the club. I don't think I will see much with this intake. Much to my own surprise we are actually looking we can challenge for Serie A title for the very first time in our 16 seasons in the division. It's been an entire generation since we got promoted to Serie A and finally we look like we could be in a title race for the very first time. It's exciting times. What is another exciting thing is that we qualified from the Europa League for the very first time, Not only did we go through for the first time, but we did it in a tough group with the likes of Real Betis and Monaco, who are no slouch. The run of form we've had so far this season has been amazing. We've beaten Inter Milan 4-1, Atalanta 5-0, so I know we have been incredible so far this season. We've also managed to get yet another affiliate in the form of Xanthi from Greece, which opens up another opportunity to get new players and in FM 22 unlocks a new option for me to go to in the Youth Academy Challenge. It's good times.
  8. Got a new affiliate from Serbia this time. Making sure that I have as many affiliates from foreign countries as possible. This time from Serbia.
  9. ACN Siena 1904 – Season 28 – 2048/49 Season Preview So I've finally decided to continue this save for what will be my last season at Siena before FM 22 comes out. My main hope is that I can win a chance to get into the Champions League next season through either my league performances or winning the Europa League. My hope is that while we can't complete the challenge before FM 22 is that we can at least win one more trophy to add to our Lega Pro Girone B that we won almost 20 years ago now. The board did terminate two of our links at the beginning of the season, but I did manage to convince them to sign another club on instead. We are now linked with Kalmar FF, with hope that we get some really good Swedes coming through our youth intakes going forward. If it doesn't happen, then it doesn't hurt us. It also means that can do the challenge in Sweden in the future as per the rules I've put under myself for FM 22. It's a nice addition.
  10. ACN Siena 1904 – Season 27 – 2047/48 Season Review So our latest season has been completed and we've missed out on Champions League football by two points after going five games without a win towards the end of the season. I'm happy we've improved from 11th last season, but it still hurts to know we've bottled our best chance of getting Champions League football. To be frank, we drew too many games this season. As you can see, with just 4 wins in the last 13 games, you can see we dropped the ball with our end of season form and why we bottled our chances of Champions League football. We did miss out on a chance of a second straight Copa Italia final after losing to Bologna on away goals. They did lose to Juventus in the final, but I'm just annoyed we missed a chance on a 2nd straight cup final after we lost in the Italian Supercup final to Juventus too. In some better news, Walter Disegni has officially been recognised as a wonderkid for the club and the 5th wonderkid to be developed by the club in 27 years. We've also finally moved into our new stadium, which has the potential to be expanded to 41K seats in the future, so I'm hopeful that we can continue to develop our fanbase and bring in more income from ticket revenue with our future expansions.
  11. ACN Siena 1904 – Season 27 – 2047/48 Youth Intake Despite being promised an exciting right winger from Siena, we also got given various other players and nationalities in our latest youth intake. So while it's a "golden generation", it's also one of our worst intakes in a long time. It feels like the quality of the squad is finally getting to the point where we can not keep producing the young talent we need to match the level that we currently have in the squad. I wasn't expecting a Romanian striker, but our affiliates FC Dinamo București really delivered for us with this young striker. Does he need work on his personality? Yes, but given how good he could potentially be, I think that's a small price to pay. As for the winger from Siena? He's as good as I could have had to have gained from the area. He's already looking like a player I would want to throw in the first team in the future, which is exciting. The last player that I want to talk about is Lapo Buzzegoli, who my backroom staff believe could be a good DM in the future. I'm willing to agree with that assessment because of his mental attributes. He needs work on his physicals and his technical skills, and is only 5'5", so will hopefully grow taller too.
  12. ACN Siena 1904 – Season 27 – 2047/48 Youth Intake Preview So our latest youth intake preview has seen has have more negatives than positives, but with how good our squad it's not surprising to see things slowing down, even if we are still expected to be getting a golden generation. Going into the Christmas break, we are looking strong and looking like we are challenging for not only Europe, but if we get our form going well, fighting for a potential league title? Who knows, we could cause an upset. As to how this has happened? Our form has been pretty good, only Juventus and Benevento have beaten us in the league, and we have taken some pretty big scalps too. Can we keep this up though? That remains to be the big question.
  13. So I might be taking a step back from the challenge for a little bit as I get more busy with other projects. Hopefully I'll be back soon.
  14. Congrats on completing the challenge @toshimitzou1 well deserved!
  15. ACN Siena 1904 – Season 27 – 2047/48 Season Preview Another new season and another new challenge. This season the board does not want a top-half finish, but only a mid-table finish (thank goodness) and things have taken a very interesting turn for me. We have an affiliate in Serie A this season after they beat Roma in the promotion playoffs last season. So I have loaned a few players their way to not only give them Serie A experience, but to also try and help them stay up. I'm not expecting them to stay up, but if they get the Serie A experience, they could hopefully develop as players and become Serie A players in the mean time. So our club finances look pretty secure. Don't think we'll be worrying about that any time soon. As a result of getting to the Coppa Italia final and losing to Juventus, who completed the league and cup double, we have a chance to try and win the Italian Supercup for the very first time in China. Yes, China. Still though, if we win this, it will be our first "major" piece of silverware and our first since 2031, so hopefully we can win it? Also, Spain wanted me to become their manager. I said no. I've also sent Mohamed Harti out on loan in an attempt to get him first-team football which will hopefully help him develop. I think he could be our best centre-back who could be our main defender in the years to come, but with him turning 18 this season, I felt a loan move was a good call for him. This is Vincenzo Deluigi, our first ever player to be considered a "Leading Serie A" player, and he is now our best player at the club. Unfortunately, Deluigi no longer considers the club strong enough to play at a level match his ambitions. Thankfully he still has 4 years left on his contract, but this still stings that our 3rd wonderkid believes he has now outgrown us as he becomes considered a Leading Serie A player.
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