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  1. Hey. Come and join this great Discord which specialises in Football Manager. All the latest tactics and some help guides. You can also promote yourself and work on there, so I look forward to welcoming you: https://discord.gg/k4WeMxP
  2. on the match screen highlights once i have gone to match- when i try the player stats or the formations, nothing is showing. other stuff shows like feedback and match stats, reports but not the player ratings or the formations?
  3. Fair enough mate. Well hopefully you never have to encounter an awesome tactic like Ultimate Doom! Also it is worth noting that the tactic was made for FM14 and has been thriving in every FM since. Not alot of tactics pass the test of time as this tactic has...
  4. Fair play to you. Ultimate Doom is a tactic which has stood the test of time and has been successful in every version of FM since 2014 and gets great results at both lower division and higher division clubs. I have also been told by one of the testers that Ultimate Doom works very well in FM19 too... But if you want to play with the tactic above instead then that is your prerogative!
  5. Yea obviously the training / etc has changed a bit since 2014, so I wouldnt go on that training anymore... my training methods are different now.
  6. If you want to obtain the download links, you need to send me a private message and I will explain what you need to do.
  7. It is a case of preference but the end product is the same. as all the squads become completed it will end up as the all time ranking anyway... or close to it... as the all time rankings reflect the best teams of all time.. and this project is far from finished, but for now to be competitive it needs to be according to media prediction.
  8. In any given time and in any period of history, the divisions the teams are in are primarily based on how good the team is.......... so as stated before I am currently in the process of putting the teams into the division they belong in and I am going with media prediction. this is a long process however the correct process so that each league is as competitive of possible. Currently all 3000+ legends are in the league and I am in the process of changing the teams into the correct divisions... thanks for your patience. Remember it takes 6 hours to build a Toyota and 6 months to build a rolls royce..
  9. NO i started this way back in 2013, research started in 2012........ i just loaded up the editor and started editing, never removed anything..
  10. Well for the players already done it is easier because they just really have to be reevaluated and retested, but for all new players they have to be fully researched, tested in game before released. so takes longer. but i do this all year round since 2013/14 so it might seem like it is quicker process than it actually is and yes i do find my experience now means i can go at slightly faster pace than when i first started e.g.
  11. and that is not the total as some of the legends don't have pics... and also this is still counting, i haven't finished adding legends either, there will be another update at some point.
  12. The teams with full squads are all displayed in the opening post, every team has some. some more than others, but i dont have list as the list would be too long.
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