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  1. Disaster struck Gibbs White was out for the season Injuryed in training. There was actually 8 games to go. I had to go back to drawing board. I had a 33 year old Mexican international who hardly used all season. He had no pace or stamina but vusin, passing,flair and long shots all 17 and above. Went back to 4231 with him playing engenche. Lower low, high line, and tight marketing. He was brilliant scored 6 goals and we won 5 drew 2 and only lost last game of the season to Villa who need to beat me to win the league and we were safe. I'm going to play 5212 this season as I have 1 good
  2. Abandoned the short , slow build up wasnt getting me anywhere. Kept lower loe with a higher defensive line and put my 2and choice rb in the team for bit extra pace. I lost heavily to 2 teams around me. Gone for a 442 more direct counter attacking. Got 3 good results away a 1-0, and 2 draws which were real kicks in the teeth last min equalised. Home form different scoring lots but conceding loads need last mins equaliser against bottom 2 and lost 5-0 against 2 from top 6. 6 games to go im 3 clear of 3rd bottom and play them next. It's a must win as last 2 games I've got the top 2 and dont
  3. Went with your 1st one, hard to tell if it worked as I played the top 3 in a row who are much stronger. Gibbs can play cm hes very good for level and is 4 stars in all roles except ball winner. Dobson 4 star ball winner or dm, those are my two best players.
  4. The LOE was really helpful thank you. I've had a good look at my squad and there are so many glaring holes. It my own fault my recruitment was poor. When I got promoted I lost a lot of players and expected to bring in quality but it didnt materialise so I spent deadline day scrambling around and giving contracts to ageing players with names. I cant off laod without upsetting the squad and I have no money in the wage budget. There a few prem players for loan so going to see if I can get them paying no wages. My aim now is to stay up and overhaul the squad in the summer. None of my winger
  5. Another thing I conceded a ridiculous amount of long range shots. Last 3 games I've played the top 3 at home lose 2 and drew 1. Villa and watford beat me 2 and 3-0 but ever goal was a 25 yard screamer
  6. Thanks all . Going to read and have a good look. Being honest I'm open to style of play. I just thought it was the best use of the players I have. I'd ideally like to play an attacking style of football but dont think I have the players. My strength is my cms who are better suited defensively. January a few days away but attracting much players isnt really an option.
  7. 1 cb has 12 acceleration, and 14 pace, other is 14 acceleration and 12 pace Rb. Is 11 and 12 Lb. Is 13 and 14.
  8. I was on the verge of the sack last season. I built the above from scratch and won 10 out of 12 to get into the playoffs which i won on pens. Problem at cam I had Zarate he came alive in this position and carried me but he decided to retire. I was also had a rwb on loan from Liverpool who was mustard but they kept him this season.
  9. Cheers will do when I get on later. Daft question, how do I post pictures, I'm not very good at technology
  10. I like to build my own tactics. I'm in season 3 with Sunderland. I'm in the championship 1st season and one of the favourites to go down. In terms of wages I'm ranked 23rd in the league. Spent 500k in the summer compared to Crystal palace 60m. That being said my squad isnt bad and think its better than half the league. The league is strong with 6 teams who start the game in the prem. However I'm near the bottom , just lost 9 on the trot was in danger of the sack but managed back to back wins which has easied the pressure. I'm just leaking goals for fun and taken beatings 4-0,5-1 etc I general
  11. I've just sold my captain. Assistant recommendation is somebody whose not suitable a bit part player whose going to be replaced. However when I try and change and press continue it doesnt select the player I wanted aand reverts to the other player. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known bug?
  12. Not for me. First version I've bought in years. Started as Sunderland,missed out on playoffs 1st season by 1 point,clung on to my job by begging. At christmas 2nd season same position 1 off playoffs but board have given me a month to save my job. Keeps saying I'm sacked if I lose next game. Just had a good 2-0 away win in 3rd round of fa cup to keep vampires from the door. Have best defence in league, even had a 20 game unbeaten run but problem they are were mostly 0-0 draws. Cant score for toffee.
  13. Cheers I'll have another look, it didnt give me the option to appeal just flat rejected. He meets the criteria,he on a free from inter, was on loan at a serie b team last year and played 40 games and has 25 caps for Honduras and is a starter. Tried to get him to sign so could loan but he refused. Will try and sign again and see if it gives me the appeal option.
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