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  1. Messi REALLY wants to add the WC to his list of honours - He was due to retire in July!
  2. Looked like as soon as they lost the ball they kinda just gave up, didn't see any of them try and get back.
  3. Had a quick play on it this morning. So far so good although one of the things I'm not too impressed with is the contract screen. I have to say I much much prefer FM15's contract screen. I realise it may be i'm just not used too it but in the 5-6 signings i've made I've only remembered to check the length of the contract once or twice as I just don't tend to look up at the top (especially as pretty much everything else is in the middle of the screen. My only issue I have is when I'm giving an in-match team talk as soon as I've selected the option I want the game hides my mouse cursor and I have to wiggle my mouse a little bit to get it back so I can click on confirm
  4. From Google translate: Tomorrow, it will return true! Stay connected # çamatche
  5. Depends if they have 3 or more years I tend to say there is plenty of time left on their current deal and they usually say they are disappointed but understand my point of view. If they have 2 years or less and I know I want to keep them then I will say they will be offered one at the end of the season.
  6. Im not 100% sure if it will be what you need to do but have you gone into your preferences and clicked on reload skin? You will also probably have to click the clear cache button
  7. I'm guessing nearer the date of release you'll get a code e-mailed to you then if you've ordered through the Sega website (along with a code for the beta that comes out 2 weeks or so before release day).
  8. He should definitely get a long ban if not a complete ban 1 bite alone should of been inexcusable but 3 is just crazy.
  9. Ok so you've put in an offer for a house and been able to pay half the asking price have you? - If you have then well done that is pretty impressive (or something was very wrong with the house and it needed a tonne of work done to it). My house I think was valued around £135k-£140k (can't remember exactly) and we ended up paying £132k - so while not the asking price it isn't too far off, maybe we could of probably knocked it down to £130k but I doubt they'd of sold it too us for less then that - and if I had applied FM14's logic they probably wouldn't have even bothered responding to me for putting in such an absurd offer of £70k as they'd most likely assume I was just a time waster. I understand there is wiggle room from an asking price but I doubt people would happily settle for half when your talking in hundreds of thousands/millions of pounds. Also my point still stands that the AI will set an asking price in exactly the same manner as we do and they WONT budge or negotiate - so why does it not work the same way for players (I'd also like to add that its only in FM14 that I've had this problem - in FM10, FM11, FM12 and FM13 I've always been able to offer out players and transfer/not needed them and get the asking price - and quite a few times for more then their actual value)
  10. See I don't know if its me but that just sounds stupid - surely the definition of an asking price is the value your willing to accept, maybe you'd accept slightly less if the offer was fairly close to the price you asked for ie. you wanted £20m and were offered £18m but for the AI to bid (and continually bid) half then in my opinion something is wrong and needs looking at. Also after running a quick test on an AI managed player who was transfer listed (and not by request) and set too not needed they won't budge from the asking price so why should players have to deal with AI that refuse to meet our demands when they won't negotiate. In fact when I first bid his value was £11.75m and after my first bid they increased their asking price to £12.75 (again refusing to budge when offering them half value like they would do to me).
  11. Plays for Belgium for me - though he is now 25 and has only managed 13 caps despite being runner up for the Worlds golden ball award last time around.
  12. If there is one (there prob is) then it will most likely be in the good player/team forum somewhere.
  13. I saw someone post advice on this a little while ago and they said if the player reacts well to you declaring interest then continually put in (reasonable) bids for the player and they should hopefully get upset that they aren't being allowed to talk to you and request a transfer.
  14. Torres is retired at 34 on my game - in the 2013-2014 season he played 5 games for Chelsea, then he went on loan to Vitesse and finally joined Leicester in the Championship for free in 2015 where he made a grand total of 9 appearances and scored 1 goal (in the 2016-2017 season he played zero games)
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