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    American Football Returns to FM 19 I am happy to introduce y’all to my revamped American Football system for FM 19 where I show you how to play real football with a soccer ball. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and want a bit of background of what I mean, you can check out my American Football system from FM 16. And for everybody else, strap on your helmets, because an American who still knows next to nothing about soccer is about to tell you how to play your sport. Alright, joking aside, I am super excited about what I’ve got going over here because this year’s tactical system combined with the new roles from the last couple years have allowed me to create what I honestly fell short of in the previous system: a true playbook. And although this is still a work in progress, I’ve got enough here already and done enough concept testing to say that this is as close to the real deal as I’m ever going to be able to do. But before I get too far ahead of myself, a quick explanation of what I am doing: I apply American Football concepts to soccer to create a dynamic and entirely different way to approach to tactics and gameplay. And true to my inspiration, I am now able to do it with different personnel packages, formations, alignments, and an actual playbook in a manner that works almost like the real deal. Now be forewarned. The original system was a lot to take in and this new version dwarfs the previous. It’s truly a monster. So like before, I’m going to hide as much as possible behind spoiler tags to help keep it navigable and reduce scroll and load times. Also, because this is a work in progress, I will link useful posts later in the thread in the final post so that they are more easily located. Also if/when there are significant permanent changes to the system, instructions, etc, I will try to update them in the top posts so that it stays current. Terminology Just to ensure clarity I am going to take a moment to explain a few terms that you will see me use throughout this thread. Most are football terms converted for use in my system. Also note before we get started: Typically, when I say football, I mean “football” sport of the American variety with the oblong ball. When I mean the sport where one must use their foot to kick the round ball, I will refer to it as soccer. Packages, Formations, Alignments, and Plays Describing Space: Line of Scrimmage, Gaps, and Passing Zones Types of Matchups and Mismatches Leading edge, offensive screen, and playing between the lines My System Objectives It’s of paramount importance to set forth the objectives and goals before you begin designing elements. For this system I have most of the same high level goals as the previous system. On Defense: “Bend but don’t break” On Offense: “Run to Daylight” Shape. Shape. Shape.
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    I have noticed something which for me is a bug or that this is a game that's not that "managerlike" as is sounds. Problem: I have played the game for a while now and I keep getting frustrated by the width of my team in attack. In picture 1 you see I play a 4-1-2-2-1 which is my preferred formation. My AML/R (role set to wingers) are not as wide in attack as I wish (as you can see in picture 2), they push in to the penaltybox way to early and stays to close to the opponents players that the defenders has a fairly easy job to do. Both of MCL/R has the mezzala role which make them play a bit wider. They have now the opportunity to attack the half-space the winger is suppose to make in attack if hes staying wide and stretching the defenders. (In picure 4 you can see the ML and MR is making this halfspaces by staying this wide) But if I change the formation to a 4-1-4-1 (picture 3) you can see my winger is now much wider in attack (picture 4) which is very nice to see. I could play with a ML and a MR because I enjoy watching my team attack with width in the final third, but now when the opponent has the ball, my wingers fall all the way back in defense. Also if I get a longball up to my striker, both of the wingers will bE too deep and not a goaltreath or a troughpass option for the striker. (PS: In both formation the wide players has the role set to wingers (Picture 1 & 3) (and in second half I set both my backs to inverted (picture 4)). Also the choices of attacking players are way bigger in the AML and AMR positions than the ML and the MR positions. Another issue is crossing. They always gets blocked, or my player is to slow on the ball and loose it, but that's another thread. My hope: - Please make the AML/R to stay much wider and higher up the pitch like the ML and the MR in picture 4. - Fix the crossing. - Fix attacking movement, too static now. - In general make the players smarter, to much stupid “non-real life things” is happening. Their doing silly stuff with the ball. To me its sad that you cant make the tactic you want and make it yours by adding small things here and there. The way it is now I cant make a tactic/ formation that lets me play with 3 attackers, one lone strikers and two wingers which stays on the same height on the pitch as the striker, but very wide which is very popular in modern fotball! Believe me, I've tried. This is a big problem and limits my way to play and enjoy the game. Lazio v Milan Proof.pkm Picture 1: Picture 2: Picture 3: Picture 4:
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    It might be worth linking to the below page for the kits as Hammer9 has collated them all together... https://fm-view.net/forum/topic/18321-ss-download-area-for-domestic-league-kits-packs-1819/
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    This is still under review and we hope to have it in the next major update.
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    Okay okay! You don't have to wait much before another update is up! In the meantime you can all enjoy this beauty by fan-favorite Joshua Nuhu.
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    Agreed, I have research/information compiled for every NPL club in the country as well as some of the lower leagues outside of the NPL brand. So it shouldn't be hard to get this information into the game as well as keeping it up to date
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    How is this still broken. Online freezing and pausing issues. Makes online careers unplayable. You can't spectate others and when you're playing another player it results in someone having to leave for the game to un pause. Then you end up with different results. How is it still this broken after 3 months.
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    Totally agree every other goal is outside the area now or free kicks. The amount is crazy!
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    I hope they will fix this soon. As I wrote in my first message It’s an issue that there is no tactic that let us play with two wide and high wingers!
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    The Squad Goalkeepers Defenders Mid Fielders Attackers
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