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  1. I think it would be great to have a notes editor / viewer that is undocked and floating so it can be dragged around. A little button in the header panel near World / FM Menu ( with a binding key ) so when is activated the floating notes editor is opened. More to this : - if you are browsing a player profile and activate the editor- open the notes editor with the relevant notes regarding this player ( if there are any ). -if you are browsing a team profile ( overview / tactics / etc ) - open notes editor with notes regarding this team & tactic etc. ( tags filtered maybe
  2. Thank you. I've looked into "inbox item.xml" and looks like a dead end. As you said the game fills in the buttons at runtime depending on the inbox item that is rendered , so there is nothing to do with this. Anyway the "Use suggested squad" is working .. don't know why I've thought it didn't. The "Team Instructions" button is linked to "Squad View" but nothing to do for this . Thanks again.
  3. Hi. I've changed the default "team selection advice news.xml" ( for the Inbox Selection Advice ) with the content from the "team selection advice panel.xml" ( from pre-match Team Selection/Selection Advice ). which I find more useful with upcoming matches and checkboxes in the players table. Anyway this is the result. What I cannot find is which panel has the 2 buttons: "Use Suggested Squad" and "Team Instructions" ? Also is "Use Suggested Squad" working for anyone ? Thank you.
  4. Hi. Sorry for late response. It seams that it's working ok now. Thank you.
  5. Hi . Don't worry you are not a nuisance. I understand the frustration with this cause I had it also , still have it with other panels - so if I can help, I'll do it. But please understand that I am far from knowledgeable with FM skinning. Now , for the stadium picture... In the "club overview panel.xml" that widget should be inside a container , like this ( this is from default "club overview panel.xml" ). <!--stadium--> <container class="title_link_box" force_title_borders="true" id="Clos" priority="3" default_height="180" hide_view_menu="true" navigation_cont
  6. I've noticed the text moving issue myself at the begging. I think I've gave more space to the "club overview stadium panel" in the "club overview panel" and it kind of stretched out. The container headers issue is probably from the fact that you have multiple containers / widgets ( the selector ones ) with the same id in the "club overview panel" file. Try and change them. Hope it helps.
  7. Hi. You need to edit "club overview panel.xml". The default one ( see attached ) has comments . Basically in this file there are : 1. A general details container .. .the top one. Don't need to touch it. 2. A big container ( with horizontal arranged children ) that holds : 2.1. A smaller container ( with vertical arranged children ) that holds: 2.1.1. Even smaller container : 2 selector widgets ( each within a container of its own ) 2.1.1. Other even smaller container: results widget 2. 2. A smaller container ( with vertical arrang
  8. Are you saying that the game will be in this state for an undetermined period of time, with a huge discrepancy of statistical data produced by human v non-human leagues ? There is no patch in sight for this ?! I mean there is nothing else more relevant in your product but statistical data! Everything is related to what has a player produced in a match/ a number of matches / a season etc. How did this get a green light for release back in November ? After 2 month you guys are shrugging your shoulders and say " hey , it takes time .. " . Is this for real now ?!
  9. Hi. This could be understandable if the leagues without human managers produce the same or close numbers .. but the reality is that they do not. (Playing in Cymru North.)
  10. I remember CM being so frustrating for me sometimes .. Played some FM during the years, with gaps of 1/2 year(s) maybe.. Last year went into skinning a little because at first I've noticed I need bigger fonts & dark background in order to see properly :)) and then I've seen player pictures and I said yes, I want this .. and bigger panels , or other panels on that screen, etc. And this year I've got myself deeper into the skinning forum...still learning, but I'm happy with what I'm using right now. And yes patience is a must with this game !!
  11. Whatever baffles you, it's your problem only .. not mine . Also, my attitude was pretty decent considering the subject in hands. I was trying to prove a point, explaining that there is a legitimate frustration among some players, also throwing a joke or two around, you know .. to lighten up cause it's not the end of the world, it's just a video game. More to my buying habits - I believe they are not your problem, but thank you for concern. I can put you in touch with my wife, I think she has a similar view regarding how I spend my our money ( <-- humor here! ). As for me
  12. I know it's getting frustrating to hear "when is going to be fixed ?" on and on, but maybe I can share with you the yearly FM gaming experience of a 40+ yo. ( yours truly ). 1. Buy the game early November .. toy around - don't start a long save because bugs, wait for a decent skin from the community because the game has funky colors and minimal info panels .. Old man's eyes. Anyway I have 1 hour to play, hell maybe to 2 hours daily if I am not dead tired, cause you know: job, kid(s), wife -generally old man's life. Sooo.. 2. Start doing your own skin, cause the game is buggy and
  13. This !!! This should be a hard learned lesson .. don't change things on Friday or before the holidays if you really want a nice weekend or vacation. We had time to play, devs didn't have time to fix - so we got an unplayable product during Christmas break. That was very frustrating.
  14. Never mind... Looks like I have some conflicts with some logos I've forgot I've added to England folder.
  15. Hi, I was using TCM21 megapack logos only for England ( clubs and competitions ) and it's working just fine. I've decided to add Ireland, N. Ireland, Wales, Scotland clubs & competitions and for some strange reason competition logos for this countries do not show. Clubs are ok. Did anyone had a similar issue , and figure it out ? Thanks. P.S: Try it with France also . Same issue.
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