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  1. Bosnia & Herzegovina Denmark Poland Serbia Wales Angola Bermuda draw Belgium draw Guatemala Qatar U.A.E. Nepal New Zealand Tahiti USA
  2. New Zealand Hong Kong Singapore India Bermuda draw Fiji Guatemala Syria Somalia Tahiti Canada Poland Wales Nepal Papua New Guinea draw Panama India
  3. I'll take Kim Young-Gwon. Seems like we're quite solid in attack, but defense needs some strength.
  4. May 2022 We really played better, but luck wasn’t on our side this day. Vlahovic and Maksimovic hit the woodwork, Karius made some great saves, and so our impressive run ended just one step before the final… Without any motivation already, we still were far better than currently 3rd team of the league. Maybe will beat some club or league records if continue playing like this. Zenit looked hopeless against us, they clearly need to rebuild the squad. Vlahovic scored the only goal from a corner and actually it was enough. Conceded after first corner, and then Junior got a stupid red card on 10th minute. Can’t even fine a loaned player for that, so just sent him into U19 squad for the rest of season Avoided a poor start that time and confidently led the game to the winning outcome. Vlahovic was the best on the pitch, actually making both goals. Celebrated the last home game of the season with a solid win. And yeah, two records were beaten – no one before won 25 matches in Russian top division, and Mitryushkin set a new club landmark with 27th clean sheet during one season. 21 points from second place is most likely a league record too. Krasnodar got an early lead after our poor delivering of free kick and an excellent counter, but Vlahovic soon managed to equalize with a header. Second half went with our advantage, and eventually we converted it into goal. Grujic crossed from left wing, Vlahovic won a header and scored his second, beating a club record in goals during one season (21) and bringing another cup win for us. Also that was the last match in Djanaev’s playing career, great way to retire. Awards Best Player: Dzagoev (CSKA) Players’ Select: Vlahovic (Rostov), Dzagoev (CSKA), Smolov (CSKA) Top Goalscorer: Kramaric (Krasnodar) – 14, Romanov (Krasnodar) – 13, Belov (Kuban) - 13 Goalkeeper of the Year: Mitryushkin (Rostov) Young Player of the Year: Savchenko (Rostov) Manager of the Year: any doubts? Team of the Year FNL season ended with Tyumen and Mordovia return to the top flight, Dinamo SPb and Fakel retained their RFPL places in play-offs. Tosno relegated to 3rd tier, quite a surprise as few seasons ago they were a mid-table RFPL side. European Review Champions League – Liverpool won both European titles consecutively, and that’s with caretaker manager Pepijn Lijnders (Ancelotti left for Roma in December). After that success he was offered a full contact though. Europa League – fourth consecutive title for English teams, Leicester (Benitez) this time. And Porto (Villas-Boas) once again reached the final, bad news for us as Portugal increased advantage in the ranking even more. England – Chelsea (Jardim), Man Utd (Prandelli), Man City (Pep). Champions and Europa League winners were only 8th and 9th respectively, I wonder how many teams England will have next season then? Our former player Fabian Gomez became the top goalscorer with 22 goals. Spain – Barcelona (Low), Real Madrid (Emery), Atletico (Simeone). Top-3 was separated with the only point (87-86-86). Germany – Schalke (Hasenhuttl), Wolfsburg (Stendel), Dortmund (Espirito Santo). Bayern (R.de Boer) finished only 6th, so the Champions League finalists won’t participate there next season. Italy – Juventus (Conte), Roma (Ancelotti), Milan (Alessandro Pane) France – PSG (Mourinho), Marseille (Moldovan), Monaco (Ranieri) Netherlands – Ajax (M.Laudrup), Feyenoord (van Bronckhorst), PSV (Fitzel) Russia didn’t qualify for the World Cup, but we still have a solid representation there. Also there will be 4 our former players – Gomez (Mexico), Dante (Mali), Azmoun and Ezatollahi (Iran).
  5. Greece draw Somalia Mexico Montenegro Poland Ireland draw Estonia Bermuda Cuba Fiji Hong Kong Indonesia Romania draw New Zealand Poland North Korea Somalia draw Jamaica draw draw
  6. Mauritius Zambia Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago USA Jamaica Guatemala draw Guatemala draw Canada Tahiti Angola draw Cuba Guatemala Canada Georgia Wales
  7. April 2022 Savchenko scored on rebound in the middle of first half, allowing us to win without spending too much energy before matching Man City. Awesome start of the return leg, we set up an attack from a kick-off, Vlahovic provided Jean with a great through pass, and Corentin scored from off the post! Man City had a chance to equalize really soon, referee gave them a penalty on 7th minute, but Mitryushkin saved twice (well, actually Stones just hit him standing in the middle ). But one wasn’t enough, another penalty just after 5 minutes, and Morata was more successful. The equality didn’t last long, Grujic took a free kick, and Vlahovic scored with a powerful header. But the first half ended with a draw, in injury time our defenders allowed Griezmann to receive the ball and shoot, no chances for the keeper. Man City kept the slight advantage, time was running out, and then I substituted defender Solano with third forward. That worked almost immediately, Yamlikhanov provided the ball to Maksimovic, who fired it right to the net from the edge of area! 10 minutes with weakened defense and no more substitutions were extremely hard to withstand, but we did it. From the third attempt we advanced to the best four of Europe! Well, that’s probably the best draw, Bayern and Real both look stronger. 4 years ago Liverpool stopped us in Europa League semi-final, and now the same stage, just a step higher. Again scored in the first attack, controlling the game after it and easily leading it to the win. Vlahovic was forced out with a head injury early in the game, but Poloz was a good replacement, setting a goal for Yamlikhanov almost immediately and scoring later. We’re in the final against Krasnodar, and other good news that Vlahovic will be out only for a week. Another confident win against the bottom team, and only one remaining for securing the title. Failed to win the league from the first attempt, both goals were scored within a minute, and the score was kept till the final whistle. Olaleye suffered an injury in training. Decided to give him injections, as he’s anyway out for second leg, but could then play in first… A quite boring match was decided in the end, actually with two moments. Jean couldn’t hit the target from a close distance, and Berahino scored almost identical one few minutes later. Surely less chances to advance than in two previous rounds, but not over yet. Had to promote Ustinov from reserves, he was transfer-listed for whole season and his contract is expiring in June, but Olaleye’s injury gave him a chance, and one of crosses resulted in the only goal. The golden goal actually. No time for celebrating, the return leg against Liverpool is just in few days. Bad news for our top prospect. Hope this won’t halt his development too much.
  8. Armenia Denmark draw Bermuda Haiti Turkey New Zealand Georgia Guatemala draw Qatar Kazakhstan draw Poland Singapore Turks and Caicos USA Wales India
  9. @Bigpapa42 our finances are floating about 100M, but that's only because of prize money and transfers. Sponsorship deals are too low, only 9M per season (overall players and staff wages are 35M currently, for example).
  10. There were cases of teams banned due to FFP, not in top leagues though. Dinamo Moscow and Galatasaray were the most well-known teams, I think.
  11. @kidthekid we just have too much competition on his position, so he's unlikely to break into first team so far. February-March 2022 Despite the result, I’m satisfied with our performance. We managed to equalize twice at Camp Nou, but the only moment when Messi was allowed to receive the ball inside the box ended with a winning goal. However, this score still gives us a chance to advance. Had a huge advantage against Fakel, but scored only one after a free kick and almost were punished for that. The only hosts’ dangerous attack in the match ended with a goal, luckily disallowed due to offside. Started the strongest available squad (including foreign restrictions, of course), but managed to break Lokomotiv defense only in injury time, having the man advantage after Yedunov (yes, that guy who almost became the most expensive Russian player ever) was sent off. Will play Dinamo Moscow in semi-final. Rested all leaders before Champions League, but anyway scored five even before half-time. A very strong start from us, Grujic played one-two with Vlahovic, ran to the penalty area and shot past ter Stegen. Jean had an excellent chance to double our lead soon, avoiding the offside trap, but that time German keeper saved his team. After half-time Barcelona played better, and the most real chance was missed by Neymar, he was against open net, but somehow Olaleye blocked the shot. We held the lead till the final whistle and advanced to quarter-final, third time in a row! Was hard to get into domestic game after a win in Europe, but after half-time we finally scored and then secured a confident win. 16 points gap from CSKA now, looks like the title is ours. Some seasons ago we were able to draw twice against Man City, but that was in a group stage. With that advantage we can afford to leave all key players on the bench and keep them fresh in Europe. Our second loss in the league, will see if it was a right decision. For the third time we face City, and still no one could score. What’s encouraging before the return leg, we actually were close to that, with Rulli saved two one-on-one attempts from Jean. 14 points from Krylja, actually need to win only a half of remaining fixtures to secure the title.
  12. My suggestion for future versions is: if a club participates in continental competition and its registration deadline is not the same as domestic, then you should have all deadline day features (speeding up transfer talks, more frequent news items etc.) on continental registration day. For example - winter registration deadline for European competitions is 31 January/1 February, for some countries (England, Spain, Germany etc.) it's the same as domestic, but for some isn't. Russia and Ukraine have deadlines in the end of February, Norway in March and so on. If you play in these countries and need to buy someone urgently (for example replacing starting player lost on release fee, how it happened in my save), you're simply out of time to register him as need to wait some days while transfer and contract talks are going. So I hope that will be taken into consideration.
  13. draw Bermuda Barbados Fiji Guatemala Jordan draw Palestine Papua New Guinea draw draw Kuwait draw Mauritius Austria Tahiti Costa Rica Serbia
  14. I'll go for Bernd Leno then (he's partly Russian btw, and at some point was considered for naturalization).