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  1. If we had an online game going and had created our own thread on the si forums for that game it would be great to have an option to uploaded screenshots directly to that thread from an instruction directly in the game rather than using 3rd party programs. I think that would help the online section show more activity and help the online community share there game progress with the rest of the FM world.
  2. Premiership Clan 2017

    Season 13 Final League Table http://imgur.com/a/MkJor http://imgur.com/PO7ubkg ttp://imgur.com/f5VZCQz
  3. Premiership Clan 2017

    Season 13 so Far League Table
  4. Premiership Clan 2017

    Season 12 End of Season League Table and Trophy Count
  5. Premiership Clan 2017

    Trophies FM 2017 Total so far Premiership Clan Total So far
  6. Premiership Clan 2017

    Season 10 Final Table Season 11 Final Table Season 12 So far
  7. Premiership Clan 2017

    Time to reactivate the thread. Season 6 Final Table Season 7 Final Table Season 8 Final Table Season 9 Final Table
  8. Get him to check the team selections settings on the Game Status Screen - He may have de-selected certain teams in error : http://prntscr.com/fci7zl
  9. Premiership Clan 2017

    Our game is still going. We have just stopped posting updates. If anyone intersted in joining pm me. Belly,
  10. Premiership Clan 2017

    End of Week 19 Season 5 Final Table
  11. Premiership Clan 2017

    End of Week 18 Season 5
  12. Premiership Clan 2017

    End of Week 17 Season 5
  13. Premiership Clan 2017

    End of Week 16 End of Season 4
  14. Premiership Clan 2017

    End of Week 15 Season 4
  15. Premiership Clan 2017

    End of Week 14 Season 4