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  1. Its important to have three different tactics, but slight variations on mentality. but its your preference. I never change from Doom. But I know that the players can change mentality if they choose to and are given the creative freedom to make those choices, because they are fully trained in the different mentalities. so they are comfortable in using creative freedom to go attacking if they need a goal or more defensive or hold onto a lead. So you have three different tactics, An Attacking one. The main control one and a defensive one, but no need to change from the control one as the players will automatically switch to a different mentality depending on how the game is going because they have the creative freedom and trust to make those choices themselves and because the game is a reflection/obsession on reality, so any actual change is frowned upon, just like in reality people are reluctant to change as well... every wants change but very few people are prepared to change. the game fears change, so no need to change. just train the different tactics and mentalities and let the players change themselves. you dont have to call them copy of doom and copy of copy of doom, i just didn't bother renaming them.
  2. OK so here is a few things you can do, buy fast central defenders and buy good defenders, buy a good regista. try to inject as much pace in the defense as you can. In terms of the tactic, whatever you increase, there is always a decrease. so you have a coin, on one side a head and on the other a tail. If you make tactic little more defensive, the tactic then becomes a little less attacking, and this tactic is about being in possession but with a very attacking intent! so leave it just the way it is because as you can see its winning and remember that's what counts. You are going to concede a few because your very attacking, this is natural. but concentrate on improving the players in the defense from the goalie to the regista.. and this will in time increase the amount of clean sheets you keep.
  3. As you go on, the possession will be between 65% - 70% on average, which pleases the board and also the attacking pleases the board too because there are wide variety of goalscorers. so try to get your philosophies as plays possession football and plays attacking football as this will make you untouchable with the board after a while.
  4. Not surprised, when i made the tactic in FM16, it was a tactic i built specifically for Liverpool and the players there at the time.
  5. opposition instructions get a staff member to do it, you're looking for someone with good judging player ability and good tactical knowledge. determination and lvl of discipline is helpful too.
  6. There are alternatives however it would be a case of trial it and see because I always like one central midfielder in a central midfield role as its good for fluidity in the center of the park. Also the attack duty is all part of the plan, if the opposition starts following the false nine up the pitch, he will bomb forward along with the amc and inside forwards leaving the opposition defence overwhelmed by the spaces created and thats how the goals are scored from every position. the goals are spread throughout the team and the players really enjoy this style of play... if they dont mark the f9 and leave him , the f9 can do as he pleases, but they do so at their peril!
  7. General Training : I just leave this to my assistant. However If i was to do it, and you like to spend the time on it. Keep it on High or Average - do a different training every week. I prefer the balanced approach. but to be fair you train them in whatever areas you prefer. there is no right or wrong, but my general rule would be, if 3 games in the week, low intensity, if 2 games in the week average, if one game in the week, then high intensity and if no games very high... i would check it every monday as games in the week can change instantly so put a reminder to check training for every monday because its easy to forget. I Individual training you should do yourself. thats the first team and the youth teams too. Just keep checking every month. train them up only in the addition focus area suggested for them. Unless your retraining them in a new position in which case dont give them any additional focus.
  8. No, What I am doing at the moment is having this tactic in all 3 tactical slots but in the first copy of doom change the mentality to attacking and in the copy of copy of doom slot change the mentality to standard. But you always play the control and fluid one. However because your training up the attacking and standard mentalities too, when the team need to attack more or they need to sit back more and hold on to a lead, they will be more adept and comfortable with this. plus you learn the tactics quicker. which i think is very clever, if you go down to 10 men, either sacrifice the striker or regista but whatever you do try to make sure the shape is still good. sometimes you can pull the inside forwards back for more solidarity if down to 10 men and just give them inside forward moves manually... which is effectively all the 10 man tactic was.
  9. On the face it, I think it is very difficult to create a tactics which incorporates both possession and attacking football and is successful. But as that is what the board clearly wants then why not?!?! This is Ultimate Doom for FM18 - Enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/yv203giyd9i11zc/Doom.fmf First of all then let's have a look at the tactic itself. I have decided that the best way to approach this is to make a Possession tactic which is very attacking. I would find it harder to make an Attacking tactic which is about possession, if that makes sense. Therefore the Mentality I have chosen is control which for me is the mentality to do with possession football. Here are following key points with this mentality: Believe we are the stronger team: TICK Wary of the opponents counter attack: TICK Move the ball around the park: TICK Patiently probe the final third: TICK Find space as and when it opens up: TICK Wing Backs overlap: TICK Midfielders break ahead of the forwards only in relatively risk free situations: TICK Sit back and help the midfield maintain possession until chances open up: TICK I believe that the game of football is simple and people make it more complicated than it is. Brian Clough said the game of football is simple, you have a ball and the aim of the game is to put the ball in the back of the net. I want to do all of the above, but I want to Attack as well. Attack for me means to frighten the hell out of the opposition by attacking them and putting the ball in the back of the net. To combat this I have chosen a Fluid Philosophy. This is very important because we want to play the beautiful game too. My players are good enough to play a game which means that they can contribute to more than phase of play at a time, yes they can Multi Task! Especially the wages I am paying them! They had better be able to do this. I want the players to play free flowing football and absolutely I want the creative players to shine. Before I get into team instructions, I want to go into player roles and why I have chosen them. Sweeper Keeper: Support Duty My Sweeper goalkeeper will focus on simple and risk free use of the ball which is vital for a keeper; you don’t want your keeper taking too many risks. As Brian Clough would say, the keepers’ job is simple, stop the ball from going into the back of the net! Personal Instruction: Roll it out, Distribute to Centre Backs and Fewer Risky Passes Wing Back: Attack Duty Remember I said the way I am doing this, is by creating a Possession Tactic that is attacking, one of the ways I am hoping to achieve this is by making the player roles more attacking. Plays outside with no wing support: I use Inside Forwards instead of wingers so this is fine. Fulfil attacking and defensive duties of winger and full backs: Absolutely my players can do this. Run at his man and put in aggressive crosses: Yes I want to frighten the opposition so aggressive crosses are great and I want to run at the man, put the man on the back foot, get the man back peddling. In Midfield to win the Possession Battle: Great because this is a possession tactic. In Defence to close down opponents, block crosses and win back the ball when possible. Yes I want the closing down approach in line with attacking, and of course winning back the ball will help us to regain possession as soon as possible. Central Defender: Defend Duty Possess the technique and composure in aggressive tactics (which this is) to help the team maintain possession and lay off simple passes to more creative players. This is perfect for a team which wants to play possession football. Ball Playing Defender: Defend Duty The reason I have chosen a ball playing defender in this position is because the ball playing defender thinks a lot about attacking passes, so he does everything a central defender does but also he will be encouraged to make a searching attacking ball / through ball up field if he has the vision to see it through. Regista: Support Duty The Regista is aggressive which is what you want in an aggression tactic. Suitable for possession orientated systems which press high up the pitch. (This is exactly what this tactic is all about) Given complete freedom to dictate from deep positions which is perfect because he is in a deep position, the Regista offers a dynamic and unpredictable creative outlet from behind the attack. The Regista seeks to maintain intense pressure (which is perfect in a tactic which attacks) by constantly looking for new chances as his more advanced teammates get into goal scoring positions. Advanced Playmaker: Attack Duty This player makes himself available for team mate’s passes, which is what you want possession wise, this player also aims to turn defence into attack in an instant which is great because it also deals with the attacking intent of this tactic. The reason he has an attack duty is because he will run at the defence from deeper positions which is great as we want to run at the opposition and frighten the life out of them! Plus the added bonus that he will craft out crossing or through ball opportunities whilst moving into the final third. This is very important because with possession tactics, that just pass the ball about the park, you also want the tactic to have an end product so you need players which are moving into the final third and creating chances on the opposition goal. Central Midfielder: Attack Duty The central midfielder offers a link between the defence and the attack and having good links in your tactic are vital to success in this game. The central midfield will support both attacking and defensive play as needed. Whilst it is great that the central midfielder will supplement the attack, it is also good to know that should we find ourselves in a defensive situation; the central midfielder will chip in as well. Crucially though, I am a firm believer that Attack is the best form of Defence which was ably proven by Tyson Fury defeating Vladimir Klitschko very recently on-route to becoming the three belt holder heavyweight champion of the world! So this central midfield will more readily surge into the final third to support the forwards in and around the box! False Nine: Support Duty The reason I have chosen the false nine will become very clear. I don’t usually opt for False Nines in a tactic but this player really suits what I am trying to create here. Firstly it is a more advanced attacking midfielder/playmaker role, which is great because I want the player to be more advanced as it is in the attack position. It is a lone striker role and I am playing with a Lone Striker. I really like that this player is prepared to drop deeper into midfield because let’s face it, you don’t want a lone striker just waiting for someone to pass it to you, you want a striker who is going to go into the midfield and get the ball themselves, this reminds me of when Ian Rush was transferred to Juventus and had a horrid time scoring goals after being so prolific with Liverpool, the reason given was that he stayed in attack and wasn’t getting the right service, he didn’t go into midfield to get the ball himself. The purpose of this is that it creates a massive problem for opposing central defenders in that they either follow him, leaving space behind them for onrushing midfielders, forwards or wingers to exploit. This is exactly what I am hoping for, the central defenders will mark or follow my striker into midfield leaving open goals and clear cut chances for my onrushing midfield or inside forwards to exploit to devastating effect. Alternatively they don’t do this, they then leave him the time and space he needs to dribble at the opposition or pick out a pass which is fine as well because this falls in line with attacking play, and also the pass will help to maintain the possession aspect of the tactic. Inside Forwards: Attack Duties The inside forward is going exploit the spaces left by the central defenders when they follow my false nine. They are going to run directly at the opposition which is great because as you know I want to frighten the life out of the opposition. Their movement will open up the spaces for my overlapping wing backs, as well as overloading a retreating defence. It is worth mentioning at this point that I have developed Jordan Ibe into a cracking player, he is playing like maradona, zig zagging and ghosting his way through players and he has a brilliant end product as well. Ok so now I have shown the formation and explained the reasons for the team positions I have chosen, I will now show you my team instructions and explain my reasons for choosing them. Tempo: Normal or Low The reason I have chosen a normal tempo is because I don’t believe in one tempo fits all, the players are intelligent as I like intelligent players like Mesut Ozil e.g. so they can choose when the time is right to play at a normal tempo, when the time is right to step up the tempo and also when the time is right to slow the tempo down. You have to consider that if this was an outright attacking tactic, then I would be going with a very fast tempo and if this was a possession tactic, id be slowing the tempo right down so the two don’t mix, the only mix is the centre ground in between so therefore I think as I want both, the only way to make it work is to leave the tempo as normal and then let the intelligent players choose when to speed it up and when to slow it down. If you find that you are losing possession, then go with a low tempo instead as this will help you to keep hold of the ball better. In football manager 2016 one of the differences is that it tells you how much you will be timewasting based on the tactic you choose, so this is defaulted at fairly rarely which is great because to be frank, I’m not really into wasting time. Wide: The reason I have gone wide is because I want to attack the opposition, therefore I want to stretch the play, I have 2 wing backs and 2 inside forwards, at the end of the day, narrowing the play will just suit tactics that want to be more compact and defensive and therefore this is not a defensive tactic at all, so I don’t feel the need to do that, I want to attack and control, So I want it to be as wide as possible and stretch the play and use the full extremes of the pitch to my advantage. Defensive Line: Slightly Higher Remembering here the Regista who plays in possession orientated systems that press higher up the pitch. So I know my defensive line needs to be higher, also of course attacking play generally tends to have a higher defensive line which presses the opposition, I don’t like going all the way high up because remember that the control tactic is wary of the oppositions counter attack and if the defensive line is too high than you take the serious risk of opposing teams playing balls over the defence and springing a counter attack and/or breaking the offside trap. Therefore I have opted for slightly higher which is close to the half way line. Use Offside Trap: Yes this is important because if you defence is higher, you should be playing the offside trap, especially if your central defenders are also on the same duty. Closing Down: More I have chosen more because if I lose the battle for possession, I want the ball back as soon as possible, I don’t want to give the opposition any time with the ball because every second the opposition has the ball, is a second I am losing in the possession stakes and so I want to win the ball back as quickly as possible. I was very tempted to choose much more, as I want to be relentless with this but at the end of the day I didn't want to have any major negative impact on my team shape as a result, so I opted for more being enough to suit the teams needs without sacrificing on team shape which is also very important. A good team shape is vital, If you look at the way the formation is spread out then you will notice that each player has space within the chosen formation and that is important, I am all for pressing the opposition but if we lose our shape then that is sacrilege because the opposition will just pick holes in you and you find yourself on the end of a bit of a thrashing! Prevent short goalkeeper distribution: Yes, this option means pressing the opposition goalkeeper as well, Chelsea used to this in the pre roman days, if the keeper had the ball, they used to close the keeper down at any opportunity and the reason for this is to prevent the goalkeeper from playing it short to the defence and building from the back, this forces the keeper to hit a long ball which could potentially be picked up by one of my players instead. Use Tight Marking: I am never sure whether to choose this option or not because I am of the thinking that if I use opposition instruction which I do, then you don’t need to do tight marking but maybe you do! However I have chosen to include this because I do want to prevent the opposition from attacking the ball and this option allows me to do this. Tackling: Get Stuck in I have chosen this option because I want to be aggressive, attacking should be aggressive and control is aggressive as well in my opinion. I know that this might lead to more fouls and disciplinary action but I am prepared to accept this, I have a big squad, lots of strength in depth and therefore I know that I can handle that, what I like about this is my players who are good tacklers will go for the ball, and get the ball off the opposition and this is great. Build Up: Play out of defence. Okay so this is a possession tactic and therefore play out of the defence is required so that we can start moves in the right way. I want my defenders passing their way out of the back, rather than clearing long. PASS INTO SPACE: The reason for pass into space is that you do that when you are attacking and I like greasy fast players to latch onto these balls passed into space and gain clear cut chances as a result. This instruction is about making passes into open spaces. A lot of my player roles are designed to create the space, finding the spaces for my attackers to exploit so pass into space falls in line with the roles of the players and also the way I want to play. This is going to make my possession tactic; more attacking too which is the whole point of this exercise. Passing: Shorter Passing This is a possession tactic so I have gone with shorter passing as I feel that you need shorter passing with a tactic which looks to control the play and maintain ball possession. You might argue that attacking should be direct but not necessarily, you can attack and play the game with short passes too. Retain Possession Prioritise keeping hold of the ball which is essential in a possession tactic. Attack: Look for Overlap I chose this because my wingbacks will benefit from this tremendously, as they bomb forward and also my inside forwards will create the space which the overlapping wing backs by doing their thing and the false nine will distract the defenders, meaning the wing backs and the inside forwards will simply create total carnage in the opposition box leading to teams getting well and truly thrashed! Attack: Work Ball into Box I chose this because it falls in line with a possession tactic, it will mean players work their way into the box and not shoot on sight, but instead wait for clear cut opportunities to present themselves. Remaining patient and not forcing the issue is great because it means more control of the play. Retaining possession until a breakthrough appears. Whipped Crosses The reason for whipped crosses is because these are really hard for the opposition to deal with and they swerve as well. Dribbling: Run at Defence As I previously mentioned, I want to run at the defence a lot and frighten the opposition so I have included run at defence. It is also means I am dribbling with the ball more and if I have the ball then it means I also have possession, so this is not only an attacking move, but it is a possession move as well. Creative Freedom: Leave this at default, so neither option selected. The reason for this is my players are intelligent, and they can decide whether they need to be more disciplined, also you don’t have to tick every option in team instruction, if in doubt, leave at the default setting, I personally think that attacking is more about being more expressive and defensive tactics are about being more disciplined, however I don’t feel the need to select be more expressive as I am sure the creative players will express themselves, I still want an element of discipline as well. Freedom of Movement: Leave this at default, so neither option selected. The reason for this is because I want the players to decide as sometimes they may need to roam and sometimes ill want them to be stick to position, e.g. If they are passing the ball around, then its good if they are in the right positions to get the pass, if they are not in possession, how are they going to be there when the pass is made? Also e.g. I will want them to roam, so that the can get to the passes made into open spaces too so its best just to leave this a default and trust my players to decide when the right time is to roam and when the right time is to stick to position, also the players will know their own limitations, I don’t want a player roaming if the player does not feeling very comfortable doing so. Thank you for taking the time to read this so far and feel free to post any comments or give advice or just to ask some questions, there is no such thing as a stupid question, no right or wrong, this is just a work in progress and I look forward to your questions.
  10. Well Spotted. Burnley are there. I have added them on.
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