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  1. Hi, Condition is no longer recorded as % but still appears in this filter ?
  2. I'm just wondering what the thinking was behind this new Online feature. As someone that has played in online games since 2008 I'm not sure when this would be of use.
  3. Oh and i miss the timeline as found it useful to replay some goals. Unable to do that now.
  4. Missing my Widgets and my condition stat has now changed to a varying green shaded Heart. I now make subs based on pop up advice rather than deciding myself when the old condition rating dropped below a certain value. Super Quick though and like the official team Sheet.
  5. dcu223


    Hi, Can you re-introduce VERSUS mode to FM full online mode please ? I would like to try and get a versus competition going again for FM21 and I don't understand the decision to remove it for use in Touch only. Thanks
  6. We can download Face packs , Data packs , League packs , Badges and Logos, Maybe a Stadium pack might on the way
  7. It depends on what you enjoy. I like to bring through academy players so I want to see how they turn out and what they win in their Career. If I manage everything and only play 1 or 2 seasons I will never know.
  8. CLAN NAME: Premiership Clan GAME: FM19 TIMES: Mon Tue Wed 20:00 - 23:00 - Sometimes extra when everyone agrees. LEAGUES: Scotland Championship Start ( Scotland Only this year ) Big 2 off limits for the whole game. ADDITIONAL INFO: We have been playing since CM01 and playing online since FM06. We currently have 4 mature experienced members. Skype required. Contact me by PM or on Skype/Steam bellymcfish
  9. HI, Might be late for Fm19 but due to the vast amount of staff that you now need to employ I utilise my DOFER to hire my staff but he keeps hiring my fellow human managers staff. As you can imagine this is not intentional by me and not appreciated by my fellow clan mates. A simple option to exclude hiring staff under the control of human managers would be simple solution. Any chance of this ? Thanks Belly,
  10. You need to install FM Touch - Versus Mode is on there.
  11. In regards to online the best thing they can do is have the option to play matches at the same time. At present KO times are all different so if your playing online with 3 other guys it takes longer than it should do. Give us the option at least.
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