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  1. Taking in account how exciting was the qualification phase of the tournament, I gave it a solid seven.
  2. We can complain about smaller nations all we want, but yesterday's matchup CRO-POR easily is a meeting youd expect to see even in 16 team tournament knockout round and it easily was the worst game of the tournament.
  3. Exactly. Tournament format is ok, 95% of the teams (Italy was the only exception?) had something really to play for on the last day of the group, when usually tournaments with 16 on 32 teams, groups for most part are already set on the final day. With this format every single game could be the golden ticket to elimination rounds, which made for suspense in last day as well.
  4. 100% the truth. If Belgium can't play counterattacking game, like when Sweden allowed them in the second half a week ago, they have no idea have to break up disciplined and somewhat talanted defence.
  5. He clearly pointed at Hazard and classy acknowledged that all the credit should go to him.
  6. Can't be right. I remember at least two clumsy first touches.
  7. Cech against Turkey all over again.
  8. Hungary takes an early lead over Czech Republic. Dzsudzsak with a cheeky FK.
  9. At the moment I thought, why the hell is Guardiola celebrating? :o
  10. I cringe every time I see Delap as our record signing on FM. We should pay those £6m for Hooper just to erase Delap's name from the game.
  11. I'd take that. 6 good months and we are in the PL, where he wouldn't be good enough anyway.
  12. Good analysis, but the way how Derbyshire went down helped Davis get away with it. There wasn't nearly enough of contact to go down like he did.
  13. Great season, Mikael. I was waiting for your update for ages. Could you, please, show us your finances and wages in UK currency? Bit hard to properly understand your financial position in DKK's Good job on giving your youngsters/best players a long term deals!
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