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  1. This has been out since July 22nd ... I have sent you a PM... I agree, would be nice but alas I have to make it from scratch every year... I would love to work with SI and help them to make an official Legends version of the game.. but I think there are licensing issues with that...
  2. FMO - Clan Advertiser Thread

  3. That is an awesome team. I think you will take some stopping
  4. No need, You hire an assistant or coach with the following attributes as high as possible: Judging Player Ability and Tactical Knowledge - then go to staff responsibilities, first team duties and put that person as responsible for opposition instructions, then you just let them deal with it and no need to worry about it yourself.
  5. It's on the first page, it uploads into FM17 no problem. there are no changes the player instructions are already included. Ultimate Doom http://www.mediafire.com/download/kjj94vg8jhbzycj/UD_970376CC-BECB-4228-BBF8-C3FAD71FC31C.fmf - Ultimate Doom 10: https://www.mediafire.com/?n6h5ra5abf88kl3 - When you go down to 10 men switch to this tactic and sacrifice the striker... Any Questions just ask me. Always pleased to help
  6. thanks mate, well spotted, lol, ill update it.
  7. Full Teams of Legends and Stars with 25 players or more including managers and chairman Austrian Wunderteam - Fussballklub Austria Wien Blackburn Rovers - They won the Premiership Bolton Wanderers Fulham Leeds - Don ****n' Revie and his Dirty Dirty Leeds of the 70's Leicester Middlesbrough Preston North End - The Double Winning Champions of 1888-1889 Watford Everton Aston Villa Newcastle Nottingham Forest - Brian Clough and Back to Back European Champions Sheffield Wednesday - A giant has Awoken Sunderland - The Team of All talents from the early 1900's Tottenham - Bill Nicholson and they did the Double in the Sixties - Jimmy Greaves Liverpool - The best of the decades - including the 80's Chelsea - The 70s and the rest of the best of the kings road clan including Chopper Harris Arsenal - The Invincibles are back plus the best of the rest Manchester United - The best of all the decades Manchester City - Still filthy rich and Oil Laden. Portsmouth Wimbledon - The real Wombles are back and they are The Crazy Gang led by Wise Norwich - Don't mess with these Canaries Wolves - Steve Bull and co Southampton - Ever wonder if they hadnt sold all their stars? West Ham - See Above oh yea Bobby Moore leads this team Millwall - Their best players back from all the decades. Teddy Sheringham has some company! Monaco Lyon PSG Bayern Munich Ajax - Total Football Returns PSV AC Milan Roma Inter Milan Juventus The Grande Torino Fiorentina FCP - Porto SLB - Benfica Sporting Lisbon Aberdeen Celtic Rangers Hearts International Team - Hungary & The Mighty Magyars Atletico Madrid Barcelona Real Madrid - The Galacticos River Plate - LA MAQUINA International Team - The Uruguayan World Cup winning team of 1930 and 1950 International Team - The Danish 1992 European Champions. The rest of the teams have legends and star, they may indeed have a lot of them, but just not full teams of at least 25 or more.
  8. thats great well now you can go and check the faces of the preston north end double winning team of 1888/1889 among others.
  9. And you have no other databases in the editor data folder?
  10. And you are using the most up to date version of FM?
  11. Ok mate. Well that's strange because it is working perfectly here. Let me go home. Delete the graphics folder you have and I'll send another link just in case.
  12. They all work for me. Did you unzip the face pack and drag the graphics folder into the correct place?
  13. No you have to send me a private message and I'll tell you how you can get it