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  1. 7 goals in 14 minutes, don't think I've ever seen that before. And even funnier fact - Mani scored only three goals during whole previous season
  2. Bhutan league looks insane, 4 relegated teams from 8?
  3. Okay, actually I managed to fix it for myself using the default OFC rules (without Kiribati and Tuvalu), but had to move all leagues' schedules so they all are held within one calendar year. Then winners and runners-up qualify to CL in January, as it should be. And using the default rules enabled dynamic league reputation as well.
  4. Unfortunately OFC Champions League still has wrong teams qualifying from some leagues, including New Zealand. For example this is the list of teams in 2022/23 season in my save, but obviously other teams should qualify: I also noticed that all leagues with these qualifying issues have championship playoffs, probably this could be the reason (though the continental places not always go to regular season winners as well). All regular leagues without playoffs (Fiji, Solomon Islands etc.) don't have this issue.
  5. Chertanovo have an online shop on their website but they only deliver within Moscow region. National team is much easier to find, google answers with a lot of links all over the world (this was the first for example)
  6. So, it’s year 2053. Alexey Lebedev, the best ever goalscorer of international football, has retired from playing. He scored 642 goals during his career in all competitions (both club and international), won all the continental cups (even the Conference League with CSKA in 2052) and major tournaments with national team. Also he scored goals in five World Cups (16 overall, equal with Klose) and four Euros (25 overall) and became the only Russian player in 21st century to win the Golden Ball. Obviously one of the best players I have ever managed in any FM, and by far the best one who ca
  7. World Cup 2050 – Brazil Lebedev – Danilin Abramov – Lukjanov – Plotnikov Mukhanov Rubtsov – Losev – Serezhkin – Olshanskiy Gogniev Decided to switch into the two-striker formation and give Lebedev a support role rather than using him at front alone. Plotnikov is the new star from Chertanovo academy, he should be one of our leading players here. A very confident start that almost guaranteed us a place in knockout rounds. Lebedev scored in his fifth World Cup, maybe someone else did it already in this save but at least he should be one of the
  8. Nations League 2048/49 Our attacking form wasn’t impressive, but still was enough to win the group. Two late equalizers certainly helped Another goal in stoppage time saved us from extra 30 minutes of play, still I was angry as we should have won it more comfortably. And I’m very disappointed with Lebedev’s form, his attributes are still great except physical decline but he can’t score even from perfect positions where pace shouldn’t matter. Maybe the final against Italy will wake him up. Finally there was no Spain here, and we won this competition from the
  9. Euro 2048 – Portugal Lebedev Yenin ------------------------------------ Iljin Abramov – Lukjanov Mukhanov Demin – Losev – Serezhkin – Olshanskiy Gogniev Gogniev is the latest Golden Glove winner, while Atletico managed to win two Champions Leagues in a row. Abramov moved to Man Utd for an insane amount of 192 million euros, that’s the highest ever transfer fee in this save! Not the best start, but we managed to recover quite soon after this early goal. Still we souldn't be confident in the result until Lebedev scored his second. Secon
  10. Nations League 2046/47 October seems to be the toughest month for us in all recent years, though after a disappointing loss from Belgium (they received two red cards in second half and still held the result) we defeated England with a stoppage-time winner, and that was the turning point in this campaign. Two November games ended with our confident wins, and we secured a place in the final four! Unfortunately, Lebedev missed the final stage with injury, and defeating Norway (they were Euro semi-finalists three years ago, so seeing them here isn’t a big surprise) without
  11. World Cup 2046 – China Predicted first eleven: Lebedev Yenin ------------------------------------ Iljin Abramov – Lukjanov Mukhanov Olshanskiy – Losev – Serezhkin – Balashov Gogniev Gogniev is now a world-class goalkeeper and guided Atletico to the Champions League trophy. Gudkov announced his retirement after a good season in Lazio which ended in Europa League win, so obviously deserved to make his final performance here. 150th goal for Lebedev, two more from the record. Lebedev refused to take the easiest way to set the record,
  12. Yes, I wanted to bring back some real life Chertanovo graduates, don't think I would have done well in RPL at start without Lomaev, Sarveli, Tsypchenko, Yezhov and others. Have no idea about this data fix, suggest you to holiday until first youth intake and see if you can sign players. There are some players in national team shortlist, right-back Kulikov even had one cap already when better players were injured. Chernyshov, Ionov and Rubtsov will probably be called up at some point in the next qualifying cycle. Plotnikov is the newest star, he already plays for Spartak first team on loan.
  13. Nations League 2044 Everything went wrong in this game against Italy. Conceded an early goal, then two our players were sent off, and still we managed to equalize with nine men! However the score wasn’t even for a long time, Italy converted their huge advantage in two goal, and we had to overturn it in the away game as they didn’t drop any points in this group. Unfortunately, we only managed to score once and conceded on the last seconds after going all out attack. Also this game marked Lebedev’s national record in caps, he played 129th game for the national team, overtaking Ale
  14. It actually shouldn't be random as the groups are based in different regions, but not long ago so few teams remained in the east that this zone was simply disbanded and remaining teams were distributed to other group. Have no idea how FM can emulate the creative minds of our football authorities And one fact to give you some hope in this challenge - Alexandr Golovin, the most valuable Russian player at the moment, started his career in Novokuznetsk
  15. Euro 2044 – Ukraine/Poland Predicted first eleven: Lebedev Yenin ------------------------------------ Yesin Abramov – Lukjanov Gudkov Olshanskiy – Losev – Serezhkin – Khokhlov Gogniev Probably the last major tournament for Gudkov and Yesin, at least as the starting players. And Rudenko decided to retire after the Euro despite still being a decent backup. And there goes the last real player, Ali Akman finished his career at the age of 42 and probably could even play further if didn’t suffer this injury. I remember this player quite well, he was
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