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  1. Season 2034/35 – part 2 Goalkeeper Drozhalkin is really the most promising player among this intake, winger Bondarev and Azeri right-back Sukurov also have a good chance to become quality players in future. And we got four players with foreign nationalities, I think it's the highest number for us and can be connected with growing reputation. We sold our backup defensive midfielder Gorbunov for a decent fee, as one of the younger players already can play on the same level. And I have no idea why Chelsea signed Mamin, other than he’s somehow related to Abramovich Also we rec
  2. Season 2034/35 – part 1 We won our fourth Supercup, started the league with two big wins but once again dropped points against Akhmat. Still it’s a good start, though I wanted more when the European games haven't started yet. Reaching the group stage wasn’t any problem, we even could affort resting all the starters after gaining a big advantage in first games. And Lebedev’s five goals against Braga let him match a club record set by Pinyaev in one of the first seasons. The league form wasn’t ideal with that home draw but it was enough for taking the top spot so far.
  3. I wonder how this league would work if Lithuania somehow appeared on the top of UEFA ranking. Will the team from second tier qualify?
  4. Pre-season 2034/35 Despite losing the title last season, we became the best Russian club in reputation! Also Nikita Pershin, the last remaining real player in our squad and team captain in recent years, left us on free transfer. His 330 games in 15 seasons are the club record at the moment. Russia finished above Brazil in the group on goal difference but then again lost to Serbia, on the same stage as four years ago. Our players scored four of the six team goals – two by Lebedev, one by Pronchev and Barinov.
  5. Season 2033/34 – part 2 Two central midfielders, Borzykh and Ushakov lead the list. Striker Panin, mentioned in the preview, isn’t the player with highest potential but his personality and mental attributes look really good. Two crossbars and a disallowed goal didn’t allow us to win the first leg, though a home clean sheet isn’t so bad in playoffs. Porto played slightly better at home, but the away goals rule worked in our favour after both team scored from penalties. We will face Man City in the quarter-final, hardly have any chance to defeat them but wil
  6. Season 2033/34 – part 1 So far we never lost in the Supercup, not a very important trophy but still a nice way to start the season. The league started with a draw with probably main title rivals. Four wins with an easy schedule in August, and we continue chasing Zenit who haven’t dropped any points yet. In the Champions League we were drawn into the group with Chelsea, AZ and Viktoria Plzen. Maybe it will be even possible to finish on top. Not the best form in the league, despite defeating Krasnodar we are now seven points behind the leaders. The continental se
  7. Pre-season 2033/34 Still predicted fourth, but with better odds. Dinamo can concentrate solely on the league and should be hard to beat this season. Yershov was unhappy to become mostly a bench player, so I let him go along with some other backups who could be replaced with younger prospects. We signed young defensive midfielder Dorozhkin, hopefully he will improve with our facilities. Russian U21 team didn’t have a good time in the Euros, finishing with the only point in the group. Younger players did much better, winning the U20 World Cup with four
  8. Season 2032/33 – part 2 Not the best intake, but two best players here – playmaker Lukjanov and defensive midfielder Polovinchuk look quite promising. We didn’t concede at home against PSG, and I see this as a decent result. Probably a lucky goal in Paris can make the difference. A long shot from Schennikov gave us a surprising lead, and until 75th minute we were ahead on away goals, but then PSG scored their second goal after a corner and didn’t give us any chance to respond. Our advantage in the league reached ten points with eight games to go, and now I
  9. Can confirm this issue, my career is currently in 2033 and there are over 100 generated 'community stadiums' none of which is actually used except random cup finals. Some cities even have two of them (with the same name), looks like the game even doesn't recognized previously generated stadiums as valid for the new tournaments.
  10. Season 2032/33 – part 1 Despite not playing at our best in all games we won five out of five in July. Started with our second Supercup win in extra time, ended with a revenge over Zenit for that 0-5 loss in spring. Lebedev seems to suffer a second year syndrome after his spectacular debut season, but he scored when it was needed the most – in the extra time against Celtic, the goal that pushed us to the Champions League group stage. There we will face Bayern, Valencia and Young Boys, aiming for the second place like last season. Our form in the league let us retur
  11. Pre-season 2032/33 Despite a worse result last season our prediction is now better than ever. Sokolov had a release clause for foreign clubs, so Pershin remained the only player from the original squad who still plays for us. Ustinov has quite a good potential, but honestly I don’t think his mental attributes will allow him to play a high level. Speaking of unsuccessful bids for our players, it was very nice to see Gudkov not willing to join Barcelona (they offered up to 70 million, and in any other career I would accept it and find some cheaper world-class Brazilian n
  12. Season 2031/32 – part 2 Zakirov is the left winger who was highlighted in a preview, he’s a good player but lack of ambition and determination can be a bad factor in his development. Ediger looks better in terms of potential, probably he can reach Gudkov’s level in future, and Olenikov can become a good right-back. What a way to return from the holiday! Yesin, who played his previous competitive game six months ago, was tripped in the box allowing Barinov to score, and then it was Lebedev’s time. Two goals in the playoffs from a player who just turned 16! Disgrac
  13. Season 2031/32 – part 1 It was an easy schedule at start, but still nice to see three wins and no goals conceded. Our form became much worse in August, especially in terms of scoring. We hardly could get the only goal in three games, and I decided to take a risk, promoting Lebedev to the first team and starting him against Ufa. The result was tremendous – a hat-trick on his debut while setting new records as both club and league youngest player! Then we defeated Spartak, unfortunately losing Yesin until winter break due to injury. The Champions League draw put us again
  14. Pre-season 2031/32 A bit closer to the top. Our reputation is now 3.5*, the same as other Russian top teams. None of the departed players was a top prospect, still we have future sale clauses in case they will develop in their new clubs. Russia won the U19 European Championship with six our players in the squad, Lebedev became the best goalscorer. Good start of his career.
  15. Season 2030/31 – part 2 Sarveli helped us a lot in several seasons after arrival, but he’s 33 now and declined physically so even wasn’t the first rotation option this season. Luckily we didn’t lose anyone from the first team, Chinese clubs made some big bids for Gudkov (up to 35 million), and with our board that could easily be accepted but not this time. That’s a really promising description, Lebedev looks like someone who may become our star forward in future, and Burenkov is the second good striker here! Also we got decent defensive midfielder Yevseev and left wing
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