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  1. I have been playing FM for last 5 to 6 years almost exclusively online streaming most of it on my twitch account (LordKalmus) I have seen it at its worst and at its best...I have to say FM20 Online has been fantastic so far ! However this could potently ruin it. Before there was just "Flut" that showed this kind of stuff but even then it was fake. This however this is real and it can cause issues for those of us who enjoy playing against other people. The " Tiki-Taka 20" skin by Jas80 actually shows correct CA if you are not using any editor. Even without scouting. We have tested this in ou
  2. Amazing ! I am so happy to see this make a return this was one of my all time favorite Databases ever on FMs ! looking forward to first release !
  3. I did as I was told I belive however this is sliightly to bright for me,I wanted to ask is there any way to change opacity ?
  4. Club changes Kalmus sacked from Watford to Huddersfeild then back to Watford at the end of the season Dave sacked from Leicester Jeje sacked from Everton Kirito Hired from Newcastle to Leicester
  5. Team picking is now live on twitch ! https://www.twitch.tv/lordkalmus
  6. Hello my name is LordKalmus ! And im here to present you the 12thMan Discord community we are a small community of streamers mostly FM but some stream other stuff. We also host a 12 Man FM Clan Game on twitch more about it here ---> https://community.sigames.com/topic/450484-the-12th-man-community-fm19-clan-game/ If interested in joning out community click here. Hope to see you soon !
  7. Hello there ! My name is wikifirelord also known as LordKalmus on twitch ! Each year I am hosting a massive network save last year it was 9 player one this year we are doing 12 man network save. Last 2 years were very successful going 6 seasons on FM17 and 12 seasons on FM18 we are hoping to continue that this year ! As every year we had a vote to decide in what league we should start and it was decided to Premier League yet again. All the teams except the ones in Europa League and Champions League are available for picking. This year to help those with less luck in the game we decided to make
  8. There is an opening in the save we are currently in season 5 if interested join the discord here and take your spot ! ONLY SERIOUS CANDIDATES ! https://discordapp.com/invite/H2wQAnz
  9. World Upside Down 0.2 Beta Hello, my friends and fellow FM makers I present to you a little project I have been working on for last two weeks. I created a database that turns 90% of the world leagues upside down with all the clubs from 1st 2nd and 3rd division being replaced by the teams in that country's unplayable leagues. And to make it more competitive and fun I personally lowered Prize money in all very rich country like England, Germany, Spain, Italy, China etc. Reputation of all the clubs and divisions has also been lowered to next to nothing making you and AI forced to try and re
  10. So in my database that I have been working on where I turn all the leagues in the world upside down I have noticed that World Player of the Year,Ballon D'or and EFL Cup(probably few other competitions too) are not working. I holoed until 2019 and noticed that Ballon D'or was last awarded in 2016 for some reason same as Word Player Of the Year. While FIFA Team Of the Year does work. Any help and info would be greatly appricated.
  11. End of the Season 1 Report ! Most of the Champ sides have returned to Premier League with only Wolves falling behind and finishing outside of Play off spot with Derby finishing 2nd and Middlesbrough geting back in to Premier League trough play offs. While in premier league it is a season to remember for West Ham fans who finished 2nd only behind Manchester United at the same time it was season to forget for Southampton fans who finished 11th in the league after going on a terrible run of form from Jan until the end of the season concededing the most goals in the league in the entire season.
  12. @Ozman feel free to join discord,we always post there when there is an opening for the save,atm we are full.
  13. Twitch Clan 2018 Hello my friends ! My name is Lord Kalmus and im here to present you my clan game on FM 18 ! Currently we have 9 people in our clan we had a fairly decent run at the end of FM17 when we did 5 seasons in 3 months. For this year we decided to do Premier League again and have added Championship as well. We all use Discord (Click to get invited) as our means of communication. We picked our teams in a way that we spun a wheel on twitch and the wheel decided who gets the first pick. All clubs that were not in Europe were eligible for taking. You can watch us live
  14. Staying very tuned:D cant wait to get it as atm my players look like they were hit by a truck
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