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  1. Finally, got it, had to download it from my phone, do you have any idea why this happens ?
  2. I also have a huge issue, Google Chrome won't let me download version 1.2 although 1.0 and 1.1 were no problem.
  3. A little thing I thought about : Is it possible to change the money in the game to implement new money ? Like Yougoslav Dinar or Franc, Deutschmark, etc... ?
  4. When Ukraine went independant, it probably changed its name from two L to one.
  5. Strahovsky stadion ? It seems enormous, 220.000 seats is ludicrous !
  6. Is it normal that after two seasons, there have been no good soviet newgens ?
  7. Notes about Czechoslovakia's facilities ( only doing first division due to the absolute mess that this coutry is in terms of informations) : - Slavia Prague's stadium was "Stadion Dr. Václava Vacka", now destroyed, it was built in 1953 and had a 38.000 capacity. However, Slavia was supposed to have a new stadium, due to the end of the communist regime and the Velvet Revolution, the creation of a new stadium was cancelled and in 1989, they moved to Bohemians Prague's stadium before coming back to their old ground until 2000 when they went back again to Bohemians stadium. They finally had a
  8. Well, that sucks, a feature like this would be great in a future version of the editor.
  9. Another thing : Uralmash just had a south-korean newgen in their youth intake with no soviet double-nationality, meaning he won't be able to play with his club.
  10. Another thing I just saw : Ancient nations like Ukraine still exists and the staff is still there, for example, Shevchenko is still coaching Ukraine even through the country doesn't exist anymore and so can't become the coach of any club, is it possible to make them leave so they can continue their lives ?
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