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  1. This is a quite old topic, but I´m still playing FM17 and I was wondering if anyone conserves these tactic sets since all links are down. Or, of course, if @Loversleaper can reupload them, that would be great. Thanks.
  2. I have made lot of tests about this topic and sadly it seems impossible. It´s a pity because currency is there, in the database with its change rate, but it seems it can´t be used as a setting currency in the game If someone has any help about this, I would be extremely grateful.
  3. I have searched about this topic but I found nothing. In the editor there are several available currencies which don´t appear in the game settings, and I was wondering if it is possible to add this currencies in the general settings of the game. For example, old spanish currency, peseta, is present in the editor, and I would like to select it as the currency in my game. Is it possible?
  4. Great Torskus77. I love the apparently very simple tactic, because...why we have to overcomplicate things a lot? Simplicity is fantastic most of the time. I understand the only change you have made in the tactic posted in your image is the change between the 2 attackers, isn´t it?
  5. As always, great work LL, thank you very much for your effort. My favourite FM versions are those you make a topic of your strategy and tactics vision, so from this moment this year version is one of them.
  6. Great news. I look forward to it, I need your tactical inspiration this year too
  7. When I´m interested in tactics, player movements, mistakes analysis, positioning, or any other aspect concerning football, 2D classic. For anything else, 3D.
  8. Using strikerless version with Real Valladolid in La Liga (In the second division at the start of the game), and without any important transfer we are able to compete with all the other teams, also Barcelona and Real Madrid. A very solid tactic @OhhScottySinclair. When mentality is well chosen, team defensive behaviour is absolutely amazing, great job
  9. Hi, @OhhScottySinclair, how do you react if you are loosing the game? Do you change something?
  10. Really appreciate your great work @Loversleaper. One question about set pieces. Do you have specific set pieces strategies in your sets?
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