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  1. Good Season, I see monaco have George Weah. Think he is a prime minister now. Just goes to show that the league is wide open
  2. yes wages are lower so it doesnt surprise me they want new contracts.. it is better though than wages being too high. I will definitely look at making this better in the next update.
  3. I have removed the old extinct CSKA Sofia now so that shouldn't have happen again, thanks for letting me know.
  4. yes thats because the old Fiorentina was deleted, so it still appears in the game but with no name because they are not there lol its prob their ghost! Well he did play 94 games for Fiorentina before Juventus and at the end of the day, they needed him more. But he may well end up at Juventus in a future update.
  5. Hey Weezer, Well spotted... CSKA Sofia are extinct so they shouldn't be able to buy players. What happened was the name has changed so FM made the CSKA Sofia extinct and the new club is CSKA-Sofia which is the one with the legends and stars, however CSKA Sofia had some money to spend, even though they were extinct. I just thought if the club is extinct it wouldn't be able to try to sign players. Its good that they have disappeared now though, Even stranger is Fiorentina as the club they used to have was removed from the game and the working one is the real Fiorentina in its place. so how the rougue one managed to sign someone is beyond me lol as the old fiorentina is deleted.
  6. exactly it is back to the old days and old school Football Manager. Say hello to an abundance of sweepers as well.
  7. The answer is yes. There are lots of new dutch players which was on your lists. I will research into the other players on your list and if any are missing, I will add them on in the next update if possible.
  8. Just get fast defenders and defensive minded players. that should help you to concede less. It has often been the case that using this tactic, you would have the best defensive record in the league. just need the right players... because you operate a high line you need fast players in defense. with a good sweeper keeper and intelligent regista.
  9. Sorry guys I removed it as I am changing from media fire to drop box. I have added a new drop box link now.
  10. Naturally it will have an effect now there may be players who would of been of a certain international/premiership standard and now may be a great player but not on that level or even at just a championship level. But you have all the major players since 1880 on the stage at the same time so this is bound to happen. However if a player is still great for their clubs and in the champions league it is still going to have a positive effect on the value. The value reflects the ability of the player in his current standing and that will of course fluctuate accordingly depending on his success within the game. this is normal too. Of course great players who would of been capped in the normal game may not get another cap and it can also depend on the national managers squad selection, i may pick a certain team and you may pick completely different e.g. so its on a game by game basis... Ultimately the players ability will determine the value though. and that is something which a player can gain as they develop, or lose as they age or get injured or if they dont get the game time or if they dont get the success etc etc and this is all normal.
  11. Can you elaborate as i am not sure I understand the question fully?
  12. It is over double the depth of the last version. So I have lost count but it is around that figure.
  13. Brilliant! Ipswich looking good and of course its the great late Bobby Robson who delivered much success with them.... uploading highlights doesn't work very well, So I use OBS Studio to record it instead... Go the Tractor Boys!! Let me know how you do...
  14. I know amazing, we were talking about them and they were the ones who shone, interestingly neither player played in the final... I went for Drake instead of Clough as when the final arrived, he just wasnt fit enough.