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  1. When I´m interested in tactics, player movements, mistakes analysis, positioning, or any other aspect concerning football, 2D classic. For anything else, 3D.
  2. Strikerless tactic, it´s in the opening post.
  3. Using strikerless version with Real Valladolid in La Liga (In the second division at the start of the game), and without any important transfer we are able to compete with all the other teams, also Barcelona and Real Madrid. A very solid tactic @OhhScottySinclair. When mentality is well chosen, team defensive behaviour is absolutely amazing, great job
  4. I have the same problem, no regen pics at all. I have tried everything and there is no way
  5. Hi, @OhhScottySinclair, how do you react if you are loosing the game? Do you change something?
  6. Really appreciate your great work @Loversleaper. One question about set pieces. Do you have specific set pieces strategies in your sets?
  7. Full Match 2D, which is not in the poll, I don´t know why.
  8. Screenshots are from the spanish version of CM2, and i have seen that only few players out of the spanish league have their international information, like Stoichkov.