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  1. I've been fighting the red since my current board took over the club. My previous chairman is now the chairman of Villarreal of all places, which is kind of funny now that I think about it...
  2. Well this is potentially ominous. I hope I don't get sacked after 8 seasons at the club.
  3. ACN Siena 1904 - 2028/29 Season Preview So we're starting our 8th season at Siena and we are predicted to finish in 18th place, but despite that, our odds are only 33-1, which shows how tight and competitive this league really is. Are we going to be facing a difficult season? Most likely, especially since the board has outright told me that we are now only expected to finish in the relegation playoff positions. It's a bit of a relief and gives me a chance to experiment with the team and ensures that the team will be able to continue to grow stronger. Looking at the t
  4. ACN Siena 1904 - 2027/28 Season Preview This season was a massive step backwards and we lost 14 of our last 17 matches in the league, including 9 defeats in a row, a club record, which saw us miss out on getting into the promotion playoffs and allowed ourselves to be dragged towards the relegation playoffs fight. It's made more disappointing by the fact that we lost to Matelica and Follonica Gavorrano during this run of games, two clubs who got relegated at the end of the season. We only managed to drop points to all of the bottom five teams with Vis Pesaro being the only team we too
  5. So I just got a new parent club, I shouldn't lose any potential players to my new parent club, Pacos de Ferreira should I?
  6. ACN Siena 1904, commonly referred to as Siena, is an Italian football club based in Siena, Tuscany. The club was re-incorporated in 2020 after the bankruptcy of the previous legal person Robur Siena, which itself was the reincarnation of the original club Associazione Calcio Siena S.p.A. re-incorporated in 2014. A.C. Siena's predecessor was founded in 1904. Let's just say that Siena have not enjoyed the 2010s too much.
  7. So my chairman just sold my best defender to Pescara for about £240K rising to £350K behind my back. Isn't the biggest deal, but I'm happy he didn't sell him to my fierce rivals Frosinone, like my player was hoping he would. To reference the player that I just lost in the January transfer window, he's not only my best defender, but he's also my best defensive midfielder and my second best central midfielder. A very versatile player if I ever saw one. Though I am hoping that someone buys him from Pescara so I get net some good money from the 50% profit from the next sale, that Pescar
  8. So far, I've played 6 games in the new year, but have yet to win a match. Though given that I've had 4 matches in the league and drawn all of them, it's not the end of the world. I just wish I won the game where we scored in the 90th minute, but then conceded from a corner in the 94th minute...
  9. So, against my better judgement I've finally decided to pull the trigger and go for a new formation and tactic altogether. Was this the formation and roles I had in mind at the beginning of the season? No, however, the more I think about the positions and the roles, the more it makes sense to me to go ahead and try out some new tricks. The roles in this formation suits my team better, my Head of Youth Development is suited to this formation, he literally uses a 4-2-3-1 for a Control Possession tactical style for goodness sake. It's going to be a risk to change from a narrow formation to sudden
  10. It's in the team report and you choose the "Position Overview" in the drop down menus.
  11. A.C.N Siena 1904 - 2027/28 Season Preview For the first time since I've been the manager of Siena we've been predicted to finish outside of the relegation playoffs. Admittedly this was due to the loan signings from last season ending on the 30th of June. Before the loans had ended, we were predicted to finish in 16th place, the relegation playoffs. Since we don't sign players, I have no concerns about the potential scenarios of getting stronger outside of our players developing into the players that their potential promises that they will be. Given that we finally reached the playof
  12. Well, I’m for the first time in this challenge having an awkward moment where I don’t know what my best formation is. So it sounds somewhat silly, but I’m at a stage after 6 seasons that most of the original team has been replaced and that I’ve got so many potentially talented players that are trained on positions I don’t use. What an annoying headache for have.
  13. ACN Siena 1904 - 2026/27 Season Review For the first time in my six year stint in charge of ACN Siena 1904, we finished in the top half of the Lega Pro Girone B, which allowed me to challenge for the right to be promoted to Serie B through the playoffs. We managed to beat Teramo 3-1, but were eventually beaten 2-1 by Pontedera in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Pontedera were beaten in the Semi-Finals by eventual winners Südtirol, so I'm not that concerned by it. We did miss out on the chance to relegation our rivals Sambenedettese, who were eventually relegated anyway, but of the big
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