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  1. If I remember correctly, SI have confirmed that the HoYD only has an impact on 2 or 3 players in the intake (the ones they brag about in the e-mail), the rest are random.
  2. DPMM are one of the three 'special' teams in the Singapore league (I did a bit of research when I started there in FM19) and are, in fact, from Brunei. Due to a lack of league in Brunei they seem to jump around the leagues in the area. Playing as them would need you to play a 'Youth Intake' type save, unless you specifically loaded Brunei players into the database on starting. Albirex are from Japan and have similar restricitons placed on their squads, but there are more Japanese players in the game despite this also being an unplayable country. The third 'special' team is Young Lions who are supposed to be restricted, by age, on who they can sign, but this isn't implemented in game (see my posts above).
  3. Happened the very next game. Upload a save as requested, it's called MilitaryServiceQs.fm. This question appeared in the post-match press conference.
  4. Not sure if this is a 'league' issue (will only impact Korea, to my knowledge) or a 'News' issue, but here goes: During pre-match press conferences I will occasionally receive the standard questions about players I have out on loan, including those on Military Service. The issue I have is that if I am asked about a player who is loaned to an army team, but not playing, I am able to provide the standard responses including the one about 'thinking about recalling him'. Obviously this isn't an option for Military Service players, so the ability to answer as such seems a little odd. If you are able to differentiate, I'd suggest removing this line of questioning about army players completely as I can't imagine it is something that gets asked about at all, and the club managers almost certainly wouldn't threaten to pull the players out of such a deal.
  5. This isn't an issue, the Asian World Cup qualifying groups act as qualification for the 2023 Asian Cup so Qatar will be part of this in real life. From a quick read of Wiki, if they win their group (unlikely) FIFA/AFC will make a decision at that point as to if they continue the qualification process.
  6. Thanks @Ed Hewison. Further to my other points I think that the date of the Singapore Cup Final needs looking at too. While I am only in 2019, the Final has so far been played on 30th November and 1 December. As 30th November is 'contract expiry day'/End of Loan Day this obviously means that clubs in this match are likely to be weaker than if the game was played a day or two earlier (I lost my star player on the day of the game this season). Looking through the history of this game it is always played before this date, although the date does move around.
  7. Sorry for the double-post, but I didn't want this to get caught up in all the league stuff above. The Singapore League Cup appears to have ended after the 2017 season in an effort to reduce fixture congestion. Unfortunately the Singaporean FA don't seem to have mentioned this officially (not anywhere I can find after a quick search around) but it certainly wasn't played in 2018 and nothing appears to have been scheduled in 2019. This competition is still in-game as of the 2019 season.
  8. Every year I start in a random league (normally one I've not played in before) and this year was the Singapore Prem. After a bit of research into my new home it appears that a lot of changes were made for the 2018 season (which the game starts halfway through) to try and improve Singapore youth football which don't appear to have been reflected in-game, at least not in the 2019 season which I am now partway through. I'm obviously not a local, so I may be wrong, but from what I gather the following league rules were implemented: It is compulsory for each of the SPL's six local clubs to recruit at least six Under-23 footballers for their squad, with a minimum of three Under-23 players to feature in the starting 11 for each match. The first U-23 player must be replaced by another, if the substitution occurs in the 1st half. Beyond this, any U-23 players can be replaced by any other players. I appreciate that the ME won't support the sub thing, but I currently have no age restrictions for my squad or my starting XI. Depending on the squad size, each team is to sign at least eight local players aged 24 to 30. A 25-man squad will need to have nine local U-23 players and 10 local players aged 24 to 30. As above, I have seen no age restrictions when naming my squad, except that U21 players don't need to be registered, which also seems incorrect. Introduction of age quotas, with teams allowed to sign only two to six players above the age of 30, depending on squad size. For example, for squad between 19 and 22 players, there must be minimum of six under-23 players and 8 under-30 players. This will apply to all club except Young Lions and Albirex Niigata (S). No indication of this in-game, although I haven't tried to sign anybody over 30. Young Lions can sign a maximum of 33 players for the season. I believe these are a Singapore U21/23 team so may not be manageable, or even if the game can support such a rule. Unfortunately I am nowhere near the game at the moment so cannot check if they have signed more (I doubt it). The foreign player quota for clubs will be reduced from three to two with no age restriction placed on them. I can still have three in my squad (plus unlimited foreign U21's) but this rule appears to have been reversed for the 2019 season so can probably be ignored. Albirex Niigata (S) has age restrictions imposed by the FAS for the new season. The squad will be made up of 50% of U23 players, 50% of U21 players and one player of any age. This is excluding 2 Singapore U-23 players which they can choose to sign. I don't manage these, so can't comment if this is in-game or if the engine will even support it. All matches will be played during weekends at 5:30 p.m. I'm not near the game so can't check this for certain, but I've definitely had midweek games. EDIT: All league games are currently kicking off at weekends at 19:30. Each team will receive $888,200 if they meet key performance indicators that will be made known to them before the March 31 kick-off. I guess this has been dropped in favour of traditional positional prize money, which I agree makes most sense. This information was taken from the Official Singaporean FA website, specifically this post which includes the Key Changes PDF. Other information was taken from Wikipedia, which is sourced, but I know not everyone takes that as fact. If a local, other player, or actual fan of the league want to correct me on any point I may have missed or misunderstood in-game (or out) please feel free.
  9. Guessing they added the national stadium thing in '13, as it was never an option for me last year. The triallist thing wasn't that much of a timesink, I usually just ended up offering trials to 5-10 at a time for each position based on age, int caps, nationality, or name. As much as I might like to claim a superior tactical knowledge, it was mostly luck. Unfortunately it was during the Summer I went, so no game. Would have been nice to see all the players and staff I released in the game in the flesh though!
  10. Been reading up on your career for the past couple of days, great stuff! It's particularly interesting to me as I had a Haverfordwest career going in FM12, and had a huge (for West Wales) rivalry with Carmarthen over the course of my 20 seasons there. In that time I had 10 years in the CL groups, only making the QF once, so you have me beat on that front. Aberystwyth were 'my TNS' and were perennial title-challengers and co-efficient-getters. In the first couple of seasons, with no money and no squad to speak of, I made great use of trial system, sometimes bringing in 50 or 60 plays in pre-season. This allowed me to bring in players from further afield than Wales (which, like you, I was restricted to), including a future club legend Argentinian striker, did you make a concious decision to not do this for any career realism reasons, or just something that didn't spring to mind? Like you, I was haemorrhaging money on non-European months, this was primarily due to my tiny stadium (3000 cap, 1000 seats. Eventually upgraded to all-seater) which my board refused to upgrade. Even with the WPL up to 3.5 stars, I was only averaging 1200 attendances in the league (selling out Europe) which wasn't enough to justify upgrading. I know that Carmarthens ground is a similar size (having been there) and was wondering if you had run into similar problems as I notice no 'Stadium Upgrade' news being posted. As an aside, such was my affinity with Haverfordwest, on a recent trip to Wales from my native Essex (staying in Carmarthen, no less), I paid the stadium a visit. It was silly, but something I really enjoyed, I even have a shirt.
  11. Just out of interest, how have the careers of your two East Timor youth candidates gone?
  12. I managed in the WPL for 10 years, and increased the league rep to 3 stars, while prize money (and tv money for that fact) have increased dramatically they are still painfully low. Prize money from the CL is still the key.
  13. Not seen this in FM12 yet, but in FM11 the Steam Achievements counted second and third place on these awards as a win. At a guess, I imagine this carried over into this version.
  14. I'm beginning to think that this is a loosely fixed value, or based on local populations. I'm currently managing Haverfordwest County in the Welsh Prem and am currently in my seventh season with them, 2018/19 season. In my first season at the club we sold 62 season tickets which, given that fact the club had a pokey old stadium, had a half-star rep and was in a one star league, didn't strike me as too odd. However, in the six complete seasons I have spent at the club I have: - Increased club rep to 1 star, now highest in Wales. - Upgraded stadium to 2000 all seater, from a 2000 half seating/standing arrangement. (Further seating coming next year). - Increased club training and youth facilities two 'levels', up from essentially non-existent. - Won the league six seasons running, with 3 domestic cups along the way. - Increased average attendance for league games from ~200 to 750+. - Qualified for the Europa League groups stages twice, currently in the Champions League group stages for the second season running. - Increased the league rep to one-and-a-half stars, from one star, thanks to my European performances. - ~130th in Europe based on coefficient. - Sell out every home European game. Despite this, the club sold 69 season tickets this season, only 7 more than my initial season and less than 10% of my average attendance. Does anybody have an idea as to when I can expect to see this increase more than it has already (I think this is the main reason I can still only offer pittance to players for wages) or have any experience of what needs to happen before my fans take the plunge and snap up a season ticket?
  15. Enzo Scorza, ever since he took me (with Lincoln) from League 2 to UEFA Cup glory in FM08 I always try to bring him with me to different clubs in either new, or career, games. He carved out a nice career at Charlton (later becoming manager) in '11. Not had a chance to sign this time around so far, as he doesn't seem to fancy playing in either the Russian first, or Welsh Premier, divisions
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