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  1. Thanks, It will be quality and well worth waiting for.
  2. I can confirm that there will be more Danish Legends and they will be situated in the Danish Clubs especially as they will be younger too. A complete Danish revamp is in production.
  3. Hibernian and Dundee United will both have much bigger squads. Especially as players will be younger and therefore will be at clubs they were at an earlier age too. But yes Both those teams will be refreshed fully before release..
  4. Excellent Question. Not more important, these attribute are all important. But pace and acceleration are two attributes that you can get no matter which league you are managing in. So where you might be managing in a league e.g. where you can't buy players good in all these other important attributes. you can focus on at least having the pace to get back. so its like going for a job interview, turning up on time and not being late is very important, so with pace getting back in time is also very important. if you don't get back in time you can't jump, mark, tackle etc, because the player is already ahead of you and getting a chance to score. so in that respect, the pace and acceleration is more important. but then once they get into the position, then all those other attributes become very important. but in the lower leagues. e.g. if they at least have the pace to get back in time, then they have a chance to stop the player and make the tackle, mark them, jump up with them.... so its all about perspective. Pace and acceleration first and then the rest come into play.
  5. Pace - Get Pacey defenders... pace and acceleration is important across the defense in particular mate. Because look your pressing them and they are going to try and catch you offside, so your defenders and the register wanders, they need get back in time, so they need pace and then you need good mental and off the ball skills, taking up the right positions is important, you need someone with good stamina and i like strong players too. ok if you can't get all these attributes but focus on pace, you can always get that. and yes you will concede but when this tactic is at its best it concedes very little and still scores the same amount. so its just about getting the best players possible for each of the roles.
  6. I think it does. It's a small price to pay but its important to be aggressive in the tackle, you really want to be winning those 50/50 balls. otherwise your giving the opposition more of the ball. if it comes up in the press about your aggressive style just calmly say no comment. Don Revie used to be accused of this alot by Cloughie and the press but he didn't care. He knew his players supported him and you didn't mess with the leeds team of the seventies. so you just need to get players with good aggression and the yellow cards isn't really down to hard tackling, there is a hidden stat called dirtyness which every player has that affects this more... a good hard tackle is part of the game and as long as its a clean tackle its fair play. If a player is 'dirty' like vinny jones was e.g. he is just going to collect yellow cards, even if you had it on medium to soft tackling... in fact if you told vinny jones to go soft in the tackle he would probably just ignore you.
  7. Hopefully depending on the schedule.
  8. The release date is to be confirmed. This is the Ultimate Legends Series so everything is coded correctly, and 100% accuracy in ratings and details. That is why it takes time to release as everything has to be spot on. When it is ready for release, I will let everyone know and then if you send me a Private Message, i will let you know how you can obtain it as a work of this level of quality is not available as a free download.
  9. Yes the False 9 does do a great job of bringing others into play, what he does at the same time, is bring opposition players following him / marking him, and this allows your attacking players to bomb forward unopposed. or they don't follow/mark him and this allows the false 9 to pick out a pass unobstructed instead, so either way the opposition is in big trouble when the false 9 has the ball. Great, Bring the glory days back to Leeds!
  10. Nice! Perfect Stats against a top club too. Made Chelsea look very average in this game.
  11. You're welcome mate. I am glad your enjoying it and it is working well for you. the best thing is the players really enjoy the teams style of play so you have a happy ship too. One of the other big differences with this tactic is it's not a one version of FM tactic. it seems to perform just as good in each edition of FM so its stands the test of time. Also some tactics only work with top clubs but this tactic works in the lower leagues as well and the top leagues... so even if your Marseilles, Barcelona or Fleetwood Town, you are going to have an enjoyable season. When this tactic is in full flow, it is really enjoyable to watch too. The other tip is that to tell the board your philosophies are Play Attacking Football and Play possession football, because this tactic ticks both those boxes so expect a lot of possession and some very attacking moves. Players from all over the squad will score with this tactic too. So goals are spread throughout the team which really makes a difference with morale. so you might not get the top scorer each season but you will probably get the most goals... that shows that goals come from anywhere and that's a more dangerous proposition to the opposition because they can't just mark one player out of the game and expect a good result.
  12. As always a full face pack will be included.
  13. Nothing is different as it is perfect as it is, but I have updated the set pieces. As a lot of changes were made to the set pieces this year, so it was important to do them properly.