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  1. Thank you. Last question I promise. Its bottom half below middle say 20 team league has to be 11th down. Reason I ask I had my eye on FC Groningen but they are slap in the middle 9th out of 18.
  2. Sorry last question, have you got to start in the leagues in the original post. There some 3 star European top leagues not included, Serbia, Croatia, Sweden, Norway and Israel which are all 3 stars.
  3. All weekend I've been starting saves, messing around with datebase and leagues loaded for a journeyman save and not hardly played because couldnt settle on anything. This looks like something I could get my teeth into. 2 teams I was considering are in the leagues above . I just need to check media prediction if I can be them. Will post up tonight once I set up and decided who to start with.
  4. Hi mate I have same spec as you. Just wondered how many playable leagues you run and processing time? Looking for my last longterm save and dont want to get 5 seasons in and find I've loaded too much and its painfully slow.
  5. Has anybody done a Scandinavia journeyman save, might so some different and interesting. Think problem would be struggling in Europe due to seasons being different time of the year to european cups
  6. I've played journeyman saves all year but thinking of starting a new save and taking one of the big teams on hard times and try and get them up. Narrowed down to Deportivo or Palermo. Was also tempted by Torpedo Moscow but I managed in the Russian 2nd division on one of my journeyman saves. Has anybody done either? I'd imagine promotion first season wouldnt be too difficult. Does it getting challenging after that. I want something I can sink my teeth into. I'm open to other suggestions.
  7. Good to see so many still doing this. I am myself just not been posting any updates. Might do tonight if my profile still shows Sunday league. My current club been good to me so nearly done all my badges so wont post if doesnt show Sunday league.
  8. 2nd in my Asian champions league formation. The registration doesn't allow me to have youth players and only 3 of my foreigners. Until next stage I dont have a striker and having to play a winger up front and dont have a am basically 5 of my starting 11 cant play in Champions league. It's worked well I've won 4 out of 4. Next round I'll be able to add a striker and couple cms. I also switch to the 4141 to see out games I'm winning. If it matters I've recruited 2 new players. A fast striker whose a poacher/Advanced forward and a left winger who excellent for the level , out and ou
  9. Please. I'm getting better by reading the forums and actually on a great run now but not blowing anybody away, just scraping. I have dropped the prevent gk on 4141 no idea why it was there.
  10. Here's the tactics. the roles are not set in stone, I have been changing the strikers especially. I dropped the 442 but it was the same as the 4411 only a DLF on support rather than the AM
  11. I'm managing in Australia. Due to restrictions I'm very limited in what I can do squad wise. Can only have 5 foreign and you cant buy from other teams in the league. So choices are 5 foreign players, youth players and any free Austrlians I can pick up. I won the league last year but had a wonderkid striker whose now left for PSG and Pukki. They both smashed the goals in. I've not been able to replace them adequately, managed to get a player on loan from Argentina but not to the leveling I had. My squad make up is 3 ageing fullbacks who lack pace. I have them on sup
  12. Thanks all not bee on for a few days. It a mute point in my save. Falque stats have really tanked not just his physicals but across the board. I've also lost my 2 strikers and struggle to recruit good enough replacements. I've blessed with pace now, 4 very quick wingers,(if they could only cross the ball) 2 quick centre backs and got about 6 players who are all excellent passes, only 1 quick striker. Only way really is a 433, just deciding if to play deep and go for quick long counters with my pace. OR press high knowing my CB are both very quick. Balancing act as going high wont utilise
  13. Cheers mate, looking at that can see I dont have the players to make it work. Both my fullbacks lack pace and stamina so I tend to keep them back. I dont have a striker who could play false 9 and only one of midfielders can play the mezzala role. I won the league anyway and qualified for Asia champions league which was my goal. Having a crack at that and will then move on the following season back to Europe where will attempt it again.
  14. Basically I tend to buy old stars who have all the technical abilities and mental but are on the wane physically. I want them to relive the glory years in a much lower standard. Minute I'm using Falque hes stats are great for the role, excellent, vision,passin,flair,compose,decisions, first touch he has it all except pace and stamina. My strength other than him is my strikers. I have the 2 best in the league, Pukki whose old but banging them in as a poacher and a regen whose I've already lost to PSG but managed to keep him on loan for season. He is the complete striker he 6.7ft and
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