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  1. Koetzer

    [FM18] The Hawks' Flight

    Absolutely no idea, they still had the second, maybe third best squad in the league, so I couldn't expect them doing even worse than a season before.
  2. Koetzer

    [FM18] The Hawks' Flight

    Season 2021 Transfers out We lost Majer on release clause I wanted to buy a replacement but couldn’t find anyone equal and willing to join us, so decided to go with remaining squad and players returned from loan. Cups Faced our feeder club in the final, and they actually did well despite finishing lower than our own B team in the second tier. Premier League Finished unbeaten and set new records for points and wins. Astana’s downfall continues with their relegation, really unexpected. Champions League Kobenhavn were the only tough opponents, they even took a lead on away goals but we responded soon and advanced to the group stage again. There we got Shakhtar once again, another Manchester team and Napoli (certainly better draw than PSG last year). Well, that was a real improvement. We got two points (including one against defending champions), scored three at Old Trafford and weren’t outclassed in any game. And our youngsters even managed to advance into knockout stages! Squad stats Youth intake Strange that Askhat Sauranbaev was highlighted as the most promising player in overview, Aian Akhmetov looks better now and has better potential. National team That only win seemed to be enough to make Stoilov’s job status stable despite finishing last in the group.
  3. Koetzer

    [FM18] The Hawks' Flight

    Season 2020 Transfers out Selling Kirov was not an easy decision, but actually he stalled in his development and with a lot of competition in central midfield was unlikely to break into first team anytime soon. Transfers in Victor Klimov – replaced our unhappy reserve keeper Groshev with younger one (he can develop better than Pokatilov and get practice for U21 team so far). Miroslav Bogosavac – Shanbiev suffered a season-long injury and I needed to replace him with a better full-back. Lovro Majer – can't say we really needed an improvement on this position, but I couldn't miss a chance to sign such a good player for free. Lachlan Muldoon – will officially join us next year, but he already looks like a useful player. Supercup Astana fielded almost a reserve squad, like they didn’t want to win. Not our problem anyway Cup Too easy. Premier League Won the title with 7 games to go, and lacked only two points to match our own record (set in 2004 with 38-game season). Astana almost ended up in relegation playoffs, despite still having a very strong squad for this level. Champions League Not a single goal conceded, and we advance to the group for the first time! PSG, Man City and Shakhtar – tough group, hope we’ll be able to get at least a point Next year probably, this group was way too strong for us. Other Kazakh teams repeated their previous season results, all three being knocked out in second qualifying round. Squad stats Shouldn’t be so surprised with a backup striker becoming our top goalscorer, as he mostly played against much weaker opponents in the league while key players were rested. Youth intake Some potentially good players like Volkov, Baltabekov and Kotliar arrived here, but I’d better prefer other positions as we already have enough strikers and central midfielders. National team Disappointing performance, surely needed to play better against teams like Faroe islands and Liechtenstein. Stoilov is still insecure but keeping the job so far.
  4. Koetzer

    [FM18] The Hawks' Flight

    Pre-season 2020 Transfers Erik Thommy – a direct replacement to Ilicevic whose contract expired, can play on both wings. Maksim Fedin – useful home-grown backup. Alpha Kouko, James Bodo, Paul Ouattara – signings for the future, Ouattara can be quite useful already but registration rules force him out of first team right now. Europa League knockout We really played better before Immobile’s goal but that’s the difference between teams. They needed the only chance to take the lead, and after our equalizer scored two more. At least we got a ranking point in second game.
  5. Koetzer

    [FM18] The Hawks' Flight

    Kairat Almaty - Season 2019 Transfers in Fonsinho – Gervinho’s brother joined us as an improvement for both wings. Willi Evseev – he was born in Kazakhstan and has second nationality, so will be a good option to fill the squad. Olexandr Noyok – should perfectly fit our tactics as a box-to-box midfielder. Eugene Tkachuk – after Mongongu suffered a serious injury during pre-season, I had to sign a replacement and find him in our league. Ismael Diaz – decided not to renew Silveira’s loan, finding this Panamanian striker as a replacement. Alexander Merkel – the national team leading player finally agreed to sign a contract with us after almost a year on free transfer. Was signed after transfer window closed so will get only cup games until summer. Ryan Hill – as always checking FFA COE for talents. I doubt that a foreign keeper can become a first team regular with those registration rules, but at least can be developed here and sold with profit. Transfers out Arshavin’s retirement wasn’t represented in this list. Except him, we only parted with reserve players or foreigners that didn’t fit into squad rules (though Assulin returned from loan in summer and even played some European games). Supercup Immediate impact from our Ukrainian signings, and we're winning this trophy again. Cup Semifinal was the hardest part of our journey, we only saved a draw in home game but then managed to get an away win. Premier League Dominated in the league again, securing the title with four games to go. Champions League Like last year, we were drawn against a much stronger ex-Yugoslavian team in second round and hardly had any chance in away game, but after 14 minutes of second leg the aggregate score was level. And though Dinamo needed one goal to restore a comfortable lead, we kept this score till the penalty shootout, where Pokatilov saved three shots and put us through! Dundalk awaited us next, they did well eliminating Legia in previous round and managed to secure a draw in Almaty, but we then won confidently on their pitch. Next trip to British Isles wasn’t so successful, with Celtic appearing as an unstoppable force for our defense. So, the Europa League group stage again. Europa League After being drawn in such group I was very pessimistic about our chances, but the team really surprised me. Away draw with Basaksehir and narrow loss to Roma with 90th minute decisive goal gave some hope, and after win in Spain I realized that we are actual contenders for knockout places. Four points in next two games combined with other results meant that we qualified with game in hand! And another trip to Rome awaits us in February, this time to face Lazio. Ordabasy, Tobol and Astana are showing a bit of progress, as all of them reached second round, but not more. Squad stats Easy to see that all new players helped us to improve. Also need to mention two more newgens developed into at least useful backups – Lobashov and Mamonov. Youth intake Scherbakov is the best player here but overall it’s worse than last year. National team Unbeaten at home, almost hopeless away, Stoilov’s job is still insecure. Two of our ‘season zero’ newgens – Kirov and Zhukov already played for NT (though both spent most of the season in our second team).
  6. Koetzer

    [FM18] The Hawks' Flight

    @bsanchezb I use this one from fmfan, it's edited for start in 2018 with correct rules and squads. Not ideal of course (for example it doesn't show calendar correctly) but still more realistic than Claassen's.
  7. Koetzer

    [FM18] The Hawks' Flight

    Kairat Almaty - Season 2018 Transfers The only outcoming transfer from first team was Chuma Anene, who joined Norwegian club Start. We have 8 foreigner places in the squad, and reserving one of them for backup striker was too much. Cedric Mongongu - signed for free to replace Bateau (whose loan expired in June). Igor Zen’kovich - wasn’t the best financial deal (200k paid to Atyrau) but we really needed a local backup striker and he was the best available. Shamsiddin Shanbiev - Russian U21 international from Spartak Moscow reserves got the vacant foreigner place, he can cover both full-back and DM positions. Supercup Nice start of the season, despite conceding on first minute we managed to overturn the game quickly and clinch the first trophy. Cup Oh, that was a harsh draw. First round against Astana. They again scored an early goal, and this time held the lead till the end. Premier League Confident performance with only some local disappointing results. Astana struggled from the start, Ordabasy tried to follow us but dropped after mid-season so the title was ours long before the finish (what's interesting, it was officially ours after a win over Astana). Irtysh Pavlodar, previously five times league winners, relegated in play-offs. Champions League Honestly I don’t know why we started here, as this place should have been given to Astana (probably some bug with data file, hope it affects only the first season). We defeated the Faroese champions and tried our best against Red Star but two late goals in away game left us with no chances to go further. Europa League TNS obviously were a lucky draw, then we got Malmo and unexpectedly won the away game scoring both goals within a minute. However it was still too early to celebrate, even after we had 2-0 lead at home they were able to equalize and needed the only goal to advance… but luckily this goal was ours. Karpovich scored after a corner, securing Kairat’s first ever group stage appearance. Of course it’s impossible to be competitive against Schalke and Galatasaray so far, but at least we got 3rd place on the final day. As for other Kazakhstan clubs playing in Europe, only Aktobe managed to pass 1st qualifying round, defeating Bangor City before losing to AEK Larnakas. Tobol and Ordabasy lost to their first opponents, Maccabi Haifa and Sarpsborg respectively. Squad stats Hugo Silveira became our best goalscorer (quite expected for the only striker in our formation), most likely I’ll extend his loan for one more season unless find someone better for reasonable price. Ivo Ilicevic scored and assisted a lot, too bad he’s complaining about joining bigger club (though no one is interested so far, and considering his age he anyway was unlikely to stay with us after next season). Youth intake Not too bad for the first year, Sergei Pak and Ivan Kiselev have the best chances to reach the first team level. National team 3 wins, 5 losses (including that disastrous home game against Armenia). Stanimir Stoilov’s job status is so far insecure. Probably a change will happen next year, after Euro qualifiers.
  8. Koetzer

    [FM18] The Hawks' Flight

    After reading some stories about raising lesser football nations to a different level, I decided to give it a try as well. The choice of the nation was obvious, I lived in Kazakhstan and still try to follow their football development. While Astana reached some historic achievements recently (such as Champions League group stage and Europa League knockout rounds), other clubs were mostly disappointing. Same goes for national team, which is still one of the weakest in Europe. And there’s no better place to start improving than… Kairat Almaty. The leading national club in Soviet period wasn’t so successful in independent Kazakhstan, only two league titles (last in 2004) and even a bankruptcy at one point. Recent investments helped the club to return as title contenders, however they still couldn’t overthrow Astana from top. Another reason to choose Kairat was their top level facilities, seems like a good place to develop the new generation for club and national team as well. Squad (ideal starting 11 & subs) Andrey Arshavin, UEFA Cup winner with Zenit and ex-Arsenal player is obviously the best known name here, hope he won’t decline too fast. Akos Elek should provide quality in midfield, and Bayurzhan Islamkhan is probably the best local player. Also I decided to promote the most promising youngster Dmitri Kirov to the first team, he already can be useful as a backup. So far I’m planning to do seasonal updates, at least until our squad will become competitive enough in Europe or I’ll be offered national team job as well.
  9. Koetzer

    Morocco v Iran

    Only 4th category, and there's not so many of them.
  10. He's injured but hasn't played for national team since 2016 so anyway was unlikely to be called up.
  11. Unfortunately he never was that good after it, repeating injuries were probably the main reason
  12. Russia choose Nikola Vukcevic, Jorge Mere, Patrick Schick and Kylian Mbappe.
  13. Season 2040 - Flamengo Campeonato Carioca - defeated fierce rivals in the final, good result before the start of main championship. Liga Sul-Minas-Rio - another regional cup, and again we faced Fluminense in the final with the same outcome. Copa do Brasil - the proper national cup wasn't so easy from the start, but the final was really one-sided. Campeonato Brasileiro (part 1, part 2) - the title almost slipped from us on final day against the bottom team, luckily Matheus Philipe was able to secure our win with two late goals. Copa Libertadores - the only disappointment of this season. River Plate were too strong, and Argentinian league is really better than Brazilian now. So probably this will be the next destination, as anyway I didn't plan to stay in Brazil for another extremely long and exhausting season. Squad stats Philippe Horn - was a real surprise to see one of the latest World Cup winners released on free transfer, so signed him immediately. Amendoim - started the season as a backup player, but thanks to heavy rotation had enough chances to play and finished the season as second goalscorer in the team (and top goalscorer of the league). CLUB Season | Club | Nation | League | Cup | Continental | Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2017 | FC Ulaanbaatar | Mongolia | 1st | Winners | None | 2018 | Hosilot F. | Tajikistan | 2nd | Winners | None | FFT Cup runners-up 2019 | Hosilot F. | Tajikistan | 2nd | Final | AFC Cup playoff | FFT Cup & Superkubok winners 2020 | Hosilot F. | Tajikistan | 1st | Winners | AFC Cup group | FFT Cup winners 2021 | Uz-Dong-Joo | Uzbekistan (D2) | 1st | 2nd Rnd | None | Joined in July, promoted 2022 | Uz-Dong-Joo | Uzbekistan | 6th | 1/8 final | None | 2023 | Uz-Dong-Joo | Uzbekistan | 4th | 1/4 final | None | 2024 | Uz-Dong-Joo | Uzbekistan | 2nd | 2nd Rnd | None | 2025 | Paxtakor | Uzbekistan | 1st | 1/4 final | None | 2026 | Paxtakor | Uzbekistan | 1st | Winners | AFC CL final | Unbeaten domestic season 2027 | Paxtakor | Uzbekistan | 1st | Winners | AFC CL final | 2028 | Labasa | Fiji | 1st | None | None | Won 3 minor cups 2029 | Lae City Dwellers | Papua New Guinea | 1st | None | None | Won the championship playoff 2030 | Hebei CFFC | China | 1st | 3rd Rnd | AFC CL winners | CWC 6th place 2030/31 | Stade d'Abidjan | Ivory Coast | 11th | 1/8 final | None | Joined in February 2031/32 | Stade d'Abidjan | Ivory Coast | 3rd | 1/8 final | None | Coupe de Ligue winners 2032/33 | Stade d'Abidjan | Ivory Coast | 2nd | 1st Rnd | Conf.Cup winners| 2033/34 | Stade d'Abidjan | Ivory Coast | 1st | Winners | CAF CL winners | 2034/35 | Stade d'Abidjan | Ivory Coast | 1st | None | CAF CL group | CWC 3rd place 2035/36 | Auckland City | New Zealand | 1st | None | None | Won the championship playoff 2036/37 | Auckland City | New Zealand | 1st | None | O-League winners| 2037 A | Tigres | Mexico | Semifinal | 1/4 final | | 2038 C | Tigres | Mexico | Winners | Final | CCL winners | 2038/39 | Tigres | Mexico | Winners | Winners | CCL semifinal | CWC winners 2039 | Flamengo | Brazil | 3rd | None | None | Joined in October 2040 | Flamengo | Brazil | 1st | Winners | Copa Lib final | Carioca & Sul-Minas-Rio winners INTERNATIONAL Season | Nation | Results ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2021/22 | Georgia U21 | 4th in UEFA U21 qualifying group 2023/24 | China U23 | AFC U23 champions, Olympics quarter-final 2030/34 | Ivory Coast | Cup of Nations 3rd place (2031), winners (2033), World Cup 2nd round | Ivory Coast B | CHAN runners-up | Ivory Coast U23 | CAF U23 champions, Olympics 4th place 2036 | Netherlands U23 | Olympic champions 2038/39 | Australia | Asian Cup winners 2039/40 | South Africa | CHAN winners TROPHIES WON 10/25 League Titles (3/3 OFC, 3/3 AFC, 1/3 CAF, 1/3 CONCACAF, 1/3 CONMEBOL, 0/3 UEFA, 1/7 Other) 10/25 Domestic Cups (6 nations) 5/9 Continental Club Trophies 1/1 Worldwide Club Trophies 3/7 Continental International Trophies 1/3 Worldwide International Trophies TROPHY LIST 2017 - Mongolian Khurkhree Lig (FC Ulaanbaatar) 2017 - Mongolian Cup (FC Ulaanbaatar) 2018 - Tajikistan Cup (Hosilot F.) 2019 - FFT Cup (Hosilot F.) 2020 - Tajikistan League (Hosilot F.) 2025 - Uzbekistan PFL (Paxtakor) 2026 - Uzbekistan Cup (Paxtakor) 2028 - Fiji Premier League (Labasa) 2029 - PNG National Soccer League (Lae City Dwellers) 2030 - Chinese Super League (Hebei CFFC) 2030 - AFC Champions League (Hebei CFFC) 2031 - Coupe de la Ligue Cote d'Ivoire (Stade d'Abidjan) 2033 - African Cup of Nations (Ivory Coast) 2033 - CAF Confederations Cup (Stade d'Abidjan) 2034 - Ivory Coast League 1 (Stade d'Abidjan) 2034 - Coupe de Cote d'Ivoire (Stade d'Abidjan) 2034 - CAF Champions League (Stade d'Abidjan) 2036 - New Zealand Premiership (Auckland City) 2036 - Olympic Games (Netherlands) 2037 - O-League (Auckland City) 2038 - CONCACAF Champions League (Tigres) 2038 - Liga MX Clausura (Tigres) 2038 - Copa MX Apertura (Tigres) 2038 - FIFA Club World Cup (Tigres) 2039 - AFC Asian Cup (Australia) 2040 - African Nations Championship (South Africa) 2040 - Campeonato Carioca (Flamengo) 2040 - Liga Sul-Minas-Rio (Flamengo) 2040 - Copa do Brasil (Flamengo) 2040 - Campeonato Brasileiro (Flamengo)