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    I am Tony Fenech, I am a part time Hypnotherapist. I enjoy Sports including Football and Football Manager. I think the Football Manager Community is the best online community in the world today. I am currently creating and producing the Ultimate Legends Series for FM 2014 - 1800's to 2014 for the community. If you have any questions, please ask.

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    London, England


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    Football Manager

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  1. Thanks, ive put that on my list and take a look at it. I don't see why not. Thanks I am so pleased that your enjoying it.... and it is alot of fun, hopefully when the update come out it will still be as much fun!
  2. Yes, you are right, on the list he goes.
  3. I am sure that Chris is there now, but i have put him on the list anyway.
  4. Thanks. I will add this to my list and the address the financial situation in the update
  5. Thanks I will adjust his technique. There are lots more east german players, if you have any in mind in particular, let me know.
  6. Hi I don't mean to be bias but you could try my Ultimate Doom tactic too.
  7. Hi Carninho, Yes, i wouldn't mix any pics or have any other graphics, the game gets confused otherwise and then mixes everything up...
  8. Hi Mate, Thanks for your feedback and I am pleased you like my work. In regards to the Facepack, the best thing to do is: Delete the current graphics folder in: MyDocument-SportsInteractive-FootballManager2016 Step 2: Download the Ultimate legends zip file to that folder ^^^ Step3: Extract Here Step4: Load the Ultimate Legends game Step5: Go to preferences in FM - Clear the Cache - then Reload Skin... That should work perfectly then.
  9. Great Choices! Hagi and Best are two of my favourite players, used to enjoy watching Hagi play, great set pieces
  10. Hi Carninho, First of all, i am very happy that you like my work. All the changes you requested i agree with and have been completed. Stuart Pearce: I have raised his FK and PK to 17, and i completely agree with you. I have also raised his Leadership to 18 and reduced Keane to 17, as we all know what a great captain Keane becomes but he is only 20, so 17 is fine for him at that stage. Stan Collymore: He is only 20, and will still develop, I have adjusted his strength to 17 and raised his speed slightly as I agree with you. I have also reduced his professionalism down to around 8 and slightly raised his controversy rating. Paul Warhurst: Done as requested. Terry Phelan: Have raised his Tackling to 12 and removed the DM Keith Curle: Now only plays as a CB. Nigel Winterburn Now only plays as a LB/WB Paolo Di Madio Now has 15 for AML/AMR Thanks so much for your feedback and support. In regards to the last one about Archie and Webb, i will put this on my list and take a look at it.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday is another sleeping giant. They are high in the media prediction. This is still a great result and comeback away from home against a very powerful Liverpool team. Very Well Played.
  12. Yes, They were The Team of all Talents when they won five premier leagues in the late 18 and early 1900's. The Head of the FA called them the team of all talents because they had a talented player in every position, so all those boys came back and then of course since 1800's they have had a few brilliant players, so this is all about history, what we have found out is that Sunderland is the biggest sleeping giant. For a club with their history they should be doing alot better today. Newcastle is the same or similar, when the football league first started it was dominated by the North East Clubs.