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  1. Premiership Clan 2018

    Belly Barnsley Very Pleased with my 1st season as Barnsley Boss despite losing out to Panos's Sheff Utd in the playoffs. This was followed by new fresh owners and investment and also a group of new players coming into the squad. Well done to Grant on the League and unlucky to Panos on losing the Play Off finals. Looking forward to the second season. Until Next Week, Belly,
  2. Premiership Clan 2018

    Season 1 End of Season Week 4
  3. Premiership Clan 2018

    Belly Barnsley, I have decided to trip the squad and cut down on the old wages and the board are fully behind me. Having sitting in a solid 9th place and financially solid I currently sit as the only Untouchable Manager in the game. If my strikers could put the round thing in the white square box I would be even higher. However overall things are looking good and hopefully we can keep it up. Until Next Week, Belly,
  4. Premiership Clan 2018

    Season 1 Week 3
  5. Premiership Clan 2018

    Response sent on Skype
  6. Premiership Clan 2018

    Belly, Well after my Steam account got Stolen by some Russian ***** we lost out on Mondays Sessions which made a bad start to the week. Clan Game resumed on Tue and we started off with 2 away defeats of 4-0 making me wonder if my good start had come to an end. We picked up some good wins and are therefore hanging onto a playoff chasing place. Luke was the 1st Manager to get the boot with Ipswich and took over Cardiff. Johannes joined the game taking over Burton but has a tough job to keep them up. Not sure if I will go up but I think that I will more than likely be playing Championship football again next season. Until Next Week Belly,
  7. Premiership Clan 2018

    Season 1 Week 2
  8. Premiership Clan 2018

    Not Yet m8.
  9. Premiership Clan 2018

    Belly - Barnsley, Well having decided to take the biggest challenge with Media expected 24th Position Barnsley we have started on fire hitting 16 goals in 6 games. Unfortunately we lost the last game of the night to what looks like my closest rival so far. Tom Bradshaw has been on fire score 6 in 5 and we was tempted by a deadline day Bid of 4.1 Million for a stiker that only cost the club 650k but I decided not only to keep him but to add to our strike force. But overall winning the first Manager of the Month and ending the 1st week in 4th is far beyond what I expected a week ago. Until Next Week, Belly.
  10. Premiership Clan 2018

    Season 1 Week 1 League Table
  11. especially after losing 5-0 jeez davie - ... Please help Davie asap otherwise I will have no one else to beat on this years clan game
  12. Premiership Clan 2018

    Add me on skype - bellymcfish
  13. Premiership Clan 2018

    The Draw has been made and the following teams have been chosen. Good Luck to all our managers. Panos - Sheff utd Davie - Forest Alan - QPR Belly - Barnsley Luke - Ipswich Grant - Preston Belly,
  14. Its a little annoying tbh as I go to click on continue but it goes into that screen every time my mouse goes over it even when I don't want to go into the screen. Wouldn't a Keyboard Shortcut be better for this ?
  15. " New Search" Button selects just by hovering mouse over it ? Does anyone else have this bug ? http://prntscr.com/h6luwq