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  1. If you want to obtain the download links, you need to send me a private message and I will explain what you need to do.
  2. All these players are in the database.
  3. It is a case of preference but the end product is the same. as all the squads become completed it will end up as the all time ranking anyway... or close to it... as the all time rankings reflect the best teams of all time.. and this project is far from finished, but for now to be competitive it needs to be according to media prediction.
  4. In any given time and in any period of history, the divisions the teams are in are primarily based on how good the team is.......... so as stated before I am currently in the process of putting the teams into the division they belong in and I am going with media prediction. this is a long process however the correct process so that each league is as competitive of possible. Currently all 3000+ legends are in the league and I am in the process of changing the teams into the correct divisions... thanks for your patience. Remember it takes 6 hours to build a Toyota and 6 months to build a rolls royce..
  5. NO i started this way back in 2013, research started in 2012........ i just loaded up the editor and started editing, never removed anything..
  6. Well for the players already done it is easier because they just really have to be reevaluated and retested, but for all new players they have to be fully researched, tested in game before released. so takes longer. but i do this all year round since 2013/14 so it might seem like it is quicker process than it actually is and yes i do find my experience now means i can go at slightly faster pace than when i first started e.g.
  7. and that is not the total as some of the legends don't have pics... and also this is still counting, i haven't finished adding legends either, there will be another update at some point.
  8. The teams with full squads are all displayed in the opening post, every team has some. some more than others, but i dont have list as the list would be too long.
  9. yes good point, but 48 caps for italy would put him at a good international level for me anyway, so if anything he is a 175ish so 179 isn't far from the mark :P
  10. Also you have to take into account that Grosso won titles with 3 different clubs, three championships as well as the world cup..
  11. Yes I remember thinking Hagi was amazing. they are the all the players i remember too, i was only 10 in 1986 but of course all i remember is watching a little argentine show off. lol
  12. but he did amass 48 caps as well. Which to me is a good international standard, he was a good international player at the very least and for a country like Italy as well who at that time were very very good. And remember I have re coded the whole stats, my stats ratings are completely different from fm's, so therefore they can't be compared to the fm ratings system, as i have my own ratings system which I prefer and that is why in this version the best modern players were brought into line with my ratings system... and for me about 175 is a good international player, maybe the world cup goal and the fact he nearly had 50 caps put him up slightly but i think he is at least 175/176 according to my ratings system.
  13. It does work like that because i checked it out and tested it. His stats remained exactly the same , of a player with 179 ability when i loaded the game. Exactly this was the conversation we had earlier in the thread. lol I think you will agree now that cruyff and di stefano stats are now reflection of their true ability in this version because i stripped them down and got them to the ability i wanted with only 2 positions and only added the positions on afterwards. hence why they are both now 200 ability. they are not quite that but with the positions added on of course they are and again i loaded the game and seen that the game stats are exactly the stats i put in for them, so the game remains true to all the stats they were given... as you know that no stat is left to chance and every stat given is carefully thought out based on the research and each player is fully tested before release into the game.