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  1. Is there really going to be no response from SI on the bug regarding player ratings? It's been weeks since the hotfix has failed to fix this major bug with a large number of the community voicing their concerns over how this is affecting their game experience. I even created an account here for the first time as an experienced FM player to voice my complaint.
  2. I thought we had thrown it away. We were 3-1 up with 12 to go when they pulled two back. But we went straight down the other end and bagged two more. Our greatest achievement so far this one!!
  3. Quick update on this: the issue with number of number of newgens in ai youth intakes is still under review and we're working hard to get it improved. In most cases these numbers won't drop below what's expected until 10+ years into save (custom dbs and some nations are affected earlier unfortunately), and future improvements for this will be save game compatible when they're ready. To clarify, the youth intake process is different for ai clubs and human managed clubs. Whilst a human club may receive 10+ youth candidates in an intake, it's likely that the user wouldn't be recommended to s
  4. Just spent the last week reading through 79 pages, so thanks lads for reinvigorating my FM passion. I was an early player from the cm2 days and 10-17 I played to death, but fell out of love with the changes from 18 onwards (I still rate fm17 as the best game they ever made). The no mass trails for non league's teams in 19 infuriated me and I still don't like the new scouting set up in the slightest. For the last couple of years I've been deep into OOTP and learning all about baseball, as a bristolian with little prior knowledge twas a steep learning curve. The joys of it is that it
  5. Teie IF Season 2036 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We are now a professional football team! Though, it did not have the distinct showing on the pitch, as we did pretty much the same as last year. We got 3 points more, but one spot lower, so no Europe for us next season. It does seem to have helped the improvement of some of the players though, as some have have explosive improvements throughout the season. So now, we need to focus on becoming a team that can get into Europe on a regular basis and get some of that sweet European cash on a regular basis. In Norgesmest
  6. I have a few seasons to update again, but just wanted to share that I've got a Europa Conference final to look forward to tomorrow!!
  7. The Seagulls Season 2021 / 2022 Update Fantastic first season and a amazing youth intake!! Knocked out of playoff this season like expected but have a small hope I can take the next step already next season with this intake. GL ALL !!!
  8. Teie IF - Youth intake 2035 A few more positives, and a top prospect, interesting. A top prospect indeed! A few other talented ones as well. Ohh look at those mentals! He is just about a complete player already! Statistics:
  9. Donegal Celtic 2023/24 Season Review We improved again this season, but not enough for promotion. That's okay though, but I think next year promotion is pretty much expected from my point of view. Our youth intake was spectacular, and I think they'll carry us through to promotion next year. We were introduced to a new cup as well, reaching the last 8 of the County Antrim Shield, as well as hitting personal bests in the League Cup and Irish Cup. PSNI took us to penalties, but we still added another Intermediate Cup, our second in 3 years. Ste
  10. This is just a little diversion before my end of season update. This surprised me and wanted to do a little quirky report. I present to you..... Steveroy and Tash, my dynamic duo. They had a great season in League 2, leading the way at Nuneaton in goals and assists. However, a bigger story is developing. Antigua & Barbuda have qualified for the 2034 World Cup and there is a chance both of these Nuneaton Lads make the squad. This will happen just after our season finishes and I am going to follow their progress. Tash Abraham made his international debut in 20
  11. ACN Siena 1904 - 2028/29 Season Review Another season has come and gone. We managed to finish in 8th place, our best finish so far. We tried out some new tactics and while we were really good for goals, having scored the most amount of goals in the in our eight seasons at the club, we also had our worse defensive record too. With Perugia winning the Coppa Italia Lega Pro as well, we were never in any danger of dropping out of the promotion playoffs once we found ourselves building a bit of a gap to 11th place, which became a promotion playoff spot too. The aim is to eventually f
  12. South Shields Season 2023/24 Review - Vanarama National League League - On paper 16th after promotion is good, and it is, but really feel like we got screwed this season. Started well, really well actually, winning 4of our first 5. At the half way point we were 6th and looking good. Our first 11 are able to compete at this level but if one or two are off form or we have to use our back ups we struggled. The Christmas period hurt us with so many games in short space and then we had 4 straight games postponed in the league in January meaning we dropped down the league and had even more runs
  13. Promoted! I knew this season would be the one! It was via the playoffs, but we were up there for the whole season. Fell away a bit at the end due to injuries and suspensions, but the deed is done. We did really well in some of the cup competitions, making the semis of the League Cup and losing to Linfield's Reserves team in the Steel & Sons Cup final. Yes, I think things are looking up for Donegal Celtic. Watch us go straight back down now that I've said that. Karolis Romanov 3E - Dean Walker 3N* - John McGinley 1J* Defence was the name of th
  14. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2025 - 2026 We finished 15th place for the third year running! Some of our players developed really nicely this year, but as a team I see basically no development at all. We have the most un-Italian defensive structure that I have ever seen. Our positional and marking play, especially when the opponent attacks with pace, is absolutely appaling. It is really frustrating to watch, but having so many young players in a side is of course a recipe for unconsistency, especially when it comes to defending! We started the season pretty well, but from Ma
  15. Teie IF - Youth intake 2037 Looks promising and a fair few positions as well. Well now, can't really complain about that! Quite a few good players and nice personalities for the most part as well. Apparently a winger that can also play centrally, but I'm thinking about converting him a right back. Granted a bit lack of speed, but he has everything else, and I'm getting a bit lacking at that position. Any thoughts about it? The English striker from Wrose (that I found out is north of Bradford after a quick check of Google maps), and he is very talented. N
  16. Club & Competition Logos for Messi's DB Download here Some sample screenshots: What the pack contains - English lower league team logos down to level 11 covering the added teams in Messi's database - English lower league competition logos What the pack does not contain - No logos for those teams/competitions that are in the default SI database (i.e. those down to level 9 & most of level 10.) - there are plenty of existing logo packs available elsewhere on the internet, so there is no point in re-inventing the wheel & they're done to a far high
  17. Teie IF Season 2035 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We kept up the form from last season and once again fought at the top half. As the season plodded along we were caught in a massive fight with Rosenborg for 3rd place while Molde, Aalesund and Odd were chasing behind us. Vålerenga and Bodø/Glimt ran away early on, so the fight was for 3rd and the rest of the European spots. In the end we lost the final match away to winners Vålerenga and Rosenborg picked up a point to get past us. But we still finished in a very good 4th place! Also, just as the season was drawing c
  18. Season Review 2072/73 An okay season but should have been better really Was sitting 6th in March. Poor at the beginning and end of the season. Bateson top scorer again with 30. Gumbs with a decent 19 goals as well Stadium getting an extension by 8,854 to 54,449 capacity. Moving to Pep Guardiola Arena on one message then next message stands will be shut so not sure where I am playing next season (although if you look at the message it says Man City board announce plans.........) Not sure what's going on!
  19. I took a few weeks off due to annoyance at the game, but lockdown and the new patch led me to give it another chance. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. I'm not going to be your average FM player. I watch matches in full and am most interested in the tactical perspective, and like to play what you would call an ultra possession style of play. Ultra methodical and patient and absolute domination of the ball with short passes, and keeping the ball centrally as the 1st, 2nd, and 333333rd option/mindset. And I don't evaluate the game on nice moves and goals sporadically, My criteria i
  20. Below are two videos from my save showing the individual player detailed stats (couldn't be bothered for individual screenshots): 1. Half a season on no detail (QME) 2. Half a season on full detail (FME) Belgian Pro League 23/24: 1 - 18 games no detail, qme Belgian Pro League - 23/24: 19-36 games full detail, fme The stats I mentioned potentially being an issue in my previous post also seem to be highlighted here as well, e.g.: - Players getting 1 or 2 clear cut chances attributed to them in the second half of the season compared to 35+
  21. Season Review 2075/76 An okay season after such a poor start, winning 1 in the first 9 games. Changed formation to 4-2-3-1 which I didn't want to do, wanted to play 2 up front with Bateson, Gumbs and Foley but with form so bad, I had to do something. There is a Brazilian kid in the latest intake that I am hoping with a bit of luck turns out ok. His stats aren't great but fingers crossed
  22. Tash made his World Cup debut, I am actually proud. He came on in the 85th minute and he actually had a decent chance in the 91st minute. Steveroy was an unused sub. Not a dream start for the boys.
  23. I found a way to stop english teams dominating the champions league. Yes, i will restart the game until they are all out of the competition. It's just ridiculous at this stage. I just had to reload because bloody Liverpool and Arsenal both qualified to the final in extra time. It would have been Liverpool's 5th!!! final in the last 6 years and probably would have won it again. Sorry but it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Yeah go make Liverpool the BESTEST EVAAAAR team in the world because they won 1 title in the last 30 years and a champions league.
  24. >if you have issues take it up in the specific sub forums Yes because obviously that works, considering these things were pointed out as errors in the """""beta""""" and then ignored and still haven't been fixed 3 months later, plenty of people have taken time out of their lives to post indepth about certain problems, only for SI to ignore the issue and never even respond as to whether or not it will be fixed, so what's the point of me giving feedback if they will just ignore it?
  25. Wuhan Three Towns - Season 2028 review Manager Attributes - Characteristics Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China League One - 8th Not too bad of a season finishing mid table, in the middle of the season we had a really good run where we ended up being only 3 points off top spot but we couldn't maintain it so eventually slipped down to 8th. In a bit of an inconsistent season it seemed like we were the architects of our own misery most of the time and a lot of the games we lost simply because we couldn't score but I am happy with only conceding 31 goals. I think
  26. Nice game, ONLY 98 corners in 4 matches, 90 came from idiot wide players who didnt cross when they were alone, better wait for opponent players coming to block.
  27. Still seeing some very disappointing ratings for players, especially my defensive midfielders. I think my honest feedback with this game having played it since the beta and closely monitoring threads here would be to scale back your ambitions for FM22. All the things you tried to add in this game only offered minor QOL improvements at best and major gameplay flaws at worst. Basic things like statistics, player ratings, passing networks, analyst reports, youth intakes, and more have all ended up suffering at the hands of change. It’s unfortunate that the long term viability of saves has b
  28. Vikeologist's 2034/35 Folkestone Season Report A long report, because after 14 seasons I have some tough choices to make. After narrowly failing to win the league last season, I was obviously hoping to succeed this one, but the transfer of Ellis Drake, our best player, hit us hard. We never looked like winning the league, but for the first time we have reached the playoffs 2 seasons in a row. We had a chance for a first round bye but dropped from 3rd to 4th with a defeat in our last match. With just one win in our last 10 matches of the season, I’m not optimistic.
  29. Teie IF Season 2037 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances No Europe for us this season (other than the knockout rounds that started in our pre-season), so we could focus on the domestic matches. And things went really well as we finished in a very good 3rd place and are qualified for the Europa League next season. We started quite poorly, but in the end things went better and better as the season went on. I think the reason is that I got rid of a lot of the older regulars since the young up and coming players are now equal or better now. So a lot went out, either loan or sold,
  30. CLUB ESPORTIU EUROPA - SEASON 6 (26/27) League table - PO Semi-Final - PO Final - PROMOTION! We go up to Primera RFEF, the third tier in spanish football. An excellent season, with a hard fight to gain a promotion place first, and a lot of suffering in the promotion play-off then, but we are leaving Segunda B (for the moment...). In Copa del Rey, took advantage from being seeded with same-division team Salamanca CF in first round, for us to be knocked out in second round against LaLiga team Sevilla FC. First team squad - Cesar 1H: the man, the myth, the legend. 35 goal
  31. Just been chatting to @Davidog and actually worth sticking what I said to him in here: "I believe QA have another internal match engine update coming up shortly, and they are going to review the stats again in that. Can't give you a timeframe i'm afraid because not even they would know that yet, In the mean time, they are keeping an eye on any new information coming into the thread, so please keep it coming. They are very stretched and aware they are not able to respond as much as they'd like"
  32. Season 2024/25 Review Vanarama National League League - Coming into this season I was prepared for a real battle. My squad was still looking small and our players capable of performing at this level were a year older and our best young players were still around 17 and I'm not one to throw people in at that age unless they're very good already. I was keen to ensure we gave up less goals this year so went back to my preferred 433 formation and it worked. We started how I thought we would and sat above the relegation zone at the half way stage. We did lose 12 of our 23 games but unlike last
  33. Awards, (BUT HE'S RUBBISH). Nov 2047. Not all the awards in different Nations are calculated the same way. Sometimes the Player of the Year is done by a vote, sometimes it's done purely by the highest match rating of players who have played a minimum number of games, and at other times it's more nuanced. The Finnish, Premier League, (Veikkausliiga) Player of the Season award for 2047 goes to......... No, this is not a joke and I knew that he had a chance of winning it because of this. If you look at Average Rating, he's actually top, and he's top by a decent ma
  34. Season Review 2078/79 Tried a change of tactic to try improve from the mid table mediocrity. As usual when I try that, it all falls to pieces and end up in a relegation battle Luckily manage to win 3 and draw 2 out of the last 6 games Jamie Bateson still scoring goals at the grand old of age of 35. Another 26 this season and has been top scorer for 18 seasons in a row now!
  35. Season Review 2077/78 Another 12th place finish Bateson with 21 goals in only 28 games (injuries), still going at 33
  36. Season Review 2076/77 Nothing to report, more mid table mediocrity, except, Jamie Bateson is now the clubs all time leading scorer
  37. I'm not sure how it's ridiculous, given that the average is based on the ratings from each individual match, and there are going to be plenty of games where they score one goal and get a rating in the mid 7s, a few games where they score 2-3 goals and get a rating in the 8s and 9s, and some matches where they just don't perform and get a rating in the mid 6s. All of those come together to make an average of in the mid-7s. Makes perfect sense to me, and I've never in any FM had a player with an average rating in the 8s, regardless of how many goals they scored, so the suggestion that this is so
  38. Every release, SI openly admits their aging system is broken as we have plenty of over-32 players with decent physicals. Hey, Maxi Rodriguez is like 38 and starts the season with physical attributes the game would have long stripped him of. And like you say, come FM22, Ronaldo and Messi will still be 15+ on plenty categories. I wish they would re-tool young and old players.
  39. Season Review 2074/75 A lot better season but we really should have finished higher than 10th. Was top in November but you just knew the bad run was going to start sooner rather and later and it did as soon as we went top. Runs like 2 wins in 8 Bateson with yet again another 30 goals, hes a machine. 31yrs old now though
  40. Polish Lower Leagues 1.0 This file is designed for Football Manager 2021 and adds to the game 3rd, 4th and 5th tier of Polish league system. New clubs, cities, stadiums created manually, Real rules and fixture dates in leagues, Added regional cups (16) for each Voivodeship for clubs from 4th tier and lower, Added rules for season 2020/21 (COVID season), Added dynamic leagues range between season 2020/21 and 2021/22, Added rules for season 2021/22 and later. Created by bartekr & kajetanor & Kleyo. DO
  41. Season Review 2080/81 Awful season and attempt to get back into the Premier League Won first 6 games. Then as soon as lost the 7th game, form dropped and couldn't ever really turn it around consistently Still trying to find a tactic that will work Jamie Bateson retired Gumbs has taken over as the main striker now
  42. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2024 - 2025 Survived another season Another season and another 15th place finish. I didn't expect anything more than survival so we can't be unhappy with it. Our young players are developing nicely, but as a team I am dissapointed that we are still so far away from anything resembling quality in Serie B. We won 13 games, but in at least half of those games we were incredibly lucky! I will have to take a serious look at the whole first team and u20/u19 squad when deciding on next years tactic. Our striker, Dardan Vuthaj, finished the season as top
  43. Teie IF - Youth intake 2036 Promising, very promising, I need a new striker. Nice, nice, but the average is not that good. Still, I'd like to have more like this. He has loads of good attributes, but I have no idea what he is. Poor finishing, excellent passing, but horrible vision. Speed merchant on the wing? Statistics:
  44. Almost punched my screen at this game - 2 down with 8 mins to go, bring it back to 2-2 in injury time then concede 36 seconds into extra time and allow a guy with 1 goal all season to score 5 goals in extra time Let in 7 and my keeper still get's a 7.7 match rating. I feel like the formation we used last season is maybe not the one for us this year now
  45. So, Erling Haaland scoring 38 goals +7 assists in 36 games is giving 7.50. What would he need to add to get +8? 38 assists? +50 goals? So a 2011 Messi would only get +8 instead of +9? It's ridicoulous.
  46. Unfortunately it seems that all the /90 stats are broken. I recently flagged this in bugs forum but zero response from SI so far.... screenshot for my squad in Premier League after 24 matches... As you can see, Key Passes, Goals, Passes, Assists are being made but all related /90 stats are displayed as -. Very frustrating as I prefer to look at stats on a /90 basis..... my career save has been put on hold since last hotfix and will only resume if next fix sorts out the numerous stats related issues that have been well flagged... very disappointed this year...
  47. ACN Siena 1904 - 2028/29 Youth Intake Was this the best intake I've ever had? No, not by a long shot, but did it provide me with some strength in depth that I was hoping for? Yes, it did. With some of my players currently looking like they are not going to be good enough for the team despite giving them plenty of time to develop, having a new centre-back and a new central midfielder who could play in all of the roles down the middle outside of the striker and centre-back roles was a blessing in disguise. It gave me a chance to look at my squad and get rid of the deadwood who will eit
  48. The Seagulls Midseason Update 2021/ 2022 Great start and golden generation in the pipeline GL ALL !!
  49. Yeah I find the silence on this a little deafening. Lots of responses to other issues and threads on here but nothing regarding average ratings since the hot-fix. Think it would go along way to ease peoples concerns if they just came out and acknowledged that there is still an issue. Personally I'm concerned they don't believe it's an issue anymore and aren't planning on fixing it. Exactly why a response would go a long way.
  50. Here's screenshots of my statistical discrepancies @Jack Joyce, you mean to tell me you're satisfied with this end product? The first are the key passes in my league, Vanarama South. As you can see, Jacob Mendy lead the league with 193 key passes. Pretty decent work by Mendy I say, especially compared with the Vanarama North leader's 144. Looking at how he compared with the Premier League, Mendy even bests Kevin de Bruyne! I am truly blown away by his performance, but how does he compare to league leaders elsewhere? Jacob Mendy scorched the league leaders of La Liga, Bundesliga, and Ligu
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