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  1. How are the other Maltese teams doing in Europe? From experience you really need at least one of them to step up and start winning games if you want to start your qualifying in later rounds.
  2. As an update to this, the youth and training facilities were completed on the dates listed in the above screenshots despite being before the start date.
  3. Summary - The dates for facilities upgrades are incorrect, or backwards. Description of Issue - I qualified for the CL for the first time, so used the big lump of prize money to upgrade my facilities. The request was made from the drop-down on the Finances window. The board agreed on the next Continue, but for both Training and Youth upgrades the start date is after the completion date. Steps to Reproduce - Request the upgrades to Training and Youth facilities. I did so after the game in the save file, but as they weren't expensive I suspect this would also happen before. Files Uploaded - Savefile made one day before request, uploaded as ZoryaFacilities.fm
  4. The workaround suggested for this works for me in the Ukrainian Second Tier. - Move player from B/2nd Team to U21. - Continue. - Player in now in U21, move to Senior.
  5. Thanks for getting back to me, I agree with your suggestion of a new type of affiliation - it would certainly make sense in this situation. It being removed with the other Senior affiliate is interesting, although I fear I'm too big to request one now to test it out in my save.
  6. Were you able to cancel this? I'm managing Linfield currently in the late 2030's and the option to cancel is still greyed out, presumably as it is a 'Long Term Arrangement'. As I'm just about the same rep as them these days I get very little benefit from the friendly they are obliged to have with me every season. There are religious reasons this affiliation in reality and I had just assumed it was hard-coded into the game and couldn't be removed.
  7. I like the snapshot of the 'Big 6' every gameweek, although if you end up in a situation like last season where things are changing every day in the league, a little snapshot of the table would be handy as I was struggling to keep track! I'm also still not convinced by the badge styling, although I do like some of the European club interpretations.
  8. I also love doing this once I get a club big enough to do so. - Clairefontaine is obviously the big French academy, but they have quite a high rep in-game so I've only ever been able to get them at a massive club. - The Australian FA academy is usually a pretty good one to pick up and have served me well in the past. - In this game I've discovered the San Marino Academy is a thing and have great youth facilities (in my game, at least) but I haven't been able to get them as a feeder yet despite their tiny rep.
  9. No problem! I think SI just copied the Europa model for this new competition as UEFA haven't exactly been forthcoming as to how it will actually work. Not sure why it doesn't appear on the Rules page though.
  10. Winning it gets you into the Europa League Group Stage the following season, much like winning the Europa gets you Champs League Groups.
  11. How did Brexit pan out in your save? I'm trying to do something similar to your save (I've started in Scotland but the Old Firm - especially Celtic - are light-years ahead of everyone else I may have to move on to Wales or NIre) but the new Work Permit rules after Brexit have hamstrung me somewhat. Basically if I want a non-UK or Irish player to play they need to earn 8kp/w minimum, u23s need to be on 3kp/w to play in cups or be loaned out. With a weekly wage budget of ~26kp/w this is obviously well out of my price range and means my transfer options are severely limited for the foreseeable future, making this type of save so much harder! The only plus side is that I only need 5 scouts (one for each country) and my scouting budget can be spent solely on the UK!
  12. Have you turned the Croatian leagues on now there is no chance of them pinching your players any more? While I have nothing to back it up, I always try to loan my players to active leagues as it feels to me like they develop better.
  13. Just curious, now you are flush with cash is there a reason you aren't also building Data Analysis Facilities? I tend to not pay too much attention to the reports I get from it, but I like to think that all facilities at the club play a part in boosting the rep for bringing in (or in your case, keeping) players.
  14. If I remember correctly, SI have confirmed that the HoYD only has an impact on 2 or 3 players in the intake (the ones they brag about in the e-mail), the rest are random.
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