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  1. Honestly so so disappointed they've kept the match UI as horrible as it has ever been for the second year running. It is so so difficult to get the information you need to feel immersed in the game. Please for the love of god go for the customisable widget option of FM19/20. Why do SI seem to enjoy restricting players so much by reducing their choice in how they play and see data? If people want to play with the way it's currently set up... let them. They could've done that with the old widget system! Bring back a list of players in the middle with match ratings so it's easy to read, widgets on the outside which are customisable (some people actually enjoy being able to see the whole league table/scores/player ratings without scrolling the side bar up and down 10 times a game every time they reset and feel involved and immersed in the league and up to date) and bring back the last 5 minute possession bar so you can ascertain the swing of the game. Also - whats the point in having a league table in the match UI that doesn't display GD??? Last year the UI got slated so heavily. I think SI took it as ''it's a change, people will get used to it''. The only thing people have gotten used to is how shoddy and awful it is. Please hold your hands up, take on the feedback and make progressive changes. Give people back the choice to customise the game screen how they wish. Team talks? Rather be able to see my players in a list from 1-15 without spending 10 seconds finding my central midfielder in the right hand corner of the ''dressing room'' next to my goalkeeper in the top right corner. All the UI changes from last year just added more clicks, more scrolls and more effort to be able to get the information we previously got from a glance. Awful.
  2. 3rd screenshot is quite depressing, same old pointless coach advice. "I think X Player should be taking penalties because he is one of our better options" - just so I can click yes or no ? Why should he be taking penalties, tell me something else - He's a better finisher than Player B and C, or he's more composed than other players with similar finishing stats, or he is better under pressure. Something useful not just a waste of time yes/no clicking exercise.
  3. I don't know how to post gifs so they appear but... https://gyazo.com/20b5792a12fe5df49230a404fd337330 Sweet baby jesus
  4. Every single person who posts on these forums has a chance to be on the 'Alpha'. If you're part of our research team as an assistant or head researcher, you can get invited. If you raise a number of helpful and important issues on the bugs forum, you can get invited. If you raise some really great feature ideas on the features forums, you can get invited. Become a mod? Invited. Some really interesting posts (even those constructively criticising the game)? Potentially invited. Outside of the forum, be a really popular streamer talking about our game to a audience of people interested in our game? Again, chance you'll be invited. But as mentioned above, the Alpha is very different from what the Early Access Beta will be. People on the Alpha are expected to test and contribute during the phases where the game may not be quite so 'fun' to play as there may be issues to iron out and problems which mean you have to start you save again from scratch. On the beta, whilst if you do raise issues on our forums that's great and really helpful - it's your choice. You don't have to. But be a great member of this community and we notice, chances are you'll get a little message in your inbox asking you to get involved. Now for all of you who already think you are a great member of the community but have never had that little message. Whilst we read a lot of what's posted here we can't see everything. Drop me a PM if you think you could provide real value to our tests and I can check out your post history. But please remember it's not just an opportunity to play the game before everyone else, it's an opportunity to contribute and those who get added and don't - well they tend to be removed fairly quickly.
  5. As others have said, depending on the situation your team will cover spaces and passing angles while waiting for a pressing trigger. This is an intentional improvement over previous editions of the game where it felt like players would chase after the ball endlessly, which in real life would lead to your team getting played through far too easily. Players should be smarter now, and wait for the right moment to trigger a press, at a time which makes it less likely that the opposition can bypass the press. There's of course other factors too - players won't always make the right decision dependent on their attributes, maybe they didn't trigger a press at the right time because they made a bad decision, or maybe because they're tired and are looking to recover some energy. You can certainly try and use a high pressing system with any team, but teams that have players with higher stamina, work rate, aggression, anticipation will see better results. Another aspect I'm sure people will talk about a lot is the fitness levels - there'll be some games where you use gegenpress and it doesn't feel like your team is getting that tired. A big factor here is possession, if you're keeping 65%+ possession then your team is able to take control of the game, and teams will tire faster without the ball than with it. This is one of the reasons why teams like Man City are able to maintain such an intense press for long periods, they do their recovering while they have the ball. Because of this, the matches where you'll really notice a huge impact on fitness is in matches where your team is having to do the majority of the defending. Be careful of those matches and try to use more sensible pressing levels that takes this into account. However that's not to say there can't be any bugs with it! Pressing is an extremely complicated network of decisions and is dependent on player attributes, fitness, formation etc. So if you're consistently seeing a trend where you think it can be improved then start a bug report please and we'll look into it.
  6. PRESSING HAS BEEN REWORKED FM22 has a new pressing AI. As a manager you set your tactics up using all the tools at your disposal. During the course of a game, the pressing AI will kick in based on your choices and in-game events. In-game events can include a number of natural pressing triggers that are listed below as well as any others you could have assigned using the various options in the game. An example: Much Higher Line of Engagement Attacking Mentality Maximum Pressing Intensity Prevent Short GK OI backline In a setting like this, your striker will most likely work hard to close down the backline in most cases when the opposition has the ball with the backline. As the game wears on, there are going to be times when he elects to stand off. This could happen with an in game event eg. the ball is heading nowhere. Or he could opt to press someone aggressively because the defender has had a loose touch. If the striker has low stamina and a high work rate, he could conceivably wear himself out earlier and struggle later, but if he has good decisions he could opt to exercise his judgement and choose to close down only when a natural trigger happens, regardless of the OIs you are using. Pressing has been reworked in FM22 to incorporate the proper concept of pressing triggers. These are events that happen in the game that trigger a press from nearby players. Depending on your defensive width and your overall pressing instructions, these could affect one player or more than one player. In previous editions of the game we needed to choose things like a split or a flank block to encourage pressing traps. In FM22, these aren’t as necessary because now the players will automatically press if several conditions occur and whether a player is close enough. This will also work in tandem with your line of engagement. So you shouldn’t be expecting to see a striker close down a midfielder if you are playing with a much higher line of engagement, if there is someone closer. These natural pressing triggers include and are not limited to: Bad Touch When a player takes a bad touch, he may be off balance and they struggle to sort their feet out. This is a perfect condition for a pressing trigger. The trigger is the event (poor touch) that encourages an opponent to initiate the press if he is close enough. Back to Goal When a player receives the ball with his back to goal, this becomes a trigger. He needs to turn and that triggers someone to press him so that he might be caught off balance or is forced to pass the ball back instead of turning and shooting. Weaker Foot In the game of football manager there are two ways we can affect a player who has a weaker foot. We can use OIs in combination with the knowledge that a player has a weak foot. Now this is much harder to pull off in the game and can sometimes work if used in conjunction with OIs. Hesitation Some players dwell on the ball, others simply have poor decision making, or you could be playing on low tempo with players with poor composure. Under any of these circumstances a player could hesitate and this becomes a pressing trigger for someone close to press a player. Edge of the field This is another pressing trigger which should work in tandem with OIs, and this is where things get interesting. In some cases you may just want to press a player and force him to the line, lose the ball, and give up a throw-in. And other times you may want to allow him inside because its his weaker foot and then win the ball off him after he loses control so you can quickly counter. Loose/ Slow Pass This is essentially a basic trigger in football. When a loose pass is made, the opponent if close enough should press. TRIGGERING THE PRESS When you start the game, it will seem that the only thing that has changed is a simple UI renaming change, when in reality much more work has gone into the AI of pressing. Pressing will not only depend on the pressing trigger but how this works with everything else from LOE/DL, roles and duties, a players attributes and whether or not you use opposition instructions. OIs still play a part but in the grander scheme the other instructions and a players attributes are a lot more important. So don't worry if you are the sort who doesn't like using them. I don't use press conferences or team talks to influence my matches either. Players are more likely to obey the LOE for example and a players conditioning will also play a part. If your plan is to play gegen pressing for 90 mins, the ability of your team to do this will depend on their conditioning during the course of the game and this means stamina takes on more importance. If you are not using Opposition Instructions to trigger the press, you may find yourself in situations where the ball transitions through the tiers without resistance. OIs can help and can be used to show players onto another foot, which means you can also direct where they are forced to play. Pressing a player isn't just the act of closing down a player and winning the ball off him, it's the act of closing down a player and also removing his passing options. Factors that will affect pressing There are going to be numerous events in a game that can affect them, for example. A wingback is out of position and an opposition player is in a dangerous position, this may trigger a press from the nearest player. There are also other factors to consider too. Line of engagement - You are less likely to trigger a press beyond that line (but not impossible if there's a clear chance to win the ball they'll go for it). - Pressing TI - how much of a reason does your team need to press. If you have set a higher pressing intensity, a team is more likely to break its shape to try and win the ball, which can be good or bad. If your threshold is lower then its more likely to hold its shape and cut off spaces till more obvious reasons to press come up. - Defensive width - Force inside/outside will affect how the team triggers presses in the middle/wide areas of the pitch. This also affects the angles in which players press and cut off passing options. - OI - 'pressing ' OI - If you're in a high press it's recommended to use this on a defender in the opposition backline that is particularly poor on the ball in terms of first touch, composure etc. Your team will wait for the ball to be played to them before applying pressure and hopefully forcing them into errors. You can also still use this on high-threat players in the opposition team, but be wary since if you use this on a really good ball-player such as a Jorginho, it might work but it might also backfire since they also have the skills to beat the press. - Other OIs affect the pressing angles, but not the trigger itself. So weaker foot instructions will affect the angle in which players press but not the trigger. Although bear in mind players will be aware of the opposition player's footedness and adjust their pressing angle accordingly already. Your shape/formation affects things too e.g. if you play a 4231, when pressing your AMC and ST will shape up like a front 2. That's just a general summary of the changes to the pressing AI within FM22
  7. (gets distracted from fixing bugs by being tagged in forum post) Raises eyebrows when he realizes it's 'that' thread (goes back to working on game)
  8. Thanks all. I've not forgotten this but I've been working on it slowly in the background and done a lot so far. I'll likely post snippets once FM22 is out and I can update the screenshots for stuff I've written so far and the examples.
  9. I think what disappointed me the most was the fact there was zero need for any in game management, despite the fact they went full high press for 90 minutes (which was a complete change of system that was unfamiliar to the players). In trying to forcefully show the impact of fatigue on accuracy, first touch and pressing effectiveness; they demonstrated nothing of the sort and steamrolled the AI. Also, most teams in the Championship have players that can hurt the opposition, but the AI once again was ridiculously passive on the counter. Aside from some nice new animations, I thought I was watching last year's stream. And don't get me started on that match day UI. To double down on last year's decision is absolutely baffling.
  10. Every year for the last 3 seasons, since Sunderland were relegated to league one, the betas been released when Sunderland were playing away. I remember as it’s a running joke that all the lads in my what’s app group have that we had to run up at half time of the stream and set it away downloading, then spent the game not actually watching and just discussing FM. Well tonight is Crewe v Sunderland. If that’s not a sign I don’t know what it - tonight it is boys!
  11. The pass completion & possession stats are one of the main immersion breakers for me. Every year we get people wanting to replicate Pep style tactics & one of the main points of frustration is them wanting Pep style % possession numbers which just isn't that achievable in FM without having to use the defensive mentalities. High pass completion percentages by weaker teams are just unrealistic, you can see them string together passes with ease which shouldn't be a thing looking at their attributes. See yesterday, Liverpool beating Watford 5-0, Liverpool had 76% possession & Watford completed 65% of their passes, this is something FM doesn't simulate well
  12. For those of you who have been hiding in the Beta out speculation thread from the last week, I'm delighted, glad, relieved to say the Football Manager 2022 Early Access Beta is Out Now! For those of you new to the forums, this is the thread to raise your feedback, thoughts and have some general game discussion about the latest FM. Remember even if we don't reply to every post (and I can assure you we won't be able to) we are reading and we are listening. What this thread isn't for is Bugs, so if you happen to encounter any, especially during this Early Access Beta phase we'd very much appreciate you raising it in our brand new shiny Bug Tracker. Also please take the time to read our Bug Tracker FAQ to get an idea on how and why it's different. If you have any technical issues or crashes check out our Technical FAQ - more often than not that's where you'll find your answer. You can also log a ticket directly with our ticketed support team or post on the Tracker. Now for the ground rules. Read these and play nice! Constructive feedback is helpful. Constructive doesn't necessarily mean positive, but at least give us your reasons. Help us to help you by giving details. Respect other opinions. We don't expect you to always agree but read other's posts and respect their position. Please take Tactical Discussion elsewhere. We've seen that these types of threads can see posts focused on the tactical side of the game and whilst this is interesting, it's much more appropriate discussion for our Tactics, Training and Strategies Discussion. Now what on Earth are you doing still reading this? Don't you know there's a Beta to get playing? Go go go!
  13. Well, highly disappointed with this news, important information being removed from a page that had it in previous years and making it less accessible. Can't see this as a wise choice, personally, or see it's benefits.
  14. i spotted this in Miles' tweet. I'm stating the obvious when I tell you that this means the beta will release tonight.
  15. 3D Game Day ... What surface are they playing on ? Because it cant be grass because it looks like felt or fuzzy green stuff ? And its the same boring stadiums with 2000 tunnels and colour coded to match the home teams stadium . Wheres the reality guys on Game Day ?????
  16. Imagine if they just came out and said "Right lads, we've overhauled the tactical and transfer AI, overhauled the rating system, overhauled all the dynamics, gave international management an upgrade and improved the match engine". Boom. Done and dusted. Give us your money and see you next year.
  17. I'm paraphrasing but I recall Miles being very dismissive of someone's suggestion of an improvement to the game on Twitter with the retort that "we are creating a football simulation and that is unrealistic". I didn't agree with the tone of his response but I do recall thinking if that stance is at the core of the developers mission then we have a lot of work to do if we're going to get anywhere near simulating "real" football. That being said, I need that to be the objective because if it isn't then I'm probably not interested in playing going forward. I can see a direct correlation between SI's attempts to replicate "real football" and the trajectory of my personal dissatisfaction with elements of the game. It probably started with the introduction of the 3D. Likewise, as football has become more data driven, statistics more accessible, tactical innovations more refined and the average football fans understanding of tactics in general has increased, the holes in the ME and other elements of the game have become more gaping. I see more realistic movement and behaviors in other football simulations and whenever you have that situation it makes the reality of our situation harder to accept IMO. The bottom line for me is I'd like to see all current resources (and some new ones) focused on improving a few core elements of the game in the short term but I won't hold my breath. Whist improving game sales are great news for the future of the game they aren't necessarily great news for long time players with a genuine interest in accuracy and immersion. Every time there's a legitimate concern raised on here the go to response is that we are a vocal minority and most players don't have the same concerns we do. I'd liken the situation to a Premier League football club in pursuit of attracting overseas fans and raising its social media profile whilst forgetting the importance of its local supporters to its underlying identity....
  18. Which is why I for one have never called or accepted the fact that Football Manager simulates football realistically. Its at its core a game, that tries to simulate the job of a football manager by immersing him in an experience that tries to be as realistic as possible. Whenever SI say realistic numbers I cringe, because in order for one to simulate the results first you have to simulate the movement on and off the ball perfectly. We need to get the rotating fluid diamonds of Atalanta, or the interchanging roles and positional play of City, and the various intricate zonal marking styles of different teams or even the strict man marking of Leeds. I stopped thinking of realistic simulated results a long time ago. I know they will try and get the numbers close to reality, they have to cos they marketed the game that way. So they will need to run loads of internal tests and then look back at all the numbers but at the end of the day, to get that kind of realism, we all need to run around with own quantum computers in our house playing the game. That ain't happening. So I have learnt to live with whatever small replication I can achieve in the game. To be honest I even cringe at myself when I say I am replicating a formation. Its not possible to do anything with a 100% accuracy. SI does it best with the technology we all have to play with and hopefully one day they stop saying this simulates real football, but simulates the life of a football manager.
  19. Played a dozen matches now. And in my opinion if you are some who doesn't watch the matches too much, or plugs and plays tactics, you'll see a decent improvement. However, if you're someone who loves to create systems or watches the matches on comprehensive, or loves making various tactics, you're in for an absolute treatment with this match engine. So much variety on show, and lots more tactical questions for people to answer
  20. This is the most important discussion we are going to have once we can try the Data Hub. If Football Manager 2022 couldn't fix or improve FME and QME stats differences, the Data Hub is going to be an utterly mess of a feature.
  21. yeah, just look at last fixtures of Championship - very few team had pass accuracy percentage above 80%, and in their stream (I watched on one of the youtube channels, so might be wrong, but) both teams in 2 or 3 matches had more then 80% (in one of the match I think 84 and 87) passing accuracy, and I have suspicions that in lower leagues in FM numbers will be the same. That's why I'm not excited about data hub at all - that's just representation of data you couldn't change or influence by your tactic or level of your players - because if championship teams have similar passing level as man city, then what's the point of all that stat.
  22. Can confirm that the potential ability not being on the player profile screen is a design choice, not a bug. And no, I can't explain it any further than that, so please would appreciate you not asking me to
  23. My nanna is 76 years old and has been playing these games since Championship Manager in the 90s, Shes currently in hospital with a condition that is severely worsened by stress, I havent seen her today but I know my dad has taken her laptop into the hospital yesterday and she has been waiting for the beta to drop, is there any chance this could be released sooner rather then later?
  24. Belgium Division 1A 2044/45 (season 24) Season Summary Another great season for us - we won the league again! And it was much more satisfying than last time as well. season before last Anderlecht were taken over by a tycoon and have since spunked £500m on players. And we beat them!!!! League - Weirdly, we started the season playing really badly, but somehow kept scraping results. 11 games in and we were 9-1-1, despite being sub-par for most of those games. Christmas we really hit our stride and were pretty much brilliant all the way through, only losing through being FM'd. The end of the season saw us win 8 straight, going on one of those runs where you expect every game to be 4 or 5 nil. We were brilliant! and for the first time finished top of the league to go into the championship group as favourites! past experience has taught me that those slim margins are easily lost once the championship group gets going. Its essentially 6 cup finals. we started with a 1-1 draw against Bruge, which was ok. We then had our nearest rivals at Anderlecht at home. A defeat would have put them above us so it was a hugely important game - we were brilliant and won 3-0. Then we beat Standard 3-1 at home and we were 1 victory away from being champions! We could claim the title with our next game, home against Brugge. Except we couldn't, as they beat us 4-0. So now i Started getting nervous. two away games left at Anderlecht and Standard. Lose them both and Anderlecht could steal the title. So we went to Anderlecht....... and won in style! Champions League - It wasn't such good news in the CL. We had to go into the qualifying rounds and we really weren't playing well, so it wasn't a huge surprise when we went out before the group stage. Annoying though! Europa League - Usually a bit of a laugh but we seemed to struggle a bit this season. Except when we had Zenit at home. That was fun Players So another reason this was so much better than the first title win was the team. Five of my first choice XI this season were from the class of '41! What a year that is turning out to be. They're all 19 or 20 and were amazing all season. Even better, i had two other graduates from '41 on loan and they both did really well. I could field a side with 7 from that generation next season and still compete! Edu Guerreiro 41A - started the season at the olympics, came back tired and then picked up niggly injuries. He was mediocre as a result until around christmas, after which he exploded. I got him signed on a 5 year contract but he insisted on a 52m release clause, which looks likely to be triggered this summer. Just won his first cap for Brazil, Barcelona are interested, there's no way I'm gonna keep him much longer. He's so good now he pretty much caused everyone else to drop a star in ability! Elias Goris 41F - The fairy tale continues! he won his first belgium caps this season! Mark Scott 41D - My English midfielder got his chance this season, mainly as I was desperate for a hlaf decent midfielder. Turns out he is one! bonus! Abdou Toure 41B - I wasn't too happy about playing two 19 year olds in the middle of the park but honestly, the pickings are so slim in that position I figured it was worth a gamble. And it really was, he's easily better than the rest Senne Tilburgs 41E - Another desperate move. Right wing was a weak spot for years and I couldn't get anyone to work there. So i figuered why not again. And it worked! 17 goals and 16 assissts from right wing in his first season is pretty good! youth oo, look! another golden generation! another 2041, right? oh, maybe not. But if Guerreiro is causing seismic shifts in everyones ratings, that 4 star prospct has got to be really good, right? Career I'm still enjoying this save so I'm gonna keep on trucking, see if i can create some sort of miracle and win the CL. edit: oh, i forgot. I been keeping my eye on this young keeper in the U21s all season only to notice in the final game I have another wonderkid! woohoo!
  25. I know it’s used worldwide by many, but Holland is not even half of the country (except for talent ;)). So please, change the name to “Netherlands”.
  26. May 2038 I don't there is a lot of words left to say for this save. When the past season write-ups have totalled more than ten thousand of them, hopefully these images convey a thousand: From the depths of Meyrin, with Renato Augusto pulling the strings as my glamourous signing, to the heights of Europa League victories and domestic league domination with Luzern. Player, tactical and recruitment development and analysis in a way I'd never done before. Switzerland has given me a taste of everything I could have wanted in an FM game, and more. My favourite ever save. Thanks for reading.
  27. Omega Luke used the privilege of being able to do this to simulate a whole season with PSG to see if they could remain unbeaten. A complete waste of a video, showcases absolutely nothing new in the game. If they're going to get get content creators to advertise the new game for them (which has been great with some of them), there maybe needs to be guidelines on what they can show.
  28. To be fair they managed Sheff United, who aren't exactly a struggling team in the championship. They should be considered one of the favourites to finish in promotion spots. Generally better teams will try and impose themselves so it would make more sense to me that they press aggressively. Is it overpowered? Its still too early to say. There were several points they were making throughout the stream of which one stood out, they had depth. If a team has depth and has the players to rotate you could use gegenpressing for the majority of a game. However to do that 3 games on the trot in the championship where matches come thick and fast would be almost impossible. Plus I can't quite recall whether they were into the winter period either, that also factors in. Even from watching that I was asking myself why some of the players weren't exhausted at the end of the first half? I do think that at this point in time, SI haven't finalised everything yet, and may well feel that players still have a bit in their tank for sprint capacity. They could adjust it before release. Even if they adjusted the severity of the sprint model, I think there will always be ways to get around it. You could create a custom shout and use it with 20 minutes to go or whenever to reduce the intensity of your tactic, and then switch gegen pressing on for bursts. Or you could just bring on players to take over. Not every single position will feel the effect of gegenpressing and it will depend on the tactic as well. So plug and play tactics won't be dead. People will just need more depth and know which areas need strengthening. A 4312 gegen pressing tactic will simply have 4 equally good wingbacks.
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