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    Personally speaking from what i have gathered from the headline features and the smaller reveals thus far, i am impressed for several reasons. Firstly SI are using the FM community of creators at large to publicise these reveals, this is a good sign and bodes well for the future. I haven't seen something like this by any developer in a long time. Initially i was disappointed by Stadia, not because i think its useless, but because in my country its not available. I can see its benefits especially when one considers the fact that i have a 100' screen just itching to play FM at home without a PC. So eyes with envy made me rage. Regardless of what others might think of Stadia, its the future of gaming and streaming. FM19 was a big step forward, what it lacked is being made up with by a host of QOL changes that I am looking forward to. Code of Conduct for one, managing player development via these pathways, being able to manage their expectations in ways that felt limited in FM19. Playing time pathways could make hoarding of high potential players an issue for clubs which is nice, it also opens up the potential along with Club Vision for better youth development in the long run. This has long been one of my hopes for the game. While it may not happen immediately, the building blocks are there which bodes well for the future. There are plenty of smaller reveals like player statuses, the new role which definitely leads me to believe changes are coming for the match engine. Frankly they make changes to the code each year. I see QOL changes everywhere, while it may not be exciting for some, for a person who averages 3k hours per season, anything that adds to QOL improvement is an added bonus. It's too early to venture a guess about the match engine, but the lads are not the sort to be happy with any version of engine they release. They are continuously looking to improve and upgrade it and are willing to listen to people who make reasoned arguments for why certain elements of the game should be improved. Case in point the sheer number of blocked crosses for some people in FM19 and the lack of final third movement. I doubt the game will make everyone happy, I for one have already ordered my game, because the QOL improvements alone suggest that they are taking FM19 and enhancing the quality of my experience playing the game. And if i can play both narrow and wide systems in FM20 equally as well, then I am not going to regret it.
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    Yeah we run thousands upon thousands of seasons to work out the average (across multiple leagues as well, as each league has slightly different tendencies) then compare those with real life figures. That's not just goals per game, that's as many stats as you can imagine. Pass completion, shots off woodwork, yellow cards, fouls, tackles - nearly everything. We want to make the ME as accurate as possible from a statistical perspective whilst also making the type of action which appears in game as realistic as real life. Obviously if we had the correct number of shots and goals per game, but all the shots were from exactly the same place then it'd be a very poor ME! As you can imagine it's a huge balancing act but as I've said on this forums a number of times, we're all massive fans of football and the game itself, so we're all as invested as you are. Many late nights and analysis which would fill a thousand chalkboards during development. We always feel like we're taking steps forward with each match engine and we've got some great people within that team working on it. Always blows my mind thinking about how difficult it would be to recreate a perfect football match where every defender, attacker and keeper always makes the right choice with the right technique - then essentially have it so mistakes happen as decided by so many variants like attributes, weather conditions and the like. But I know some of the logic and changes which have gone in 'under the hood' over the years and it really has come forward so much. It's just frustrating when the balance is almost perfect from a statistical basis but there are noticeable anomalies in how the match actually plays. So we keep working and striving to iron them out. And we're hopeful you'll be able to see it all for yourself soon of course.
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    I've added all the feature tweets which have come from the FM social channel here for easy reference - https://community.sigames.com/topic/494725-football-manager-2020-feature-round-up/ These don't include those also tweeted by Miles as there's loads
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    I really don't understand why people have the need to defend the graphics in the FM. Considering the year we live in, it is plainly outdated. Mobile games have better graphics on average. That being said, FM doesn't really need spectacular graphics comparable to any AAA game. it just isn't that kind of the game. I think people are more bothered with sheer discrepancy between current state of graphical representation in the game, and graphics standards for the year we live in. It is simply out of place in 2020.
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    In the game he's playing right now, I've seen at least three dribbles. One of the things I've noticed is there appears to be improved 'tussling' for the ball. Also, when crosses come in, there's variety in how the striker reacts, rather than endless first time shots and volleys. Goalkeepers pulling off great saves too. Very impressed so far, although it's only a very small sample.
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    Ive said it before and many people as well. Miles, get off of twitter or get a PR team to run your twitter. You do not have a thick skin, because every year you are complaining again about people complaining about you. Or your twitter background to begin with. Thats not having an "incredibly thick skin". And this is coming from a Dutch person, so I know what it actually means. People throwing abuse at Miles? Not okay. The way Miles is handing it? Also not okay. Miles is not Blizzard/NBA levels of bad PR (thank god for that), but it certainly isnt the PR we want to see from the director. Its doing more harm than good.
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    The game should absolutely be more clear with all staff positions. Why this continues to be a mystery is a mystery. What does adding extra physios actually do? Is 1 enough? 2? 10? And yes, I get that the number might be subjective for FM players, but where is the point of marginal utility? Too many of these staff positions come across as window dressing to spend money on, which leaves us operating in an information vacuum.
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    How can you be dis-satisfied with a product that's not even out yet?
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    I have never asked for - New big features - FIFA level graphics - Youth management - The ability to spend my in game salary I have called for polish in the game above all else. Focus on the ME have that as the headline feature. So please before anyone responds to me actually read what i have written - I get annoyed when im playing the game and if my team breaks , my 18 speed stat striker dropping off and ends up in at AM position and over taken by the player with the ball rather than leading the line which results in the ball carrier being the most advance player. - I get annoyed when multiple players press the same player when there is no need - I get annoyed when some wins a side tackle in or around the box it ends up with the opposition striker - the ball doesn't have enough of its own physics (Alibeit this has improved from previous iterations ) - I get annoyed when i have set my instructions to low crosses but it constantly floated in - If i 6 offers for a player i don't want 6 of the same offers. Theres such a rudimental system in place - If RM come in for anthony martial who has 18 G+A in 30 apps i want them to go over the £60 value of the player instead of being capped by it and then walking away for negotiations but spending £45m on a left back they don't need when they already have two potentially starting LB. There seems to be no AI management of prioritising players. I bring it back to real life, is harry maguire worth £80m or is it that there was a need for him. I have never had a bidding war for a player. - i Want pressing triggers - i Want passing formations - i just want more in depth tactics and better AI. Thats the core product which has had upgrades, particularly last year the fact we haven't seen ME footage or there been any mention of it so far, so i feel like its gonna be tweaks. These have been issues for years which have only been incrementally upgraded. Im asking for a year when the ME is the focus, how many years have we been running the same basic engine? Also Miles twitter - Upload a photo for your manager (Removing FM17 and adding it back in is not a feature) - Board send you a message if you win an award -yawn - Players release from clubs are more likely to join local teams - Multiple Buyback clauses These are the "features" you're so buzzed about? All of these could be done in a winter or summer update but yet we are being asked to fork out £40 YEs i don't have to buy it but like i mentioned before, there isn't a substitute so what do i do? I want the game to improve and we as consumers shouldn't be satisfied with this edition with what they have announced thus far. Personally a tick tock system should be in place - Tick - Big new upgrade £50, tock - small upgrade like this years £30 or less because lets be frank what is being delivered this year is nothing more than DLC
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    When you look at the announced features all i can say is this year is an utter joke. Ive looked at their website a broken it down and when you do they are pulling the wool over your eyes to try and justify its £40 price tag. This is also based on information that was available at the time but i highly doubt that with a relates date being set that any other major features will be added. Club vision By the looks of it, this is just updated from our current system of board confidence. Could someone explain how this is different or a "feature". It just seems like its more at the forefront of the game by getting emails and more granular gradings. Per the FM features page. "For instance, if you’ve honed a particularly attacking style of football at a club, you’ll be known for this around the world which could make you more appealing to a board..." I can already see that in FM19 and it already effects the game. Every screenshot on the page i cane find mostly on my manager page on FM19 but now its in an email and I'm graded A-F. Yeah great, big feature there. Playing pathway Yes i would say this is an improvement which i welcome but as a headline feature?! Its a very welcome addition and give more control but again this is just a update on an old system. Backroom staff Is this anything more the quality of life updates? They are trying to claim having a new staff member like the loan manager which tells me to send players out on loan is significant! I also don't care for my staff opinions about team formation or personal so any improvements to this is worthless. I put this update in the same category as the social media stuff. Pointless Development centre This is the only thing that looks like a proper feature. Previously development of youth products has been difficult monitor and implement and my favourite parts of FM was taking a wondkid and trying to make him a star so this is very welcome. I think this year i will be forgoing buying FM20. This is DLC being sold as a fully fledge instalment. IM not asking for them to rebuild everything or have ps4 standard graphics. I want exactly the same things that everyone else has asked for years. I want a more in depth tactical system with pressing triggers, better transfer AI (How many times have i tried to sell a decent player and for pennies and no one comes in or they come in for my best player with tiny bids) Most of all i want a ME that is half decent. There is so much wrong with it. Defenders all running to the same player, players not listening to instructions constantly , no one twos that you constantly see in real games. Issue is FM doesn't have a competitor and because of that they never have to worry about pushing the game forward. Getting a bit tired of it because of love the concept and have put in many hours into it. Personally think its time Miles moved on. Completely out of touch of what the games needs and spends too many resources on things like in game social media
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    Based on what I've read, I think you need a bit of a break from the game. You seem to have such a negative focus on any revealed feature no matter what. Nothing SI could realistically do would impress you at this point, I'd wager. I see a lot of positives. New animations, much more fluid gameplay during the matches, goalkeepers that really are at a new level compared to FM19, and a lot of good QoL improvements all over the place. Are there that many new things? Not really, but for me, that is a good thing. Fixing issues and improving upon the current features of FM19 is exactly what I wanted from the game and I can't wait until the game is released!
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    Man two people seriously responded to you and this is your answer? All were trying to say is that FM graphics can be better these days. This is not a controversial opinion at all and I cant imagine someone defending the other side. Its only a win-win situation for everyone.
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    @aj6658 and @forameuss please take this to your PMs as its not hugely relevant and is simply clogging up the thread
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    Can confirm that I do not own a Ferrari. Our profit is invested back into the game and expanding the team. The latter is something we've been doing for a while. When I joined I think there was probably about 40-50 staff, we're now up to somewhere close to 140 now I believe. And we're trying to recruit even more - at least 7 people just on the dev said of FM - https://www.sigames.com/careers
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    "I love the internet. You can just state **** like it's fact." -Jesus (ca. 1744)
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    The Key question is when do you cut off? If you make the argument that 10 year old laptops need to be able to play it, why not 20 year old laptops? It is a sticking point. At some point for the good of the game you need to go, "these are our minimum requirements, we have them because this is our vision for the game and to deliver that we need these requirements". Again im not arguing that minimum specs should be beast of a machine but it shouldn't be based on the average computer over 10 years ago. No one i arguing for fifa level graphics but we are arguing that mobile games with much smaller teams and budgets are capable of delivering much better looking graphics. The team a SI should be able to do better than what is currently delivered.
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    Yep, ditto been playing since the game came on floppy disks. Each league a different floppy (Back in the Championship manager days)! I remember being excited when we could have 3 leagues simultaneously. Before that it was 1 league. I've bought every single version of the game and have never regretted it. The game gets better every year IMO except maybe one or two iterations. For a game that's been released over nearly 3 decades that's frankly amazing. Give me gameplay and depth over graphics everyday of the week than you very much.
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    Since you seem to be asking a serious question I will respond but this is by no means a fully comprehensive list, but in FM16 when it snowed there would be snow on the pitch. if it was raining the pitch becomes muddy and so does the players strip. I have seen shirts outside of the shorts there are puddles in the track around the pitch. There is rust on the roofs of older stadiums The shadows change throughout the match as the sun moves The lighting changed to reflect different times of the year Les replica shirts in the crowd and more variety of spectator than now where every fan looks the same As I said this is not a comprehensive list but none of the above was in FM18 or 19, we wait and see which if any are in FM20
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    But are we not at a stage now with FM, like with iPhones, where there's very little 'big' features they can add that aren't already included. It's already a phenomenal game, what more can they do to make it even better besides continually adding smaller features? The match engine will never look like FIFA, I think we all know and accept that. So besides that I'm unsure as to how they really make this game any more realistic as a football management sim than it already is. It seems to me like SI are now focusing on adding smaller, realistic features to the already fantastic game in order to fine tune it. It may just be my opinion but for me it's a brilliant game and I'm just not quite sure what huge features they could possibly add that would really improve the game. Maybe SI have some brilliant ideas for future releases that I haven't thought of. We know for a fact they read the feature requests on this forum and discuss/make a decision on putting them in the game. As long as they continue to do that, and add in others that they've come up with themselves, I'm happy for the smaller features to keep coming. You only have to look at the numbers that Miles is mentioning in his Twitter polls just to see how many new features there actually are. For me, at the price we pay, FM is great value for money. As long as they keep adding useful and realistic features and not removing anything, I'll continue to buy it
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    Hi guys..One last trip with fm19 who will help me-us run faster weeks-days before fm20 release..I love this national team since my childhood (actually i used to take them in first versions of Pro Evolution ) and managed them in fm too(fm 15 if i remember correct).Anyway let's start! NATION Jamaica (/dʒəˈmeɪkə/ (listen)) is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea. Spanning 10,990 square kilometres (4,240 sq mi) in area, it is the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean (after Cuba and Hispaniola).[9] Jamaica lies about 145 kilometres (90 mi) south of Cuba, and 191 kilometres (119 mi) west of Hispaniola (the island containing the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic); the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands lies some 215 kilometres (134 mi) to the north-west. Originally inhabited by the indigenous Arawak and Taíno peoples, the island came under Spanish rule following the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1494. Many of the indigenous people were either killed or died of diseases to which they had no immunity, and the Spanish thus forcibly transplanted large numbers of African slaves to Jamaica as labourers.[9] The island remained a possession of Spain until 1655, when England (later Great Britain) conquered it, renaming it Jamaica. Under British colonial rule Jamaica became a leading sugar exporter, with a plantation economy dependent on the African slaves and later their descendants. The British fully emancipated all slaves in 1838, and many freedmen chose to have subsistence farms rather than to work on plantations. Beginning in the 1840s, the British began utilising Chinese and Indian indentured labour to work on plantations. The island achieved independence from the United Kingdom on 6 August 1962.[9] With 2.9 million people,[10] Jamaica is the third-most populous Anglophone country in the Americas (after the United States and Canada), and the fourth-most populous country in the Caribbean. Kingston is the country's capital and largest city. The majority of Jamaicans are of African ancestry, with significant European, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, and mixed-race minorities.[9] Due to a high rate of emigration for work since the 1960s, there is a large Jamaican diaspora, particularly in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The country has a global influence that belies its small size; it was the birthplace of the Rastafari religion, reggae music (and associated genres such as dub, ska and dancehall), and it is internationally prominent in sports, most notably cricket, sprinting and athletics.[11][12][13] Jamaica is an upper-middle income country[14] with an economy heavily dependent on tourism, with an average of 4.3 million tourists a year.[15] Politically it is a Commonwealth realm, with Elizabeth II as its queen.[9] Her appointed representative in the country is the Governor-General of Jamaica, an office held by Sir Patrick Allen since 2009. Andrew Holness has served as Prime Minister of Jamaica since March 2016. Jamaica is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with legislative power vested in the bicameral Parliament of Jamaica, consisting of an appointed Senate and a directly elected House of Representatives.[9] NATIONAL TEAM The Jamaica national football team, nicknamed the "Reggae Boyz", represent Jamaica in international football. The team's first match was against Haiti in 1925. The squad is under the supervising body of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), which is a member of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU), Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF), and the global jurisdiction of FIFA. Jamaica's home matches have been played at Independence Park since its opening in 1962. The national team has participated in three major football competitions. Their sole appearance in the FIFA World Cup was in 1998, where the team finished third in its group and failed to advance. The team also competed in the Caribbean Cup winning six times. Jamaica also competes in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, appearing thirteen times and finishing twice as runners-up to Mexico in 2015 and the United States in 2017. They also have been invited to the Copa América in 2015 and 2016 with both times being eliminated in the group stage. STADIUM SET UP COACH AND STAFF NATIONA TEAM INFO NATIONAL POOL THE STAR LEON BAILEY Yeah....! IMPORTANT PLAYERS ANDRE BLAKE WES MORGAN O captain my captain! KEMAR LAWRENCE RONDOLPH AUSTIN GARATH MACCLEARLY DARREN MATTOCKS RISING STARS SHAMAR NICHOLSON PETER-LEE VASSELL MARCUS BARNES TYRELL ROBINSON OTHERS These players haven't get a call up yet or they just don't want to play for us.Some importants names here as you can see (Deenay,Gayle,Sinclair++)who can change our level,lets see what we can do with them... TACTICS 1ST 2ND NEXT-FIRST GAMES
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    *me writing up the intro posts for my FM 20 save* *Miles announcing a November 19th release date*
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    something i'm really interested in , is how do you prepare your first save on the new FM edition ? *I take screenshots from my squad view ( team selection - contracts view - DNA view - stats view defensive - midfield and attacking - training view - homegrown view) so i can create them fast on FM20. *Screenshots from my filters for Player search (for each position - dna attributes) and Staff filters for each staff role. *Create a new blank Excel . I had one last year but i want to update this file . I use this excel so i can calculate a 'score' on 100 for each player on his best position and use the DNA attributes and +- 5 attributes specific for his role. *Make sure i downloaded and installed all the latest megapack (pictures and logo) updates. So i can do a copy paste when the next FM is installed . *Something new for me : define the shortlist i want and the 'views' from those shortlist. I always used one shortlist for all my players but now i want to make it more specific and use one shortlist for every position OR for defense - midfield and attack. And for targets and long term targets. *pick a team with a special story . This last part is the most difficult part for me.. when i read on the boards or blogs.. i get new ideas and doubt about my first , second or third save.. and this goes on every year. What do u do different ?
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    - Abraham Managervich will be back in "#RKC1920 - The Definition of Insanity is playing as the same team over and over and expecting people to be interested in reading about it!" -
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    ! EVO SKIN WILL BE IN FOOTBALL MANAGER 2020 ! I already saw a few screenshots of a default skin in FM20 and lets be honest... there is pretty much nothing new (again... )... nothing that I really likes... overall it looks horrible for me... Still I am motivated to create something that will enhance my and YOURS in-game experience, just like in previous versions! Last EVO SKIN got around 20.000 downloads but was released very late... this year I am not going to make the same mistake. Starting from BETA (if possible of course) I will try to create the best skin in FM20! Personally I was thinking about re-creating Steklo x1 or Nuu Skin for FM 20 but... you can right now change my mind if the idea is good!
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    I'll never understand why people want this to be a thing. When you start a new game, YOU are the manager, regardless of what name you give yourself or what your history is. There is absolutely nothing to stop you trying to replicate a real life manager, but you'll never sign the same players, never use the same instructions, will vary in how you manage in-game etc etc etc. Also, what if Klopp got poached by Bayern in real life a week after you've started a Liverpool save as him? Bang! Realism gone already. I've always considered FM to be a real life replication of the existing football world until you hit continue on the first day. Then you're into a whole new parallel universe.
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    This is something I'd like to see in the game (and have actually requested in the past) because it does happen all the time in real life with teams that play attacking full backs (Brazil being an example of this since I can remember). It could be implemented as a new player instruction (stay back when other FB has gone forward) and would be very helpful for those who play with both FB's or WB's on attack duty. Of course individual attributes like decisions, anticipation and positioning would also determine the success of this instruction.
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    Was just a bit of a joke -- however, when they were Talking what a Special club Brentford would be in the introduction, I Kind of thought it to make a surprise addition. I'm not sure they would consider doing it, and realistically, they could likely put an exact number on each Chance (the ME is an actual calculation under the Hood after all). It would likely make the game too easy, in particular if the AI couldn't use such Feedback intelligently. Indeed, having a bit of a grasp of what is a decent Chance somewhat more likely to be converted vs. the vice versa always was an edge imo. This was always mainly to be gained from watching as well as playing experience, however. They may also be cautious of doing it, as it may be misunderstood. After all, in individual Matches of Football, the scoring rates are massively variable.... one week a Team loses to two unlikely wonder strikes and their own forwards putting a dozen balls into the keepers chest. The other they win by a landslide, as every other shot goes in. So if the suggested "expected scoreline" would massively differ from the actual scoreline too often (which would be subjective to boot), then that may be reported as a bug… which it needn't necessarily be.
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    Been watching the twitch Live feed. Unhappy with - The start Sheffield Wednesday have made to that season!!! Happy with - Goalkeepers, evidence of intelligence and some good saves. Very happy with - The honesty around aspects of the game they still aren't satisfied with, fair play.
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    Just watching the new FM20 on twitch feed. It does look good. However, I'd rather it was played and presented by two objectionable grizzled gamers rather than two obsequious studenty sycophants... ...Miles has returned and I literally just heard him threaten one of them with their job because he didn't like something he said! Wow. Bully.
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    My opinion so far... Evolution not revolution (and I don't mean that in a bad way). The match and graphics are slightly smoother and more natural. Probably nowhere near enough to appease those calling for vastly improved graphics, but the player movements and animations are definitely more fluid and natural. The pitch texture looks much better though. The match engine looks like it's improved a bit too, especially the goalkeepers. However, it is very hard for me to be sure as I'm currently playing FM19 in the NZ 9th tier and they're playing as a Championship team with significantly stronger players than I'm used to. Player pathways look very promising though. Players will have to seriously think about their squad management now, rather than hoovering up every wonderkid they can get their hands on.
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    Plus most support for 32bit games is slowly fading away
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    Thinking they don't care about this forum . Such a lack of information . I don't know this Twitch either nor have Twitter etc . Whats wrong with just posting it here as well . Very disappointed
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    @PequenoGenio, @Alexpuk2002, thanks for feedback! I will post some screenshots soon from FM19 how EVO should looks like in FM20 so we can all improve the skin.
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    Have a look here: Quite a lot of people voted. Fm17 or FM19 seems to be the answer to your question.
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    I don't think people realise here that graphics are important to a game. Nobody is asking for insanely good graphics, but the fact that the game is looking worse then most mobile games in 2019 is not great. Even with these minimum specs, I've already pointed out that there are many games out there that do better with these minimum specs or even worse. So it's not like lower end PC's will suffer. Better graphics will attract new players and doesn't need to affect the people with weaker PC's. Because cmon, the graphics in FM are seriously outdated and could use a facelift. Show any non FM player the graphics and you won't find much people thinking it's good. Better graphics = better immersion.
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    100% this. I wouldn't have cared if SI simply stuck to the 2D pitch view. That's more than enough for me.
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    I'm not particularly of a gfx guy, at least not as far as FM is concerned. However, this is likely also a cost-benefit calculation. You could increase in Team size and ramp up the visuals massively. At the same time though, the Question lingers whether that would attract more customers to Warrant, and rather pay, the extra staff. I personally don't think it would, as "Spreadsheet" based Management games are a niche and Always will be, and there's only so much room left to grow this Thing. Therefore, it'll be Always About iteral smallish improvements, as has happened so far. A more realistic Option may actually be SI working ever more closely together with sister Studio Creative Assembly (of Total War fame -- and the fabulously underappreciated Alien:Isolation of which most of the staff has been laid off already, sigh sigh sigh). Those guys are Pretty experienced in 3D. AFAIR, the very first incarnation of any 3d visuals as to FM ever saw SI taking mo-cap animations from a then rather oldish Sega Virtua Striker game. And that was by the turn of the last decade -- more than a decade after which 3d accelerated graphic hardware had become a Standard shipping with PCs.
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    I would have to agree with this unfortunately
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    Are there any YouTubers who are just 'average' players? Not using downloading tactics and winning everything in sight, but rather creating their own stuff and sometimes even failing or getting fired? That's the type of thing I would watch, just not sure it's out there.
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    It’s XML, I’ll find a guide michaelmurray done in a few minutes
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    It doesn't make sense to stay at a club without a contract. You have to resign even if your contract is over and that shows in the press and job interviews lowering your chances of getting a new job.
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    I dont know Lets check games of Stadia: Borderlands has exclusive release in new store (forget name), looks like all other games are released in past? upd - (or WIP like Doom Eternal) I don't say that Miles lied, but too obvious coincidence anyway. Day in day and stopped to release in Friday exactly in this year. Who knows.
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    I always end up using my shortlist as sort of a 2nd more pared down database. When using a huge starting database it can be very unwieldy to use, so I dump any player of remote interest into my shortlist. From there even a thousand player shortlist is easily sortable. Then just cull whichever players are clearly not good enough.
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    Perhaps it could just be assumed that the manager always has enough "money" to go on the course anyway and not require any spending when unemployed. I don't really understand the logic that the manager can't fund their own coaching courses while your backroom staff or elder players can do so whenever they want tbh
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    I won't be buying FM20 but I'm probably not the best benchmark! A) I only bought FM19 in June and am the grand total of 5 months into my Tottenham save (a long-term one hopefully). B) My previous FM purchase was CM 99/00 (so not a regular buyer of the game!) C) I would also like to try a lower league save on FM19 too (eventually). Looking at my history of purchases I am, however, looking forward to FM2039. I spend more time on this forum than playing the game, but I think once FM20 is released I won't be as regular a visitor as chances are the discussions won't have as much relevance to the game I'm playing.
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    Also, it looks really weird when you see that some player is "accomplished/natural" for AML/AMR positions but can't play at all at ML/MR, that doesn't make sense to me at all
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    Went three games undefeated as Rotherham manager.
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