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  1. I remember there is a club in Ushuaia but it's way too low to become playable. The southernmost available clubs at start are Guillermo Brown (based in Puerto Madryn) and Puerto Montt, about 400-500 miles from your current range. Or there is another way, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk in Russia are available right now, technically it's part of European football
  2. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2021/22 League table Vidi and Ferencvaros are still out of reach, but this time we were in the lead of all others! Reached 3rd place shortly before winter break, then some poor results in spring dropped us to 5th at one point but still in close battle with Honved and Haladas, and everything was decided on the last matchday. Three European contenders played against three teams fighting for survival in the top tier, we defeated Kozarmisleny while Honved lost to Paks at home and we overtook them to win the bronze medals! And of course, European football will be useful for our finances and potential improvement. Magyar Cup Four minutes separated us from a trophy, hardly could predict this after struggling in the first round against non-league opponents. Disappointed a bit but this season already shows top two can be beaten, we just need to be more consistent against other teams. Youth intake A.Sagi 22a | Gera 22b | Stieber 22c | Siger 22d | Kutyancsanin 22e | Simon 22f | M.Sagi 22g That's becoming really funny, third golden generation in a row! This one looks weaker in terms of PA stars but probably it's the result of our current improvement. Squad stats Kalman's season was spoiled by injuries (the latest one will keep him out until September), so this year our attacks were mainly focused on left wing where Richard Fujsz was really impressive, his average rating was even better than Valkovszki's in first season when we dominated the second tier. Bence Peter finally adapted to the top tier football and became league's second goalscorer. Youngsters continue to develop well, Luczek 20b and Fiola 20c became regular starters during the season, while R.Horvath 20a and D.Kovacs 20e provided quality backup for our leaders. Transfers
  3. I choose Dennis Salanovic for Serbia, a best option available and he obviously has ex-Yugoslavian roots
  4. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2020/21 League table Ferencvaros and Vidi broke away from the start, and gaps in the group behind them were really tight. So we were in European places at one point, in relegation zone at another and managed to secure a comfortable mid-table spot in the end. Magyar Cup We defeated two teams from our division and reached the semi-finals against Vidi. Surprisingly we won both home games against them in the league, but here they didn't give us any chances. Still a great run for our team. Youth intake Borsi 21a | L.Kovacs 21b | Szeker 21c | Nagyvaradi 21d | Pinter 21e | Orban 21f | Temesvari 21g | Frank 21h Another golden generation, guess this just means a poor level of our current squad rather than real potential This year brought us some promising defensive players, which is fine considering it's our main weakness at the moment. Squad stats Kalman was a real team leader this season with 13 goals and highest average rating. We almost lost him in winter when the board accepted a 250k offer from Charlton but I managed to protest the deal, and after some weeks of unhappiness he signed a new contract till 2024. Now they are interested in our left winger Fujsz, who also had quite a good season. Speaking of previous season's best players, Peter actually disappointed. He became our second goalscorer with 11 goals but the amount of moments he missed was way higher. Valkovszki missed four months with a serious injury but still became our best assistant, Somogyi was selected as league's best goalkeeper (quite a surprise as his stats weren't so outstanding), and Toricska was the player who really impressed me this season. His long shots (including direct free kicks) helped us to get some important points, couldn't predict that looking at his skills. Transfers And also I was offered a job of Hungarian NT manager in November. Declined of course but that's really weird, I just promoted to the top league and had only a national license at that time.
  5. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2019/20 League table Didn't expect such an easy promotion in the first season. We lost the opening game but then won five in a row and stayed on top until the end, securing the title with five games to go. Magyar Cup Met the board expectations of reaching third round and played decently against a top tier side, losing only on penalties. Youth intake R.Horvath 20a | Luczek 20b | Fiola 20c | Z.Horvath 20d | D.Kovacs 20e | Temesvari 20f | M.Kovacs 20g | Vasas 20h | Toth 20i After seeing a 'golden generation' label I hoped for more in terms of current abilities, so was a bit disappointed. Anyway there are some really promising players, including the positions where we needed more squad depth. Squad stats As expected, Peter was our top goalscorer (and top goalscorer of the league as well). Right-back Valkovszki made the most assists, not surprised too as he was our first choice to take corners and indirect free kicks, and also provided good crosses while joining attacks. Szilard Kalman, a 196 cm high winger (he really looks like a giant in 3D match, and what's even more unusual - his backup Kesztyus is of exactly the same height!) is now assessed as our best player who's ready for the top division level. Speaking of youngsters, Balogh 19a already competes with Keresztes for a starting AMC spot, and Kovari 19c is now a third choice center-back (yes, we seriously lack quality on this position and that's the main concern for next season). Transfers
  6. Hungary - Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club Decided to start this challenge in Hungary, was hoping for Kozarmisleny (they have great youth facilities) but each time I simulated the reset day (for @darren1983 and others who are going to play there - it's June 20th) the same three teams were promoted. So I chose Pecs, the team which was a national cup winner in 1990 and had some European history including games against Manchester United, Juventus and Newcastle. And it turned out that Kozarmisleny are their feeder team, not sure if that will somehow improve the youth recruitment but at least can be a good place for developing youngsters on loan. Manager Squad part 1 | part 2 | U19 One of our 4-star players is loaned and will leave in few days, second is going to retire along with the best goalkeeper (and both declined my offers to stay ). But except them and leading center-back Juhasz the squad is really young and promising. Bence Peter is expected to lead our attacks, Bischoff and Keresztes are surely our future and both will get some playing time next season. U19 team already has some promising newgens - Balogh 19a, Szanto 19b, Kovari 19c, Turi 19d and Waltner 19e can potentially become first-team players.
  7. No Mkhitaryan Serbia will take Jordy Monroy then.
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