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  1. Messi REALLY wants to add the WC to his list of honours - He was due to retire in July!
  2. Gotta love seeing people with odd surnames in headlines
  3. Thats cool - never had them leave a team to take up an U21/U19 team before but i had something similar when i was managing in England in my last game
  4. This is by far the most amusing injury i've ever seen - usually i just see someone being injured by another player (just glad its not my GK though )
  5. I just couldnt believe my eyes when i saw this result after my first CL game - not only did they lose to a ten man team the own goal came after the sending off
  6. Hmmm not sure why my keeper decided to come out this far and try to catch the ball - but first time i've seen my keeper get sent off
  7. Surely that just means that you've got a lot of players that dont speak english and he's having trouble trying to organise people coz they dont know what he's saying.
  8. Made me chuckle that it was Beckham who was warning me about Ronaldo - as if i didnt know of his skill in the first place with him being a former Man Utd player
  9. As soon as my match went to penalties i really wasn't expecting to win
  10. I'm guessing you cant link to images on MU as its more of a file hosting site then one dedicated to images (from what i can gather from the site). As i say on IS when you've uploaded your image there should be about 5-6 links with descriptions like thumbnail for forums - i generally tend to ignore those ones and look for the link that says direct link to image - then copy that link and stick it in the img tags.
  11. Nope havn't shown up - a good place to host images is imageshack. Then when you've uploaded it you get a list of different links to the image - i usually just take the one that says direct link and then put it in [ /img] tags.
  12. Had to laugh when i saw this - surely a fringe player for Man Utd would still be very good for a Championship side??? (only reason i have Nicky Butt was that he was released on a free so i thought i'd pick him up and sell him the next transfer window)
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