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  1. Congrats @libbyshuss Really well done in Brazil!
  2. Atlético CP – Season 4 – 2024/25 Season Review Going into the end of the season we found ourselves going into a relegation fight that made me wonder if we really were in trouble. In the end though, we managed to survive for a 2nd straight season in the Terceira Liga, but this season we actually got a message in the build up about being in a relegation fight with four games to go. We managed to secure our survival when we got our 10th win of the season, but afterwards we kind of fell away and claimed just a single point. We still managed to move up two positions from our re
  3. Atlético CP – Season 4 – 2024/25 Youth Intake Our latest youth intake has arrived and things are looking promising for the future if this is anything to go by. Pedro Cardoso being a DM who could be trained to be a CM, but can also play as a CB is a promising start. Hopefully he can get close to his potential that he is showing. A winger? A striker? An attacking midfielder? Whatever he can be, Salomâo Rodrigues is an exciting Angolan player who I believe could be our first choice on the left wings in the future. He will be our back-up left winger next season for
  4. Well this is ominous. I don't think we're staying up this season.
  5. You can normally tell how big the stadium is planned on being in the facilities page of the club profile. It gives you an idea of what size stadium that they are looking for.
  6. Atlético CP – Season 4 – 2024/25 Youth Intake Preview The youth intake preview is both good and bad. It's good that we might be getting another striker and another goalkeeper who might be really good. But we need better centre-backs and central midfielder than we already do. So things are not looking as rosy as I wish for them to be.
  7. I have a new club president. He likes things are going at the club, so doesn't plan on changing anything. We are getting along quite nicely so far. He'll be around for a minimum of 3 years. Maybe we'll get another promotion in that time.
  8. Atlético CP – Season 4 – 2024/25 Season Preview The season preview of our 4th season as the Atlético CP manager in our 2nd season in the Terceira Liga is not looking great, but I know that we have the tactic that I believe will get us into a top-half finish with maybe even a look at the top 6 if we get the performances that I know we can with the talent at our disposal. Though we did have an issue with our backup keeper who has a lot of potential making noise about wanting a move to a lower division so he can get more first team football. I'll probably be using h
  9. We have about £377M, so money really isn’t an issue at this point. We could get relegated and fail to get back into Serie A and it wouldn’t hurt us financially for at least a decade give it take on how we manage the squad.
  10. So... this just happened in my Siena save... Got me a bit of money too...
  11. I think it's my players. According to the new league predictions, we're still the 17th/18th best team in the division, so we've been massively overperforming. Only 5/6 players are considered either decent or good Serie A players.
  12. ACN Siena 1904 - 2043/44 Season Review Another season has been completed and by the end of the year I was just fed up with my Siena side that hasn't made any significant progress and for the first time in four seasons, has failed to finish in the top half of the table. It made me doubt the quality of my side and my managerial skills that I was just losing game after game after game. This is despite the fact we managed to beat Juventus and Inter Milan on consecutive matches. If there was one thing that I could be happy about, it was the fact that we managed to get an affili
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