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  1. so true, given he is their best player this season, its impossible to imagine he would not contribute to a 13-0!
  2. One thing I noticed watching the game back is it was heavily raining throughout .. this could have reduced visibility significantly imo. So I wonder if there is value in shoot on sight when it is raining and Man United's AI exploited this!
  3. that's true. how can you have a 7 after conceding 13 goals!?
  4. In my network save, Man United beat Tottenham Hotspurs 13-0 Both teams were managed by the AI and both had similar managers (spurs manager was sacked after the game) I personally think this is probable but unlikely but a few people have said that this result wouldn't happen in modern day football Is this a bug? I would also like to point out that Man United are always strong but in this update they seem to be super strong. often going on an opening run of 13 games unbeaten at the start and winning the league. They are good but are they really that good??
  5. I guarantee the players never complain. Recall Recall Recall!! Its the club that pays thy wages!!
  6. Hey They are friendlies. All I do is simply withdraw all players from all friendlies and reject any delays...
  7. Hey, There is no need for knowledge of any other countries in this version as no where else exists except the pyramid. All players/staff have been freed from anywhere else they may have been and are now available to be signed by clubs within the pyramid Most teams do start with a core of their nationality. i guess its up to the manager to keep it that way...
  8. I am sorry but there is nothing that can be done. If you want to play the game as it was intended, you would need to remove real name fix. You could put it into a separate folder on your desktop/laptop whilst playing the game, and then when you want to play a different game put it back or reinstall it again, but it is one or the other... real name fix does not work at all with this mod.
  9. yes and yes everything looks great and as it should be, and the numbers are the same or similar..
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