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    Rather than this be lost in the other thread that may / may not be about re-creating Wolves' 3-4-3 or might just be about creating a 3-4-3 which works, here I go with my own separate thread! What that discussion did do, however, is inspire me to actually try and re-create Wolves' tactics from this season. Wolves have surprised a lot of people this season with how well they have adapted to life in the Premier League, claiming a few big scalps along the way - most recently my team, Manchester United, in the FA Cup. I have based these tactics on the following article and video, but also what I have seen when watching them occasionally this season: https://www.elartedf.com/wolves-tactical-analysis-nuno-santo/ I shall quote the points that helped me make my decisions for how I have come up with the two alternations of Wolves' 3-5-2 as well as their 3-4-2-1. Mentality Wolves aren't an overly attacking or defensive team, even when playing weaker or stronger sides. This mentality also allows me to use the team instructions to dictate the style of play rather than having to over compensate when things like Line Of Engagement are automatically changed by the mentality. In Possession "Wolves set the tempo of their forward play by building from the back against most sides." "In terms of build-up, Wolves favour playing down that left hand side." "Try to occupy positions nearby and play intricate triangular passes to move the ball up the pitch." In Transition "They counter press the ball in a similar fashion as they apply pressure in swarms of three." "Immediately after winning the ball, their midfielders spray a diagonal pass to look for the attack-minded wing-backs. Simultaneously, forward runs are made by the front three and one of the midfielders to support the counter-attack." "No Premier League team has made more counter attacks than Wolves this season." Out Of Possession "The 7th placed Wolves generally employ a mid-block" "When the opponent crosses the center line, Wolves apply pressure from the front to force the opposition to retreat deeper in the wings and pass the ball back." "They defend in a compact 5-3-2." Goalkeeper PI's: None Defence "Positionally, they are spaced out wide to occupy the full width of the pitch." "However, it is important to note that when there is no numerical overload in the forward press of the opponent, the midfielder does not have to undergo a positional switch to kick start the transition from back to front. Thus, one of the wide central defenders plays a vital tole in working as a ball carrier, taking on the onrushing pressers and dribbling past them to open up spaces in the middle." "Directly switching through Conor Coady. In fact an astonishing 27% of Coady's passes are 30 yards or longer. And no player in the Premier League has completed more longer passes than Conor Coady." I would ideally prefer to not have left and right sided defenders as BPD instead of CD in all formations but this was the only way I could add the PI to Dribble More to each of these players. I would have also preferred to give the central defender More Direct Passing but this wasn't possible on the PI screen. PI's: Stay Wider (Bennett and Boly) Dribble More (Bennett and Boly - 3-5-2 (1) and 3-4-2-1 only) Wingbacks "But when Wolves have created that overlaod on the left hand side, they look to switch the play to Doherty on the right." "Once Doherty has the ball one-v-one, he drives at his opposition looking to beat his man before getting a cross in or a shot away." "Santo's side tend to attack using the wide positioning of their fullbacks to stretch the opposition defence." PI's: Stay Wider (Both players) Midfield "Moutinho creates overloads all over the pitch." "There are situations when the opponent presses them high with three players. In such cases, one of their classy deep midfielders in either Ruben Neves or Leander Dendoncker drop in between Coady and one of the wider center-backs to overlad the press and then facilitates passing the ball out from defence." "Moutinho in not only Wolves' top assister, but he's made more tackles than any other player in the Premier League." PI's: Roam From Position and Tackle Harder (Moutinho - All formations) Attack "This affords space for their inside forwards to make runs through the channels between the opposing team's center-backs and full-backs." "They work incredibly hard off the ball." "What makes the pair so dangerous is their positioning, either between the center back and the full back or coming off the line." "When they've advanced enough, Diogo Jota drops off the line to link the play." PI's: Move Into Channels (Jota in both the 3-5-2's and Jimenez in the 3-4-2-1) Bringing It All Together Standard Formation: Formation Against Teams Using a High Press: Formation When Another Forward is Required: I've not done any tests on these tactics to even see if they work yet but will report back once I've got a few results in! Any feedback would be much appreciated
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    We all know there are hidden attributes for each player, but did you know their are hidden PPMs too? Finally an explanation for so much that happens on the pitch! Using my elite hacking skills, I've managed to uncover these but I'm sure there are more: Crosses into defender Heads to opposition Plays under hit through balls Overthrows throw-ins Shoots with gentleness Takes long kicks always Shoots directly at keeper in one on ones Clogs opposition area Avoids off-ball movement Ignores Instructions
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    People get way, way too hung up on CA and PA. This kid is a wonderful player, and will be a premier league striker for sure. He already has really nice stats. Focus on getting his off the ball to a higher level and he will start for a top 10 side for 15 years. As long as he is performing well, scoring goals, ignore the CA and PA.
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    Okay I changed my mind. I really want to showcase how the new training module works and how you can tailor it for a specific brand of football. So coming soon will be a much better/updated version of this thread;
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    Following a 3 year hiatus I have recently delved back into the world of FM for the first time since FM2016, having previously played every version since Champ Man 97 (which is unfortunate, as from what I’m reading in other threads FM2017 has one of the better MEs). Generally I have been enjoying the game, however a few frustrations are creeping in, so thought I’d share my experience so far. A lot of this has likely been covered elsewhere, but I find it strangely cathartic to get it all out there. In my regular life I work as a QA, and while none of what I have encountered I would deem a “showstopper” or warrant the game unplayable, most I would definitively raise as user experience issues. Some context, I am playing in the lowest league of the Scottish League, am approximately 2/3 through my first season and watch all games full highlights. This equates to roughly 50 hours of ME viewing. I find managing lower league teams often helps mitigate some of the ME issues that occur, as I can always blame my poor players rather than the ME. But in some instances, it merely exacerbates the problems. On starting up, my team is comfortably considered the worst in the league, heavy relegation favourites whose only real strength across the squad is speed. Things are so bad, in fact, that my own team laughs at me when I tell them “we can avoid relegation” this season. I also have the first transfer window disabled, so am unable to strengthen. In the vast majority of fixtures I am viewed as the underdog, with my Assistant always encouraging me to play Defensive. However, I have never been a fan of inviting pressure and have little confidence in my defence to withstand constant attacks, so my initial approach is to play a Cautious 4-1-4-1, expecting to be put under pressure but hoping to keep things relatively close and try to nick a goal on the break with my pace or via a set piece. However, this is not what happens during the games. Despite facing stronger opposition, I find my team almost always has the majority of possession, and creates the most chances. This is possibly due to 2 reasons: Firstly, I have to play a short passing game, as encouraging anything more direct or expressive results in punted balls upfield to nobody in particular. This lowers the number of aimless long balls, but heavily increases the number of tedious cycled passes around my team with little penetration, skewing the possession in my favour. I have been unable to find a happy medium so far. Secondly, the opposition tactics seem to be even more cautious than mine, with very little attacking initiative and most of their attempted long balls likewise being hit straight out of play. This can result in a painful viewing experience. I’m not sure why the opposition AI decides to play this way against a team as weak as mine, but it usually means my team is a lot more competitive than it probably should be. Despite my lowly team rank, I have the best defensive record in the league and most number of clean sheets. Due to the seeming lack of desire to win from the opposition, I feel emboldened enough in my tactics to sometimes field a standard Balanced 4-4-2 – particularly at home - against teams I feel are at a level close to my own. This often leads to a much more expansive game. The goals I do concede seem to happen in a similar manner. On a number of occasions I have conceded on the counter attack – usually as a result of an overhit corner or giveaway by my own team. In itself, this shouldn’t be a problem, however having previously sat through x number of minutes watching the opposition barely create a chance or complete a long pass, when given the opportunity to counter they suddenly all race across the pitch like gangbusters, with every pass upfield made to perfection and the sweeping move finished expertly by their striker. I get that this is how counter attacks work, but given what I’d been watching previously, this sudden transformation always feels slightly inorganic, jarring and inevitable. Ironically, this is how I envisaged my own team playing, but every counter opportunity I am presented with either results in my players hitting the ball out of play, crossing into an opposition player or slowing down and eventually getting tackled. Clearly these amazing, rapid counter attacks are possible, I just haven’t been able to ‘unlock’ their potential - despite my tactics, and players - set up for such. I also concede a lot through my own player errors. The main gripe I have so far is something that I believe has been around for a number of FM incarnations now – players under no pressure and in yards of space race back to a ball going out for a goal kick/ throw in, and rather than shepherd the ball out or control it, they either head/ hoof the ball out of play for a corner or back into the path of opposition players. Simply put, this should not happen. I don’t care how bad my players stats are – this is Sunday league level of skill. Playing as a poor quality team with little chance of winning, conceding goals from these simple errors is just the worst. As a result of this, I find myself ‘forced’ to play a DM to mop up some these mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, last night my LB passed the ball back to the GK, but instead hit the base of the post. My GK – about a yard away – stood and looked at the ball for a couple of seconds, before the opposition striker raced from about 10 yards away to score. I get that things happen like this in real life, but via the ME it looks plain ridiculous. Also this was the second time in the game the LB had hit the post from a back pass. Hopefully it’s not a trend. Like others appear to be experiencing, I am also having a hard time getting my strikers – particularly my Poacher (in both formations) – to score. Mostly, they either run in the opposite direction to where a pass is being played, fail to engage entirely or miss a good chance when finally presented with one. My leading scorers this season are my CB (my penalty and free kick taker) and my CM (around half of which have been long shots – which seem to have dried up slightly since the latest patch). I expect them to be overtaken soon by my LW, who has a found a knack of finishing off crosses at the back post. Speaking of crosses, yes, I have seen a lot of blocked crosses, but this seems to have improved a little since the last patch, and is not quite as much of a problem for my wingers as - Slide tackles. I watch a lot of football, and only rarely do slide tackles result in anything other than a freekick (often accompanied by some retired ex-pro on commentary proclaiming that the “game is gone” and “it’s a contact sport, for crissakes”). Well, these guys should get themselves down to a Scottish League Two game, as some of the tackles I see there are simply spectacular, and almost always make contact with the ball. My wingers are generally bossed by these immaculately time challenges from the opposition midfield – despite these players having pretty poor tackling stats - and on a number of occasions at the end of a match one or both teams has a 100% tackle percentage. Conversely, most 50/50 possession tussles or competed headers seem to result in free kicks. I also feel some player/ team instructions do not function as well as others. My wingers, for instance, rarely make it to the byline or cross low, despite instructions. Instead they always prefer to attempt deeper crosses or cut inside to be tackled (see above) or unleash a surprisingly well-hit shot with their wrong foot. Similarly, goalkeepers and defenders have a habit of lingering on the ball when you’re desperately attempting to chase a game, despite instructions to the contrary. In terms of the UI, I feel this is one of the best FMs yet. It feels relatively robust and the training/ scouting/ tactics options are engaging. The only real issue I have is with the pre-match tactical teamtalk, as I have no idea what this does? I often leave my team selection blank until game day (does it make a difference if the team is selected?) and have only once had any kind of response from my squad on something I selected. Also, these meeting are scheduled for the evening before a game (does this happen in real life?) – but the text within the options often refers to “today” – i.e. “We’re going to go with a 4-1-4-1 formation today, as it suits us the best” – but the game is actually tomorrow. I think this also was also the case back when I last played FM so can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed – just rename the text to “this match” rather than “today”. Easy. In summary, my team are 7th in the league (out of 10), competitive in most games and I am confident of avoiding relegation. In fact, with a good string of results - and if I can get my striker scoring - could even squeak into the playoffs. This is on a par with how I hoped the season would go – it’s just not how I expected the season to go. I anticipated a plucky (but ultimately unsuccessful) underdog story, but instead am unexpectedly overachieving, and can't help but feel this is mostly due to the AI rather than my own skill at the game. As mentioned previously, the issues I’m seeing with the ME are not enough to ruin the game for me, and I’ve also been able to enjoy a couple of classic “FM moments” with this edition. Hopefully SI takes on board some of the constructive feedback provided in this thread and delivers a solid ME experience in FM2020.
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    I am managing a top 5 side, and he would definitely be starting for me. Give him some positional training so he is versatile, and he would be a great rotation option. Who was home grown and free. Once again, you are getting hung up on PA. Don't. Play him. If he performs well, scores, etc. then his PA is utterly irrelevant. One of the best players I ever had on any iteration of FM had a low PA, probably no more than 150 (I never looked). He was rated 2.5 stars maximum. He regularly got 20+ goals and 20+ assists because he just fit perfectly into my squad. I originally bought him as a stopgap to cover an injury crisis because he was cheap and I decided he could do a job. The point is that you should not look at a players PA and immediately decide "meh, not good enough". Judge players on their performances. There is no way this kid would not be playing for me to see what he can do. In terms of players who play games young and then fade to nothing? Perhaps you do not remember because they faded. I can think of quite a few examples. In fact we can look at all the players who made EPL debuts at 16. Michael Briggs. Plays non-league football now. Izzy Brown. At Chelsea, got injured. Aaron Lennon. Plays for Burnley. Never became a world class player. Very similar to your example. Jose Baxter. Plays for Oldham. Gary McSheffrey. I do not know if he plays anymore, but did not rip up any trees. Rushian Hepburn-Murphy. Aston Villa. Still a kid, so who knows. Reece Oxford. Another player similar to yours. Came into the league young, looked like an amazing prospect. Has stalled, no longer plays regularly. Jack Robinson. Came through at Liverpool, looked like a good prospect. Now at Nottingham. Jack Wilshire. We all know about him. Another player similar to your (injuries did not help, but he never reached close to what people thought he could). Angel Gomes. He is still 18, so it is too early to tell. James Vaughan. Another Everton kid. Scored on debut. Championship level. Wayne Rooney. The exception on this list of a player who was as good as the hype suggested. James Milner. Another example of a player very similar to the one you show me. Perfectly suited to playing for a top team. Does his job. Not one of the best players in the team. Francis Jeffers. Injuries sucked for him, but he never lived up to the hype. Jonathan Leko. Still at West Brom and playing well. Jack Rodwell. I think we all know what happened to him with Sunderland. Okay so that was a long list of young players. You can make of that what you will. However, I think the player you most here is exactly the same type of player as Milner, or Lennon (depending on how you want to look at it and how he plays. And the point is it is exception for a player to debut young and become a world class player. It is far more common for them to be really good when young, but not be able to progress.
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    People on this forum complain about ton of stuff. Most of the time, it is just ranting without any evidence. However, once somebody asks a simple question: "25% of goals scored with this ME are from outside of the box, is this too high?" which means he went through the trouble to check stats across the league, and asked how current game compares to the real stats, he gets: a mod sending him to tactics forum (I understand reasoning, but it doesn't address actual question) and you "don't take much in consideration a statistic based on some feedback dropped by some disappointed user in this forum". Do you actually understand how demeaning this is? There is (rightfully) a mantra on this forum: "Constructive feedback please, SI don't want to hear moans or insults". However, when once in blue moon some constructive feedback to tons of "long shot complaints" actually appears, he gets patronized. These deserve infractions and bans just as much as bashing SI does. It is a genuine question about the state of current ME, it is good somebody rises it and it would be even better if somebody provided some stats from the game that prove or disprove the claim once for all. How can that hurt the game, SI, or ordinary user?
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    Scores first goal for club against human controlled teams
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    Avoids using stronger foot Comes deep to give away the ball Plays with back to ball Knocks ball past teammate Likes to switch ball to opponent Gets forward whenever inconvenient Does not even attempt tackles Marks opponent rarely (FWIW I think this has been done before, but it's still funny)
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    There is the old adage that if you put unrealistic inputs into a computer program, you will get an unrealistic output. That can at least cover the. What do you want from this thread? Is it just a moan, do you want someone to explain why some of these things might be realistic? Do you want to use your examples to help improve the game? I could start a point by point discussion, but I fear it would quickly degrade into people arguing from positions they will not be moved from. I would suggest if you are annoyed with what you see, you should actually communicate the problems you find in the bugs forum. This is how you can make a difference to the future games, and perhaps see improvements to the game in areas you feel it is lacking.
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    There have been enough warnings recently about use of the term "fanboy" and of making unfounded accusations about SI. You raised this subject in the General Discussion forum recently, clearly you still disagree. So 2 things: 1) If you have an issue with any player's attributes, the place to raise them is in the respective Database and Research forum. However you will need better proof than "I have a different opinion". 2) You are breaching forum rules, specifically abuse of SI (questioning their integrity) and use of the word "fanboy" - both of which can result in a ban from the forum. Create editor files as much as you like, but I strongly suggest you change your posting style here.
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    Just wanted to correct this point here. There is no 'counter' mentality anymore, it was removed because of this very misconception that simply changing your mentality to 'counter' would make your team counter-attack, regardless of your other team instructions. Your mentality will determine how much risk your players look to take, as well as alter the 'base' level of tempo, passing directness and defensive line. So if you want your team to sit back and absorb pressure, countering when the chance is on but not recklessly, then cautious mentality is best. If you want your team to counter at every opportunity, even if it might leave your team exposed in riskier situations, then choose a more attacking mentality. Note that none of the tactical style templates are tied to any specific mentality, you're free to change them depending on the situation/level of opposition. This is intentional, you can use any mentality with any style of play. You're not supposed to simply just set your mentality once for your tactic and leave it the same for every match. You can have a cautious counter-attacking tactic or an attacking one, both are valid. Similarly, there's nothing wrong with having a cautious possession-focused approach. I'd suggest if you're having trouble making enjoyable counter-attacking football that you try going to the tactics forum to see if there's any suggestions there. Thanks
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    - Doesn't foul outside own penalty box
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    Yes. De Ligt after one season in my United save wanted to be a Key Player on 3x the wages, despite being on a 5 year deal. You don't give it to him, the whole squad goes into mutiny. Pogba wanted to go to Real Madrid, I quoted them a reasonable price given his form, season awards etc. They decided not to pursue it, he kicks off, half the squad follow suit. I love so much about FM19, the training is excellent and I love working it into how I want my team to play in certain ways. I actually like the new mentoring system and I feel that it is much better than the previous way of working. Scouting is a joy, and really works well to find the right players when done properly. I can even overlook the issues in the ME to a degree (of which many have been covered in this thread and others). The one thing that I hate, that has caused me to uninstall FM19 is the dynamics and interactions with your players. It needs to be burned out in cleansing fire, because right now it is not fit for purpose. I absolutely detest it. Answering pointless questions pre-match in a big game against Arsenal about some jobber at newly promoted Leeds being placed on the transfer list? Who gives a rodents bottom! Players want new contracts so often I wanted the board to have a revolving door option for the managers office, so they can just glide through and out while my secretary gives them 3x the pay every time despite them already being on good deals already (and key, actually playing the ammount that is stipulated in the deal).
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    Hi there, excited for my first post here on the forum! I'm afraid it might be awfully long and don't want to bore people, so feel free to skip a little introduction I give and focus upon my new approach to creating a successful tactic with my side predicted to finish bottom of Serie A. I hope you enjoy! Before I get started I wanted to acknowledge that this is my first forum post here. I have dipped in and out of reading threads and articles over the years but I feel inspired to share my recent approach that I formed from reading, watching and trying out a lot of ideas to find something that worked for me. I'm not sure exactly where this will take me, but I've recently learned a lot about the game and have always struggled making my own successful tactics and system. I usually stumble upon a successful save by copying popular user tactics and just gathering a good squad. I felt the quality of the team was what was working, mixed with tactics created by other people, and not me being involved that much in a strange way. I felt as though I understood the game at an okay level, but I didn't feel as though I had really accomplished anything. Whenever I tried to create my own tactic it usually ended in disaster, with no aims, ideas or inspiration behind my systems, they almost always failed. I then decided to get back into FM19 after the winter update, previously having a fairly casual save with Doncaster that never went anywhere. This time I wanted to make my own tactics, and play like an actual manager, rather than sitting back and using someone else's work. I wanted a fairly challenging save, so I picked Catania in Serie C, to try and re-establish the club in Italy's top flight after a few years out. It wasn't until we reached our second season back in Serie A that I can say I fully implemented my ideas into the team and created my first tactic, but the results speak for themselves. I coasted through Serie C and Serie B, as my squad had enough quality, but again as I tried to give the club an identity, something would fail and I would throw everything out the window and try again. I started using an Atalanta influenced 343 system and wanted to utilise Alessandro Cortinovis in the Alejandro Gomez role, but it didn't work that well so I panicked and copied a tactic to coast through the rest of Serie C. I then wanted to use a Simeone influenced style, as he was a former manager of Catania and this saw us through Serie B fairly comfortably but again I didn't see the tactic as my own. 1st year in Serie A I changed again and decided I wanted to try a Total Football influenced game, which failed miserably. I then tried a possession tactic that saw us get some good results but I wasn't happy with certain games only creating 1 or 2 chances and not having a shot on target. This was again mostly taken from other user's tactics and I still didn't feel the work was fully my own and we had a moderately successful 1st season back in Serie A, finish 12th after being predicted 20th. I was reading and watching a lot of content but I couldn't translate what I thought I learned into the game. I then re-read everything with a different mindset. I thought I should give some sort of background but I digress and don't want to bore in my first post. Cleon's thread regarding a step by step guide to creating a tactic gave me a lot of ideas and things to try. I also took a lot of inspiration and idea's from Herne's thread on his Tiki-Taka based system. tLdR: Struggled finding an identity for the club and constantly changed ideas and direction when things went wrong, resorting to using community tactics, when I wanted to make my own. However, the one thing that didn't change during my tactical identity crisis was my transfer policy and squad building. I had gathered a fairly decent side, focusing on attributes influenced by a post I read on total football, the attributes I targeted were: Good on the ball/Technical - (Technique, Passing and First Touch) Intelligent players - (Vision, Anticipation, Composure, Concentration, Decisions, Off the Ball and Teamwork) Fit and hard working players - (Determination, Work Rate, Stamina, Natural Fitness) Specialised positional attributes - (e.g Jumping Reach for a defender, dribbling for a wide man, Flair for attackers etc.) My inspiration for this policy was taken from Ozil to the Arsenal's Total Football series of threads. Over the seasons I gathered players (with very limited funds) who fit these attributes and only signed those with a majority of those attributes that I wanted, there were some exceptions but I have reasoning for choosing these players. I will go into more detail on each player I brought into the club maybe not in this post though depending on it's length. But I do think it's important to show the team I assembled which lead to decision making when it came to the tactic itself. I just wanted to state the consolidation over several years of my transfer policy which left me with players that could play a lot of different systems and tactics. Inspired by articles and threads, and really wanting to improve my understanding and skill at the game, I made the decision to stick to only making my own tactics and if they fail, they fail. This was my process into creating my first successful tactic for my Catania side. I wanted to pick a few ideas on how I wanted to play and base the rest of the tactic off of that, keeping it as simple as I could. Looking at my squad, it lacked depth and quality, as we used a lot of loans to make enough money to work in our second Serie A campaign. One of those loans was Adrien Bongiovanni, a young Belgian (how is that name not Italian???) winger and midfielder from Monaco. He played well for us and he was available to buy for a cheap £4.3mil so I decided I wanted to build the team around him. He was quick, had a great mind, excellent passing ability and worked hard. Deciding to build the side around Bongiovanni was my first step in creating my tactic. Aim One: Build the side around young Adrien Bongiovanni in the play-maker role. With my first idea in place, I then came up with a second idea/target that I wanted to accomplish playing in Italy; Having the fewest goals conceded over a season. Known for it's defending, I took influence from the Italian league and wanted my side to be the meanest defence in the land. There were two ways I came up with to accomplish this: -Play a very defensive style of football, which might limit creativity from the player I wanted to build the side around. -Play a possession style of football to keep teams off the ball and away from my goal. I went with the latter but I didn't want to stifle my final third with having too much useless possession and not doing anything with it. I would use it when I needed it, not going overkill and picking a couple of TI's to help us keep the ball away from our goal. but still having a threat in the final third. Reading about a possession philosophy, I was inspired to try a high press/block to keep the opposition pinned back and win the ball high up the pitch, thus seeing more possession of the ball but in better areas. This meant using a Much Higher Defensive Line and Line of Engagement, counter-pressing and closing down like animals. So that was another thing already decided for me which became the second step in my creation. Just by setting myself an in game target, and the aim of building a team around a creative threat in midfield, things were decided for me and made logical sense. We obviously needed the players required to play such a risky high line who were always switched on and quick enough to react to fast striker/ ball over the top. Aim Two: Try to conceded the fewest goals in the Serie A by employing possession tactics with a high press. With these elements in place the tactic began coming together like a puzzle, it was quite surprising to me. I finally understood how being simple and having a few ideas can make decisions for you in the tactical creator as things came together logically. For example, playing a high press game, it made sense to try a Pressing Forward. We already had Bongiovanni selected as an advanced play-maker, and to allow him to get up the pitch I needed a man to screen the back. This lead me to a Defensive Midfielder/Anchor Man/Half Back at DM. The role ended up changing depending on in game situations but usually started as a DM-Su. To be more solid at the back and to allow a DM, I opted for a 4-1-4-1 formation. Since I had a very high line, it made sense to add a Sweeper Keeper. The inspiration to use a 4-1-4-1 came from reading posts from this thread: I liked the idea of players making space for our to CM's to operate as it essentially fit will with my idea to get the most out of Bongiovanni and build the side around him, specifically this post with in the thread: (originally from the Pep Guardiola thread but was also quoted in this one.) This is what the tactic looked like at this point:` PF(s) WM(a) CM(s) AP(a) WM(a) DM(s) FB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) SK(s) Play out of Defence (for possession) Distribute to CB's, Counter-Press, Counter Much Higher Defensive Line, Much Higher Line of Engagement, Extremely Urgent Closing Down, Use Tighter Marking (High Press) I then began looking at the players I had that could fit into this system. I then had an epiphany about a player I had bought in January. Vlad Dragomir, a young Romanian Midfielder and Winger reminded me a lot of one of my favourite players of all time, Steven Gerrard. Dragomir had all good to great attributes that I wanted, but it was his traits that led me to the comparison. Il Drago -Gets forward whenever possible -Tries Killer Balls often -Shoots from distance -Places shots -Likes to switch ball to other flank He possessed great energy and work rate to get up and down the pitch, and had the ability to pull off a trademark long pass or long shot just like Gerrard. So I thought it would be interesting to add a Gerrard-esque role to my system, next to my play-maker. I didn't want to use a Box to Box Midfielder, as I had established I wanted to play far away from my goal line so why would he need to run up and down? (even though he could) I wanted something with more attacking flair, so I tried the Mezzala on support and it worked well. He would drift wide like Gerrard tended to do and burst through to the box to finish off moves, unlock a defence or blast a shot into the net. After this decision, I was afraid I could become exposed in the middle, so I added an Inverted Wing-Back on the left to in theory compensate for the two CM's to cause havoc. I also thought about changing the DM to Defend but I thought that it could be a change I would make in game. Aim 3: Create a Gerrard-influenced role for Vlad Dragomir. The roles and duties now formed this: PF(s) WM(a) MEZ(s) AP(a) WM(a) A(d) IWB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) SK(s) Suddenly I had found that my roles and duties chose themselves logically, as my idea developed. It made sense to me that one thing influenced another decision and so on. I was left with the two WM roles and the RB to decide on. I kept it fairly simple and took influence from Guardiola's use of wide men staying wide, with players either playing with their strong foot towards the touch-line or the middle. This would change based on opposition and game plan, but usually defaulted at a right footed player on the right, and a left footed player on the left. I looked at my wide-men's attributes and found one of them lacked good enough work rate, which is why I didn't choose the winger or inverted winger roles. I was afraid that they wouldn't put the work in that the role of a Wide Midfielder would. The WM also allowed me to click stay wider, and depending on personnel, run wide or cut inside with the ball. I then decided to switch the DM to an anchor man, to compensate for some fairly aggressive roles in-front of him and to his sides. I still wanted him to support attacks though and be an option in build up but it was something that I could tweak depending on the game. I had this inspiration from reading the Pep Guardiola thread - Aim 4: Use the idea of Guardiola's wingers staying wide tLdR; I came up with four aims/ideas of how I wanted my side to play; 1-Build around Bongiovanni, 2-Concede the fewest goals in the Serie A, 3-Use a Gerrard-esque role in midfield & 4-Use idea of Guardiola's wingers staying wide. It now became an almost complete system and I had a good idea on how it would work in theory, but in practice is another story. This is essentially what I wanted/expected from each position. (Changed depending on game-plan and opposition.) GK- Mop up behind our defensive line if a long ball comes over or our offside trap is broken. Become a passing option in possession with the ability to start attacking moves. If we were getting pressed high up the pitch I asked him to kick the ball wide to our WM's. RB)- Work hard to support attacking moves and in transition to keep our defensive shape at the back. He could support a wide player by being a deeper option to deliver a cross or overlap when playing with a left-footer at RM. Good positional awareness and concentration required to play our high defensive line. Would sometimes add get further forward PI in certain situations. eg. to overlap RM or to add further support to be an extra man in attack. CBs- Very basic and standard. No PIs but players who are quick enough and smart enough to play a High Line and offside trap were needed. Ability to jump is also important to nullify aerial threats and keep our sheets clean. LB- A player to in theory take up the position of the MCL who has more attacking freedom. Would be in line with the DM in possession but I was afraid we could be taken advantage of on our left flank. He should recycle possession and be an extra man available for a pass. DM- Very good positional awareness needed here. To be able to cover holes left by our midfield and LB, whilst being solid defensively and being another passing option in midfield. MCR- Our key player and the initial muse for our system. He would start attacks with his excellent passing, or could dribble through the middle, drawing markers and unleashing a runner into space. Should contribute a lot of goals and assists. Work hard in our high press to win the ball high up the pitch. MCL- Gerrard inspired role. Be able to carry the ball through the middle and half spaces, switch the play and hit accurate passes to advance us up the pitch.Link with the ML to create overloads on the left wing and arrive in the box to finish off attacks. Utilise hard working player in the high press to hassle opponents high up the pitch. Be a threat from long shots. MR/L- Players that should stay wide and offer a switch of play to stretch a side to allow our CM's to play. Possess enough dribbling and flair to cause trouble in a 1v1 and be on the end of crosses from the opposite wing. Work hard in our high press and drop into a 4 when defending. PI's are Stay Wider and depending on the foot, run wide or cut inside. ST- Hassle defenders and lead our press. Work hard for the team and link up play between midfielders, whilst being a goal threat himself. Score, create, press. I added roam from position to allow him to easily receive the ball and pull around markers, making space for the midfield to attack. Sounds and looks good in theory, I tested it out in pre-season and the first three games of the season, watching in 10 minute intervals to see what was happening. This was the first time I had ever done some on field analysis so I'm not sure on all the things to look out for but here are some examples of my ideas being translated onto the pitch. Please give feedback on how to be more informative with this, as sometimes it's hard to see what is happening or choose good examples of what I want to show. On The Ball- Here is an image of one of the first games of the season vs our rivals Palermo. They set up in a 4-4-2 and this is early in the game. I am pausing the game at random points to see if what I want to happen is happening. Not an amazing example but this was my first attempt. You can see my CD Demiral on the ball after receiving it from a goal kick. This is where I want to see us build from the back. Demiral has 3 passing options, being 1 which is our IWB, 2 our DM and 3 our MEZ. 2 would be a safe option if he got closed down, allowing an easy pass into our AP in the middle of the pitch, although he is marked he has some space to receive the ball. A pass to our MEZ(3) might be risky as the striker is cutting off the lane, but he is facing square so could play a great pass to 4 our WM who has a lot of space to his left and behind him. The final option is number 1, our IWB. This is a risk free pass as he is completely unmarked, and the easiest option for Demiral, but notice the amount of space our IWB has to move into if he receives the ball. Yes he could be closed down by the RM, but a quick ball to number 4 and we are behind their midfield with a pacey winger carrying the ball forward. Either of these options is a good one, but he opts for 1, who ends up being closed down and we recycle around the back. This is the same move but further advanced, our WB started at the red dot and played a ball into Castrovilli. I switched the WM's so Castrovilli was cutting inside, and our LB acted more like a WB rather than an IWB. Castrovilli plays an easy ball into Dragomir who is on the ball. We managed to move Palermo around, bringing their RB high and their CM across which allowed a one touch pass into our AP in the centre circle followed by another one touch pass into the space where our WB is making a run. We are in behind their RB and essentially have a 3v3 on their back line with our WB, ST and MR vs 2 CB's and LB. Patient play leading to an opening which we exploited. The move continued and ended with a blocked cross from our WB. We swapped wings later again turning LB back to IWB. I was a bit worried here, after popping the ball around the back I noticed how close my IWB was to my MEZ. They are practically holding hands. A bit too deep for my liking here but Palermo's strikers were pressing us high. I wasn't sure how to separate the IWB and MEZ here, however a long ball over the top from Owusu on the ball led to our ST being clean through and winning a penalty to put us 1-0. Not my preferred way to goal but having the ability to do this is nice. Here is a more advanced move. We played our way nicely into midfield and found Owusu in a great area after switching him to a DM on support. After thinking about changing the IWB role my thoughts were consolidated here. 1 is our IWB on support, very high in our attack and tucked in, being an extra man in midfield. We could easily give him the ball and recycle, or do what actually happens and play in 2. Dragomir receives the ball and draws 3 players toward him, opening up a great opportunity for our IWB to drive into the box or shoot. Ends up getting to him and he curls one in from range to put us 2-0 against our rivals. The IWB is acting more aggressive than intended, but he does have 'Gets further forward' so it might become a balancing act or a risk factor allowing him to travel far or asking him to stay deeper. This image is from a 5-0 thrashing of Sassuolo away. This the build up to our second goal and let me know my plan to unleash Bongiovanni was working here. We moved the ball around nicely, dragging Sassuolo's midfield to the left, leaving acres of space for Bongiovanni to explode into and pick his pass. Another key pass from Owusu here, getting the initial ball into Bongiovanni, informing my decision to let him play with a support duty. As you can see 4 players numbered being our other four attacking players, 1 is our WM, 2 our PF, 3 our MEZ and 4 our other WM, all bursting into the area to get on the end of the pass. Bongiovanni dribbled forward before choosing our Striker as his pass and assisting our second goal with a perfect through ball. Our other goals came from a set piece, a great utilisation of the high press to catch a defender in possession leaving our ST 1on1 with the keeper, an own goal and a great shot from our DM outside the box. This came from a big game at home vs Lazio. Bongiovanni again receives the ball from our DM and enough space has been opened for him to dribble through the middle toward the box. He chose to attack the space, and unleashed a shot outside the box scoring a huge goal in a 1-0 win. This is enough to show me he is operating exactly how I want. Probably our best performance of the season was away at Roma. We absolutely dominated the heavy favourites at their own ground in a 3-0 win for Catania. This is our second goal. I noticed how narrow Roma were playing, again we used patient build up to move their midfield across. Our LM is on the ball a has a good amount of space in front to dribble and our RM is in so much space on the wide right. Our LM ends up dribbling and crossing the ball into our RM for an easy second goal. Demolished in Rome- 3-0 and 3pts to Catania. These are two screenshots of a game against Juventus at home. Bongiovanni receives the ball initially from our IWB(1) and begins his dribble into space and beginning to play-make. He passes to our MEZ who dwells on the ball before playing to our LM who is right footed cutting inside. Notice where our IWB starts and where he ends up when our LM Castrovilli gets the ball. The movement of our striker is key here, as he has opened the space for our IWB (1) and Bongiovanni (2) to attack. An excellent curled pass into our on-running IWB saw us score the opening goal against Juve. Some great team understanding here, I absolutely love this move as it began with Juve clearing the ball and us pinning them in their half. The move started with our IWB allowing our play-maker to dribble, linking up with our Mezzala who played an easy ball to our winger, whilst our Striker pulled away the CB's, we had two runners surging onto the through ball. An excellent team move here. Another top side dominated, as Juve never threatened us at all and their only goal came from a penalty. A 3-1 win for us at home with our two other goals being started by the high press, both ending in through balls to our surging midfielders. This comes from our final game of the season vs Juventus away. Bongiovanni had been moved upfront in the dying minutes as our striker wasn't effective. He ran onto a ball over the top from our centre back and controlled the ball here. This goal highlights how I wanted my Gerrard-role to work, as you can see him in the D bursting into the box. An easy cutback here and we score our second goal in the 90th minute to win 2-1 away at Juve. Beautiful! I think I have provided some okay examples on how my CM's played, both scoring and creating in the manner I wanted them too. Bongiovanni being our play-maker and making daring runs and splitting open backlines, whilst our Gerrard role linked play up and got on the end of moves to smash them home. I could show many more examples of this but I would be here all night. The goal against Juventus at home is one of my favourite goals and highlights perfectly how the tactic can create space for our forward running midfielders to attack, and shows a great sense of teamwork as many parts were key in this move. So I managed to achieve (atleast I myself believe it) what I wanted from my midfielders, allowing to drive my side forward and be the prime suppliers and scorers. I also utilised possession when needed to move teams around and create space for our midfield to operate. One image also shows how we implemented the idea of Peps wide players staying wide, being able to allow more space inside and become narrower in the penalty area to get on the end of crosses or through balls. My LM ended up contributing 15 assists whilst scoring 5, and my RM scoring 8 and assisting 10. It let me know we had more than one route to goal and more than one player who could finish off a chance. But how did I do defensively? Did we reach our target of conceding the fewest goals in a season? 22 goals conceded in 38 matches, with 24 clean sheets. Extremely happy we managed to achieve this, especially with my very average side which lacked great quality in depth. Our high line and high press has been greatly effective, only occasionally falling asleep to a ball over the top. I felt a great sense of achievement, outperforming big European clubs with an average and very young squad. We were tipped for relegation and predicted to finish rock bottom of the table, so how did we do in the league? A very successful overachieving campaign with a cup final defeat to Juventus on pens (We got our revenge in the end) and I finally felt like I have understood the game better from trying things from simple ideas I wanted to see play out, with help from other ideas that people had suggested in other threads and bringing together aspects to make it work for me. The knowledge I gained from reading threads and watching videos massively helped and it has really given me a good sense of accomplishment finally in this game that I had been looking for. Don't get me wrong, I still learned and recognised where to change things and make tweaks to counter teams or to get back into a game or close a game out, and I also acknowledge that this is definitely not a revolutionary tactic and is fairly similar to ones I took inspiration from, but this is more about my process getting there, trying different things and choosing things that fitted my idea and what I liked. Now finally it's time for the tactic. What I will present is more of a baseline that allows me to make changes when required, however with the chosen roles and duties, allows the team to play how I wanted them to play as outlined above and backed up by examples. A few things changed during the season so this was our final tactic going into face Juventus away to secure the title. The whole point of this post was to explain what I wanted to do, how I did it and the results with examples, but the initial idea for what I wanted to create could of been entirely different I would be here with a very different tactic for it. This post is aiming to present how I finally had a light-bulb moment and how I allowed myself to learn, adapt and understand the game better after years of stumbling around. Not too many changes, but the attack duties became support if we ever went positive/attacking. The changes I made most often were asking my wide-midfielders to either cut inside or run wide, alter mentality, tempo and passing range to the circumstances. I used be more expressive when faced with a hard defence to break down, which sometimes came with play wider. My DLine dropped to higher but often moved around as we gradually shifted pressing styles throughout the match. My MEZ could also become a DLP and my AP could also become a CM(a). My DM also moved between an Anchor-Man, a Half-Back and a Defensive Midfielder. I chose balanced on this occasion as we were up against Juventus on the final day of the season, and I didn't want to be too cautious or too aggressive. Shorter Passing and play out of defence is there too help with keeping the ball away from the other team, but our passing length and tempo was something I changed a lot depending on how the game was going. I picked pass into space as the tactic basically aims to make space by moving teams around, allowing space for my CM's to attack, so passing the ball into that space would help with that. It was also useful to hit balls over the top for my striker which usually led to goals. Distribute to CB was used to help build from the back, and whilst we start with Counter & Counter-Press these would often get switched on and off throughout games depending on the circumstances. Higher Defensive Line and Much Higher Line of Engagement, mixed with Extremely Urgent Closing Down and Tighter Marking was there for my high press, but again we weren't afraid to drop to mid or low blocks when we needed too. Offside Trap is there to help with our high line and use the intelligence of our back line effectively. Final PI's WM- Stay Wider and Run Wide with Ball or Cut Inside AP- Roam from Position PF- Roam from Position Situational PI's - FB- Get Further Forward, Take Fewer Risks, Sit Narrower CD's- Take Fewer Risks IWB- Take Fewer Risks AP- Remove Roam from Position Like I said, this is not any revolutionary tactic and definitely took loads of inspiration from others. I'm not claiming it to be a fully self thought out tactic but it's my first one that I haven't directly taken from one source like for like, but added loads of ideas together to fit me and what I wanted to do, which started with a few basic ideas that I came up with, and as it moved on took inspiration from other ideas I had seen and wanted to try. It has been a real enjoyable learning process. I tried everything and kept aspects of things I liked, things that worked and things that fit my ideas. I would be very grateful for peoples feedback on how they view this tactic and how it can be improved, but I will add another post after this one highlighting my squad building process and picking certain players for certain scenarios, which informed my tactic heavily. Could this work with another team? Maybe, it's definitely one where you need to assess the game and make correct changes when necessary, and one that demands a certain type of player. I think my next post will explain how I built my squad, the reason for choosing those players and how they worked within the system. Alongside this would be how the players, especially the front 5, could all inter-change and offer something different to each role. I know it's a long one and I may of bored a lot, but showing my process is what this is all about. I felt the next logical step would be to get feedback from others and see how we can become better and adapt it. My target for next season is to concede the fewest goals again and also to remain unbeaten at home. I would also love feedback on the style and format of the post and how I can improve, considering this being my very first attempt. Thanks for reading and I hope to see some discussion and feedback below!
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    Just want to thank Cleon, I was really struggling away from home as Wolves before remembering this thread. I was winning comfortably at home with a custom gegenpressing tactic, but was the league's whipping boy away. After creating this tactic: I was able to get an unexpected away win at Spurs (two counters and a free-kick). Edit: Just followed the Spurs match up with the below away at Liverpool!
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    Just a quick announcement to say we've just released 19.3.4 via Steam. A changelist of the fixes contained is listed below. The game should automatically begin to update next time you launch Steam. If you're currently in a game of FM, please remember to save before exiting so you can receive the update. If for whatever reason either doesn't automatically update we recommend restarting Steam. 19.3.4 Changelist - Further stability fixes - Allow mentoring within non-first team squads - Free agent fix allowing players to sign immediately - Fix for Belgium League HG player count
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    Hi, Sorry for FM19 but I had to solve several personnal problems I will come back for FM20 and I will do 275 updates for FM20 !
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    Great job . Yes but I'd want good technical players. First Touch, Composure, Off the Ball would all help (amongst others). Always remember - telling your players to do something is one thing (ie., your tactical instructions), them actually being able to carry out those instructions (ie., their attributes) is something else entirely. It's certainly one way of doing things but I wouldn't go so far as to say any way is the "best" way. If you've ever read Cleon's The Art of Possession Football (and if you haven't you should) you'll notice he uses the Positive (Control) Mentality which sets a pretty wide width by default and doesn't mention changing the Width TI. In my Tiki Taka thread, I don't mention Width either. Yet both of us may use Shorter Passing. That's because when using Shorter Passing players can naturally come closer together. Kick the ball a shorter distance and your team mate has to be nearer to you in order to receive it. So yes you can adjust width as well but consider whether you actually need to before you do. If those short passes are going astray then sure adjust width but if your passing is fine then there may not be a need. One other thing to bear in mind: Mentality sets your base attacking width which will change as you change Mentality. So Defensive is quite narrow, Attacking is pretty wide and each Mentality between is a step change in width.
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    Introduction: The sole purpose of this file is to expand the US/Canadian experience for Football Manager as close to real life as reasonably possible. And if I do say so myself, I believe this file is the most realistic USA expansion for any version of Football Manager. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy this DB file. Take over your local NPSL or USL2 club (like my Emerald Force SC). Start with at the youth level, including the MLS academy teams. Do a Caleb Porter and build a college powerhouse before taking on the professional game. You can even make like Marc Dos Santos and start in one of the Canadian leagues (including the new Canadian Premier League). Or, just start in MLS while the pyramid below helps develop players for your dynasty. Here are the specifics: Major League Soccer: All default rules are still in place (salary cap, allocation money, contract types, All-Star Game, Drafts, etc). In 2019, as by default, FC Cincinnati joins the league (as is the case in real life). Expansion draft still occurs. The big addition here is the 2020 expansion where Beckham's Inter Miami franchise joins the league along with Nashville, as is happening in real life. Some liberty was taken with the Nashville franchise, as they have not announced their branding yet. I simply "promoted" Nashville SC from USL Championship. The teams join the league as normal, however the expansion draft for 2020 does not seem to take place. FM obviously realizes that expansion is happening because it shows on the calendar, however it never actually occurs as it does for the 2019 expansion. It's apparently a hard-coding issue. Also included is the recently announced changes to the playoffs, starting in 2019. Seven teams from each conference now qualify for a chance to win the MLS Cup, up from six. United Soccer League Championship: The league plays in 2018 with the same 33 teams from real life. In 2019, FC Cincinnati leaves the league to join MLS. Penn FC, Richmond Kickers, and Toronto FC II "relegate" to USL One. Austin Bold FC, Birmingham Legion FC, El Paso Locomotive, Hartford Athletic, Loudoun United FC, Memphis 901 FC, and New Mexico United all join the league for the 36 real life teams for 2019. In 2020, Chicago and Oakland join for 38. The 7 expansion clubs can be chose from USL League One at the beginning of the game. United Soccer League One: The league does not schedule any matches in 2018, however you can choose the clubs which do not play in other leagues at the beginning of the game (Chattanooga Red Wolves, Forward Madison, Greenville Triumph, Lansing Ignite, North Texas SC, Orlando City B, and the Rochester Rhinos) It also starts with the 7 expansion teams that join USL in 2019 so you can start with one of them and build the squad. League begins play in 2019. NPSL Pro: Like USL1, it does not schedule any matches for 2018 and begins play in 2019. You can pick Cal United, Cal FC, or Oakland Roots in the beginning. NCAA: All 209 teams and 24 conferences are included. Set up to mimic real life as much as FM will allow. 21 of 24 conferences have tournaments, with all 24 conference champions gaining automatic bids to the NCAA Championship Tournament. Players selected for the MLS Superdraft will come from the NCAA. US Soccer Development Academy: This is where newgens are generated in USA in FM. Activating the division means that the youngsters will get meaningful matches. This league matches real life as much as possible, but in reality the league runs on a fall-spring schedule and FM doesn't allow one division in a nation to run fall-spring if the rest of the leagues run spring-fall. United Soccer League Two: Setup to reflect real life for all 2018-2019 changes. FC Tucson and South Georgia Tormenta play in USL2 in 2018 before joining USL1 in 2019. National Premier Soccer League: Also setup to function in 2018-19 as in real life. Chattanooga FC, Detroit City, Miami FC, Miami United, Milwaukee Torrent, New York Cosmos, FC Arizona, and ASC San Diego all play in NPSL in 2018 before moving to NPSL Pro in 2019. Canada: Includes the new Canadian Premier League, League1 Ontario, PLSQ, Pacific Coast Soccer League, Canadian Soccer League, and the CSL Second Division. Also included are the cups for League1 Ontario and PLSQ. The Canadian Championship is also set to include the CPL champion starting in the second season. ADDITIONAL FILES FOR THE CONCACAF CLUB COMPETITIONS: Apparently modifying MLS in the editor causes the default CONCACAF Champions League to go haywire, so I rebuilt it. It functions better with the CONCACAF League and CFU Club Championship competitions which I also rebuilt. If you do not include these files with my USA-Canada expansion, the Champions League will not select the proper teams. For the Concacaf League and the Concacaf Champions League to function properly, you will need to drop the Mexico and Costa Rica leagues files into the "editor files" folder. These competitions have been modified to ensure that the correct clubs qualify for continental play. GRAPHICS FILE: Also included is a graphics file which contains logos for all American and Canadian teams. It also includes kits for all US teams and the CPL teams. Screenshots: KNOWN ISSUES: -For whatever reason, the expansion draft does not happen for the 2020 or 2021 expansiona. As best as I can tell, this is a hard-coding issue pertaining to MLS expansion. The expansion draft does still occur for FC Cincinnati. -Some NPSL and USL2 clubs won't fill their squads. Some teams will always have only gray players. I've tried different things, but for now there seems to be no way around this. My guess as to why this is the case would be because in FM, clubs in the USA do not develop new players. All new domestic American players come through the Academy system whereas clubs in other countries' have a yearly youth intake. I can't say for sure why some semi-pro clubs don't just go sign free players, but I'd say it's related to the unique US youth system in FM. -NCAA teams will not function exactly as they should in real life. FM sees the teams as amatuer U23 clubs. Their squads are usually automatically populated which I would suppose is because the SuperDraft pulls from them. -Professional clubs from USL2, and the Division 3 competitions will sign players from the NCAA and Academy leagues. I have done what I can to minimize this phenomenon, but it is unfortunately unavoidable and unrealistic. The somewhat good news is that it will happen less frequently as the game progresses after the professional clubs have filled their squads. DISCLAIMER: I have NO idea how this file will mesh with other database files. If you have an issue, by all means report it and I will try to make it compatible but I can make no promises on that. DOWNLOADS: DB Files (place in "Football Manager 2019>editor files" folder): http://www.mediafire.com/file/amcc398vflawbsc/USA_Canada_Expansion_3.4.rar/file Graphics files (place in "Football Manager 2019>graphics" folder): http://www.mediafire.com/file/nmawxnr26a2xuvd/USA-CAN_Expansion_Graphics_3-1.rar/file CURRENT VERSION OF DB FILE: USA Expansion 3.2; Canada Expansion MLS in FM19 Video Guides Part One (League Format): Part Two (Squad Breakdown): Part Three (Player Acquisition): ADDITIONAL FILES ----------MLS Club Continental Competitions CONCACAF in the Copa Sudamericana - CONMEBOL used to invite teams from North America to compete in the Copa Sudamericana. That deal ended when CONCACAF changed the format of the Champions League and started scheduling matches in the fall when the Sudamericana was played. Now that the Champions League has returned to playing all of their matches in the spring, there has been some discussion of allowing North American teams in the Sudamericana again. I remember playing in Sudamericana with the older versions of FM and it was a lot of fun, so I built this file that sends the CONCACAF Champions League winners and runner-up to the Sudamericana. Pan-Pacific Championship - This revives a now-defunct preseason friendly competition that used to pit the champions of MLS Cup against the champions of Australia, Japan, and South Korea in a one-leg knockout competition. There is a third place match so two matches are guaranteed. International Champions Cup - This recreates the summer friendly competition that is played mostly in the United States in real life. This version plays the entire competition in the US and adds the MLS Supporters Shield champion as well as the Libertadores champion, who has been invited in the past. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5kb0kovavl9k1lb/MLS_Continental_Comps.rar/file ----------Central American & Caribbean Leagues This file adds the national leagues for Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. These are actually updates on claasen's files from the past (so I will remove them if he so wishes but he has apparently taken a break from the scene and did not update these himself so I went ahead and did it). I added these to increase the MLS playing experience by adding some continental leagues and expand the player pool for acquisitions. Also included is the Central American Club championship competition. There are also files for the Champions League and CONCACAF league that adjust how teams are drawn from Costa Rica. The CCL and CL in this file are different from the versions included with the MLS download so you will need to remove those and add these files if you intend on running Costa Rica DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3881pz6akm2i24m/Central_America_Comps.rar/file ----------International Competitions These files add some international competitions to enhance the North American experience. Like all of the others, you can pick and choose which ones you want. USA January Camp - When I managed the US national team it always bugged me that I couldn't schedule friendlies in January because in real life they hold a camp for the domestic players (and guys who play in Spring-Fall leagues like Scandinavia). So I created this file to add the camp. The US will play two matches against nations chosen randomly from a list of countries that have played against in January in the past. Pan American Games - This is a real life youth competition for U22 teams from North and South America. It helps to prepare the national team programs for Olympic Qualifying. Central American & Caribbean Games - Real life U21 competition for Latin American national teams (No USA or Canada) Central American Games - U20 Championship for the 7 Central American Nations: Copa Nuevo Mundo - In 2016 the USA hosted the Copa America. After the tournament was a huge success, there was talk about creating a new competition held every four years for the top national teams from CONCACAF and CONMEBOL. This is is that competition. I call it the Copa Nuevo Mundo (Cup of the New World). It consists of 16 teams (8 from CONCACAF, 8 from CONMEBOL) held every four years in the United States. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/84pdl1uc2fsjmbk/International_Comps_2.rar/file
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    Swedens footballing history has like many other countries gone through a number of changes in style and formation. The one style of play that came to revolutionze swedish football came from abroad with Roy Hodgson and Bob Houghtons 442 pressing play with a discplined formation. Roy and Bob became hugely succesful, convincing more or less the entire swedish football culture to leave the three-man defence style and completley adopt the 442. Sven Göran Eriksson continued this tradition and carried it out into Europe with tremendous success. Swedish manager Tommy Svensson also adopted this style, famously steering Sweden to a bronze medal in 1994 world cup. And the tradition has been keept within the national team ever since. Lasse Lagerbäcks conservative 442 style turned Sweden into a fearsome national side who were known to be extremely difficult to beat in the late 2000s. Today, Sweden is managed by Janne Andersson, yet another manager who is a student of the Hodgson/Houghton school of tactics. Janne reached some early success in his Sweden career by guiding Sweden to the last 8 in last summers world cup, an impressive feat with a talented limited squad. The tactic - The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts. Sweden has never been a side over flowing with star quality. Its been the occasional Henrik Larsson, Freddie Ljungberg or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, sure. But overall swedish players arent exactley making waves in the big leagues. This is one of the main things to understand in why Sweden play the way it does. Instead of relying too much on individual quality, the tactic should aim towards making the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts. - Hard work - Teamwork - Defensive shape, everyone has a defensive responsibility. Sweden uses a traditional goalkeeper in Robin Olsen, no sweeper keeper even is he is comfortable with the ball at his feet. Most of the time he tends to use long kicks. PI: None The back four consists of two fullbacks and two cbs. RB Lustig has stronger defensive skills, and lesser attacking ones, which usually results in him beeing more cautious in going forward - even though that happens. Usually hes not a dribbler, he tends to pass the ball rather than run with it and cross quite early. On the other side is Augustinsson, a more "modern" wing back with pace and technique. He tends to go forward more often, perhaps because of Emil Forsbergs plays as the LM and is the teams main creative playmaker who usually cuts inside. But I do want my back four to hold their shape more often than not, making the forward runs of my fullbacks to be just occasional. Ive used WB-defend for Augustinsson, with decent reults, but is looking to use him in a support role for games against lesser opponents. Lustig as a Fullback -defend. The two CBs are pretty much your average cbs. However, Granqvist do tend to be more aggressive - so ive considered for him to be used as a stopper. But im unsure of how a Stopper and a Cover works togheter as a CB-pairing. I will explore this in the future. For now, Granqvist is CD-defend and Lindelöf is CD-cover. Additional PI: Fullback-defend: Dribble less, sit narrow, WB-support: Stay wider The midfield works in almost similar ways as the back four. Two CMs who tends to sit a bit deeper, controlling and keeping things steady. The two wide midfielders in Sweden tends to drift inside and forward, ending up just beneth the strikers. Emil Forsberg is our main creator and im currently trying out the Wide Playmaker role and the Inverted Winger, neither seems to do him any real justice however. I want him to drift inside without the ball when we are in possession, but also want him to cut inside when he has the ball. He will create chances for his team mates, as well as ending up shooting. Forsberg isnt suppose to work like a wide midfielder in a defensive sense, but he is to slide back into formation in order to hold the shape. So he has defensive responsiblities. On the other side is Victor Claesson, almost mirroring Forsberg but with less creative freedom. He will join the attack, but I want him to just like Forsberg drift inside and cut inside without/with the ball but perhaps also make forward runs without the ball. BUT Claesson needs to take a larger defensive responsibility, thats why he is currently a Wide Midfielder. At the heart of the midfield I want two very allround CMs. They need to be good passer, but also good tacklers and good in positioning/decisions etc. as they need to hold the shape, but also controll the tempo and distribute passes, win the ball back, tackle. No immediate forward tuns however, except against lesser sides. Ive tried to use two CM-defends, but it didnt work out. So ive switched to one DLP-defend and currently sitting with a CM-support. Ive tried using a BBM, and might keep trying that. Not sure which other player role I can use that acts just like this. PI: WM: Take more risks, get further forward, Sit narrower DLP: Tackle harder CM: Tackle harder WP: Get further forward In attack, Sweden has a tendency to use almost a Target man. But ive decided against this since I dont feel the TM is working all that well in the game. So currently using a CF and Poacher but honestly - im a bit cluesless here. Ive tried a DLF togheter with an AF, might keep trying that. PI: Poacher: Pass it shorter, shoot more often, move into channels Team Instructions Sweden attacks narrow (naturally since two wide midfielders cuts inside) and also defends narrow. SInce Forsberg is my left midfielder/playmaker, I want the play to focus on hiw wing. Also enabling my LB AUgustinsson overlapping here, just adding a bit extra spice to his otherwise blend and conservative role. Swedens passing shifts between slightly shorter and slightly more direct, not really sure how to regulate his. Perhaps use more direct against bigger teams, and shorter against lesser sides. I want my side to be focused on the tactical shape and since we lack really good dribblers, I dont see any point in using the option of running at the defence. Perhaps using Dribble less in combination with a slightly more direct passing will ensure a steady balance between some possession but also a quicker way to attack. Tempo is standard, Sweden doesnt play all that fast attcking style. Neither are we overly slowing the tempo down since we arent terrific passers. We regroup insetad of trying the cunter-press and we also use counter attacks, which works nicely with our more direct passing play and standard tempo (i guess?) Im working on how the GK should distribute. trying the flanks. Our LOE is a tad lower, starting somewhere around the half way line. We do tend to press somewhat urgent. D-Line is standard, could perhaps even go sligthly lower against bugger teams. I do welcome any feedback. I want to play tight and effective.
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    I've just discovered one more option. You could set Coady as a libero on support. On this role you can apply direct passing to him even with play out of defense on, then you can set him to hold position so he doesn't go wandering off. You could also train him go stay back at all times. I'm still testing it in my tactic but it looks alright so far.
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    tbf, if I was a 17 year old with massive potential I'd want silly wages to consider ruining my career by spending the next six years of it on loan to whoever Chelsea could extract the most money from
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    One of the most interesting parts of the game for me this, the fact so many people are successful yet have such varying approaches is really interesting, even more so when I see people backhandedly telling others "you're doing it wrong" - unless they're playing a GK in attack is there really such a thing in football, or is it more a case of sub-optimal? Personally, I expect a base level of mental stats, teamwork and all my players must be adaptable to fit within all roles of both a defensive and offensive framework as I change between the two as part of my game management, but I know others who will buy players purely for a specific role/duty who baulk at some of the stats I insist on (composure being a good example). Understanding the relationship between attributes is something I know a lot of players - particularly newer players - struggle with, and I doubt any of the seasoned pro's have a complete handle on it & sure we all have things still to learn, but one of my my go-to examples when I'm helping people is; "There's a DC with 18 for tackling, heading, positioning, teamwork, pace, acceleration, strength, jumping, passing and marking... Sounds great right? Would you still buy him though knowing he had a concentration stat of 3?" Obviously aware that it's a loaded question, most people reply "no" but will often then admit to being a little unsure exactly why? Flipping it around I may then ask "what value they'd want for concentration in order for it to tip the scales back the other way?" and again it's a difficult question for people to answer (and i suspect many of us would disagree too!). Situational importance & how much effect something like concentration has is a difficult thing to explain convey - but I'm also quick to point out that attributes looked at like that is only one way, there's lots of other examples too, such as the relationship between passing, vision, composure, & decisions? Even with a guy who's a master at all of those though, we need to think about how his attributes translate to the team as a whole; who is he going to pass to if the rest of your guys have a work rate/off the ball of 1 and are all stood around marked, waiting for something to happen? (I remember a 'heated discussion' with a friend when watching the England team a few years ago, he was adamant that Carrick - who was giving the ball away a lot that night - was a terrible player and shouldn't be in the team. England had long since been awful at keeping the ball and I posed the question that is it the passers fault when he has no-one to pass to?). Also for consideration is the 'amazing square peg'; we've all been there, buying a player whose attributes are incredible, but peel back the layers and whilst the guy is absolutely a great player, he doesn't fit the way we've got our team set up (think Berbatov/Veron at United)? I was helping out in a chat last week & asked that if they were buying an AML for their side, if money were no object and age/potential were the same, would they take Anthony Martial or Christian Eriksen (ignoring the fact the Eriksen is a natural AMC, he still plays well at AML)? I wasn't really interested in who they picked, more the reasons for doing so, and in all cases Martial was the choice, main reasons given being his finishing and pace. Solid choice perhaps, but I countered by asking how their team was setup? What roles/passing instructions do they use and what sort of systems do they regularly come up against? Pressed for why that was important and "shouldn't top level players be able to fit into any system?", I pointed out the skew in attributes - if i was playing a fast counter-attacking style of football I'd take Martial in a heartbeat, all of his stats make him a direct threat to goal in the final third however if I was playing a patient, probing passing game, regularly coming up against stacked defenses, then maybe Martials 13-10-11 spread for passing-vision-decisions may be better swapped for Eriksens 17-16-17? Admittedly that's a very specific example and you could turn it on it's head and suggest that Eriksen needs someone like Martial making the runs (and wouldn't it be nice to have them both!) but that's the beauty of football, there's always a counter opinion; I wouldn't ordinarily take it to that level of granularity, but I was trying to highlight that even between great players who play in the same position, the right and wrong answer may not be found with the players, more with how you intend to use them. If we needed proof, it can be found not far away in the tactic download section; you'll regularly see people download tactics that have proven and awesome results in testing yet the user can't get them to work in their own save? Did the tactic corrupt during download, or perhaps is the user playing people not suited for the underlying approach/roles, buying more on reputation, CA & general scout reports? To tie all this off (because it's turning into a novel), I'm doing an academy challenge right now which is pushing me well out of my comfort zone with regard to players - I'm heavily mental stats/personality based when it comes to recruiting & my best player last year had (and still has) a Determination of 1 (yes 1) which is a nonsense in my heavily biased brain; under my own normal rules I wouldn't have even spoken to this guy, let alone entertained playing him, yet play him I did and he responded with 20 goals from midfield! I was lamenting how so many of the players in the squad were 'not my sort of players' and it was proposed that they're not all that bad, especially for the level I'm at. When put under my usual microscope (see below) I'd be inclined to disagree, but being unable to buy players/replace them and actually use them I have to agree as we got promoted and are fighting it out in the top positions now in the league above - if they were truly terrible would that be the case? These are largely the attribute spreads I look for - with adjustment table - which not many of my current guys would fit the criteria of; But as I also quickly added "Technical stats at this level I largely don't care about anyway - I mean what is really the difference between a 3 and a 6 in passing!? - but as I learnt many many years back, rubbish players can still run and think, so I expect good physical and mentals from my players at least!" Full post/context is here if you want to read more, I'll leave it at that though for now just super interested - having proved through my current lot that there's always another way - in how others go about things!
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    2020/2021 Season Review Performance So second season down, an incredible performance as we finished 5th in the table and therefore in the play off's. This was largely down to a superb start to the season, which I assume is probably the continuity of no transfers, it tailed off a little in the second half of the season but managed to cling on to play off's. Unfortunately it wasn't to be promotion as Wycombe knocked us out in the second round of the play off's, they outclassed us to be honest and beat us 3-1. Generally pretty chuffed to finish 5th though. League Table Again a pretty disappointing performance in the cup competitions, largely due to us getting more difficult draws. We were knocked out of the FA Cup by Wycombe in the 1st Round and than knocked out by Dover in the FA Trophy in the 4th Round. Coincidentally, the two teams I played in the play off's. Notable Players My top scorer was Adam Marriott (again), this time he got a stunning 36 League goals in 47 league games. Pretty chuffed with him and it was needed as two of my other strikers Ryan Jarvis and Michael Gash have seriously declined this year. On the right wing Luke McCormick had a standout season, he got 12 goals and 21 assists in 43 league games. It was looking difficult to tie him down and his contract was running low but thankfully I've just managed to get him signed on for another couple of years. I mentioned in my previous season that Finley Clampin was my best prospect in last season's intake. He played a lot for me this season and is a real consistent performer, I think that's he's going to be a big player next season. Youth Intake This youth intake was again described as a 'Golden Generation', unfortunately it wasn't as good as last years though. Prospect #1 It's pretty tight as to who is the best prospect, I'd personally go for Zac Edinburgh, he seems like he'll be a good player in the future but probably a long way off taking Luke McCormick's shirt. Prospect #2 The next best prospect is Taylor Cotterell, his potential is only 4*, but his current ability is at 2*. Based on the fact my defence is a real weakness I can envisage him playing quite a bit next year. Prospect #3 Zac Rich is the 3rd best prospect, he looks pretty good and with a CA of 1.5* I can see him playing a little next season as my second left winger. The rest of the intake are pretty average in all honesty, I also messed up and didn't offer a contract to a potential 3.5* striker which was a bit of lost opportunity, it completely passed me by. Here is the seasons transfers. I'd love to get promoted next year, but the conference seems a tricky league to get out of. I'm going to let a couple of big wages go who are reserve options and have declined in the last year. Hopefully freeing up these wages will mean the clubs finances can improve and we can push the coaching/recruitment upwards.
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    I just want to say that this thread helped me out a ton. I finally got bored of downloading tactics and this opened my eyes on a lot of things. I used the whole preseason testing things with York City and it wasn't until the very end of preseason where i finally found a tactic that worked for me. No badges and sunday league player and i ended up going 33-8-1. The one lose was the last game of the season (still pissed about that). But i scored 96 goals and only allowed 27. I averaged 61% possession. I have done other saves with downloaded tactics but was never this dominant. And that was because i finally figured out something that was good for my team. I played 8 preseason games, and some people try to make the change for a couple of games and immediately ask for help on what to do despite not testing long enough. Utilize the preseason! And utilize games you are winning(also crucial for me) to test new things out. All of Hernes suggestions to increase possession are awesome, but when he says watch the first ten minutes to figure out how the tactic is working was extremely helpful. Using all of the tips he suggested, lead me to having high possession numbers, but we weren't creating goals and making the decisions i wanted the players to make. But by slowly watching the game play out, helped me figure out what changes i needed to make. I am not going to say what worked and what didn't for me, but it was the whole testing phase of the preseason, and making small changes, and seeing how my team reacted to those changes here and there and adding more changes. I beat Coventry city in the second round of the FA cup, and lost to huddersfield 3-2 in the third round by simply watching what was happening and adjusting. Also, the other people who posted in this thread contributed to helping my knowledge as well so I want to thank everyone. My goal was to understand the game better and quit using broken downloadable tactics, and this thread did just that. Cheers!
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    problem with FM is that you never know if something is a bug or just poor performance ;D Look at this defensive positioning. 4-4-2. 1. Those two strikers are two players less to start 2. the second line of defence (4 players) cover the width of 30 meters and they have support of the full back. Still, they just stand and watch 3. Unitll fm 17 (or was it 18?) you couldn't defend the center of the pitch because wingers stood so wid. Now the winger on the weak side is so far inside that he has 0 control of his flank. sexy U8 defending
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    2030/31 End of Season Review AEK Larnaka bottled it and against all odds we've qualified for the Champions League!!!!! 2nd in First Division Player of the Year and 1st in First Division Foreigner of the Year! Overall Best XI 2030/31 Best XI Rodrigo Zucon Konstantinos Sergiou - Dimba - Giorgos Christofi - Dalberson Erivânio Wágner - Nikolas Christodoulou João Ilias Fylaktou Stelios Panagiotou
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    Hey @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I must say your threads are very inspirational. I've long been waiting for this update, so thanks for that. Some players (Trincão and Xadas) were bought a few years later so the AI hasn't developed them as much, but they're still good enough to play a part. Being Portuguese and a massive Benfica fan, I tend to manage them in FM and this year is no different. In terms of Youth development, I didn't put the same emphasis as you did, therefore some players didn't develop as much but I'm still having fun. The biggest issue is definitely the finances. So far I haven't been able to finish a year on profit, even after winning the CL. It looks as though the more I sell, the worse it gets My biggest achievement has to be the CL win against Liverpool, where 7 from the XI (plus a few others on the bench) came from the academy. First Team this season Tactical approach Style and Shape are very similar to yours (hence why the first line of this post ), but not as aggressive as overload. I've got a few tweaks lined up since our shot conversion isn't great, but we're doing well. League campaign (so far) Keep up the great work
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    NEW 4132 SAFE HANDS (LOWER TEAM) & QUICK HANDS (BIGGER TEAM) JUST A QUICK INTRO. THIS TACTIC SHOULD WORK AS PLUG AND PLAY. I BASED THIS ON DEFENCE, YOU WILL NOT SCORE 5 GOALS EVERY GAME BUT DEFENCE WOULD/SHOULD BE TIGHT. YOU WILL NEED PLAYERS WHO SUIT ROLES, YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH PLAYING ANYONE ANYWHERE. P.S I TESTED IN FMT! SAFE HANDS WEST HAM TEST CHAMPIONS 1ST SEASON 94PTS 22 CLEANS SHEETS BEST DEFENCE 0 SIGNINGS. SAFE HANDS V2.fmf Brighton test. 2nd in Prem. 0 signings. Really good first half of the season but 2nd half was too much for Brighton. QUICK HANDS TOTTENHAM TEST 1ST SEASON WON QUAD (PREM, CL, FA CUP AND CC) 104PTS! BEST GOALS AND LEAST CONCEDED QUICK HANDS V1.fmf WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? SAFE HANDS HAS SLOW BUILD UP AND SLIGHTLY LESS DIRECT PASSING. (LW IMPORTANT, MAIN GOAL THREAT!) QUICK HANDS HAS QUICKER BUILD UP AND SLIGHTLY HIGHER DIRECT PASSING. (ST IS MAIN THREAT AND WILL SCORE MOST) THIS TACTIC REQUIRES GOOD TECHNICAL PLAYERS!!! TRAINING WILL BE VERY IMPORTANT!!!! (special thanks to Mr U Rosler) - Only do 4 weeks pre season with only 4 friendlies! i recommend you to have your friendlies only on saturday! YOUTH WILL DEVELOP MASSIVELY ALSO IF YOU GIVE THEM GAME TIME ALSO! - when you have one game in a week: EARLY SEASON TO GET GOOD COHESION: 1 match week.fmf TACTICAL: 1 match tactical.fmf ATTACK: 1 match attack.fmf DEFENCE: 1 match defence.fmf - when you have two games in a week: EARLY SEASON TO GET GOOD COHESION: 2 match week.fmf TACTICAL: 2 match tactical.fmf ATTACK: 2 match attack.fmf DEFENCE: 2 match defence.fmf - DL take left throw-in, DR take right throw-in - try not to make more than 2/3 signings - players develop with match time!! so stick with schedule!
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    This is taken from my blog https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/ I wrote about mentoring very briefly when Football Manager 2019 was first released and explained how it worked. But it still seems people are confused by it or don’t quite understand how they should use it. The main thing to remember is any changes you see will be a lot slower than previous versions of the game under the tutoring module. Tutoring was overpowered and really overturned making it easy to beat the ‘system’ and get amazing results in such a short space of time. Mentoring is a lot different in this regard, it’s not about min and maxing and it’s more of a slow burner in general. So How Does It Work? While the old tutoring system was more focused on a fixed set of rules, the new mentoring options are more organic and realistic. This is reflected in-game with suggestions via hints and tips. The game gives you much better feedback as to what affects personality adjustments and displays it to the user in a clear manner. Players need to be training together to mentor one another, as well as spending time together off the training pitch. This means the players need to be in the same squad. You can no longer have a first team player, mentor a U18 player unless they are in the first team. When trying to influence the players the game looks at the following things; Age of the potential influenced player Career first team appearances of the potential influenced player Difference in the club hierarchy between the two players Social group standing between the two players (i.e how compatible they are) There isn't a specific age limit on mentoring. Age works in the same way as the other factors, they will impact how likely the player is to be influenced at that time. If a player fills the criteria above, the more likely the influenced player is to have their personality skewed towards that of the mentoring player. If the player who is being mentored doesn’t fulfil any of the criteria at all, then there's no chance of a personality adjustment occurring. If there is a chance of a personality adjustment occurring then this chance is further boosted if they're in the same mentoring group and training unit. Players can still be influenced by the team personality and by the personality of others in their social groups, just like on Football Manager 2018. You should take a look at the social groups and see which players are in the groups as you could find them being influenced positively or negatively by different personalities. It's unlikely your captain is going to be dragged down by other players at the club, but it's not impossible if the combination of scoring factors suggested the captain should be influenced by others. Also new in Football Manager 2019 is the 'Welcome to club' function also now serves as a way of setting a piece of short-term one-on-one mentoring between a new signing and an established player. Players can still pass Player Traits on as well, if the individual shares a similar position to those in the mentoring unit. Mentoring is slower than the previous tutoring system. You should not expect to see an unprofessional player become professional overnight, or even over the course of a few short months. Common Questions If I signed Messi for Bournemouth, would he become a team leader or have a significant influence on training, for example? There's no guarantee but under the right circumstances then yes he could. You’d be signing a world-class player and a genuine superstar, even if he is ageing. It’s also worth noting that if a big named player returns to a club he started at and was at for many years then it's not impossible for him to likely have a bigger reputation than most at the club, meaning he could also have an immediate influence over training and dynamics. If i have a young player with a resolute personality and he is in a mentoring group with older players that have a balanced or fairly professional personality can his personality become worse. For example could the player drop from resolute to balanced because of the players they are in a mentoring unit with? Yes they can. It's more likely the influential players drag down the other players personalities. But again it comes down to the conditions of the mentoring unit, the influence the players have and so on. Size of the mentoring unit can also a play a part. So if you have good personality on some players but they don’t have an influential impact in a mentoring unit, you might want to think twice before adding him to it with undesired personality types. This also applies to determination too. If I make a mistake assigning mentoring groups, can I quickly haul someone out or disband the group (in previous FMs you couldn't break a tutoring relationship if you changed your mind). Just click the red - next to the mentoring unit and it will disband the unit. My players personality/determination has changed but the influential people in the mentoring units, all have much better personality/determination than the player who has been impacted. What would this be down to? It could be down to the overall squad personality or it could be because of the social groups the players are in. All of those things will have a direct impact on personality attributes and its possible they can be altered by these methods. Mentoring isn’t the only way we can see personality changes. Wait, so players can improve personality without mentoring? Just by having a more professional and/or ambitious squad for example? That is correct yes. It can be altered either by the clubs dynamics or the welcome to the club feature. Do I have control of Player Traits still and how they’re passed on via mentoring units? You still can have control over Player Traits if that's what you want. Just put players who share the same positions in the same mentoring group and then you have a better chance of them being passed on, if the player has influence over the group. It’s also worth noting Player Traits depend on a player's attributes and sometimes position. A player without suitable attributes will not be able to learn a certain Player Trait and some are only available in certain positions. So it works the same way as learning a Player Trait via training? For example if I ask my defender to learn the ‘dictates tempo’ Player Trait my staff might tell me it's a bad idea and won’t work. But I can still learn it and the chances are it might fail. Mentoring units work the same and that the chances are, the Player Trait wouldn’t be passed on because of having attributes not suited for the trait and/or because of positions they play in on the pitch? That’s it yeah. Does mentoring affect social groups and the team hierarchy? Indeed it does. Mentoring can influence Dynamics and on occasion social groups can have a similar impact on a player as Mentoring, although to a less degree. I’ve probably missed a few other common questions but those are the ones I see on the forums or on social media regular. How I use Mentoring Every player that I sign, I always have a look at which player gets to ‘welcome’ them to the club. This is an important stage for me because I want to know if the person welcoming to the club, is a good fit for mentoring them via the welcoming feature. Rafael and Fernando were both welcomed to the club by my striker, who is one of the clubs team leaders. I get these kind of messages quite often, showing its been a success. This is why it’s important to know the player who welcomes them to the club and the player coming into the club, to determine if it's a good match up or not. Now on to creating actual mentoring units. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve seen flying around on social media and the forums were people think they must mentor everyone going. This isn’t true at all, in fact, I’d say I don’t mentor people that often really. At least not for the amount of players I have at the club, the actual number of people I put into mentoring units is limited as I’ll highlight below. Another thing I see mentioned is people wanting to promote entire youth teams to the first team, just for the benefit of mentoring. Don’t do this, it’s a bit silly. Mentoring isn’t that powerful and it’s something that is considered long-term compared to tutoring. Before tutoring was this powerful tool that unrealistically allowed you to change personality in a few short months. Allowing you to turn unambitious players into model professionals in a very short amount of time. Forget this mindset and think of mentoring as part of everything overall and not the governing factor in everything. Promoting everyone to the first team to be mentored is also very unrealistic and does have some implications. One of those implications is the training they get in the youth squads is actually more demanding from a workload perspective as the players can do more due to playing fewer games. This is reflected in the sessions and schedules. So technically the players would be doing less training by promoting them, as the game would think you planned on actually using them. This is why you should only promote those who you plan on using and giving game time to, or to take a closer look at specific players in general. Another reason for not promoting everyone is actual match days. The youth team match days would likely be out of sync with the first team. Meaning they’d be losing training days because they’re on the first teams training schedule but still playing youth games (if you made them available that is) on a youth schedule. So any training that would take place on a youth game day wouldn’t happen for those playing in the youth game. Then on the senior teams match day, you don’t have training so the players wouldn’t be making up for it there either. So think wisely and weigh up the benefits of everything before being hasty and thinking promoting everyone would be a good idea and strategy. Because in truth, it wouldn’t and you’d be wasting possible training days. When it comes to creating my mentoring units, I like to keep it really simple. There’s no big secret here or formula to try to figure out. Just do what feels right and logical for you. This might differ from what I do and that’s fair enough. All that matters is you are doing what suits you for the way you think about the game. And obviously understand what mentoring does, which is explained above. I tend to keep to this system; Each unit consists of a maximum of 4 players. Each group has at least 1 player who has significant influence in the unit. Each group share similar positions to each other. This allows me to control mentoring units more efficiently, as players in these groups are all similar and there is always someone they can learn off. Here is an example of a standard mentoring unit; In this unit we can see that we have two significant influencers in the group and two players who have a light influence. What this should mean is, the two people with light influence shouldn’t impact the personality type of the significant ones. They also shouldn’t pass player traits onto them either. So in theory, unless something really drastic happens the only players who will be impacted in this unit are Didi and Renato. Creating units requires careful planning though because if undesired personality types have a significant influence over a unit, then there's every chance they’ll drag players down to their level rather than making them better. This one actually isn’t a unit I use, it’s one that I’ve just created to show you as an example. In this group there is no one with any real influence over the group. What this would mean is that most of the unit are all equal with the exception of the first player. I wouldn’t have high hopes for a unit like this because of the lack of a real influence. It would mean there would be barely any benefit to mentoring because no one is strong enough to take control of the unit. Or it could mean one of the average players might be able to influence all the other ones.That can be a dangerous thing if the players have undesired player traits or personality types. Those would be the likely two scenarios from creating a mentoring group similar to this. Check the personality type of the players who have the most influence inside a unit. If it doesn’t look like there is not much benefit to creating a unit based on personality then don’t do it. Don’t mentor people just because you think you have to. Also take note of any player traits a player has because there’s a high chance these could also be passed on. Again if you add players to this unit who perhaps these player traits would be a bad thing, don’t do it. If anyone has any further questions, I’d be happy to answer them.
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    I know this is going to sound shocking to you, but in my opinion Pep-style football is close to ugly in my book. My definition of beautiful football is high-tempo, direct passing, verticality, structure and flair. Yes, Pep-style has flair, lots of it, but nothing else from the other aspects I just mentioned. Don't get me wrong, I absolutly hate Simeone style, so don't for a second think I like that s**t. I love how Liverpool plays, how Dortmund played under Klopp, hot Bayern played under Heynkes and how Milan played in 2005-2007. In FM, it depends on what team I manage and what formation i can use depending on my squad, but I always build any tactic around high-tempo, directness, central verticality and discipline. Yes, I will have a '90s classic type of trequartista in the no.10 position and he will be my primary magician (think of Baggio/kaka) One thing I do like about Pep-style is the way his teams are implementing the pressing. What I hate about it the most is what his teams do after they get the ball back (returning to that slow tempo and reset), even though he has moved on from this a bit since he manages in the English Premier League, but you can still see it quite a lot. For my style of play, the go-to is the beautiful diamond (4-4-2 diamond-my all time favourite), 4-3-1-2, 5-2-1-2 WB and 4-2-3-1 as in 4-2dm-2ml/mr - amc - striker.
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    I did. I'll not waste time helping him again
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    Level 14 is slowly taking shape, no more editing until I get home from the match this evening
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    PLEASE NOTE: This post has been edited (by me at no-ones prompting) to remove supporting images in conjunction with the thread rules etc - to see it as the FM gods intended then please head over here! What are you waiting for? Go, go, go!! Season 2 - End of Year Review - 2020/21 Competitions Vanarama National League | Board Expectation - Fight Relegation | Media Prediction: 24/24 | Actual Finish: 2/24 (promoted via playoffs) Think back over your (likely) many years of playing FM/CM and which of the saves/season tend to live longest in the memory? Yes champions league and top division wins are nice, but rarely - at least for me - do they carry with them the same level of satisfaction as from a season such as this. Written off by everyone (again), we achieved my second (and Hyde's third) promotion in as many years. It was plain sailing at the halfway point as teams had casually turned up thinking they could run us over, only to watch on as we counter attacked them to death. Sadly, word got out and a combination of factors ensured we wouldn't have everything our own way - teams started playing slightly more defensively against us & our Semi-professional status (one of just 5 teams in the division) caused us problems as match sharpness and fitness became serious issues as the fixtures piled up and we endured a horrendous run of form. With other teams (notably Crewe and Leyton Orient) putting together quite astonishing runs it's to my guys credit that we managed to stop the rot and finish the regulation season unbeaten in six, fighting back to 2nd place overall, just 1 point behind 1st. Suffering through the disappointment of missing automatic promotion - something that had appeared to be within our grasp for so long - our attention turned to the playoffs, and with old foes Billericay dispatched in a close game, we came up against a Crewe side that had bested us previously both home and away. In a move that would make a Mourinho purr, we channelled our inner 'National Express', killed the game (and likely a few supporters) stone dead and snuck back up north with a 'free kick powered' 1-0 win and promotion in our bag! It's been an emotional rollercoaster that I could well have done without but what a way to finish, and I can certainly see this being one of those seasons I'll still be reminiscing about/referencing in ten years time! English FA Trophy | Board Expectation - Second Round | Achieved: Third Round Exit (Bromley) Another season, another year I give close to zero cares about the FA Trophy! As the only thing more laughable than the prize money for this cup is the state of our club finances, this little run actually did yield some reward, but given the state of our squad around the Christmas period it may actually have been a false-positive. As it is I played a fully changed side in the third round and we went out to a Bromley team we'd more than matched in the league. No real surprise that Port Vale won the thing, player for player they had a great squad, they were just abysmal in the league for ages until they changed manager late on (which inspired a mini-revival). English FA Cup | Board Expectation - Reach First Round | Achieved: Second Round Exit (Oldham Athletic) We were just one round away from the potential 'money zone', but yet again we were handed an away game, this time against Oldham having knocked out Coventry on their own patch in the previous round. Sadly the gulf in class was too much but we did at least make some money out of it, with our finances bumped back towards the 100k mark. It's not Man City lottery levels but very welcome nonetheless! The 'Cup Draw' Table Regular readers will have spotted me mentioning this throughout the season; we - the players - perceive a lot of things as we play the game with (understandably) a fair degree of bias. Now a lot of people have been suspicious/paranoid about just how random cup draws are for a long time. I largely haven't cared all that much, but I did notice on a previous save how frequently I seem to get handed an away fixture - a trend that seems to have carried forward to this game. To either prove myself wrong or lend support to a theory, I've been keeping a running total of how the draws have gone down - maybe I'm just the unluckiest manager around, maybe if we all start taking note we'll spot a trend - who knows - but it's a bit of fun and irrespective; to be the best you have to beat the best! Youth Intake 2021 A very different group this year; whilst my first year was a long list of 'average to fairly good' players, I'd say this years intake was lower overall on quality in depth, but with the benefit of having a couple of diamonds sat on top. Fraser Meaney (21A) looks very much like a star in the making and is almost good enough for the first team already. Bit of a conundrum with him because he's naturally an AMC but competent at both MC and STC. Ordinarily I think his stats befit an MC more, but we have a serious problem with quality up front that is upsetting our better players, so needs must for now and this young un' will be tasked with doing what our existing strikers struggle so much with, namely putting the ball in the net! Ged O'Neill (21B) is also very much worth keeping an eye on, as is Sam Guest (21C) although the latter's personality makes him a potentially dangerous proposition (temperamental, volatile & confrontational) with morale being so important/precious. Transfers Another year of 'not a lot happening' for us, but Janni Lipka agreed a pre-contract deal so will leave us this summer; he's 31 now and doesn't play all that often, but he's been a solid backup player in my short time here so I wish him well! Some crazy (crazy!) numbers in the league overall with Aldershot signing 38 players and selling/releasing just 1? Tranmere wren't far behind with their 36/2 total too - absolutely nuts! Squad Statistics Top Scorer - Morgan James (14) | Most Assists - Luke Porritt (15) | Top Rating - Morgan James (7.25) Lower numbers across the board this year highlight the fact that although still a successful season, we were not the same force as the year previous and probably overachieved given the squads overall level of quality. Morgan James was again our top scorer, but such is his role in the side that - striker aside - it should always likely be the case. As for the strikers, obviously spend enough time on the forum and you'll notice people mentioning that strikers are maybe not scoring enough as a whole in this years vintage. That may be afflicting us a touch, but on the whole I'd say we'd be better looking closer to home for now as it's clear our current strikers are short of the level required and it's only going to get worse next year as we go up another level! Hopefully Fraser Meaney (21A) can adapt quickly and get amongst the goals sufficiently to keep us safe, otherwise we might still be relying on Tom Pratt - with 13 goals this year he wasn't terrible but he still has a horrible tendency to miss important chances and score the 3rd/4th goal. Vanarama National League Player of The Season: Macauley Bonne (Leyton Orient) With 35 goals in 38 appearances, Leyton Orient certainly weren't having striker issues! It'd be wrong to suggest they were a one-man team, but this fellas goals were a huge reason behind their surge up the table in the second half of the season! It'll be interesting to see if they can keep him as they move up a division. Vanarama National League Top Goalscorer: Macauley Bonne (33 goals) Yep, no real surprises here, Macauley ran away with the award with 2nd and 3rd way behind on 23 goals apiece. Our top league scorer (Morgan James) was equal 16th with 13 Vanarama National League Manager of The Season: Optimus Prime Second year in a row - thank you very much! Hyde United FC Awards Night: Managers Player of The Season: Grant Roberts Second time in succession but this is about more than just his promotion winning free kick! It's noticeable that our terrible run of form coincided with him being injured for 6 weeks (and then waiting another 2 for him to regain full fitness/match sharpness). An absolutely vital cog in our midfield, he's the guy that let's the other play and with 10 goals himself, 6 assists and 7 'PoM' awards this year he's yet again had a great season. My biggest concern is obviously that at his age (30) he's as good as he'll ever be which may not quite be enough for next year and there's no-one yet ready to step into his boots. Special mention for our goalkeeper - probably the most important position on the field yet the fact I've not mentioned him (I don't think?) throughout this entire thread speaks volumes of how ell he's done and flown under the radar. He has the odd mistake in him, but who doesn't at this level - myself included - and he's been great for us so far and would again be another difficult player to replace - luckily at 27 he's got a few years left yet, let's hope that League two isn't a bridge too far for him though! In other news Premier League Winners: Manchester United FA cup Winners: Manchester City League Cup Winners: Manchester United Champions League Winners: Manchester United Europa League Winners: Arsenal La Liga Winners: Real Madrid Bundesliga Winners: Bayern Munich Serie A Winners: Juventus Board room updates Just a few days after gaining promotion the board surprised me by suggesting that we turn professional - now I don't know if it's mandatory for League Two or not, but nevertheless it's very welcome and should help us with fitness enormously - can't wait to renegotiate all those contracts! Even more shocking was this landing in my inbox the day after; Now this must be mandatory as our average attendance was only around 30% of capacity. The worst part besides the fact we didn't need it otherwise is the cost and even more so as it seems to have put us at financial risk with our status now listed as 'Insecure' for the first time; We're in the black right now, but the upcoming loan repayments of 9k per month have added a fairly large burden, can only hope the increased revenue covers it off! Final Thoughts Obviously having gained promotion my complaints should be minor but that was a tough old season. We overachieved tremendously and it'll be interesting to see whether it comes back to bite us next year as -with no capacity to improve - I suspect the CA ceiling will hit us hard! We were already punching well above our weight, and the disparity between teams such as ourselves & Crewe highlighted the level of team we will likely face next year. Yes we beat them in the final, but it was largely down to luck as we set out to spoil, rather than beat them and they dispatched us comfortably in both league games. Seems odd to be so pessimistic on the back of another success, but we really struggled to score goals this year despite the healthy 'for' stat, with many of them coming in clutches. I mentioned in my early season updates how we had been so so lucky with teams missing penalties and whatnot and that turned around further in as we found the going much tougher. Predictions for next season: Narrowly avoid relegation whilst enjoying dreadful cup runs/early exits
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    When receiving a ball played backwatds at kick off, likes to stand with the ball between his feet and bounce for 4/5 seconds.
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    Never satisfied with his current contract.
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    @Cleon this is really what I was waiting for...... I am a fun of your articles, and I successfully learned from them tha now it became so easy to make tactics ... thanks
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    I only had one: A generated big man from the German fifth league. Essentially he was nothing. But he was tall. And strong. And really determined. Stood at one place and headed the ball in or geld his strong right in. He didn't even get that much better but with age came some mental bonuses and with some PPM training he eventually (i.e. 11 years) was MotM in a Champion's League finale because he just did his job! Won high balls and distributed them to my star inside forwards. Scored a header. Generally secured most hoofballs from either side. Sadly that was his by far biggest highlight. He was still surprisingly okay in higher leagues but nothing special. I had a main man and kept this man around for sympathy. Thankfully he was happy with a backup contract and came in when needed. Could I have replaced this man? Sure. Did I want to? No! When he eventually ended his career I immediately had a new AssMan, despite his subpar skills in it. It didn't stop him the first time, so why not give it a try?
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    Yes its meant to guide people to something that i see which is very obvious. But, it really is only a personal preference. Here though i wasn't referring to the W(A) but on the Mez/DLP, personally i would have them the other way around, because the potential of how the IF(S) and the Mez can work together is delicious. However, its not necessary, since you could also get interesting variations with a Mez(W) plus your winger has get into box and this may give him a different dynamic when it comes to player movement. Basically with that role the Mez can operate to control the half space which the DLP would not be doing. So yes, there are many ways to skin the cat. Personally if i were to set it up i would go for mez/if with the WB on attack. yes its very aggressive which is why i would look at the role in the DM slot and look for something very conservative. And, this does depend on the kind of players you have. With my Man city replication i get the same kind of midfield consolidation phases that city gets but i play with a different role there.
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    Well, this! And to make matters worse, the OP is playing with two IFs - who will come narrow - and using underlaps on both WBs, forcing them narrow as well. Kovacic might end up in the half-space between the opposing FB and CB but everyone else is playing within the width of the AI penalty area. I'd certainly be looking for my WBs to stay out wide, hopefully, to stretch the AI defence a little. I can't remember who said it - possibly @Cleon - but if your striker isn't scoring, the problem usually isn't your striker.
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    I haven't noticed a drastic impact to player conditioning since the latest hot fix. In fact I prefer the original player conditioning update that was released within the winter update. It very much feels like the main reason I have for rotating my squad is to keep players happy and to maintain their attributes. It doesn't feel like conditioning is forcing (or encouraging) me to rotate my team. I'm managing Lazio and I have one gold rated natural fitness coach and my training facilities are state of the art. So I realise this will have a big impact on player recovery. Anyone complaining about their player's recovery should upgrade their coaching and facilities if they haven't done so already. During the months of February and March (a busy period of the season), I found that most of my first XI could play consecutive matches without suffering from a dip in performance. My fixture list had matches with only a three day interval in between them and I found that a lot of my players would, after three days rest, have a conditioning % rating of mid-to-high 90s. Only a handful of players would be in the low 90s. I had one instance of a player who had not sufficiently recovered in time for the next match. This was a player who had a conditioning rating of 88%. I should probably state this is not ultra-scientific. If I really wanted to test this, (as I have done before) I would have played the same XI for every match. I have rotated the odd player due to the reasons highlighted above. But I do feel the developers could be harsher. I accept the argument that it would be unrealistic to have to rotate your team for every game but I feel the winter months / end of the season should see more fatigue.
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    Many people do holiday to test things out. Personally I don't because if there is an issue with your system how do you know what it is unless you are watching what's going on on the pitch?
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    Season 2019/20 Review As per my previous post I took the Kings Lynn job, this was for several reasons. I'm a Norwich fan, so doing it with another Norfolk team was good, I think there is a big catchment area available which is with little competition. I also think that Kings Lynn probably had the best squad although it was light at the back, I think getting goals is the key to getting out the division and Kings Lynn had a lot of strikers. Performance So I've finished my first season now and as you can see in the link below I won the title! It was pretty tight and I'd thought it was gone at one point as Spennymoor Town went on a crazy run, thankfully they dropped some points in the last few games which allowed us to steal it at the death. League Table Nothing of note in the cup competitions, unfortunately I was embarrassingly knocked out of the FA Cup by Banbury in the 3rd qualifying round and the FA Trophy by Maidstone United in the 2nd Round. Much to improve upon in this department. Notable Players Kings Lynn had a pretty big squad so being able to rotate really helped me when the fixtures starting coming in thick and fast. I also had a set piece specialist who seemed to get me out of a hole several times. Sam Rents got some huge goals and assists from set pieces. He's getting on a bit now but long may he continue. My top scorer was Adam Marriott, he got 17 league goals from 30 games. Although he got some goals for me, the he only played 30 games is because I'm quite well stocked in the striker department so found myself rotating if they were out of form. Youth Intake I got lucky break here, this youth intake was described as a 'Golden Generation' and I think it may turn out that way. Prospect #1 Finley Clampin has a great name and he's the best prospect by far, his current ability is already 2.5* so he's slotted straight into the first team at 15 years old and truth be told he's my best rightback already. I lucked out on Clampin because right back was my weakest position in the squad. Prospect #2 Jack Ashton is the second best prospect with a potential rating of 5*, his current is 1*. He's a centreback and as I said previously I'm quite light in defence so I imagine he may get a couple of outings next year. Prospect #3 Rob Edwards is following these two, another potential rating of 5*. I'll see how he gets on this year but I'm sure I'll throw him in some of the cup games. The rest of the intake are pretty solid, generally the potential for most players is over 2.5*. The issue will be upgrading the recruitment and coaching as in all honesty the club are skint! I've managed to drop the wage bill slightly whilst keeping all the players on for another year and I will be releasing two players at the end of the season, so maybe the balance might start improving and we can get out of the red. As requested here are the seasons transfers. Will keep you guys posted!
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    So I went into both my games, I have one with Liverpool, it season 2 and I have one with Stalybridge who are in their second season for the premiership. I went and check every game played this season and isolated every long shot to determine if its from open play or from set pieces, and these are the numbers I have. Please bear in mind that Stalybridge have a poor side compared to the league and we are playing an aggressive defence. Out of the 33 games that Stalybridge have played they have conceded 33 goals. Out of the 33 goals they have conceded, 2 came from direct free kicks and 2 came from open play that gave me something like 12%. So far we haven't conceded a long shot from a corner, I really hope these new set pieces I designed, after reading the patch notes, stick cos last season we did concede a few, and I now know why they happened. My tactic wasn't set up right. In my Liverpool save we conceded 2 goals from open play out of the 11 conceded in 25 games which is about 8%. Pretty happy with the tweaks they did to long shot defending in the latest patch. All you got to do is set your defense up right
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    5 Year Update For those still following along so far, thank you for your patience. Work, life, travel and study has put Football Manager to a back seat for the past few months but this game has been ticking along slowly in the background whenever time has allowed but I've been nowhere near able to maintain regular updates. This game has been one of the most enjoyable, to date. I would highly recommend Benfica to anyone looking for a talented young squad of players to bring through. The Overhaul Last time out, we won the league and had a respectable Champions League campaign reaching the knock-out phase, playing a 4-4-2 diamond with a dominant midfield. Talented players from the academy were introduced with increasing regularity over the course of the season. Despite a great season, Talisca started forcing a move within weeks of returning to the club. The most daunting decision being to cash in on midfield colossus Ljubomir Fejsa to make way for 5'6", 18-year old playmaker Tiago Dantas from the academy. Cervi and Krovinovic also sent out on paid loans to Sevilla and Manchester City respectively in the hope of appreciating value as they develop. Fabregas joins to tutor and re-enforce the new style of play, alongside a couple of youngsters to keep the conveyor belt running. The First Team - 2019/2020 We entered the season with an average age of less than 21-years old, captained by 22-year old Ruben Dias: We adopted the 4-1-4-1 that has been employed by the Academy and B Team for the past 2-years, giving some sense of familiarity with the system. The biggest change is probably the shift from a physically dominant team, to a preference for intelligent technical players. The squad developed exceptionally as a group over the course of the season. Training remaining unchanged from the Tactical training from the last 2 years. Dominance of Portuguese domestic competition became yet more comprehensive. Cementing our status as the most exciting young squad in Europe, dominating an ageing Barcelona team to win the Champions League. For the sake of actually getting this update out, rather than delaying until I have more time, I am not going to go into the typical in-game analysis of the 4-1-4-1 as it's the same as has been done before, but with more developed players. Some observations from the season were: Excellent possession play, triangles everywhere and naturally dominates games. Regularly excellent attacking play in the 2-3-5 shape, however occasionally shut down by more physical midfield blocks. Jota (João Felipe) has developed into an electric attacking player with excellent dribbling, flair, agility and acceleration. The introduction of Florentino Luis massively improves the balance of the team with his intelligence, work rate and physicality. Covers right back, holding midfield and central midfield. The Portugal job & the Olympics The save took an interesting turn when Portugal crashed out of Euro 2020 early, presenting an opportunity to take this project to an international stage. The first challenge was the Olympic Games in Japan. The Portugal U-23 squad was absolutely head and shoulders ahead of the opposition, so I decided to open the floodgates with a high-octane 4-3-3. The objective was to play high-intensity pressing, with quick, short passing and build up play through a technical midfield. Overload gives us high mentalities across the team, high closing down, high line and high tempo. Team Instructions give us the shorter passing and build up play. Shifting to a 4-3-3 gives Jota more attacking freedom to cut inside with Guerreiro overlapping on the left. Gedson Fernandes playing in the front 3 adds physicality and work-rate to our pressing and facilitates Florentino Luis to come in at right back. Results were exceptional and some of the play was excellent. The Centurians The squad is now certainly evolution, rather than revolution. Keeping talented players at the club became the priority. After enjoying the style of play experimented with during the Olympics, I decided to translate that back to club level. Continued game time at the appropriate level is continuing to drive players development, maintaining the tactical training emphasising mental attributes. The presence of Gedson Fernandes in the front 3 and Florentino Luis at the back solidified the setup greatly, resulting in our strongest league campaign yet. Managing to break a goalscoring record which stood since 1947. However unfortunately falling at the last hurdle to a Real Madrid side we could really have beaten, but our lightweight midfield was exposed. Redemption & the World Cup Delighted with the way the team is playing, our squad and tactics are now certainly evolution rather than revolution. Essentially rotating the right flank of the team clockwise put the defensive and physical influence of Florentino Luis into a central position. Gedson Fernandes reverts to his more familiar role of wingback, and João Felix takes a creative inside forward role on the right of the attacking trident. Tiago Dantas remains the playmaker, but with the solidarity of Luis behind. Development continued, with the majority of the squad now playing at an extremely high level in comparison to the league. The result being a repetition of the 100-point season: ..and the return of the Champions League. Entering the World Cup on the crest of a massive wave, we kept the system the core of the team uses week in, week out. Interestingly, there's quite a contrast between the relative ability when players are rated domestically in Portugal vs internationally at a World Cup. Finishing off the year with style What next? At this moment, I'm not sure. I've started keeping an eye on managerial movements in the major leagues around Europe as I quite fancy a new challenge, potentially taking a couple of players with me into a new league. At the moment, nothing fits so I'll be sticking with Benfica. Experimenting in the pre-season with a 3-4-3 but undecided if it's going to work in the Champions League. Embalo has had a couple of fantastic seasons pushing into the first team and is now ready to start and his pace and power will add to the attack. That'll cause a re-shuffle with at one big name needing to leave the club. I'm not sure who yet, but it'll be a similar evolution next season. If there's interest, I can do a couple of match analysis when I have time. It's quite a basic 4-3-3 but played with overload and a group of players who have been working towards this style for a number of years. I'm really interested to hear if anyone's tried Benfica in FM2019, and whether this set of overload 4-3-3s works in other people's team or whether it's just the level of dominance Benfica have reached.
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