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  1. rashidi would it be wise to use two box to box midfielders in a 442 formation or set one to play as dlp or bwm because i am stumped
  2. need some help can't seem to get my working with youngsters,level of discipline,determination,and adaptability to increase i keep bringing through top quality youth players a couple of them have become world class but my working with youngsters is only still on 1. i always discipline players for poor performances and my level of discipline is on 3 so any tips or advice on how to get these attributes to increase would be welcome
  3. how do i set up defensive marking could you please elaborate and also man marking
  4. does past experience when you start a new game for example i normaly start at stockport county with the default past experience and end up winning the bsn but when the decent youngsters get released from bigger clubs they wont even look to negotiate with me but will with other clubs at my level. so does would setting my past experience to say pro footballer make them more willing to negotiate with me
  5. i had one of those takeovers on my last game and it is anoying when you see clubs get a takeover bounty
  6. i will let you know how i get on with your tactic city cheers
  7. cityandcolour is there any chance you could upload your 3-5-2 tactics so i could give them a try at stockport because they look quite good have you changed the individual player instructions or just left them alone
  8. if you go on your club overview and where it says staff responsibilitys scroll down and it should be on there
  9. ady thanks for the class of 92 tactic it works great even on the latest 14.2.2 patch I am using it at stockport county and I am ripping teams to bits but the cm suport does not seem to score many and my ass man keeps telling me that the gap between my mid and att is to big when i started to use it my strikers could not buy a goal and they are scoring plenty
  10. hello I am having a problem with my scouts they do not seem to be giving me the report cards on players i have asked them to look at has anyone else had this problem and if so and you have fixed it please could you let me know how thanks
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