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  1. SK Austria Klagenfurt - Season 2026/27 Bundesliga | Championship group We were comfortably second after the regular season but in this system it means nothing. Rapid, who weren't even in top six at winter break, overtook us and held the second place with a draw on last matchday (and a win in that game would have made them champions)! Still we qualified to the Europa League and will start from group stage. ÖFB Cup Fourth final in five years, but only the first one remains lucky for us. We shut down Red Bull attack in the final and could win in regulation time but Marcucci had an awful day, missing four clear chances. Champions League Here come the money! After passing three qualifying rounds we got the luckiest group draw with CSKA as first seeded team. And as we had good results against other Eastern European teams, I expected to beat them for the 3rd place but surprisingly they won this group. Bayer came second, and we contested the Europa League spot with Sevilla on the last matchday. Needed to win, and Jaritz delivered it with a goal and assist, so we continued our continental season! Europa League Depay's set pieces were unstoppable for us, but at least we managed to get a draw at home. Youth intake Gugganig 27a | Behn 27b | Winkler 27c | Kovacs 27d | Stoll 27e Gugganig and Behn are already rated as the best players on their positions! We also got a Russian player born in a polar town close to America (Abramovich was a governor here at the time he bought Chelsea and that's the only connection between Anadyr and professional football ) Squad stats It was the last season here for our stars, Simone Marcucci and Thomas Fruh (they are slightly interested to sign new contracts but their demands are way higher than we can offer). Fruh's departure shouldn't be a disaster for us (our backup keeper Wolf already got a senior cap for Austria), but none of our strikers can equally replace Simone Transfers And more improvements on the way!
  2. SK Austria Klagenfurt - Season 2025/26 Bundesliga | Championship group Finally we were competitive enough in the final stage. Had no real chances against Red Bull but could hope for second place, only needed to defeat Rapid at home in the last game. Allmendinger scored on 81st minute, Rapid equalized immediately but Marcucci (who else?) managed to score the winner in remaining time. We're going to the Champions League! ÖFB Cup Could be our best run here as well. Three years ago we won the trophy without facing any really strong opponents, and now we beat Austria Wien and Red Bull, but unfortunately lost the final on penalties. Europa League And there's the biggest highlight of the season. We were lucky to avoid much stronger opponents in qualifying rounds and advanced to the group stage after defeating Viktoria Plzen on penalties. The group itself wasn't the hardest as well and I hoped for some positive results but I certainly couldn't expect winning all six games! Hoffenheim ended our run in February but still it was a great season. Youth intake Gruber 26a | Halilovic 26b | Feidt 26c | Kerschner 26d Not so many outstanding players this time. Feidt already looks like a good defensive midfielder though I doubt he will develop well with 'spineless' personality Squad stats What a year for Marcucci, that's the best performance I've seen for last few years in FM. Next season will be probably his last in Klagenfurt, and I hope it won't be much worse! Dietachmair became our second assistant, that's a big surprise as initially he wasn't even in the senior team but got a chance after Erlachner's departure. Transfers Apart from Erlachner and former captain Zagar Knez, we sold some of first newgens whose contracts were running out (some others were simply released), Finally we were able to arrange training and youth facilities improvements, thanks to European prize money and outgoing transfers. Austria moved up to 9th place in UEFA rankings, that means a direct Champions League group spot for the league winners. Also we had two our players called up for the World Cup (Marcucci and Fruh, no surprises here). What's interesting, Austria and Italy played in the same group, and Italy was knocked out while Austria advanced to playoffs with three clean sheets and then lost to Belgium 0-1 in extra time.
  3. I could expect this a some point as our finances were quite poor. Surprised that the board haven't sold Marcucci so far (Juventus offered 39 million for him this summer). Erlachner was our best right winger but can be replaced.
  4. SK Austria Klagenfurt - Season 2024/25 Bundesliga | Championship group | European playoff This league system makes the competition more interesting but it's a nightmare when you try to overachieve with a weaker squad. 10 matches against strong teams were enough drop us from top three, however this time Rapid managed to win the cup, so we had a chance to contest the last European spot with Austria Wien. They were expected to be in the top group before the season and obviously had better form in the end so it wasn't easy at all, but two goals from our strikers pushed us back to continental football. ÖFB Cup After two finals in a row that's a poor result, but still within the board expectations. Youth intake Hammerle 25a | Amling 25b | Oberauer 25c | Fring 25d | Feussner 25e | Kalinic 25f Yes, we need more forwards Squad stats Marcucci was more an assistant this season, eventually breaking club and league records, and still became our top goalscorer! Fruh is now a first choice goalkeeper for Austrian NT and so far conceded only one goal from penalty. Our playmaker Michael Funk also improved a lot, setting the new league record with 7.50 average rating. Upd: Marcucci also got his first international cap for Italy in June! Transfers Austria regained an extra European place for the next season, that's obviously good for us.
  5. SK Austria Klagenfurt - Season 2023/24 Bundesliga | Championship group That was a good season - we went to the winter break as leaders, the second stage was a lot harder but still we stayed close to the better teams and even defeated Red Bull for the first time (despite losing the title they are still the strongest team here). Though... it turned out that Austria lost one European spot and 4th place is now not enough even for playoffs ÖFB Cup Second final in a row, but this time LASK left us without European football. Europa League We had no real chances to defeat Lazio and qualify to the group stage, but two wins over Belenenses and a draw in Rome weren't bad for the debut season. Youth intake Peischl 24a | Traxler 24b | Schneider 24c | Alberding 24d | Schilling 24e | Freiberger 24f So far all our youth intakes were called golden generations Squad stats Marcucci continued to improve his goalscoring stats, once again won the league's best player award and was called up to the senior Italian team (though haven't played yet). The bids for him were about 16M but so far he's happy to stay at our club earning 65 euros a week Transfers Zan Pelko, our number one keeper until the previous season, returned home. Unfortunately I couldn't sell some other former key players with high wages (like Hirschhofer) so they will leave us after this season.
  6. SK Austria Klagenfurt - Season 2022/23 Bundesliga | Championship group Not so impressive second part of the season, though getting into the top half is already a big achievement. Last season 5th placed team qualified for the European playoffs, so we could be there as well, but... ÖFB Cup All favourites were eliminated on early stages, and we remained the only team from top six to reach quarter-final. That was a chance we couldn't miss (though almost did it in semi-final against Admira, only winning it on penalties), and Marcucci's goal against Wattens brought us the first major trophy and a Europa League place next season! Youth intake Susic 23a | Willam 23b | Hohmann 23c | Burghart 23d | Appelrath 23e | Kampitsch 23f Looks a bit worse than last year, though still called a golden generation. And once again we have a striker as the best prospect Squad stats All our achievements this season would have been impossible without Simone Marcucci, he set the club records in goals, average rating and MoM awards, was selected as league's best player and already attracted interest from Chelsea (hope the board wouldn't sell him too quickly as I don't want to let him go until 2027). Thomas Fruh, another prospect from the 2021 intake, is now an indispensable first team player as well. Also they both were called for the U21 Euro this summer. Transfers Our balance is still below zero, hopefully European debut will help to improve it (advancing to the group stage would be ideal, of course).
  7. SK Austria Klagenfurt - Season 2021/22 Bundesliga | Relegation group After 22 games the league splits in two groups with only half of points counted. That actually restarts the season, especially in the relegation group which becomes totally unpredictable. At one point we were close to bottom, but four wins in a row moved us to the top spot which means contesting last European place in playoffs. Unfortunately, two our starting center-backs decided to have an early vacation and missed the final matchday after collecting 5 yellow cards, so we lost 3-5 and finished 8th in overall table. ÖFB Cup Despite playing mostly with reserve squad we advanced to 3rd round and lost to Altach (eventual league runners-up) after conceding a late penalty. Youth intake Wolf 22a | Erlachner 22b | Deinert 22c | Abels 22d | Klotz 22e | Strasser 22f | Maurer 22g | Wolff 22h | Keller 22i | Schilling 22j No immediate first team contenders in this intake, but its depth is better than in previous years. We have another goalkeeper as the top prospect, and also some talented center-backs and wingers (positions where we didn't get much improvements before). Squad stats The competition between our talented strikers so far ends in favour of Marcucci and Allmendinger. Thomas Fruh already got some playing time in goal, and I think next season he will be our number one. Transfers Unfortunately, Bundesliga has lower prize money for fielding young domestic players, and wage demands became higher after promotion, so our finances are not so good anymore, Guess at some point we'll have to sell key players
  8. SK Austria Klagenfurt - Season 2020/21 2. Liga After selling their key players Liefering weren't the strongest team in our division anymore, so we had a chance to win the title and eventually made it. Though Kapfenberger did everything to make our task harder, only their defeat in 29th round allowed us to celebrate promotion with a game to go. Next season will be tough but I hope we'll stay clear of the only relegation spot. ÖFB Cup Our best cup result so far, though I was ready for another 2nd round loss in a game against St. Polten when we were 0-2 behind on 77th minute but came back to win in extra time. Youth intake Marcucci 21a | Fruh 21b | Schmidt 21c | Buddenberg 21d | Kulmer 21e | Ganser 21f | Ostermann 21g | Lang 21h The improvements we made to our academy are really working! The first foreign-born youngster already has 3* CA and surely will be in the first squad next season. But can we have the best player on some other position next time? Also we've got two good goalkeepers and promising fullbacks on both sides. Squad stats I switched our formation to 4-4-2 (considering quality of our young strikers that was an obvious decision), and that worked. Allmendinger played closer to goal so not a surprise that he became our top goalscorer. Jaritz missed first half of the season with injuries, but Sihler provided a really good cover for the left wing. Probst returned after more than a year out of football, and he's still our key defender Unfortunately, last season's best player Muharemovic will move to Kapfenberger as his contract was going to expire. Transfers
  9. @Miek actually in this kind of challenge you never know when the squad will be strong enough to play on higher level, so I recommend to push for promotion when there is such opportunity. As for improvements - it's better to start with junior coaching and youth recruitment, they are less expensive and so will be more likely agreed with board.
  10. SK Austria Klagenfurt - Season 2019/20 2. Liga I think Liefering could easily finish second in Bundesliga if they were allowed to play there. We were too inconsistent for winning promotion, and despite defeating Ried twice finished one point behind them. Still that's a progress and we can hope for one more step forward next season. ÖFB Cup Worse than last season but anyway we met the board expectations. Youth intake Becker 20a | Bader 20b | Seidel 20c | Altmann 20d | Makarov 20e Another striker as a top prospect, and actually four best players of this intake belong to the attacking line. Better than nothing of course but I'd prefer a more balanced squad. Squad stats As you can see, we had almost the same starting 11 in most games, only rotating one of the central midfielders more regularly. Hirschhofer led our attack with 21 goals (including 5 in one game against Austria Salzburg), Jaritz once again was the best assistant, and Muharemovic surprisingly had the highest average rating (he was good as an advanced playmaker but didn't have any outstanding stats). Allmendinger had a good debut season, 6+4 from the bench including some winning goals. Transfers The rewards for fielding young players are extremely helpful here, we managed to get two improvements for junior coaching and recruitment during this season.
  11. Two days after he resumed training... And earlier we lost our starting midfielder Zakany who suffered spine injury and had to retire However, we are fighting for promotion so far.
  12. SK Austria Klagenfurt - Season 2018/19 2. Liga Liefering are unavailable to play in higher division as Red Bull B team, so Mattersburg claimed the only promotion spot. Our position looks quite promising for the next season, just hope the relegated team won't be too overpowered. ÖFB Cup A good run, we defeated the eventual winner of our division and lost to a Bundesliga team on penalties. Youth intake Allmendinger 19a | Keil 19b | Funk 19c | Yesil 19d | Agten 19e | Schwaighofer 19f Allmendinger is obviously the most promising youngster here, and if the registration window was open in February, he could get some playing time in the first team already. Squad stats Three players scored more than 10 goals this season, and Jaritz also added 14 assists. Not a surprise he had the best average rating too. Unfortunately, we lost our star defender Probst with damaged cruciate ligaments until next winter (and he doesn't want to sign a new contract, so with that injury we are likely to lose him for free next year... though if we win promotion, he may reconsider this issue). Transfers Those two players were signed before the season update, of course. Also some foreign players left due to strict rules in this division (maximum 3 over-21 foreigners in match squad). By the way, one Austrian rule is awesome for the youth challenge - if you include a lot of young players in the match squad, the league rewards you several times during the season (we received about 1.5M, that was a lot more than any other income and actually allowed us to stay above zero).
  13. FM18 - SK Austria Klagenfurt Manager First team | Reserves/Youth Key players: Probst (DC) - Salentinig (DL) - Zagar Knez (MR) - Jaritz (ML) - Hirschhofer (ST) Decided to put FM20 on hold until the next major update (absolutely no fun to play with current match engine for me) and start this challenge in FM18. Austria Klagenfurt seems like a great team to do this, just look at their facilities including a 32000-seated stadium! With Austrian 2nd division expanding from 10 to 16 teams after first season it shouldn't be hard to stay in the league but the board already wants us to finish mid-table.
  14. Sport Clube Freamunde - Season 2021/22 Campeonato de Portugal We've been contenders for the playoffs places until April but lost to Paredes at home (despite playing with a man advantage since 8th minute) and then got only a point from next two games. Anyway it's a progress and I hope we will do better next season. Taça de Portugal Same result, but this time we had no need to wait for the lucky loser spots Youth intake Pouye 22a | Martinho 22b | Dopper 22c | Ngwira 22d | Santos 22e | Barbosa 22f | Cerqueira 22g | Moreira 22h Another golden generation with an interesting set of nationalities. I guess it was influenced by the latest patch, as I hardly could expect youngsters from Austria, Hungary and Belarus to appear in our academy. Probably my own and HOYD's nationalities (Russian and German) now give a chance to attract players from neighboring countries as well. Speaking of their abilities, Pouye already can be a decent backup for Pedro Alves on AMC position. Having some promising center-backs is also helpful as this position is a certain weakness in the first team. And too bad that both 5-star rated strikers have awful finishing, we need at least a decent alternative for Paulo Costa at front. Also our young goalkeeper was poached by Maritimo, though he doesn't look too promising comparing to Daniel Alves. Squad stats Pedro Trindade is now assessed as our best player and proves it on the pitch with the highest average rating. Experienced left winger Valdinho surprisingly shared the top goalscorer place with Paulo Costa, who broke his leg a week before the last matchday, so will miss the start of next season. Without any real replacement I'll probably have to move Pedro Alves to the front, though he is much better suited to the AMC spot. And also we now have second Tiago Ribeiro in the squad, a first season newgen who didn't seem to have a lot of potential before but developed well and with his versatility provides a decent backup for several positions. Transfers Hopefully Guzman will be sold for a higher price later as we have 50% future fee clause in his transfer.
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