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  1. You know, I think I might have been drawn in the group of death in the Europa League. I had been hoping for a kinder draw than this. Good thing that the board only wants me to be competitive in the Europa League this season, right?
  2. ACN Siena 1904 - 2039/40 Season Preview So our season preview looks like something that both gives me hope and drives fear into me. We need to be doing well on a consistent basis this season, but if I get a run of fixtures where I take on a lot of the big teams in a row, then I fear that things could go very badly, very quickly. Here's hoping that our first season with European football doesn't cause us to have to worry about a relegation fight.
  3. Oh no! My link with Anadia got terminated, despite the fact they gave me one of the best Portuguese newgens possible in Cláudio Paulino. Though being given a link with Académica Coimbra made up for it. Especially when I was able to convince them to add this little clause to the partnership. Happy days.
  4. ACN Siena 1904 - 2038/39 Season Review The first season that Juventus do not win the Serie A title is the season that we manage to secure European football for the first ever time. Despite the fact that we finished 6 points clear of Sassuolo, it was only on the last day of the season that we confirmed our qualification at the end of the day. Sassuolo lost to Juventus and Inter in their last two games as we managed to win 5 straight games at the end of the season. It's our best ever league finish, and our best ever points finish in Serie A. Here's hoping that we get a nice group in th
  5. ACN Siena 1904 - 2038/39 Youth Intake So my youth intake arrived and there are lots of reasons to be interested. There are some talents with good personalities and great potential, while there are some talents with poor personalities and great potential. It would have been nice if things were always straight forward. The man at the top of the list with the best potential and the best personality is Gabriele Carbone. A player after my own heart, he plays as a winger, a role that I use in my main tactics and has great potential. It's just a shame that he's one of my players
  6. That's good to know. Could only imagine the chaos trying to do this with multiple teams at once.
  7. So random question that might be a little crazy to even consider, but is it against the rules to try and manage more than one club at a time for the challenge? I know it seems crazy, but I had a crazy idea to actually consider trying it out.
  8. Had this intake preview. This was nice to see, even if the preview for the intake is not as good as it could be. I do look forward to the Czech midfielder.
  9. I almost always have that issue with some of my players.
  10. I've come to the sad realisation that the Siena club legend, Jack Oliver who has scored over 200 league goals for my Siena side has effectively been replaced by my younger talents. He helped me get 2 promotions in 3 seasons and has scored over 100 Serie A goals. What a legend for the club he is.
  11. Congrats on completing the challenge @Armeniar, very well done!
  12. I'd say constantly mid-table with 3 top half finishes, including a season in the Europa League. They also have one relegation, but they got promoted straight back up. In the Europa League, they got knocked out in the Second Knockout Round by Real Sociedad on away goals in the 2025/26 season.
  13. ACN Siena 1904 - 2038/39 Season Preview If there was one thing that I wasn't expecting at the beginning of the season, it was that two teams coming up would be lower than us in the league table at the beginning of the season, not that they moved from the root of the table after a month and a half of transfers had been completed. You've got to fear for Salernitana and Crotone this season, you really do. Italy have approached me to become their manager for the 3rd time in 5 years, so I really wonder at what point do I just accept their offer to become their manager. Do I go t
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