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  2. Thanks, i really appreciate the support. I hope you are happy with the final update. i have been working hard on the next update and it will be released as soon as possible.
  3. he was there for a year in his youth, find me another player for PSG who isnt currently in their squad and ill happily put him into Monaco.
  4. Well Spotted. During the course of doing the database I came across a bug with the original Fiorentina which I was unable to resolve. For some very strange reason they had a full squad, but none of the players were in the squad. So i did a search for all the players contracted to Fiorentina and it came up that there were lots of players, and yet they did not show in the squad screen, only 2 or 3. so in loading up the game, i found that they had no players and despite have many players contracted to them. Unfortunately this was unacceptable. Therefore i recreated them exactly the same as the original Fiorentina. and then deleted the original one. This solved the problem. I was not about to let the bug get in the way of making progress with the database.
  5. Hey Guys, First of all there will be an update before the final update soon. This update will include the following changes, but not limited to: * A Full 25 man Middlesbrough Team * All starting finances back to normal * Wage expectations of players lowered substantially and much more reasonable * Players will cost slightly less to purchase too. * Middlesbrough now in the premiership with Southampton dropping down to the championship * Wages lowered across the board to reflect the drop in player/agent expectations. Also I need to finish this project so with that in mind I will be taking no more requests for players or teams. as i have enough as it is now. Once this update is released, there will be one final update and then that will be it. There will be no further updates. my work will be over.
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/download/pm5dlx05doex7yr/icon_sidebar.zip
  7. Ray Kennedy is on my list I use the ICON only SIDEBAR (MOD) skin.
  8. John is on my list and ray clemence is there, but he is at Tottenham You have to appreciate that liverpool have two fine keepers in elisha scott, the best of them and bruce grobbelaar, they dont need a third one.
  9. Hi UptheBoro I have the information I need on Bernie Slaven now so no need to worry
  10. Fair enough, he is a 170 and that is what i normally would have given him, i have no idea why i gave him 180, but problem solved..
  11. Hi Brittah, I don't think there is that much difference in the way we view things. Nor is there that much difference between the way I code the players and the players are normally coded although I do prefer my mathematical system and ratings system. Upon reflection you are right about campo, perhaps i am being a bit romantic in regards to him, i would normally have put him at 170, and that is where he is now. In regards to Filipo, i was right in the first place to put him at 180 and that is where he is now.. In regards to Friday, I was imagining what he would have become, but then he would of had a totally different personality and as you said would have had to make the leap up in class maybe two or three times,,,, so with that in mind he is now 14 at reading with a potential of 175 to give him a better chance of reaching it... although as you said with that personality i doubt he will now. even though i strongly believe in my method and ratings system, i am always willing to listen to constructive feedback and change things if necessary. i am not a closed book by any means of the imagination. Even though this is my project, it is also the communities project because this thing is bigger than you or I. It has to be right and im not surprised with over 2048 legends and stars & Counting if we get one or two that need adjusting. Thanks for the feedback...