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  1. So TCS 2021 is likely the last release in the series. It’s been a long series since an unknown release in 2015, to over 450,000 downloads total. The skin has long surpassed any expectations that I had and has been a great distraction for me throughout the years. I’ve always been very open about my mental health and my struggles, and while the skin has been a distraction, it is also something that has fell to the wayside when I’ve struggled and it’s also contributed in parts. When you’re struggling, or in my case anyway, you just need positive affirmation and any sort of positivity helps,
  2. I'll explain something I am personally disappointed about. When I've emailed SI in the past (and to be fair, I am talking 3-5 years ago) asking about the inclusion of other leagues, I've been told that they aren't willing to add leagues that they don't think people will play. I've also been told it adds to testing time to check whether a new league would be compatible with the existing game. Now when it comes to 'inclusion'... There's only one African league in the whole game. No Egypt, no Morocco, no Nigeria etc. I wonder what evidence there is that the women's leagues in say
  3. Season 2044/45 South Shields Season Review - Premier League League - Ok so I know I teased this a little but we won the league! I'm not too sure how though. Going into the season I felt we could get top 4 as Man City (league winners 4 times in the last 6 seasons including the last 3) Man Utd, Chelsea and Norwhich (won the other 2 titles City didn't) all changed managers (in fact Utd and Chelsea changed again during the season and City again at the end of the season) We started the season with home wins over Utd and Chelsea (with a narrow win away at Southampton in between) and we
  4. The more I reflect, the more I am enjoying the gameplay consequences of this challenge: No need to hire scouts, recruitment analysists etc. No endless screen trawling, looking for the next superstar in the scouting screens. Quicker game progression due to an absence of transfer market activity. Concentrated focus on tactical performance and ways to improve player output based on understanding the implications of tactical changes. Heightened sense of tension/reality as club finances cannot be manipulated by exposing gameplay flaws that allow money to be made easily
  5. GSS Panionios - Season 2024/25 Media Prediction // Transfers + Released Still only 11th in the predicitions, but the odds are looking good. Also we did a slight clean out of the youth team. Upgrades/Downgrades/Misc Coaching Badge: Cont. B -> Cont. A Job Interview: Panathinaikos (GRE 1) If currently working on the Pro Licence. Also its nice to get an offer from one of the biggest team in Greece. Kypello Ellados Games We got into the 6th round around. This time we pulled the big one. We got roughly 200k from the g
  6. The Blatant Human Player Bias of FM -- A concerned plea from your fellow AI Managers to SI Dear SI, we've been very concerned lately. You've received much feedback on how to improve us throughout the years. During the dark ages of FM, we used the then sliders, just as anybody else. Granted, to our severe disadvantage, we didn't know anything about Mentality theorems used by advanced players. However, you coded us to make a couple half-decent tactical switches, such as going 4-2-4 when being a goal down and ten minutes to go. Later on, by introducing the Tactics Creator in
  7. 2033/34 - Season 13 National League - 3rd Season Summary The good form from last season continued and took us to the play-offs League - We started as well as we finished last season and after 10 games or so were first. We were in a three horse race and at christmas it was still really tight, only 3 points separating the top 3. Then January came and we didn't win a game. We rallied a little in February but the form we'd shon before christmas totally deserted us and in the last 20 league games, we only won 5. It was enough to keep us in the play-offs although I wasn't confid
  8. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2022/23 (Season 2) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances This season went just about the as the first one, except now I had substitutes and could actually rotate a few players now and then. Some of the youngsters were regulars, and with more game time, they keep improving and becoming better and better. I'm still sticking with my customary 4-4-2 hoofball, and I believe I will for quite some years still. The major problem is that we concede a lot more goals than we should, and quite frankly some of them are
  9. State of some of the replies on this thread. People threatening boycots because women's football is being added is EXACTLY why it needs to be added. People who cannot stand to even have women in the same game as men is EXACTLY why it needs to be added. People saying it's not the same sport is EXACTLY why it needs to be added. Gender equality isn't "political" in the same way that racial equality isn't "political". It's fundemental to human rights and the fact we are in the 21st century and people are kicking off over this says it all. Veiling arguments against "But wha
  10. But why. Seriously why? Why don't you try and fix the problems (let's try one year without 3 patches before the game runs more or less stable) rather than introducing soemthing that will quickly fade away. Sure people will probably try and play it for a short period of time, but will lose interest, just like in real life, as womens football is boring, slow, not that technincally and just well boring. But why not introduce the whole lot from the beginning? Let's say from the age of 5 or 6,both girls and boys so we can get the proper feeling of everything. of and don't fp
  11. Polonia Warsaw - Season 5 League League Stats / Transfers / Best 11 Yep! We won the league! what an ending to the season. TBH I gave up on it around game 27-28 when we lost 2 in a row. But somehow both Lechia gave it just away! they ware leading the league from round 20 till 31! And Also Jagiellonia gave it away! They lea dteh league in 33rd round, they had 2 points more than us and lechia...all they needed was a draw...but they lost...and so did Lechia...and we won...in an amazing game that we normally lose. What a season. It was very fun...6 t
  12. Despite Miles' self-aggrandizing message about "the right thing to do", there may be some business opportunity in tapping the female market. HOWEVER, after all these years, FM remains incredibly flawed (glitches, graphics, stupid AI, tremendous sluggishness, etc.). I'd much rather see the extra resources allocated toward FIXING the game, rather than expanding into something that will keep delivering subpar quality, not to mention a possible higher price. I therefore can only agree with critical posts and concerns in this thread.
  13. Blog by Miles Jacobson on the multi-year project coming to a future version of Football Manager Whenever I mention women’s football on social media, people inevitably respond by asking when we’re going to release a women’s football version of Football Manager. Up until now, I’ve always replied with vague answers such as “When we do it, we’ll do it properly”. What I haven’t said, because we tend to keep our plans under wraps, is that we’ve been working on women’s football in the background for some time now. A few people inside football are aware of this, as we’ve been talking to them
  14. 2032/33 - Season 12 National League Season Summary A good season that almost saw us sneak into the play offs and consolidate our position in the national league. Quite happy with that, seeing as the team is a bit of a hotch potch side atm League - We carried on our good form from the end of last season into this. After 9 gmes we had won 7 and lost 2 and were sitting in first. I didn't expect us to stay there, and so it proved. Peterborough quickly overpowered us but we hung on in there and were in the play-offs for most of the season. Our form deserted us in the last few we
  15. 2031/32 - Season 11 Vanarama National League 17th Season Summary In which we lost half our team and pulled off the great escape! League - First game of the season, home against Carlisle, we were fantastic. ran out 5-1 winners and it could have been more. I figured this National League lark was easy! We didn't win for the next 8 games and found ourselves in the relegation spots. We stayed there all through christmas - we'd pick up the odd win here and there but never enough to get us out. January was a nightmare. Championship clubs came sniffing for my players, made de
  16. Season 10 - 2030/31 National League North - 1st! Season Summary Finally - I love it when a plan comes together! League - We started with 2 wins and a draw and then lost away to Alfreton. We then went on 12 game winning run, which was amazing. Even more amazing, at the end of it we still weren't top! Northampton nd Darlington were winning all the games too. The three of us battled it out and were neck and neck until the end of February. February saw Darlington lose 5 of 6, and Northampton dropped a few points as well. At the end of the month, qith 11 games left to play, we w
  17. I guess that's not as bad then, I'd still much prefer if those additional people were to focus on the main game however considering the current state of things. I've honestly been pretty disappointed by FM20 and especially the FM21 'headline features' and it's clear if you read the announcement thread that a lot of peoples feel exactly the same way, especially when it comes to things like the match engine and graphics which I'd likely describe as having jumped back a decade if it weren't for the fact that it looked better a decade prior. Stuff like this is quite honestly ridiculous a
  18. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2026/27 (Season 6) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Well, there we go, promotion at last! With last season in mind, the goal was set, and we delivered. Even if we didn't play that much better than last season, the other teams around did noticeably worse. For the most part the team was just about the same, but we had a breakout season for your young Ivorian striker Franck Koné 24e. I've held him back due to his low finishing, but gave him some games at the end of last season, and he did well enough so I
  19. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2023/24 (Season 3) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances This season was a slight improvement to the last few ones. It also included more youth players than before, and the ones we got the first season have started to really push out a few of the original players now. The emergence of Ryan Doyle 23f, have pushed the striker roles a bit towards a target man, due to his height and jumping, but making him one do make him more of a focal point than I actually want. So I'm still switching around to try to get th
  20. Bit of a strange choice from my perspective outside of the performative 'look how inclusive we are' aspect of things that companies have to go through. Looking at FIFA 20 as an example where only ~2.5% of the playerbase even played a single women's game despite all the fanfare around the addition to the franchise, it seems to be quite clear to me that the vast majority of the playerbase didn't and doesn't care about the addition of women's football and I don't see why the Football Manager community would be any different. When it comes to Sports Interactive - a significantly smaller
  21. Because they want to. I mean it's their property to do as they please. I think you need to take another look at it. Women's football wasn't much several years ago, but it has come leaps and bounds. While it will not compare well to the top men's leagues in terms of tempo, it's far better than many give them credit for. I would compare it to the MLS. Why did SI add the MLS when they did? Football was not big the US at the time, and it had to create loads of new mechanics (draft system++), and who would play it? Some will try, but they'll lose interest, right? Well, MSL is one of the qui
  22. Season 1 (2020-21) Review On the pitch Starting 11 League (II. futbalová liga) and cup Off the pitch Youth intake (described by HoYD in preview as "excellent group of players") Players SUMMARY Around the world
  23. 2034/35 - Season 14 National League Season Summary An up and down season that ended with another play-off defeat. League - we started unbelievably well. 7 wins and 2 draws and a defeat from our opning ten fixtures put us top. And we were great right up until the start of October. We didn't win a game all month, rallied a bit in November and then went the whole of December without winning a game. So by the new year we were mid-table and off the pace. We picked up in the new year and put together some fairly good runs. In the end, 3 victories from our final 3 league games saw
  24. Vikeologist's 34th Folkestone Intake Report and 30th Intake Review Honestly not the intake I was hoping for, or needed. I need a mountain of a good central defender, or a central defender or someone who can actually head the ball, and all I got was another central midfielder, but it’s not terrible. I mean, my top guy, Kôji Sano 34a – A central midfielder from Japan, might actually turn out to be a star, even though he’s unlikely to feature in the first team soon. There’s always next year, I guess. The annoying thing is that a poached player I hadn’t seen the notific
  25. FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin End of season review 2021/2022 League Table | Competitions overview | Finances | Facilities | Transfers | Youth intake | Manager profile | Club overview Wow. What a season this was! We are promoted to the 2. Bundesliga in our very first season!! Just like I did before with BFC Dynamo. From the start of the season we were one of the top flyers in the competition. We didn't play in the DFB-Pokal for some reason. So we only had to play competition matches. With a 3rd place, behind champion Kaiserslautern and Bayern II (who can't get promoted), we are going
  26. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2024/25 (Season 4) Review - Vanarama National League South (6th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Wow, what a season it was, but not in a good way. We have been unbelievably unlucky this season, especially defensively. The team is starting to look better, with more and more youngsters filling out the ranks, but that comes with a cost. Young players make more mistakes, and screws up more, and in general do dumb things that lead to goals against. But this season was exceptionally so. We finished in a respectably 12th place, but our expected position
  27. Dorchester Town - Season 32/33 Transfers - League Table Been a while since my last update. I didn't have time to focus on FM2021, had some other things going on. The prediction was 7th, we were 3rd. It was a great season. Before the season I had sold all the whining players and luckily we didn't have any big injuries. We did the best we could at the league and won both cups. Challenge wise cups don't matter of course and we didn't win the league, didn't play in Europe either. But we were so consistent throughout the season that it was a joy to watch the team play. In the league
  28. If any of you just starting in England now finish this before me there I'm gonna very upset
  29. GSS Panionios - Youth Intake 2025 Well...we got a superstar in the making! Also a mercenary showed up. Germany and Croatia gettin on the list. Intake Map - 2025 Intake Map - All
  30. Honestly find the arguments for making it a separate game stupid. 1) it's the same gaming universe, certainly in the WSL there is crossover between the infrastructure and support for a lot of the women's teams and men's. 2) why would I want to pay twice, and not have my gaming experience carry over?
  31. How is it a decency to artificially grow and push a product on the basis that "the other gender's equivalent product has more demand"?? Men's football growth is due to demand, while women's football growth is due to political agendas and is mostly artificial. That is the sad reality. Anyway I've pretty much expressed all my concerns and thoughts on this matter, so good luck SI but I'm out.
  32. My sister watches football and played football. My mother watches football and was my "director of football" (that's what the equivalent would've been) when i was coaching a girl's team for 3 years, where my sister was also playing. The director was also female. My grandmother watches football. I used to play Championship Manager with my girlfriend at the time; who also was a prominent left-back. One of my relatives was up to the national youth side. When there were football matches, tv or at the local stadium, everyone watched. 50/50 gender-wise. Football, wherever i have gone, have a
  33. My concerns with the announcement are two-fold. 1. By all indications it's not as simple as adding a custom league - new animations, ME tweaks, AI, perhaps entirely new mechanics(Miles was hinting about the effects of periods on women athlete performance). I wouldn't be surprised if for the next couple editions a sizeable portion of the flagship new features are going to be related to the women's game - so yes, those of us who have little to no interest in women's football have every right to be concerned if that development effort is going to be at the expense of the main game. Ok, there's
  34. Sadly, despite trying 4 times I have been unable to get the board to give me youth recruitment, so I have turned that game into a normal save and have gone to the old faithful for a challenge - England. The Beginning - Season 2021/22 The Manager The Club
  35. Justified!!! No need for Play-Offs, rival bottled it! It is going to take a real slog to stay up. I am, however optimistic, the WTM role is proving effective and I have two players coming through the ranks capable of playing the role. Laurent 2022 is my starter and is is a real destructor - weighing in with a combined 15 goals and assists in 21 games is a stellar return. In addition, he is the fulcrum of both the build up play and acts as an out ball when under pressure. One key point, he performs better when the central striker is also a decent Target Manesque player. Marku 2022
  36. FM21: TCS 2021 v2.0 (Previously Unreleased) The other unreleased version of the skin. After taking a fairly extend break from FM, focusing more on stuff like Assassins Creed Valhalla and F1 2020, I came back and decided to rip up my skin and start from scratch. I fell in love with @Wozzie’s Tato skin, and decided to base my skin off that instead of starting from scratch. Using a tabbed style to implement multiple different designs onto one page, v2.0 provides the user with a very intuitive and easy on the eye experience. Links: Mediafire | Mega | GDrive
  37. Major improvements made this season. Once the intake from last year started gelling, results really picked up. Before February we were in a relegation dogfight but wow, what a turnaround. Based on my own vision of how to develop the squad, I chose to utilise an Advanced Playmaker off centre; a youth player in the LCM spot who can clearly hack it at this level: With the WTM playing on the Right Wing, these two support roles ended up creating acres of space for an onrushing Mezzala and an attacking Winger. The Pressing Forward thrives, harassing defenders and feeding off
  38. There are already female players of FM. Women are also not a homogenous group, and neither are men either. There's no such thing as a man's FM or woman's FM. Keep this stereotyping out of the thread.
  39. From the blog: "One member of the SI team who is already deeply engrossed in this project is our newly-appointed head of research for women’s football, Tina Keech. Tina, a qualified coach and former head of research and analysis at Smartodds, has already started the process of building our women’s database." Fairly sure in some of the interviews Tina and Miles have given in the press, they discuss it in more detail. Here's an example from TheGamer:
  40. It would be nice if we kept this thread civil without people making moral judgements on other people and somehow acting like they're bad people for disagreeing. If I had a daughter who wanted to play football, I would 100% support her and encourage her as much as I would if I had a son who wanted to do the same. This has absolutely zero bearing on the fact I would personally prefer SI spent their time ensuring their Football Management game could go a few years without major bugs and include some pretty major nations excluded from the game instead of spending a lot of development ti
  41. Not being a fan of a particular kind of sport has nothing to do with support for diversity and equal rights. Trying to make everyone who's not happy with the new course to look like bad people who are against diversity is just a manipulation which splits the community and not contributing to discussion. Just saying as I'm all for inclusion and equality but such an argument is aimed to devalue my concerns and is offensive.
  42. Don't care if women's football is included, tbh. Happy for those who are happy about it, but wouldn't bother to load any leagues or database with it as I'd prefer to load another league from less well-known part of the world. My biggest disappointment is with the fact the game definitely needs more polishing and depth in a lot of areas, but becomes wider instead. So we have bugs which are not fixed in a course of the year due to the lack of resources, but we shall also have the league which will not be popular and is added to actually overturn this trend and make women's football MORE popular.
  43. The way the words "politics" and "political" are thrown around in this thread is really funny. I am really trying to fathom how the introduction Women's football to FM is a "political" move or is ruining it. You'd think people will be happy that the game is moving towards a more realistic representation of the global football scene.
  44. Club Deportivo y Social Lord Cochrane - Season 2029 (Season 8) Review - Campeonato Juegaenlinea.com (2nd tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances There we hit a peak! This has been a very tough season, and we were clearly the weaker side against quite a lot of the teams here. On a very positive note though, we have started to make money from the TV rights, and I have been able to improve a few things. If Deportes Recoleta hadn't had such a poor season, we could easily have been relegated back to the 3rd tier. Now we have to look to establish ourselves here at this level and keep im
  45. I think you would be surprised at the level of crossplaying. I know SI have their data one way or another but there are players who pick a big club or their favourite club and stay there, and other players who leap around jobs and countries all the time, often with mods of missing nations or ridiculous levels of depth in nations in game. I suspect a lot of those players are absolutely rubbing their hands at jumping back and forth between the men's and women's game - especially for long time players who have been 'everywhere' this is a great opportunity for a new experience. And not
  46. You have to be very careful how you word things because this isn't at all what Miles has said from what I can see. His comments to the athletic were that those who believe the addition of women's football (something which will be entirely optional to their playing experience) will ruin the game for them then they are not wanted. There is a huge difference between what you think on it being implemented in the game and stating/believing it will ruin the game for you. If, by its mere inclusion, it will ruin the game for a person then that means there has to be a direct opposition to wom
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