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  1. Drazkul


    Yeah I've been tempted to just purchase it. We do film nights with ours too - its how he found he likes Sonic as we had a film night where we watched Detective Pikachu, Sonic and Turbo (Sonic was his favourite by far)
  2. Drazkul


    Same. We tried a 7 day free trial of Now TV and whilst it had some OK films on it the service was shocking. On our Chromecast it would regularly go to some horrendous resolution where everything was incredibly pixalated. We luckily have a fire TV stick which we were able to replace the chromecast with and it worked fine but was a pain having to switch them around. The only thing we miss is our son got really into the Sonic film so he was disappointed to lose it.
  3. Drazkul


    Same, I tried to binge it on ALL4 but the ads killed it for me so very glad its on Disney+ Looking forward to binge on Futurama too as I kind of lost touch with it after series 4 but used to love it.
  4. Same, would really love the NHL games to come to PC Would probably pick up MLB the show if it ever came too
  5. That sucks, hope she gets her appointment soon. As someone who is also classed as CEV I got mine today, it came via a text message from my doctors surgery which included a link to book at places near me.
  6. Surely he picks songs like Fortunate son as he thinks it winds up "the libs"
  7. Is his content PG? I think it was him who someone linked in the planet coaster vids of him doing insane torture theme parks and I suspect my son would love him
  8. The task where they had to throw the potato in the hole was hilarious, just purely because of Joes reactions.
  9. Been waiting for Stranded deep Have always wanted it but never got round to purchasing it
  10. Once you've done around 3 or 4 quick jobs you should get an email in game saying you can borrow some money from the bank. The amount you can borrow increases as you get some more cash - doesn't take too long though to be able to borrow the max (around 400k) You'll probably want around £150,000 for a truck though. When you've either saved up or borrowed enough cash go visit a truck dealer of your choice and you'll be able to purchase a truck. Some options won't be unlocked till you hit the required level. Eventually you can purchase trailers but I prefer to just take
  11. Would a game like an Elder scrolls or Fallout really work on stadia? I assume the lack of modding ability is what keeps primarily PC gamers away from it
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