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  1. For Shavlo and Zinchenko, it's actually quite a political story and their age wasn't actually that important. But if there's a 30-year-rule from 1988 onwards, then that's good (even though it didn't last long).
  2. Just thought, if we're in 1988, does that mean Soviet are allowed to leave the country ? The first non-specific (meaning guys not named Hatzipanagis, Zinchenko and Shavlo) transfers came during summer 88 (Zavarov at Juve, Khidiyatullin in Toulouse, etc).
  3. About Israel, where do you put them ? Because they were not in UEFA yet. (Yeah, real life makes me ask a lot of questions about the mod )
  4. Will the clubs banned from Yugoslavia be back ? (Not saying that just cause I'm watching Villa/Zrinjski)
  5. Maybe (don't know if it's possible) make 2 files, one with Sajber rule and one without for people who are desperate about this kind of realism
  6. If there's a draw at the end of the 90 minutes, there's a penalty shootout, the winning team gets the point and the losing team gets nothing, it was named after Slavko Sajber, the president of the Yugoslavian Federation at the time and first made an appearance in 1988-1989. Also, is the 10 draw limit that existed in the Soviet Top League at the time (basically, if you had more than 10 draws in the season, you would get a 2-points penalty, it was made to prevent match-fixing draws but in Soviet fashion, it was sometimes 11 or even 12 draws limit and sometimes 10, with little to no consistency) is possible to make with the editor ?
  7. To be honest, we (I'm French BTW) never felt very threatened in the Second Half, after Kane's goal, it reminded us a lot of the Belgium game, we let the opponent do his job but we're trusty enough about our defense (and thanks Lloris and Upamecano) to bear the brunt of England's offense. I'll end up by saying that England seems a lot more competent than it was years ago, it would be extremely unlikely if you never win anything with this generation and this kind of play.
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