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  1. Wits University - Season 2025/26 Transfers I + Transfers II + Released // Media Prediction Upgrades/Downgrades TF Good > Average CAF Super Cup Started the season with the victory of the CAF Super Cup again. League Cup & MNT Cup Results // KO Tree Next up was the MTN cup, which complete the set of silverware in RSA. Results // KO Tree Didnt really care about the league cup. National Cup Results // KO Tree Once again, didnt care. I played a rotated team.
  2. Sannois SG 2042-2043 An epic collapse down the stretch dropped us from 3rd to 7th with eight games to go. I was certain we would be in the Champions League but injuries near the end of the year took its toll. We lost in the Tenth Round of the French Cup for the fourth year in a row. Muhammet Yilmaz 33c top scored with just 18 with Eric Lefebvre 36b providing eight assists. Louis Dumortier 35b was once again one of our best performers and Yacoub Vasquez-Garcia 39a is easily our best player. Club captain and midfield enforcer Matteo L
  3. So I took a simple logical approach for my next match, deciding to play on cautious mentality. The timing of this thread was perfect. I want to play defensive football, so I set up a lower line of engagement, but I also want a higher defensive line, the idea here is to create a compressed block. I add tight marking, but I have no intention of playing narrow. That's inviting the opposition too deep against my Forest side who are new to the premiership. I set my mentality up as cautious because I don't like the idea of everyone just hoofing up the ball. However I do know that the right choice
  4. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2034/35 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Finally! Every good things come after the 12th time! We are promoted to the 2nd tier of Russian football! This season was a very good one, and we needed that after being close for a few seasons now. I'm not sure we will be able to stay up, but I really hope this will help with the finances, since we are really in a pickle now! In the Kubok Rossii we beat Dnepr Smolensk and SKA Rostov to reach the 4th round. We finished 3rd behind Zvezda Perm and Akhmat and got knocked out. Youth Another good l
  5. Sannois SG 2041-2042 A season full of ups and downs. Strange results, too many draws, not enough goals scored. We never seem to make any headway in the French Cup. We are knocked out in the Tenth Round, losing 2-1 away to Paris SG An fantastic first season in Europe for our boys. We were so close to the Euro Cup Final but it wasn't to be. Lucas Perez 35e stepped up this year with 20 overall but we struggled for consistency from our strikers. Eric Lefebvre 36b topped the assist chart with 15. Louis Dumortier was consistent between the sticks and our best
  6. Then you probably on minority on this one. And if you think that these clubs are interested in making more elite level football to be player on regular basis, you are in for a very, very, unpleasant surprise. This competition is utter ****. All of these clubs should at this very moment should be heavily fined and points taken out and even relegated, to cut out money of them. I think it is the time for the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA and FIFA to man up and face these clubs head on, as the clubs have shown they do not honor their supporters, the leagues they played in or the country they pl
  7. Wits University - Season 2024/25 Some spoilers. Transfers I + Transfers II // Media Prediction Upgrades Cont A Licence CAF Super Cup We started the season we our 2nd continental title. League Cup & MNT Cup Results // KO Tree Got into the final this season, but we lost to the Chiefs. Results // KO Tree But we won the league cup, due to a pretty easy path to the final. Premiership Results I + Results II Mamelodi was just to consistent this year in the league.
  8. Chengfeng Season 39/40 Review Table - Squad - U23Squad - U19 Squad - Finances - Transfers Fantastic Season for us, finishing 4th. We had luck from start to finish and with every win, it seemed like we could use the confidence. Alot of lucky wins and draws. This is just one example, how we fm'd FM all season long Was an eventful season all around with our board going absolutely bonkers and selling our three best players from the 39 Intake (Wang Yupeng,Jiao and Guadong Cui Hongjung). At least we got 16 Mill out of it, so investments in the facilities are made. But the f
  9. Farnborough 2034-35 Season Review Fixtures 1, 2, 3: We still struggle with fixture congestion. I'm going to take a new approach to training next season and see if that solves some of the problems. We have quality players but the congestion just kills our form and we need a stretch of one game per week to play a consistent lineup to get us out of the funk. League Table - The lack of a consistent offense and squad depth held us back all season. Our leading goalscorer had just nine goals. The defense was our strength. We conceded 48 goals which was 5th best in the league wher
  10. 2031/2032 review Manager profile | Squad | U18 squad | Matches 1/2 | Top scorer (Paesch 30A) | Hot prospect (Sambo 32A) | Youth intake | Table Another highly successful year for Kozakken Boys. Last year's debut season in the Eredivisie was followed by an impressive 6th place and play-off matches for European participation. AZ, however, knocked us out in the semifinals 4-3, but that does not spoil the impression of a club in rapid progress. In addition to the results on the field, it was also the year in which we sold two large profiles for record amounts in the January window. O
  11. Except it’s not a rendered game of football. It’s a rendered game of FM. so you’re watching something that isn’t happening naturally. I really don’t believe FM is scripted but I’m concerned there are more comments like this than FMs peak a few years ago. As they try to balance things more and more (which is fair enough) they’re creating artificial scenarios to creat that balance. Eg strikers who can’t score so that a team doesn’t win by 10. all this betrays a problem in the ME. I think SI are finding it really difficult to limit the dominance of the best teams in each match so find sticking
  12. Chengfeng Season 37/38 Review Table - Squad - U19 Squad - Finances - Transfers Back to reality this season with barely surviving in the CSL. But its ok, because every season we survive is a good season. In the Cup, it was also back to reality, as we got knocked out in the QF. Our first ever appearance in the Asian Champions League was good. We survived the Group Stage before beeing knocked out in the second round. Our attendance is rising which is good, with 17000 we actually have a nice income every home game. Our Finances are looking very good with nearly 5 Millions in the bank, bu
  13. Technique is used to determine how much curl a player can generate, so it is useful. Finishing/Long shots are not used. Same for penalties actually, the penalty taking attribute directly replaces finishing. So finishing is not required, but composure definitely helps!
  14. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2033/34 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Another strong season, but we are still not fighting for the promotion or playoff spot. Hopefully we can do that soon. Heading into our 12th season in this tier next season and things are getting a bit tedious now! In the Kubok Rossii we beat Chelyabinsk and Torpedo Vladimir to reach the group stage. There we finished 3rd behind FC Ufa and Zvezda Perm and got knocked out. Youth A good preview, but we've seen it doesn't mean much. One great player, but not much more than that.
  15. Any tactic with Defensive Mentality is hardly "counter-attacking", you're practically asking your team to take no risks at all. Even with Instructions like More Direct Passing or Higher Tempo, your players' Mentalities will still be way too cautious for any quick breaks in most cases, apart from occasional automatic counter, that triggers under the hood when certain conditions are met. Mentality is a risk modifier, not something that defines your playing style and defensive solidity with one click. I do agree that the UI in its current shape can be very misleading though, not to mention some o
  16. BFC Dynamo End of season review 2027/2028 League Table | Finances |Facilities | Youth intake | Transfers | Competitions Overview Our first season in the Bundesliga, and what a season it was. We were never in danger of relegation. With a bit of more luck we could have qualified for Europe! But to be honest: we overachieved. We got some nice players, but when I compare our squad with other squads in the Bundesliga, then we are the weakest team of the league. By miles. I think every team underestimate us, and that that is a big factor that we won a lot of our matches. But I will not compla
  17. Sannois SG 2043-2044 I changed tactical approach for the first time in over twenty seasons and what a year. We sat in third for pretty much all season. Club records set in points, goals scored and goals conceded. We can never seem to make any headway in the French Cup. This time we lose to AS Saint-Etienne, 2-1 at home in the Tenth Round In the Euro Cup II, we went all the way, beating Sevilla 2-1 in the final, setting records for goals scored along the way. Our first European trophy. Lucas Perez 35e was on fire all year. 48 goals is outstanding. Mohamed El
  18. ACN Siena 1904 - 2039/40 Youth Intake Our latest youth intake has arrived and things look rather promising to say the least, if only all of the personalities were better. Another Austrian, but this guy can play both full back positions and a right winger, which I am starting to use again. He has potential to do well. The best player in current ability, who has a very interesting look about him. Can play as a Shadow Striker in the attacking midfielder as well. He's really well rounded, but he wouldn't be in the first team at the moment. Another striker
  19. Having default tactics is absolutely required. Firstly for people who are new to the game and feel overwhelmed by choices, and secondly for players who have neither the time nor the motivation to do a lot tactically. People who post regularly on the tactics forums have long noted that the preset tactics are, quite frankly, really poorly made tactics that absolutely do not help people. They present a misleading representation of how you should build a tactic, and they are so chocked full of TIs that there is no way you could work out what is doing what. They need to be minimalized at the
  20. We done the double! (well the u20's did ) Season 7 review After a mammoth 71 games the season is finally over. A decent performance overall albeit with slightly fewer points than last year. We finished 10th and clinched our place in South America's second continental competition. Sao Paulo state championship Another quarter final exit. This isn't seen as that important, though I'd still like to win it, but with 5 of the best 7 teams in the first division competing, it's difficult. We also literally have 6 days to prepare for it after our players return from their end of sea
  21. So, it’s year 2053. Alexey Lebedev, the best ever goalscorer of international football, has retired from playing. He scored 642 goals during his career in all competitions (both club and international), won all the continental cups (even the Conference League with CSKA in 2052) and major tournaments with national team. Also he scored goals in five World Cups (16 overall, equal with Klose) and four Euros (25 overall) and became the only Russian player in 21st century to win the Golden Ball. Obviously one of the best players I have ever managed in any FM, and by far the best one who ca
  22. Chengfeng Season 38/39 Season Review Table - Squad - U23 Squad - U19 Squad - Finances - Transfers A good Season for us, finishing 10th. We were never in danger of beiing relegated due to DL Pro and Shanghai beiing bad nearly all season. With Ma Wenyi (36C) beiing the Topscorer with only 10 Goals all season, but we needed someone to step up in terms of scoring goals, since Bai Ran had a really bad season. In the Chinese Cup we were thrown out in the 4th Round by a Jia League Team, what was very disappointing. We still have 3 Millions in the bank, even after upgrading the training faci
  23. Wuhan Three Towns - Season 2037 Review Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 11th Our second best season to date in terms of final league position and points. Thankfully we started off the season quite well so we never had to claw back to safety, which I much prefer, but we could have done a lot better if it wasn't for the sheer amount of late goals we conceded that either gave up a win or a draw. At one point we had three 2-2 draws in a row in which we were 2-1 up in only to concede a goal in the final few minutes. We also really st
  24. I am sorry I've been away from the forums for 6 weeks. Was in quarantine for 4 weeks as I travelled between two countries to settle my mothers last rites. Mentality is purely risk, so one can play on balanced and higher, simply because you are willing to take more chances. And you are right, you counterbalance more aggressive mentalities with careful choice of duties and roles looking to make sure that you don't leave yourself too exposed. I wouldn't say that one is rewarded more for playing on higher mentalities. One is rewarded only if they have done everything right. For example, I fr
  25. The idea that you cant go lower than balanced to win a game is fundamentally not true The idea that you cannot score goals and achieve something on lower than balanced is also fundamentally not true I think the biggest problem here is there's such a narrow view on things
  26. Futebol Clube Barreirense SEASON ONE - 2021/2022 - Campeonato de Portugal Serie E LEAGUE TABLE | PLAYOFFS| FIXTURES | SQUAD STATS | COMPETITION OVERVIEW MANAGER OVERVIEW: CHARACTERISTICS | ATTRIBUTES CLUB: PROFILE | GENERAL | FACILITIES | HONOURS | FINANCES | CLUB VISION PLAYERS: TRANSFERS | RELEASED STAFF: CURRENT Campeonato de Portugal Serie E We were predicted to finish 27th. I think with that prediction nobody thought that we'd win and make it to playoffs. I thought the run through playoffs was brutal. We were just trying to eke by. The second hal
  27. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2032/33 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances A much improved season, and finally we were part of the top of the league. We were still a fair bit behind the top 2 teams though, as Chertanovo and Textilschik Ivanovo bolted away from the start and left the rest of us in the dust. It turned out we were left to fight for the 3rd place against Zelenograd. Eventually, we beat them and claimed the 3rd place as our own. I hope this is a sign we are improving, and hopefully we can get promoted soon, we've been here a long time now! In the Kubok Rossii we b
  28. Sannois 2040-2041 Fantastic year for us. Things were a little shaky around the new year but our form in the closing weeks was outstanding. Europe here we come! A comfortable win in the French Cup Ninth Round was followed up by a thumping from Paris SG 5-1. Filippo Gavalas 30a is gradually getting phased out but still top scored with 12. Ibrahima Diallo 32h was excellent in the midfield. Slawomir Michor 35d, Alain Meunier 32d, and Mael Renaud 31b are our best players. Things are looking good. I think we are ready for Europe. Slo
  29. Marchamalo - End of Season - June 2023 Last year the board wanted a top half finish, thankfully this year they were content with avoiding a relegation battle. Regardless, we still got partially tied up in that battle. Job security is thin at the moment, but finally the board gave up on the club vision to "sign young players for the first team." Finished 14th place in the league, six points ahead of relegation. We are really struggling to score goals, so an attacking focused intake next year would go a long way. Although the intakes in Spain are at the end of April, meaning we
  30. SC Freamunde Season 14 - 2034/2035 Transfers - Past Positions - Best XI - Finances Season Summary - 1st - Promoted as Champions! Ended last year asking for no second season syndrome, got an absolute shocker of a promotion as we won our first title with the club after 14 years. The season began brilliantly, as between the League Cup and the league we won our first 9 games of the season. Things then naturally became more inconsitstent but we were able to remain on top for a while. Eventually Estoril did take over first place but we were never more than 5 points behind th
  31. Sannois SG 2044-2045 3rd place again which is great. Lyon were on top most of the year and we were never really close. Paris SG had an awful year. We finally overachieved in the French Cup, going all the way and winning comfortably 3-0 against Brest in the final. A decent first showing in the Champions League. We finished 3rd in the group of death and qualified for the Euro Cup. We did great in the Euro Cup and came one game away from a final place but Man Utd taught us a lesson in the away leg. Lucas Perez 35e was once again top scorer with
  32. Yeah like arsenal and spurs!Manchester united couldn't even get through the group stage of champions league but now think they are too good to play the likes of leipzig and basaksehir!juventus nowhere near winning there league but think they are too good for champions league.you are entitled to your opinion but I have never been more furious with something that concerns football than this
  33. This is where the tactical knowledge attribute should come in at. The big piece to the puzzle is that attributes don’t matter as much as they should in the current form of the game, that’s why a bottom feeder team can go up against a leading team with an attacking style and have more success on average than they would if you adopted a low block system. Yku should be in danger of conceding lots of goals and being out of position using high risk tactics with players that aren’t capable of the play style but it’s just not happening.
  34. CLUB ESPORTIU EUROPA - SEASON 11 (31/32) Salvation was the aim of the season, and (against most odds) salvation has been. We were in a hard fight during the first half of the season, and then a bad run with 7 straight loses put us in real danger. But after that bad run came a good one, and with 12 matches without a lose (6W, 6D) we sealed our salvation with 2 matches to go. Performance in Copa Del Rey was poor, losing in second round against CD Badajoz, a lower division team. Three players from last intake went almost straight to the first team: Joan Sanz 1
  35. February 2032 We keep marching on. Unbeaten in the league but sadly out of Europe. I think it's telling to see that St. Gallen as so far ahead of the pack yet we are also a ridiculous distance from them, too - 26 points separate first and third, and only 24 points separate third and tenth. We are dominant. We've been utterly dominant against each opponent this month, too only conceding one goal from a silly defensive mix up from a set piece against Basel. However, that goal was overshadowed by a perfect hattrick from Anderson Costa and the eventual return of Joachim Magola, who
  36. Small update: Don't worry, I haven't gone underground. Haha. Africa is done and is already being tested extensively and the UEFA folder already contains 11 files. ^^
  37. Youth Preview 2042-2043 Youth Intake 2042-2043 I like Traore but the unambitious personality may hold him back
  38. Vikeologist's 2044/45 Folkestone Season Report This is now by far my longest youth challenge, (I completed it with Palermo far quickr) and on the field things have become stuck in a bit of a rut. We failed to make the playoffs again, for the fourth time in our five seasons in this division, and we never even looked like doing so. However, I was able to plant seeds for the future. A couple of months into the season we moved into our new stadium, almost doubling our capacity to 9,863. We started the season with 2 fantastic goalies, and ended up selling both of them, bu
  39. You're thinking in binary terms - safe or risky. Even if you're on a Cautious Mentality, you can still have a playmaker who "plays risky passes" and he will look to do that. He'll just take fewer risks in doing so when it's a Cautious Mentality vs Positive Mentality, as an example. I'm going to use made up numbers, but lets say on Cautious Mentality in your tactic that playmaker will attempt risky passes only when he's 75%+ sure of being able to pull it off. On Positive Mentality, he'll take a bit more of a chance, so say he'll attempt risky passes even when he's only half sure it'll be comple
  40. Youth Preview 2044-2045 Youth Intake 2044-2045 Decent intake. I especially like the look of Pouget.
  41. Wits University - Youth Intake 2026 Decent intake, which is adding some depth in the midfield. Im a bit disappointed, that we got such a limited amout of nations. I expected atleast one dutch man... Intake Map - 2026: Intake Map - All Time:
  42. Also, there must be some corruption going on here. "Other"... yeah, right. Caviar and Champagne for the chairman, more like it... If the board had stopped that (or payed off our debt!) we would be breaking even!
  43. Futebol Clube Barreirense SEASON TWO - 2022/2023 - Terceira Liga LEAGUE TABLE | FIXTURES | SQUAD STATS | COMPETITION OVERVIEW MANAGER OVERVIEW: CHARACTERISTICS | ATTRIBUTES CLUB: PROFILE | GENERAL | FACILITIES | HONOURS | FINANCES | CLUB VISION PLAYERS: TRANSFERS STAFF: CURRENT Terceira Liga The season is halfway done. We were predicted to be relegated at 24th with odds of 400-1. We are currently 7th with 8W-7D-4L. The team went through a rough patch in which we were conceding too much. I made tactical changes and opted for no longer using a hi
  44. You can already do this, with either TIs, PIs, or OIs (or some combination that works for you). I use forwards to disrupt opposition build ups as a matter of course in a split block. With clearing the ball, it depends on the situation. A defender who intercepts the ball and is under pressure might just lump it forward if told not to take risks. A 'keeper claiming a cross might let everyone push up and then clear it. The latter you can set up by avoiding things that encourage quickly playing the ball. The latter just makes sense to do in general. This is not a blanket statement that the M
  45. So it turns out that I've produced two wonderkids so far. Fedele Landi, who's now at Man City and has a cap for Italy which is rather exciting. Carlo Musu who is still at our club, but has started making noise about how the club is not good enough for his ambitions anymore, which is a little irritating.
  46. Marchamalo - Youth Intake - April 2024 This intake seemingly answered all of my prayers about needing attacking players; it even provided multiple with CA high enough to start from day 1. The HOYD is absolutely incredible, directly influencing two Professional talents. In total, we got 2 Professional and 3 Fairly Professional. Carlos Alberto (24a) will start immediately. His CA and PA are the clear strengths since he unfortunately has an Unambitious personality and stands at a measly 5'5". We need strikers badly though, so I'm happy to get one through. Exciting to get
  47. Part 3: Integrating Player Partnerships into the Tactic The theme of this update is the concept of on-the-field partnerships. And how such relationships between players have proved to be so important for some of the greatest winning teams in the history of the game. Today, nobody can think of the great Barcelona team 2000s without remembering the names of Busquets, Iniesta and Xavi. Or Chelsea team from that same period. That team dominated Premier League and Europe and was defined by the legendary trio of Frank Lampard, Claude Makelele ad Michael Essien. The effect that chemistry between
  48. ACN Siena 1904 - 2038/39 Season Review The first season that Juventus do not win the Serie A title is the season that we manage to secure European football for the first ever time. Despite the fact that we finished 6 points clear of Sassuolo, it was only on the last day of the season that we confirmed our qualification at the end of the day. Sassuolo lost to Juventus and Inter in their last two games as we managed to win 5 straight games at the end of the season. It's our best ever league finish, and our best ever points finish in Serie A. Here's hoping that we get a nice group in th
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