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  1. Season 2020/21 – part 2 Our first departure, the board accepted offers for Sokolov from Dinamo and Lokomotiv (unfortunately he didn’t choose the second one which also included a future sale clause). Not the best personalities for our best prospects, but potentially Kravchenko, Korotkov and Trofimov can develop into good defensive players, and Goncharov is the most promising striker here. The disappointing thing about FM21 youth intakes is that top prospects now don’t agree to sign for a minimal wage with 3 years extension clause No chances against the le
  2. Season 2020/21 – part 1 That’s a really good start. We lost to Torpedo and Nizhniy Novgorod at home (could be expected as their squads are a lot stronger and more experienced than ours), but defeated all other opponents and so far haven’t dropped points in away games. Sergey Pinyaev only needed about 30 minutes to score his first senior goal and give us the opening win against Irtysh. He scored twice more in August, and so far all his goals were decisive! After few days we faced SKA again, this time in the cup, and another winning goal from Pinyaev let us advance to the gr
  3. Sure. Chertanovo-2 only played in PFL for one season in 18/19 and now is set to 'lower division' in database so couldn't get promoted anyway. Chertanovo v3 + Pinyaev.fmf
  4. Squad Goalkeepers Ilja Abaev is our most experienced player who returned home after 20 years in different teams including Lokomotiv and Krasnodar. I hope he’ll stay with us for more than one season, as the replacement options are not so good. Defence Team captain Bartasevich is the best option on any defensive position, and I’ll use him in the center along with younger Nikitenkov. Gudkov and Kondakov will be first choices on the wings (Gerchikov also can cover right-back position, but he looks better as a winger and will mostly play there). Midfield
  5. The football school in Chertanovo district of Moscow was founded in 1976. It wasn’t affiliated with any senior team at that time, however several future USSR/Russia international players, like Igor Kolyvanov and Igor Chugainov, grew up here. In 1993 a professional team was established and mostly played in the lower leagues, but latest seasons brought a surprising success. The team, entirely consisting of home-grown players, finished 5th in their debut season in FNL (Russian second tier) and were 3rd in 2019/20 before the season was abandoned, losing the eventual promotion spot to Khimki only o
  6. I'll probably start a home-grown career with Chertanovo (will wait for a full version with editor to recreate them as they are actually unplayable in default DB due to being hardcoded not to sign any players, including own youth intake).
  7. Season 2041/42 – part 2 We certainly made the fans happy with defeating PAOK both in league and cup, and then travelled to Piraeus for probably the most important game at this stage. It was really boring to watch, and 0-0 would have been a fair outcome, but Chapuis (who actually didn’t play well and I was ready to substitute him) fired a long shot and gave us the win! Our cup draws aren’t lucky at all – PAOK, Olympiacos and now AEK in semi-final. A least the final (if we advance there) will be against the team from bottom group. The league form is also good, we are six poin
  8. Season 2041/42 – part 1 Good start, though the first game almost ended with a disappointing draw after we couldn’t keep the 2-0 lead. September schedule was much tougher, with only one point from two trips to Athens. Still we are going in the leading group not far from the top spot. We saved a draw in a derby against PAOK and confidently defeated leading Olympiacos later. These two games helped us to reach second place, two points behind leaders. Also we had a great start in the cup, despite being drawn against a top tier team. With three wins in Novemb
  9. New job Actually there were two vacant jobs in Greece. The second was Panathinaikos, obviously the bigger name with similar starting conditions, but they didn’t respond even after I asked Aris for delay. The latest league title was won in 1946, I hope it won’t take more than a century for one more The attacking line of Chionidis, Baeza and Chapuis is the strongest side of the team, though I think a lot of changes can happen in pre-season – the club has a debt of 7 million euros, so some high paid players can leave (that especially relates to those with contracts expiring
  10. I think you are able to change the new stadium name in LNC file, like the name fix does it for existing ones (though not sure if its ID can appear in game before actual completion).
  11. Season 2040/41 – part 2 Awful start, we lost two games after a lot of defensive and goalkeeping mistakes, and I decided to change our keeper. Farkas, whose contract was expiring anyway, was sold to MTK, and Krasnodar reserves player Pavel Kozlov joined us on loan. So far we won all four games with him in goal. Before the game against Fehervar we lost our key playmaker Owusu for two months, and Nikoltsis was only able to play with protective equipment, but Davies and Krajnc gave no chances to the opponents! We are leading with two point advantage, but the season isn’t over y
  12. Season 2040/41 – part 1 These early rounds were effectively a part of pre-season, and the 12-0 win against Latvian side Liepaja is so far my highest score in this career (not including friendlies, of course). This time I’m only concentrated on the league, so fielded a lot of backup players against AaB, and still we were much better at home but their only shot on target was enough to end our European season early. The league opener was quite disappointing as well, but we got this luck back against Fehervar. No chances at all during whole game, and then they scored an own goa
  13. Pre-season 2040/41 Almost the same prediction as season before. Youth intake Balazs Vegh is the most promising player here, probably looking better as a midfielder. And I decided not to alter the squad, only signed midfielder Wilson from Norwich as a backup. Hopefully this consistency will help us to improve.
  14. Season 2039/40 – part 2 Winger positions were our problem in autumn, both because of injuries and inconsistent form, so I decided to improve them with Krajnc and Nikoltsis. Speaking of Owusu, I could actually sign him for free but didn’t want to wait until summer as he’s able to help us right now. Not the best start let Ferencvaros return to the top, still it’s only a half of the season played and we’ll have a chance to come back there. We lost in the cup (our backup squad played quite well but didn’t take their chances), but returned to the first place in the lea
  15. Season 2039/40 – part 1 I think it’s the first time when I played against one of my former teams in Europe. Well, we are sure on different levels with Crusaders now. Young Boys were much tougher, they managed to equalize from 2-0 in the first game but we didn’t give them any chances in Switzerland. Another meeting with a former club, this time it was Slovan which I managed just a year ago, so a lot of players I signed were still there. And that made our task quite difficult, they managed to get a draw from first game and played better at home but a free kick goal from Lucas
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