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  1. Hans Visser (id 201744) is contracted to the wrong club in database. Should be Roda Kerkrade, not Spanish CD Roda.
  2. Totally agree. We don't actually need 'real' Old Trafford or San Siro in game, just some basic things that can be set and modified in database. Like stadium shape, stands proportion and colours, roofs, running tracks etc. That won't make an in-game stadium too close to original look but the game will be a bit more immersive. Now some modern stadiums (like St.Petersburg arena) are represented in game as four extremely high separate stands with diners near corner flags and there's no way to change it.
  3. Great achievement! I'm actually more surprised to see Metz in the final, did they have a tycoon here?
  4. As FM19 is already available and one of the main goals of this career is reached, it’s time to conclude it and do the overview of our team. Best XI GK – Ricardo Aran Joined: summer 2027 from Union (SF) (free) His playing history may look weird as FM counts only league appearances by default and he played only one game there, but was a key player in Champions League. Selected as the best goalkeeper in Europe last season, he also became the first choice for the national team. DR – Julio Silva Joined: summer 2029 from Newell’s (11 M) The only player in this squad who joined us after winning the Champions League. Missed the latest World Cup, but appeared as a starting international player in games after it. DC – Aidar Autov Joined: 2022 youth intake Moved from academy straight into the first team, and his spot has never been a doubt even in continental games. DC – Francisco Diaz Joined: summer 2026 from Universidad Catolica (2 M) Was labeled as wonderkid on arrival, and actually proved his potential. I’ve received bids over 50 million for him during the last season (and probably would sell him after finding a replacement if this save was going to be continued). DL – Osvaldo Rueda Joined: summer 2028 from Velez (10,5 M) Same as on the right wing, we’ve got a really good Argentinian player. DM – Gergo Hrabina Joined: summer 2026 from Debrecen (1,7 M) Was signed as a promising youngster, already capped for the national team at that point, and has developed into a real world class player (and still has some potential to grow). He also led the Hungarian team to the World Cup knockout rounds for the first time since 1966! MC – Joel Aguete Joined: winter 2029 from Penarol (4,5 M) He immediately became a starting player and took part in the Champions League triumph. His late goal in Dortmund put us through despite an overall poor game. AMR – Alexandr Gorbachev Joined: winter 2023 from Spartak Nalchik (1,2 K) One of the most impressive deals of this career. Discovered in the Russian third tier before he was noticed by more reputable and rich clubs at that point, and signed for a really laughable fee. He raised the Champions Cup as our captain in the final game. AMC – Nurken Khusainov Joined: 2023 youth intake / 2027-2028 and summer 2029-2030 on loan from Man City If he had at least one more year on his first contract, I would have sold him for a lot better price than 6 million (as that was the season when our market values improved). His loan spells were really helpful for development, and Man City offered him the new contract with first team status and 125k weekly wage. AML – Ronald Alarcon Joined: summer 2023 from Alianza (300 K) The most experienced player of this squad, still in his prime and creating very important goals. ST – Gerardo Diaz Joined: summer 2026 from Lanus (13 M) The legend. Unhappy and requesting to leave most of the time here, but still our best player. His two goals in Vienna will always be in history. Actually there were two key steps in forming that squad: in 2023 we bought Alarcon, Gorbachev and promoted Autov from youth team, and in 2026 signed both Diaz, Hrabina, Pinheiro and Hilali (who later were replaced with Argentinian full-backs but were a great improvement comparing to previous players on their positions). Useful rotation players Aboubacar Bamba Joined: winter 2029 from ASEC (1,4 M) He hasn’t featured a lot for the first team but started in the Champions League final and played well. Evgenii Lobashov Joined: starting youth intake The first choice captain, still a very good player for domestic games. Aleksandr Mamonov Joined: starting youth intake All-time leading goalscorer for the club and national team. Daniil Gritsenko Joined: winter 2022 from Irtysh Pavlodar (free) The best player generated by another club in Kazakhstan. Askhat Sauranbaev Joined: 2021 youth intake Nothing special except physical skills but that’s enough to be one of our leading players in league games. Maxim Kusainov Joined: 2028 youth intake Second player to break into first team right after youth intake (Autov was the first). Of course he’s also a first choice keeper for the national team. Notable former players Ismael Diaz Joined: winter 2019 from Tauro (28 K) Left: summer 2026 to Rapid Wien (9 M) Our first real improvement. A natural left inside forward, he played as a striker and was really great on this position. Alpha Kouko Joined: winter 2020 from Sewe FC (free) Left: summer 2028 to Schalke (20 M) Started from reserve team and some loans, he developed into a key midfielder for several years. Mehran Akhbari Joined: winter 2022 from Zob Ahan (free) Left: summer 2029 to Ajax (9 M) Spent seven years as our leading defensive midfielder, missed the Champions League final due to suspension but still was a valuable member of winning squad. Felix Uduokhai Joined: summer 2022 from Hamburg (free) Left: summer 2026 to Stuttgart (24 M) A real improvement to our defensive line, he was even called up for German national team at one point (though never played). Now at the age of 33 he’s still playing on high European level. Hernan Gigena Joined: winter 2024 from Sao Bento (SP) (free) Left: summer 2027 to Pachuca (25 M) He was useful for us in European games and continued to develop after leaving. In 2029 he joined Bayern and won the latest Champions League, also becoming a starter for Argentina. Abou Bamba Joined: winter 2025 from AFAD Djekanou (51 K) Left: winter 2029 to Tottenham (27 M) He wasn’t our key player for a long time but his transfer fee remains a club record, so obviously worth mentioning. Luis Pinheiro Joined: winter 2026 from Benfica (100 K) Left: summer 2029 to Sevilla (9,25 M) Overlooked by Benfica first team, he became a key player here and even got 2 caps for Portugal. Unfortunately, his last season with us was mostly spoiled by injuries. Adil Hilali Joined: summer 2026 from Wydad Casablanca (900 K) Left: summer 2028 to Liverpool (23 M) Improved the left-back position for us. Requested to leave and unfortunately couldn’t break into Liverpool first team.
  5. Tried starting a new save three times, and every time the first matches were scheduled on 21/22 July.
  6. Translating the post before: reserve teams (like Spartak-2, Zenit-2) shouldn't participate in the Russian Cup. And two more issues: 1. Russian international players are set to be on holiday until 28th July 2018, while the Premier League starts on 22th July, so they miss the first matchday (IRL the league started on 28th July). 2. Disciplinary rules for league and cup competitions are messed up. A player gets 1 match ban for 2 yellow cards in RPL and FNL, and for 4 yellow cards in the cup and supercup (should be 4 in leagues and 2 in cups).
  7. Season 2030 – part 1 Transfers out Not the busiest time for us Champions League After a disappointing start of second half we managed get a good result. At first Khusainov forced Monaco defender to receive his second yellow card, and few minutes later Diaz equalized from a penalty. A slight advantage before travelling back home. Gorbachev’s fitness was a doubt before this game but he recovered just in time. Two goals from his assists, and we’re through. Going to play against Dortmund once again. Not the most entertaining game, but we got the needed result after Alarcon scored the only goal. I admit that we were lucky scoring three goals from three shots on target, and that’s in the game where even one goal made opponents’ chances a lot lower. We’re facing Liverpool in semi-final. Actually it was over after Liverpool scored their second goal in injury time. We tried to win at least a home game but couldn’t break through their defense. At least we got one individual award – Aran was selected as the best goalkeeper. Youth League Disappointing defeat in the first knockout game, not what was expected from defending champions. Rankings We’re clearly one of the best European teams right now, but that isn’t enough even to keep the league ranking on the same level FIFA World Cup Could be more our players there as Silva and Rueda were in Argentina preliminary squad. Also it’s interesting to see Hungary qualified, Hrabina is really making the difference for them. Argentina lost to England in the bronze game, Aran spent most of the tournament as number one choice while Diaz appeared only in the semi-final. Hungary advanced from the group overtaking Netherlands.
  8. Season 2029 – part 2 Transfers out Reduced our average squad age even more, selling two players who were close to 30. Transfers in Julio Silva – another Argentinian international in our squad, will be the first choice right-back. Nurken Khusainov – brought him back once more. He played only one game after returning to Man City. Cups Premier League Couldn’t finish the season unbeaten, losing to Ordabasy after the title was already won. Not the biggest disappointment though Champions League Good start at Stamford Bridge gave us confidence for the whole group stage. Four wins, only one goal conceded and deserved first place. Not the best option among unseeded teams, but we should prove that last year success wasn’t just luck. Our youngsters started their title defense with finishing on top as well. Unfortunately, this time only one Kazakh team reached the Europa League group stage. Aktobe earned 5 points from their first three games but lost all matches later and finished last. FIFA World Club Cup As any European team qualifying here, we were the clear favourites and won this trophy without much trouble. Gerardo Diaz was the best player once again, he scored eight goals in three international finals this year! Squad stats Kusainov successfully replaced Pokatilov as the first choice goalkeeper in domestic games, and our only remaining player from the 2018 squad decided to retire after the season. I gave him opportunity to set the new all-time club record (327 league games) when the title was already secured. Youth intake Nothing to add, that's really poor. National team Finished only third after losing last game to Bosnia (though even winning that game most likely wasn’t enough to qualify as one of the best second placed teams).
  9. He really is, can do everything in attack! I can actually compare him with Pellegri, currently two times Ballon d'Or winner. Of course he's constantly attracting bids from bigger European clubs, sometimes becoming unsettled but so far I'm managing to keep him. At one point he was really unhappy and I was considering the sale, but he suffered a serious injury just before the transfer window, other teams lost their interest and finally agreed to sign a new contract with us And now his hat-trick brings another European title to us - the Super Cup!
  10. 2029 Champions League final Vienna, Ernst-Happel-Stadion We still miss injured Pinheiro, while Akhbari is suspended. Milenkovic is going to play against Vinicius Junior (who’s not fully fit but still that’s the most concerning duel for us). The squad is really young, only Alarcon is over 24 years old in starting eleven. 30’ The first chance created by Barcelona. Muhren crosses from right wing, Vinicius escapes Milenkovic’s marking at far post and shoots! Aran saves. 35’ Yellow card for Cairo. Barca play aggressively and have 6 fouls against our 1, so could be expected. 40’ Vinicius takes a free kick, Gimenez wins a header against Autov and scores. 0-1 Half-time. We’re one goal behind and actually haven’t created anything, need to play much better in second half. 48’ Milenkovic runs down the right wing, crosses to near post, where Gerardo Diaz is first on the ball and equalizes with a header! Great start of the second half! Immediate response from Ancelotti, Calvin Stengs replaces Vinicius. The Dutchman scored against us two years ago at Camp Nou. 63’ Eduardo in, Romero out – a playmaker change for Barca. 72’ 1-1 on goals, the same on yellow cards now. Rueda is booked. 85’ Poor clearance from Francisco Diaz! Eduardo immediately returns the ball to our box for Bulasio, a powerful shot… Aran diverts it to the corner. 87’ Gerardo Diaz receives the ball on the central line, passes to Alarcon and runs forward for a return pass. Bamba tries a through ball, it’s blocked by defender, the rebound falls to Hrabina who finally finds Gerardo free of opposition marking. He stays onside, continues his run into the area and shoots, the ball hits the post and goes in! With a few minutes remaining we’re ahead! 88’ Aran starts the attack from a goal kick, quick transition through the midfield, Hrabina passes to Gorbachev running free on the right wing, our captain makes a low cross to Alarcon who’s completely alone on the far post and easily scores! 3-1, that must be a win! 90+3’ Some time-wasting substitutions were made, while Barca get the last chance for a comeback. Stengs rolls the ball for Muhren, who shoots from outside the box. Way too high, and it's all over. We won the Champions League! That’s an incredible achievement, after some exits in early knockout rounds I thought we reached the ceiling and glad to admit that I was wrong. I guess there will be at least one season more here before FM19 beta arrives, just to see how it will affect our and overall league reputation. Two third places for our players. I haven’t expected more, all these awards are more about reputation than actual performance. Winning the Champions League was only enough to gain one position in club rankings and hold 12th place for the nation. Quite sad that our results didn't encourage other teams to raise their level significantly.
  11. I have no exact idea so far what kind of career it will be in FM19 but that's one of the options I will consider. Season 2029 – part 1 Transfers out Bamba left us for another record fee. Also Khusainov’s loan has expired, and Man City now demands 150 million for him (in theory we can afford that transfer but I don’t think we need it right now). Transfers in Joel Aguete and Aboubacar Bamba – I was choosing between them at first but later decided to sign both for more squad depth. And no, replacing Bamba with Bamba wasn't intentional, just like replacing Diaz with Diaz some years before Champions League Perfectly used the man advantage, that score must be enough to advance. Never should become too complacent. Luckily, that goal from Aguete saved us from less predictable ending. Quarter-final draw put us against Man Utd, time to get revenge for last year? Great defensive performance at Old Trafford. United got their only real chance on 87th minute, when referee decided to award them a penalty, but Aran saved a shot from Dolberg. Now we need to carry this into the home game. And we made it! The only goal from Gerardo Diaz in first half and another clean sheet put us through, into the first ever Champions League semi-final! Barcelona, Real and Bayern were our possible opponents, and we got probably the toughest ones – the Germans. Before this game we lost our both starting players on the right side – Pinheiro and Gorbachev due to injuries. Sauranbaev provided a good backup, assisting to Hrabina’s goal. Unfortunately, that can’t be said about Milenkovic who started as a right-back. Two yellow cards ended his game earlier than expected and gave me an extra headache before a trip to Munich, where we need to win. That right-back position is cursed. I decided to use experienced Akhbari there and he received a red card as well. Considering that Bayern were dominating at this point and had some really good scoring chances, we could only hope for a miracle. And this miracle happened on 86th minute. Aguete won a free kick just on the edge of area, Alarcon stepped up and sent the ball right into the top corner. There were still about ten minutes remaining, and we needed to hold the lead with ten players and mostly attacking-minded midfield… but it seems like opponents were simply destroyed with that goal and couldn’t create anything. We’re in the final! Barcelona won the El Clasico semi-final, I’d say that’s good news for us. Two years ago we beat them in first knockout round, and though they are a stronger team now, we certainly can do it again. Youth League And we already have a good example how to win trophies! Our youngsters, strengthened with Bamba and Aguete (they weren’t registered for league games, so gained practice here) once again reached the final and this time won it on penalties.
  12. Season 2028 – part 2 Transfers out Offers for Hilali and Kouko were good enough to accept. We already have Bamba in the squad as Kouko replacement, and a new left back is also found, so the squad shouldn't be weakened. Transfers in Osvaldo Rueda – already capped for Argentina and will be our new starting left back. Veljko Milenkovic – wasn’t enough time to scout as he had other contract offers, so maybe we overestimated his potential a bit. Cups Premier League Our unbeaten run ended after almost four years, and as it usually happens in FM, Zhetysu had only one shot on goal in this game. Atyrau (the second team which managed to beat us) won the highly contested race for silver and a Champions League place. Champions League Comparing to previous years, that was an easy campaign. Bordeaux and Celtic drew each other twice while we took 3 points from Real at home and were able to secure the play-off place with game in hand. Last season’s runners-up, maybe they are not as strong as PSG or Bayern, but will be a tricky tie anyway. Youth team advanced as well. Speaking of other teams from Kazakhstan, we finally could see some progress. Ordabasy for the first time appeared in Europa League group stage after beating qualifying rounds (not by league seeding or losing in Champions League) and despite finishing last managed to get two wins (one of them over Inter)! Atyrau came 3rd in their group, beating Young Boys on head-to-head games. Aktobe finished last, but anyway scored two points. So, I obviously can say that was the most successful season for entire nation. Squad stats Mamonov became the club’s all-time leading goalscorer (no surprise as he's holding the national team record as well). Youth intake Finally we have a really good goalkeeper! I think Kusainov is ready for getting some first team experience next season. Center-back Aleksandr Pak looks quite promising too. National team Retained the place in division B, things still go well after Euro.
  13. Was surprised to see him still available at that point. Disappointed with his injuries, but anyway that's good to attract a high reputation player even for short time. Season 2028 – part 1 Transfers out Selling the third choice striker was our only winter transaction. Champions League For nine minutes we were leading on aggregate but then were destroyed by United offense. After several quarter-finals this result is an obvious disappointment despite the opposition strength… And a predicted step back in rankings. We’ll have to start from qualifying rounds next year (though that’s not too bad as we can gain some extra points). Youth League That was a real surprise! For the first time our youth team reached the final and lost to Bayern (who are almost unbeatable here, winning this trophy three times in four years) only with a late goal. Kazakhstan at Euro 2028 As expected, the squad mostly consists of our current and former players, only 5 from selected 23 have no connection to Kairat. Also Gorbachev was called to Russia squad and will face most of his teammates in the first group game. Well… at least that wasn’t totally hopeless for the debut. Games against Russia and Switzerland were equal and with some more luck could end in our favor. England later won the tournament, Russia lost to France in quarter-final, but that was enough for Gorbachev to be selected into the dream team!
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