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  1. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Trent McEvoy (15082748) has DOB 20/10/1888 in database, probably should be 1988.
  2. [Russia] (Official) League Specific Issues

    There's an issue with Russian Cup matches, rules state maximum 3 subs can be used (which is realistic), but teams actually use up to 7.
  3. Island teams

    Sakhalin in Russia (which is actually closer to Japan)
  4. Faroes in top 50 finally, maybe there's a chance to qualify for the next Euro.
  5. Nice idea to bring it back, will take Russia again.
  6. Good thing that it's most likely the last FM version with this issue, as IRL the African Cup was moved to summer.
  7. I feel the time has come now to end this career. We easily won the league title with four games remaining, then repeated success in the cup, Frolov finished both competitions as top goalscorer. But speaking about continental games, the result and quality of our play wasn't so encouraging. We easily could go out in the first round against Inter, but a late injury time goal from a corner put us through. Then we faced PSG, the defending title holders, couldn't do anything at home, the return leg was a bit better but despite that goal from Frolov we went out. After that I felt the team reached its maximum. We lifted the Champions League trophy five years ago, twice lost in the finals, and in overall secured our place among European top teams, but lack of any competition inside the league made my interest to this career lower and lower with each year. I'm not sure if I'm going to leave this save for good or return to it later (maybe with moving to another team, though I don't like it usually, it hurts a lot when AI manager ruins everything you have done ). Anyway thanks everyone who followed and commented this thread, hope to return here soon with FM18.
  8. November-December 2028 Two attacks, two shots, two goals. Not even surprised. Was important to score before half-time, that gave us an opportunity to play more confidently in second half. Similar to what we saw in Turin, the game was tight, without many dangerous attacks but in the end our bench strikers made the difference. Stewart headed the ball to Frolov, and Mikhail fired it past Rajkovic. With that win we secured top place in the group! Two long shots gave us a win against closest title rivals, and the gap between us expanded to 9 points. Once again we dropped points after having a huge advantage over a far weaker team. I completely can’t understand the logic of this game Still a good lead at halfway. Krasnodar already moved up to 5th place, that’s an impressive change of form after awful start. Bordeaux still had a chance to qualify, but they needed Juve to drop points against Rapid at home. Anyway, even without any motivation we played much better and finished with a minimal but confident win. Didn’t notice it at first, but we haven’t conceded at all in this Champions League season! Avoided the hardest options like PSG and Chelsea, but when only Inter, Besiktas and PAOK remained I surely hoped for better. Our youth team also topped the group.
  9. October 2028 Took us a whole hour to break Kuban defense, but then we quite easily scored two more. Poor finishing made this game very hard for us. Kabiru missed the most real chance in first half when his penalty was saved by goalkeeper. Only when we went all out attack with three strikers up front, the result was achieved. Jay Stewart scored his first European goal after De Olivera’s cross. Once again big advantage was converted to the only goal when Petrenko headed the ball after a corner. Stewart was the best in this cup game, his two long shots went directly into the net, and one more was deflected by defender. Mangena finally returned after injury, and lack of practice surely affected his performance with some real chances missed. But at least he won that penalty converted to the only goal by Frolov. An early goal from Kabiru, and this game became much easier for us than it was in Austria. Leading with 2 points gap from Juventus, so can make it all clear in the next game.
  10. September 2028 First goal was crucial, Fakel defended well using the same formation with us so a long shot from Espindola helped us a lot to get the result. Without our best strikers Mangena and Kabiru, both injured while playing for national teams, we couldn’t threat Juventus defense as effectively as in previous years. Neculai had some chances, but obviously he need more experience to play confidently on this level. Frolov finally recovered from his injury and scored first goal of the season, the decisive one in this game. Orenburg managed to equalize after our first early goal, but then we responded with four. Confident start of the cup. We haven’t conceded in the league before this game, faced currently bottom team without a win, had huge advantage in shots, but… football and FM logic is sometimes difficult to understand. Last minute equalizer from Radovac didn’t allow us to get 3 points here. That wasn’t an interesting match at all, the only goal was scored in a perfect counter played by Frolov and Antonio after opponents’ corner, and then we controlled the game. Our first European win this season. Spartak had zero shots on target and almost won this game. Madness. Those dropped points in latest games didn’t allow us to lead comfortably, but still we’re ahead.
  11. Oh those Greek names. I thought Papastathopulos was difficult to read, but that
  12. Pre-season 2028/29 Transfers out Year after Ricardo departure we needed to find right wing-back again. Oetling requested to leave and his release clause was quite low. Duarte wanted a new challenge, so I let him go after 11 seasons in the team, same for Yamlikhanov. Transfers in Fernando – decided to improve our defence, he is young but already second best center-back in our squad behind Larsson. Facundo De Olivera – right midfielder with decent defensive abilities, think he would be good ad CWB. Nikolay Borisov – cheap deal for a very promising Russian attacker. Michael Munn and Sam Jabateh – another Australian and first Liberian in our squad, continue to explore the football world Euro 2028 – England Groups A-C | D-F Brilliant performance from Switzerland, eliminating four very strong teams on their road to the cup. Scotland surprised as well, reaching semi-final. Russia finally managed to get past group stage, the biggest downside though was Frolov's injury, so our key striker will miss starting games of the season. U-19 Euro – Russia reached the final with nine our players in the squad, lost to France but still that’s a great result. Olympics – Germany won the title, Brazil (Fernando) lost to eventual winners in quarter-final, Argentina (Espindola) couldn’t even qualify from the group. July-August 2028 Very confident game after two early goals. Krasnodar responded with a lucky deflection shortly before the final whistle, but that couldn’t change the result. Always nice to start the season with a trophy. Even better start in the first league game against top tier newcomers. Sergeev was obviously the most notable player there, scoring twice and then getting a red card And another big win, the schedule is very easy for us at start. Amkar started the season with two wins, but had absolutely no chances against us. Way too poor finishing and dropped points as a result. Impressive and confident win, Zenit couldn’t even take a shot till the last minutes. Fernando finally joined the team after returning from Olympic squad and managed to score on his debut! Interesting start as Anji and Fakel appeared in top 3, and Krasnodar so far are bottom without a single win. Young Boys went to the last group. We'll have Juve as our strongest opponents once again.
  13. April-May 2028 Poor start of second half could cost us points, but Oetling’s first goal for the club after a corner was decisive. Very unlucky. We were leading after a great free kick from Kabiru, could score more, but instead conceded 10 minutes before the final whistle. After a cross from right wing the ball hit Duarte and went in. Our young center-back Lykov scored his first career goal early in the game, and actually it became the winning one. We had some chances in first half, but then Real defended well and managed to hold their advantage… Surely a step back from our previous seasons, but if a quarter-final loss is a big disappointment for us that says enough about our current stature. Conceded a last minute equalizer from our former player Ivanov, having a man advantage for the whole second half. Not our week for sure. Two goals from Orlov helped us to move one step close to the title. And once again Orlov scored the winning goal. With 11 points gap we surely will clinch the title in upcoming games. Frolov missed previous matches due to injury, but recovered before the game against Spartak and made the difference with late goal and assist. And Orlov continued his scoring run. We needed to win only one game to be the champions, but it wasn’t so easy to achieve. Frolov scored twice in first half and that could make us too complacent. Terek got one back soon after half-time, and then Espindola received a red card less than a minute after coming from the bench. Luckily, our defense was solid enough to keep the lead, and so we won our 10th consecutive league title! CSKA and Krasnodar will join us in Champions League. Krylja Sovetov dropped from last season’s European places to the relegation playoffs zone. Awards Best Player: Frolov (Rostov) Players’ Select: Frolov (Rostov), Padaruth (Rostov), Alexeev (Spartak) Top Goalscorer: Frolov (Rostov) – 22, Kiselev (CSKA) – 21, Stjepanovic (Krylja) – 15 Goalkeeper of the Year: Mitryushkin (Rostov) Young Player of the Year: Shvetsov (Spartak/Fakel) Team of the Year Padaruth proved to be a quality signing. Also nice to see our prospect Stewart in the dream team, he surely helped CSKA to reach second place. Four teams promoted from FNL this year, including Sakhalin! That trip to Far East would be interesting. Krasnodar lifted the cup after defeating Zenit on penalties. European Review Champions League – another trophy for Mourinho’s collection, and Fabian Gomez again was the top scorer with 14 goals. Europa League – Barcelona recovered after a poor last season, and Tottenham reached the final fourth time in five years (though won only one of them). England – Chelsea (Jardim), Man Utd (Prandelli), Man City (Pep). Only two Manchester sides swapped, quite boring. Cristiano Ronaldo was hired by Bristol City in January, but couldn’t save them from relegation to League 1. Not the best start of managerial career Other notable players managing here include Yaya Toure (Bournemouth, 9th in PL), Rooney (Wolves, 11th), Terry (Fulham, 5th in Championship), Lindegaard (Sheff Utd, 16th) and Sturridge (Bolton, 19th). Spain – Real Madrid (Emery), Atletico (Simeone), Barcelona (Allegri). Top-3 returned to its normal condition. Germany – Dortmund (Graf), Leverkusen (Wolf), Schalke (Kohfeldt). Current reserve team managers will rule the Bundesliga in 10 years Italy – Roma (Ancelotti), Milan (Schmidt), Inter (Low). Milan held the top position before the last matchday but somehow lost to Udinese at home and gave another title to Roma. France – PSG (Mourinho), Bordeaux (Vieira), Monaco (Guegan) Netherlands – Ajax (Fonseca), Feyenoord (van Bronckhorst), AZ (Kooistra) Biryukov and Skokov were quite unexpected call-ups. Hope this time Russia will at least advance from the group.
  14. Mid-season 2027/28 Transfers in Transfers out Nicusor Neculai – promising Romanian striker, think I can sell Ramos in the summer transfer window and use him as a rotation option. Two foreigners in the youth intake, and again both useless. Eremenko looks the most promising so far. February-March 2028 Awful start of the first competitive match this year, as Roma scored twice in first 20 minutes. Kabiru’s goal after half-time gave us some chances for the return leg, though the referee clearly wasn’t on our side. Two penalties (luckily the second was missed), 7 yellow cards and red for Oetling, which leaves us without right wing for the next game as Perez is injured. Volgar keeper had a great day, saving his team a lot of times but in the second half we finally were able to score. FM just decided we should lose this match. Strange defending, open goal misses, and even despite scoring an early goal we're out of the cup. Mitryushkin conceded an easy shot from our former player Benko, but Muldoon and Grujic overturned it all very soon. I decided to start Padaruth as right wing-back, and he really was able to replace Oetling despite being uncomfortable on this position. One of his crosses was received by Kabiru, who headed the ball to Mangena, and Patrick scored the only goal. Roma couldn’t respond to that, so we advanced on away goals! Unfortunately, our youth team couldn’t do the same, losing to PSG. Were a bit lucky with the first goal but actually the win was deserved. Lokomotiv could only score few seconds before the final whistle. Getting Benfica would be extremely good option, but... Real Madrid instead. Frolov scored his 100th league goal, and we recorded another confident win. Good month except losing in the cup, we improved our lead in RFPL and advanced in Champions League.
  15. November-December 2027 Great start as Kabiru scored twice in first 15 minutes, and just after half-time he added third goal. Confident win, securing a top-2 spot for us. Next group game against Juve should decide who finish first. Frolov had a slight drop of form recently, hope that winning goal against Zenit will be a turning point for him. That was close to a disappointing draw with currently the bottom team, but a strike from Mangena in injury time saved our 3 points. Early goal from Kabiru could give us the lead at half-time, but few seconds before the whistle De Santis equalized. A draw still wasn’t good result for Juventus, so they continued attacking and on 83th minute De Santis got his second after a free kick. That was a clear offside from my point of view, but the referee had other opinion. We had to switch into more offensive style, and that worked. Yamlikhanov received a pass from the own half, and his long shot was unstoppable for Rajkovic. We even had a real chance to win this game, a penalty was awarded in injury time, but Kabiru couldn’t beat the keeper. So, we remained top of the group and only need a win in Zagreb. Krasnodar had only one shot on target before half-time but somehow were leading thanks to own goal and lucky long effort from Fernandez. However, in the second half everything went as planned for us. Goals from Kabiru and Frolov allowed us to extend the lead to 6 points. Surely I would prefer a win, but considering CSKA were our closest opposition in the league, a draw wasn’t too bad result. 17 years old Dmitry Orlov got his chance after Yamlikhanov’s injury and used it well, scoring twice. I guess he can be ready for more first-team football next season. Quite a comfortable lead before the winter break. Two goals from our central midfielders guided us to the fourth win in the group and finish on top. Worst option we could get. Ancelotti’s side won the Serie A four times in a row and aren’t going to stop. Our youth team struggled in the group, but the last matchday win against Dinamo moved them up to second place.