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  1. Hi Nic Do you have any idea, when this might be fixed or when to expect an update for this because unfortunately some players are not that honest and if they know there is a bug, they will exploit it when results don't go their way? This is not very good to experience winning a game and the effort that goes into it, suddenly turns into a draw or defeat because someone has pressed the left arrow after the game has finished to reset the match even though they will deny that they pressed anything and claim the bug just magically happened by itself.... Thanks Tony
  2. Match result different from game

    Hi Nic, I do understand that, in regard to the pressing the (left arrow) back button after the game is finished. I noted two things. One is that even if you are not playing another 'human', as long as other humans are still playing and you have finished your game, the back button will still reset the game you played against the Ai and simulate the match. The other thing is of course is if all the matches are finished and you press continue, it will process and save so of course the results will all be normal.. Do you think then the only reason it doesnt happen in single player mode is because once you press continue, it processes automatically and saves, meaning the back button cant come into effect? Do we really need the back and forward arrows in the game? Surely if want to to go back into the match, we can just press on the scores etc....? Really hope you fix these bug soon. Any idea when we might get an update/hotfix?
  3. Match result different from game

    Hi Nic, Is it possible to tell me why this doesn't happen in single player mode and why it only happens in network games? Are network games not tested prior to release because i imagine the pre testers would have picked up on this back button bug?
  4. Match result different from game

    Sorry to hijack this post. It doens't need to be a network pvp game, it can be any game, against the computer or against another player, if you press the back button after the game ends, then the result resets and the match is simulated instead.
  5. It was a great moment when Watford scored the winner. It was the last minute of injury time and it was so so joyous!
  6. Hi Nic, unfortunately I am not the host either, otherwise i would upload it for you to investigate further
  7. Hey, sorry to hijack this post, but last night i was playing multiplayer with a few friends and I was Watford, My friend was Leicester. It was a game where Watford had most of the chances but were losing 1-0, then in the last stages of the game, we got the equaliser we deserved. Injury time, we scored a dramatic winner..... Watford won 2-1, my friend also acknowledged that we had won and we both agreed he was unlucky. I give my ending team talk and then the screen went a bit funny, I congratulated the players on a good performance, they were happy, and then i gave out to a player that hadnt performed well, when i pressed end talk the screen seemed to freeze. so i just exited and it was showing latest scores as some matches hadnt finished yet. I then noticed that it was showing the score as 0-0, as in it wasnt showing the result that had just ended which was Leicester 1 Watford 2. When the game finally continued, it suddenly showed that Leicester had won the game 2-1... my friend said it must of been a bug.. and another friend commented that it was weird. Obviously I dont mind losing games, but losing a game which you just seen yourself win, and put effort into winning, is particularly hard to accept.
  8. This is the finished file for 2017 as I introduced all the updated before release.. including the new double winning preston north end, the new uruguay 1930 and 1950 world cup winning squads and the new millwall team. However I can confirm that I will doing an update for the FM18 series which will be released sooner than usual... around may time i think.
  9. You must be the only person who has expressed disappointment and I am sorry to hear this. It the most in-depth legends game ever produced for football manager. I am sorry that next year you won't be wanting the new update for FM18.
  10. This has been out since July 22nd ... I have sent you a PM... I agree, would be nice but alas I have to make it from scratch every year... I would love to work with SI and help them to make an official Legends version of the game.. but I think there are licensing issues with that...
  11. FMO - Clan Advertiser Thread