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  1. October 2023 A huge advantage against Kuban, but their goalkeeper tried his best to keep his team in game. Only in the second half we found a way to goal. The game was equal in terms of stats, but quality of our chances was far higher. Mangena and Kabiru were outrunning Schalke defense for the whole match, eventually scoring four. That big win surely increases our chances to advance, but there are four matches ahead, and AEK shouldn’t be underestimated as well. Two goals after free kicks in first half (what’s interesting, Krylja managed to score between them, and also from a free kick) and two counters in second, a confident win as the result. Awful performance, seems like our form was heavily influenced by international break. Played against currently worst team of the league and could only get a draw. Kabiru scored an early goal, and then our counters led the game to a huge win. Hope we’ll be able repeat this at home too. Two early goals and a red card for Mordovia player before half-time actually ended this match. Great month for us, not counting that draw against Ural. 4 points clear from Zenit, and Krasnodar declined a bit after impressive start.
  2. September 2023 Terek defense was hard to break, but shortly before half-time Jean managed to score after a free kick. In the second half we got a man advantage and then easily secured our win. That resembled a game against Zenit a lot. Not so impressive performance from both teams, but in the end we scored the winning goal in a counter. The toughest group game was scheduled first, ending with our defeat after Vietto’s goal in the beginning of second half. So we’ll have to chase the leaders, and so should win the next match against Schalke at home. We lost both games to Rubin last season, and this one started the same way. They got an early lead and were really better at the beginning of first half. Kabiru’s goal was actually our first shot in the game, and that was a turning point. Second half was ours, starting with a penalty converted by Grujic. Pleased to win anyway, but the quality of our football was disappointing. Playing extra 30 minutes against FNL team won’t help our fitness as well. Krasnodar is on top, that 0-3 loss against us remained the only game where they dropped points. CSKA and Lokomotiv started poorly, still searching for their first wins.
  3. @john1 Aoki is developing but still it's only half a season since he joined us. August 2023 Not the best way to start. Scored only late in the game (once again it was Frolov’s effort, as in the last match of previous season against Mordovia) and couldn’t even protect that lead, conceding in injury time. That’s surely better. We dominated during the whole game, and Krasnodar didn’t even record a single shot on goal. Quite a boring match, but in the end we looked better (not a surprise, as Zenit already played European qualifiers in mid-week) and got 3 points in injury time. Once again our finishing was too poor, and this time cost us 2 points. Still finding our form at start of the season. Too early for any serious analysis, all the competition is still coming up. And the only team we have beaten comfortably is leading the table now Tougher draw than last season, Schalke was one of the strongest teams in 3rd pot. Legia got the last spot in group H. Transfer window was still open during August, so we signed Slovakian midfielder Michal Benko for free and offloaded some players (the most notable was Alexandr Frolov, quite a good player but not going to be a top one, so a potential fee of 3M + 50% profit from next transfer was enough to convince me selling). And yes, he shouldn’t be confused with Mikhail Frolov, our promising striker, both came through our academy but don’t seem to be related.
  4. Pre-season 2023/24 Transfers out Transfers in Except Ruffier’s retirement, first team squad remained unchanged. Some reserve players were sold or loaned out, and a few youngsters joined for free – Olarticoechea and Villarmea from lower league Argentinian clubs, Hungarian international striker Gyuracz and Jason Powell from famous FFA COE academy. CONCACAF Gold Cup ended with Canada beating Mexico in the final. USA team with Smith in the squad won bronze medals. Copa America went without our representatives, Argentina won the title defeating Mexico B (though I guess it was stronger squad than those who played Gold Cup, our former player Fabian Gomez was the captain here and finished the Copa as top goalscorer). Dinamo managed to retain most of their squad despite relegation, but still they were far from matching us. Another trophy for our collection. Actually I expected more difference after 5 years in a row on top Also our board agreed to upgrade training facilities, youth facilities and youth recruitment.
  5. Nice to see a full squad finally And some top potential youngsters who are wanted by other clubs (I guess Scandinavian or British?) Sad that 'transfer preferences' feature in FM works like that, so players from 'obscure' countries like Somalia or Nepal actually have no chance to catch an interest from European clubs and develop there. Just wonder what will happen if remove all those preferences in editor, probably an idea for some future experiment.
  6. @Fola I copy and paste an image itself, not a link. Then it appears in full size (or a size to fit the screen).
  7. @Sheriff7 I think no, if you are not in the European competitions you only play on weekends (except just a couple matchdays).
  8. May 2023 Three goals before half-time actually clinched our title. It wasn’t announced officially, as FM still can’t check tie-breakers in advance, but with 9 points and our head-to-head advantage Zenit won’t be able to overtake us anyway. OK, now it’s official. Fifth title in a row, and the only goal was scored after a pass from Dmitry Poloz, who played his 260th league match for us and so set a new club record. And two more wins after the cup was already ours. Mordovia almost took points from us, but Frolov managed to score a late winner. Zenit lost 5 of their 6 last matches and dropped from second Champions League place. CSKA failed to fit into FFP rules, so the Europa League spot went to Dinamo Moscow. Lokomotiv will have to contest their top tier place in play-offs. Awards Best Player: Maksimovic (Rostov), Kramaric (Krasnodar), Dzagoev (CSKA) Players’ Select: Maksimovic (Rostov) Top Goalscorer: Kramaric (Krasnodar) – 23, Hassan (Zenit) – 15, Barikhashvili (Mordovia) - 13. A new record from Slovenian striker, despite his club only finished 8th. Goalkeeper of the Year: Mitryushkin (Rostov) Young Player of the Year: Stepanov (Dinamo M/Krylja) Manager of the Year: Yermakovich (Dinamo M) Team of the Year Two Dinamos played each other in the cup final, and St. Petersburg team won the trophy, so they will be in next season Europa League despite relegation from RFPL. Amkar and Ural returned from FNL directly, while Lokomotiv and Kuban retained their RFPL places in playoffs. Also surprised to see Tom relegated. European Review Champions League – I think it needs to be renamed as another EPL cup. Four English teams in semi-finals, and looking at other results we were the only team who didn’t lose too heavily. Europa League – in contrast to Champions League, English domination ended here this season. Fiorentina (Stramaccioni) became the first Italian winner since 1999. England – Man Utd (Prandelli), Chelsea (Jardim), Man City (Pep) Spain – Real Madrid (Emery), Atletico (Simeone), Barcelona (Low) Germany – Leverkusen (Klopp), Schalke (Hasenhuttl), Bayern (Allegri). Klopp didn’t find any success abroad, but won a domestic title in the first season after returning home. Italy – Juventus (Conte), Roma (Ancelotti), Napoli (Paulo Fonseca) France – PSG (Mourinho), Marseille (Moldovan), Bordeaux (Gourvennec) Netherlands – Feyenoord (van Bronckhorst), Ajax (Art Langeler), Utrecht (van den Brom)
  9. What's interesting, I had a long career for Hammerfest in FM16, and Korsvoll was among the European places contenders in 2030s, while Rosenborg, Molde and Valerenga all relegated. Probably they have good facilities which make them more competitive with time.
  10. April 2023 Once again we lost to Rubin, despite playing the strongest squad this time. Zenit meanwhile won their match, and our advantage is only 3 points now. I bet, Terek had something to say about the referee. Penalty and two red cards in one moment – that’s not happening too often (even though the decisions were assessed as correct). We made too many mistakes in defense in first half, ending with two goals from Icardi, and couldn’t convert any of our chances in second half, so most likely we are out. Our youth team played on the same day and lost to Barcelona. CSKA looked better in first half, probably trying to exploit out tiredness after European game, but after half-time we appeared to have more in the reserves and managed to score two. At least we made a battle. Man Utd probably were not ready to an attacking start and defended panically, two our crosses resulted with goals after their defenders’ mistakes. The overall score was equal after 30 minutes, and who knows how it all would have ended, if Sergeev wasn’t sent off before half-time. We tried our best to hold the result, Ruffier made some impressive saves, but in the end visitors finally were successful. Pogba and Martial scored in last 15 minutes and guided their team to semi-final. Two goals from Jean, and we are keeping the 3-point distance from Zenit. The head-to-head game is very soon, and it’s important to have advantage before it. We already knew that Zenit lost their game, but getting 3 points from Krasnodar wasn’t so easy. They scored first with a corner, and then we had extremely bad luck, hitting the woodwork four times during first half! After half-time I brought Jean as a substitute, and that was key to winning. First he scored a with a fierce long shot, and then helped Yamlikhanov to set the final score. 6 points before the probably decisive game of the season. Total domination, nothing to add. We were far better than Zenit, and actually are one step from another title now. Also we set the new attendance record with 43220 people watching the game.
  11. I'd pick Liechtenstein, but afraid there will be same problems as there are only about 10 clubs in database. Are they producing newgens more regular? Or Faroe Islands if they don't.
  12. Guess I'm out of this, Kazakhstan seems cursed. Or maybe it's possible to boost another country with full squad instead?
  13. February-March 2023 Leicester started the match slightly better, but one of their attacks on 18th minute ended with our quick counter, Jean just needed not to miss the empty net after Mangena’s pass. Soon they managed to equalize, using a poor clearance from Smith, but American defender excused for that mistake with winning a penalty few minutes later. Jean scored his second goal, and later after half-time helped Mangena to set the final score. 3-1, quite a comfortable result for the first game at home. Couldn’t play as concentrated against Dinamo, and lost in the result with the only goal in injury time. Cup wasn’t our priority, but still it’s second loss in a row, and as morale influence is sometimes overpowered, that’s really concerning… Very important win, the only goal from Yamlikhanov prevented us from continuing that bad run and losing the leading spot. Wasn’t impressed with our defending, two goals conceded from Tyumen is too much even for not the strongest squad. Luckily, our attack looked better in that match. We confidently held our advantage in return leg. Jean received a red card shortly before half-time, but soon referee equaled the squads, and playing 10 against 10 we managed to win this game as well. Few chances, judging from our group matches… but who knows? Youth team meanwhile defeated Crvena Zvezda and will play Barcelona in the quarter-final. Scored two goals in the end of first half and actually ended the match with that, Fakel didn’t even get close to our area. Title rivals made their mistakes as well, so we even expanded the gap. Tyumen and Dinamo SPb seem hopeless, while Lokomotiv climbed up from direct relegation zone.
  14. Mid-season 2022/23 Transfers out Nobody left from the first team, despite a sufficient interest to Olaleye and Ogasawara. They both have release clauses, but luckily no one could meet them. Transfers in Haruki Aoki – young Japanese keeper with 2 caps, will be tutored by Ruffier and hopefully replace him in the future. Youth intake gave us a top potential player, but he’s too far from reaching it and his position doesn’t fit in our tactics. Center-back Kirsanov maybe has even more chances to develop. International tournaments involving our players: Asian Cup – Australia defeated Iran in the final, Japan (with Ogasawara and Aoki in squad) lost to eventual winners in first knockout round. African Cup – Senegal won the final against Gabon, South Africa (Mangena) finished third. Nigeria (Olaleye) lost in quarter-final, Mali (Diawara) failed to advance from the group.