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  1. Can we expand the quick pick options to choose the team by CA stars and only use Players in there Natural Position. I think this area and also the Go on holiday settings can be expanded far beyond what it is currently. This would help the online game when players are unable to make a session and would also speed up the game for some managers who could choose there team by setting selection criteria rather than having to manually select every player and sub. Cheers, Belly,
  2. OK the Premiership Clan for Football Manager 2016 has now come to an end after 20 complete seasons. This years clan game again has been a massive success. The clan has been enhanced and the members will now take a well deserved rest and then come back refreshed for Football Manager 2017. See you all soon. Cheers, Belly Mcfish
  3. End of Week 44 ( Season 20 )
  4. End of Week 43 ( Season 20 )
  5. End of Week 42 ( Season 19 )
  6. End of Week 41 ( Season 19 )
  7. End of Week 40 ( Season 19 )
  8. Season 18 Final Table
  9. End of Week 39 ( Season 18 )
  10. Clan Name: Premiership Clan Game: FM16 Times: Mon Tue Wed 20:00 - 23:00 Leagues: EPL Additional Info: Established Clan founded on Wednesday 16th October 2013. We have run online Football Manager games in Football Manager 2014 , Football Manager 2015 and therefore Football Manager 2016 is our 3rd game. We have very experienced players going back to the original Championship Manager in single player and online with Championship Manager 2006. In previous years we have run games with 10 or more members but have decided to reduce the clan numbers to focus on quality rather than quantity. We have 6 Clan members however 2 are currently not active. Feel free to visit our Website : http://premiershipclan.ezweb123.com/home/4590802226 or Clan Thread : We are only looking for Mature and committed Members. Contact me on skype for details : bellymcfish Cheers, Belly,
  11. End of Week 38 ( Season 18 )
  12. End of Week 37 ( Season 17 )
  13. End of Week 34 ( Season 17 ) The Premiership Clan is now on Holiday and will return on Monday 1st August.
  14. End of Week 33 ( Season 17 )
  15. I disagree with SI On this one - Many years ago there was some games called Footballer of the year where you would get decisions during the course of a game and your choice would depend if a situation turned out good or bad. Based on this you could earn yourself transfers and international call ups. There have been features in previous years added which have not been good and seems to be placed in the game to add value to a new FM version apart from the obvious usual Player database update and ME updates. Might be worth not to dismiss it too quickly - Maybe another option of playing for future versions. Cant be any worse than the Design your Manager bit ...