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  1. Just seen this on twitter - found it hilarious
  2. Thing about Avatar that annoyed me most was they signed a stupid exclusivity deal so you couldn't get the 3D blu ray unless you bought a specific 3D player. Probably cost them quite a lot of sales. I thought the next Avengers was delayed a year partly due to the title and the fact it could be spoilery for Infinity War
  3. Drazkul

    This hurts my eyes

    So on mobile I seem to remember the bars for people's names being blue a few days ago before this update - Just seems like there is far too much white now when viewed on mobile.
  4. Drazkul

    Red Dead

    That was an amazing trailer
  5. Drazkul

    I killed a Goose.

    I've been fairly lucky, had a rabbit run out and go under my wheels once and a bird hit my front grill but didnt do any damage to the car. Just yesterday I had to narrowly avoid a pheasant on a duel carriageway and was fortunate to not have anyone near me so I could swerve to avoid it. Other then that when I was younger I had to slalom between 2 badgers late one night that were in the middle of the road. My folks however had a deer run into their car last year
  6. Drazkul

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Big yes to the Witcher - brilliant game and definitely get both DLC's if you haven't got them already (blood and wine is probably my favorite DLC ever for any game - except maybe Citadel for ME3)
  7. Drazkul

    Tremor in the UK

    Didnt feel it here in Malvern
  8. Drazkul

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Cool thanks
  9. Drazkul

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    So ordered Horizon Zero Dawn today and will have it by tomorrow, can't wait to play it. Any tips or advice I should know?
  10. Drazkul

    Falcon Heavy Launch - ft. Possible Explosions

    Fair enough, just seemed weird to me but that makes sense I suppose
  11. Drazkul

    Falcon Heavy Launch - ft. Possible Explosions

    Why exactly is he sending his car up? Surely there are more worthwhile things to send into space
  12. Drazkul

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Guessing he has bought it from the ps store as its £54.99 on there
  13. Drazkul

    They are ruining Irn Bru

    Waitrose has apparently had that thought too http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42567638
  14. Drazkul

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    Don't know if SCS have improved the ai for cars on roundabouts but I'd say 95% of all my collisions in ETS2 are at roundabouts. Mostly due to them being in the wrong lane for where they are turning i.e. They are in the left lane and try to turn right while in the U.K and therefore run into me causing me to be fined
  15. Drazkul

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    Yeah left hand drive trucks are far more useful in ETS2 as you only need a right hand drive one for the UK