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  1. Who are Jagersburg? Google says it's an amateur German team, but how could they raise their European rankings without appearing in Bundesliga and cup finals?
  2. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2033/34 League table Once again we were the most consistent team in the league, though a lot of games were decided in our favour only on the last minutes. Magyar Cup Our second double! We also broke the club record by scoring 12 against our local rivals Champions League Unfortunately, after that heavy loss in Istanbul we lost all chances to reach top two, and the final game against Milan actually had no meaning other than securing 3rd place. Europa League We lost both our previous games against Ajax, but that was 5 years ago and we are much stronger now. Though I didn't expect that score when they were 1-0 ahead at half-time! Unlucky to get Arsenal so early. Probably we even could make a comeback after a loss at home, but Tamas Varga went mad and got two yellow cards within a minute. Meanwhile Vidi had a better European season, reaching quarter-final and helping us to keep Hungary on 8th place in UEFA rankings. Youth intake Tajti 34a | Konya 34b | Marsai 34c | Bohner 34d Striker, centre-back and attacking midfielder. Not that we needed more players on these positions, but still good to see potentially starting players. Squad stats This season was the final one for Mate Somogyi, the goalkeeper who was our number one from the start, and luckily we got Berki who was ready to replace him. Transfers Youth League The fifth try finally was lucky! Internationals Hungary qualified for the World Cup (thanks to its expansion) but lost both of their group games 0-1 against Mexico and Ghana. Hoos, Madarasz and Berki (who is still only 17!) were starters.
  3. Just noticed this in the international report, think it's the highest score in the official game I've seen in FM19.
  4. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2032/33 League table The race between us and Vidi was close until our third head-to-head game. We won it 2-1 at home, and so the road to another title was open! Magyar Cup After three finals in a row this result can be considered disappointing, especially as we lost to the 8th placed team. Champions League After defeating Kobenhavn in qualifying round we got a group which I expected to be quite tough, even in terms of third place battle. However, after a starting loss we smashed Milan at home and defeated Feyenoord twice, so on the final matchday at San Siro we needed a draw to finish second. And Milan even gave us a big chance when Moise Kean was sent off early, but we couldn't use it and they punished us with counters. Back to Europa League. Europa League Salzburg are the most familiar European rivals for us, we were drawn together three times in four seasons. They equalized on aggregate early in the return leg. but after half-time we regained the lead and advanced. Conceding the third goal immediately after equalizing from 0-2 was tough to take, but it certainly was a decent result for the first away game. At home there was no doubt in our advantage from the start, and we reached the quarter-final for the first time in 6 years (what's interesting, in that season we defeated Stuttgart in the same round!) Home games against Italian teams were good for us this season, but Roma scored a very important away goal, and it took 20 minutes for them to get an aggregate lead. The game was closing to the end, we went all out attack and it worked when Tamas Varga headed the ball in! We reached the semi-final, repeating our best ever European result. Good thing for our rankings is that Vidi also played in quarter-finals, eventually losing to Lazio. The stats show that we were really better in the first game but couldn't convert this into goals. The draw itself was quite a good result (we lost all our previous games against English teams), but I still was disappointed as understood that the game at Old Trafford would be a lot harder. Youth intake Kocsis 33a | Lazar 33b | Zlatkovic 33c | Vago 33d This intake is not the best in ability and potential, but it stands out in terms of second nationalities. Before this season we got Vojvodina as our affiliate club, so getting a Serbian player wasn't a surprise but three others probably have no connection with it. Squad stats Tamas Varga had another impressive season, reaching 30 goals mark and breaking his own record. After the winter break I decided to make Peter Berki the first choice goalkeeper, as Somogyi seemed to decline (especially he was conceding too much from long shots), and our youngster proved he's ready to be a starter. Centre-back Csaba Angyal was another new player in the starting eleven. Transfers Robert Horvath, the superstar of season 23/24 and our first league title, lost the competition to younger players and left the club. Also Tamas Varga (our left-back from the starting squad who played more than 300 games for us) was released on free transfer and later re-signed as director of football (his stats are really bad but that certainly doesn't matter in this kind of challenge, just honoring his playing career). Youth League I think UEFA already makes silver medals with our name on them Internationals Hungary U20 reached the World Cup quarter-finals, and lost to Portugal in extra time. Romania U20 selected our newest talent Lazar for the Toulon Tournament. Not bad considering he's only 15. Strong European season from us and Vidi pushed our national rankings up to 8th place, so the direct Champions League place is back.
  5. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2031/32 League table Three in a row! This time we had a close group behind us, but none of these teams were consistent enough, and we won the title with four games to go. Magyar Cup We reached the final once again but couldn't cope with Vidi. A small consolation for them after a really bad result in the league. Champions League Finally we got the group where top two weren't out of reach. PSG won this trophy three times in a row and were clear favourites, but Sevilla didn't look like an unbeatable team, and we proved it getting draws in both games. So the matches against Dinamo were decisive, we won both while Sevilla dropped points in Zagreb, and we advanced to the knockout rounds! I can't say that Inter played so much better in the first game, they simply had the skill to convert their chances. However, that was a great season for us and all the nation as well - three Hungarian teams reached the Europa League playoffs, Puskas Akademia and Ferencvaros even advanced to 2nd knockout round. Youth intake Varga 32a | Berki 32b | Polyak 32c | Karoly 32d | Csaki 32e | Kulcsar 32f We've got a potentially starting defensive midfielder and another promising goalkeeper whose attributes are a lot more balanced than all our previous talents had. I think he's already not worse than our current backup goalie, so I'll promote Berki to the first team and will start him in cup games next season. Squad stats Incredible season for Tamas Varga, he broke club and league goalscoring records, and even won the Golden Boot! Sandor Hoos became our Robben - he's no doubt the most gifted player in our team but I lost count of his injuries which probably won't let him reach all the potential (well, there is one upside - he's not wanted by big foreign teams anymore). Janos Vago and Adam Banhegyi are two previously unnoticed players who were useful this season as backups. Transfers Yes, we sold our all-time best goalscorer Daniel Kovacs, our academy is producing too many good strikers, and there was no place for him even as a backup. Antal Farkas was a first team player for several seasons when we played 4-2-3-1, but in 4-4-2 we needed less central midfielders, so he lost this place. Youth League I understand that third final in a row is a great achievement, but let us finally win it Internationals Hungary finished last in their group with two draws against Sweden and England. Madarasz appeared in all three games, Fiola and Hoos both played one, Varga and Illes weren't given any playing time. Hungary U19 (more than a half of squad were our players!) reached Euro semi-final and lost to Portugal on penalties. Next year they will play in the U20 World Cup. We also had a board takeover, our new chairman initially was against the youth development policy but after several meeting I convinced him to remove these philosophies.
  6. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2030/31 League table Vidi seemed to recover after a bad last season, going close to us until April, but in the end they dropped too many points and almost missed the second Champions League spot. And we defended our title, that's a real achievement when you can't afford to strengthen the squad after celebrating. Magyar Cup We were very close to the second double in a row, but conceded in extra time while having a man advantage. Champions League Kind of deja vu, our second try in the group stage and again we were drawn with Salzburg. And like two years ago we managed to get head-to-head advantage, though this time there was no need to count tie-breakers. that win over Atletico on the last matchday allowed us finish on clear third place. Europa League And here comes the disappointment. We were simply outclassed by the team we've beaten not too long ago. Youth intake Vitelki 31a | Havasi 31b | Horvath 31c | Balajcza 31d | Sipos 31e | Angyal 31f Not the best year for our academy, three most promising players have poor personalities. Squad stats No one reached the 20 goals mark this season, but five players scored 10 or more. Our backup striker Balazs Kover became the best goalscorer (not so surprisingly as he played more against weaker opponents). Transfers Youth League Third final (and second in a row) for our youngsters. This time it wasn't so one-sided but still not enough to win the trophy. Internationals Hungary U21 with 8 our players in squad finished third in a tough group with Germany and Netherlands, however Mate Czar was named as the tournament's best player! Hungary U20 selected only two our players for the World Cup (out of ten who qualified last year!) and lost to Serbia in first knockout round. Bad news as our first European successes are no more counted into the national rankings, and we don't have a direct Champions League place since next season.
  7. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2029/30 League table Celebrating the title in the first season at our new stadium! Vidi faced crisis after winning the league five times in a row, however the season wasn't so easy as it could be judged from the table. Puskas Akademia were four points behind us before the last head-to-head game, so their win could make the final part a lot more difficult, but instead we won 2-0, increased our lead and secured our second championship with three games to go. Magyar Cup And we also won the cup! As usual, it wasn't our priority but our backup players were good enough to reach the final. There we faced Vidi, just like 8 years ago, and got the revenge. Champions League Knocked out by Ajax second season in a row. It's really hard to win when opponents have 4 shots on target and score with each of them. Europa League (group) The only disappointment is that we dropped points in Belgrade after leading 2-0, and so couldn't finish with 100% result. We had a nightmare start in Valencia, Coulibaly scored on 3th minute, and Zsolt Horvath was sent off on 9th! Probably even one goal loss wouldn't have been so bad in that situation, but we managed to equalize twice! In the home game we again conceded first but Burcsa scored two more and put us through. Not much has changed since we met Arsenal last time. English teams are still too strong for us, especially as we had to play first game without three suspended key players. Youth intake Kovacs 30a | Nagy 30b | Lengyel 30c | Angyal 30d | Marko 30e Well, I asked for a goalkeeper last time. Nagy has poor personality and lacks some important attributes but still he's the best we got during all these years. Squad stats Switching to 4-4-2 really worked well, Ferenc Bursca broke the club record with 27 goals, and Tamas Varga (not our veteran left-back, of course ) impressed even more as a pressing forward. He became our second goalscorer and one of the best assistants in his debut season in the first team! After Vagabov left in January, the right-back position became our weakness. Valkovszki declined too much (and that was his final season before retirement), so this position was covered by a nominal centre-back Laszlo Borsi or Benjamin Poloskei, just the best of others. Transfers Apart from Vagabov, the most notable transfer is Laszlo Balogh, our first newgen who reached the starting 11. Youth League Second final for our youth, but German teams are almost unbeatable on this level - seven titles in ten years. Next improvement of training and youth facilities (already arranged for next season) will take them to the maximum 5 stars. And another achievement of our youth - Hungarian U19 team with ten our players in squad reached the Euro semi-finals and qualified for the U20 World Cup next year!
  8. He had offers from Napoli and Milan matching his release clause of 9,25M (which was locked by agent ), so the best I could do is offering him to the preferred club for a bit cheaper price but with 50% future clause. However, losing a key player is never nice in this type of challenge, especially as we don't have a good cover for him. Luckily, our other top prospect Hoos doesn't have a release clause and his contract ends in 2034.
  9. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2028/29 League table The same top three as in previous season. This time we had a poor start and strong finish, enough to qualify for Champions League but far away from challenging Vidi. Magyar Cup Great run from our backup squad, they only lost to the eventual winners who fielded all their best players. Champions League Surely our first ever group appearance couldn't be won in less epic way. After 2-1 away win and early goal at home we conceded three, so Shakhtar were ready to celebrate when Burcsa fired a long shot on 5th added minute! In the group stage we also looked better in away games, losing to Barcelona and Inter only in injury time and getting head-to-head advantage over Salzburg which allowed us to finish third. Europa League Two even games, but last minute goal from van de Beek put Ajax through. Youth intake Szabo 29a | Hanak 29b | J.Kovacs 29c | Elekes 29d | Berki 29e | Gera 29f This year there are no superstars ready for the first team, but hopefully these players will develop well. Squad stats For the first time two our players scored more than 20 goals, also we have good strikers away on loan and in youth squads. so I think it's worth trying 4-4-2 as our primary tactics for the next season. Youngsters from the latest intakes already make impact, Hoos, Vagabov and Madarasz are in starting 11 now (and two Hungarians are already capped for the national team), Szucs is a decent rotation option, so at the moment all outfield positions are covered by our academy players. I hope soon we'll get a really good goalkeeper too. Transfers With the reputation rise we can make some money from selling players who are unlikely to reach first team level. The most notable outgoing transfer is Akos Pinczes who was our best defensive midfielder in first seasons. And of course Tamas Vasas who found a perfect team for himself
  10. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2027/28 League table Before the winter break we managed to keep Vidi close, however in spring they ran away and we had to defend our second place from Puskas Akademia. At least there will be a chance to reach the Champions League groups next season. Magyar Cup Disappointing early exit from a second tier team. Europa League Finished second in a very straightforward group and unfortunately couldn't get past Roma. Ending the continental season in February is already quite disappointing. Youth intake Hoos 28a | Vagabov 28b | Czar 28c | Zsdral 28d | Jakl 28e We got a real star, a 16 years old who is already the best in the team! And he plays on the same position as Zsolt Horvath, our highest rated player for third season in a row... So Hoos will be retrained for the right wing, his ability to play with both feet should be helpful. Vagabov is the best right-back produced by our academy and hopefully will soon replace aging Valkovszki. Squad stats Ferenc Burcsa was only given 3* PA three years ago, and now he's assessed as our best striker! Daniel Kovacs still plays better though, but i surely will give Burcsa more playing time next season. Transfers Two our players were selected for the Euro (though they only appeared on the bench and Hungary finished last in their group), and the new stadium will be built next summer! Its capacity isn't a huge improvement from our current 7000 but probably should be enough to host European games.
  11. Just noticed this value difference between our class of 2020 and all others. Of course they all are among the best in CA, but for example Laszlo Kovacs who is only a year younger and has 4* CA is nowhere near, so it's a bit weird.
  12. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2026/27 League table Vidi were unstoppable and that's not a surprise, every season they spend more than all other Hungarian teams, signing newgens from South America (currently there are nine Argentinians in their squad) and local talents. But Honved's rise wasn't so predictable, they won all three games against us and deserved this second place. We will start from Europa League group next time, which is actually good as our schedule will be quite free until September. Magyar Cup As usual, the cup was played by our bench and youth players, and they managed to reach the quarter final with a comeback against Ujpest. Champions League Both games against Dynamo ended in our own 'Fergie-time', we equalized from a penalty at home and scored a winning goal in Kyiv when everyone were already waiting for extra time. Though it seems all our luck was spent there and Basel stopped us in the next round. Europa League (group stage) This group looked tougher than one we had last year, however we qualified with a game in hand, and a draw against Valencia at home was enough to secure the first place. One of the best available options, though of course Danes didn't let us advance easily. They equalized in injury time at home and were in one goal reach until the last seconds of second leg. We lost at home and actually hadn't any real chances until 75th minute, so I was ready to accept our defeat but Zsolt Horvath scored two in remaining time and we advanced on away goals! Another German team in quarter final, and this was time for Daniel Kovacs to lead. His equalizer in second game just before half time made Schalke's task a lot harder. We kept this result in second half and reached the semi final! At least we scored first in London. English top teams are really playing on different level from anyone else, Youth intake Madarasz 27a | Wittredi 27b | Szabo 27c Great top prospect but others are unlikely to break into the first team. Squad stats Antal Farkas became a starting central midfielder, Attila Fiola finally got his first international caps, though only as a substitute in friendlies. Transfers Kalman was looking for new challenge and had one year of contract left so I decided to sell him. Youth League Incredible result from our youth! Bayern were too strong but reaching the final itself is a major achievement. More improvement for our national rankings! If we continue the same way (and hopefully other teams, especially Vidi will improve), 6th place and three Champions League spots won't be so far.
  13. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2025/26 League table Another second place behind Vidi, and we were leading with three games to go so it's mostly a disappointing result. However, it gave us a Champions League place so can be considered a success. Magyar Cup Of course, with 9 top division teams to be drawn into 8 pairs we should get Vidi. And we still were close to defeat them with mostly a reserve squad but two late goals put them through. Europa League (qualifiers and group) Reached the group stage once again and got a revenge over AZ for the last season loss. Then we could easily qualify with a game in hand but somehow managed to lose against Anderlecht who had no shots on target until 88th minute (and that strange last minute VAR penalty I mentioned before appeared in this game) and so had to get at least a point in Krasnodar. We were 0-2 behind but scored two within a minute and finished second. Once again a Dutch team in this stage. The first game should have been ended in our favor but poor finishing (including a missed penalty) prevented us from scoring more, and Feyenoord got a winning goal from a corner. A poor result before a return leg in Rotterdam, however we took this game to the extra time! Second yellow card for Laszlo Kovacs and another VAR penalty (FM engine again made me guess what really happened there) could end our journey but we went all out attack and on 120th minute Zsolt Horvath scored the decisive goal! Bordeaux took the lead in the first game, we equalized and I actually was happy with a draw but Szilard Kalman wasn't and scored in the last attack! Then we secured a draw in France, a great result as we reach the quarter final! Obviously we didn't have any chances on aggregate but could get a draw at home, damn VAR cancelled our penalty this time Youth intake Szucs 26a | Kutyancsanin 26b | Berdo 26c | Kovacs 26d | Nemeth 26e | Kulcsar 26f | Varga 26g Back to golden generations And finally we got a really promising left-back, hope next time there will be one for the right as well, currently it's the most concerning position as Valkovszki is already 30 and there's no one to replace him. Squad stats A breakthrough season for Zsolt Horvath, he established himself as a first choice left winger ahead of Fujsz, scored some really important goals and finished the season with the best rating among starters. Daniel Kovacs missed the end of the season with injury, probably with him available we wouldn't have dropped those points in final games. Transfers Bence Peter and Milan Hanol, key players for us in first seasons (and Peter is still our all-time top goalscorer) now had to play only for reserve team and so I agreed to sell them. Another improvement for training and youth facilities was arranged immediately and will be ready during next season. Also we raised Hungary coefficient to the 10th place, and that means a direct Champions League place for the next season's champion!
  14. They are not, as well as two Horvaths and three Kovacs in our first team
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