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  1. Season 18 - 2037/38 Western United Only stayed on to go for the FFA Cup after winning the league last season. Started before the league however finished in December playing 1 game a month. Ended up winning the Cup which included a 14 - 0 thumping! @vikeologist checked the thread you sent and it doesn't register! Kept an eye out for next opportunities in France, Mexico, USA and Greece however not much was forthcoming. I did apply with PSG however didn't even get an interview (2nd time this save) so I look forward to meeting them from their opposition bench! Olympiakos job came
  2. I tend to play friendlies as I try to rotate the squad and get as many players fit using all 11 subs
  3. Just played a local friendly and won 13 - 0 and ended up with 62 shots at goal lol
  4. Season 17 - 2036/37 Western United Brought in some really talented foreigners for this level including a 19yo Syrian internal forward I had in my Asian Cup journey as national coach for Syria. The foreigner rule of 5 meant we needed to scramble some local talent and with transfers regulations in the A League this made it a little difficult. In the FFA Cup we underachieved to my expectations losing in penalties to Melbourne City away from home in the second round. League we were near or on top for the majority of the season and won the regular season with a few games to go. This
  5. No I think it should remain. The winner of regular season is called the minor champions but FM made a big deal of it so thought it counts. All good as I won the play offs and will post shortly
  6. I just won the regular season in the A League, does that count as a league title in this challenge? Or do I need to won the play offs too? League win
  7. Impressive how his jumping reach is improving with age!
  8. After completing the Asian component of the challenge, I left Dalian Yifang in Dec and was waiting for a decent opportunity in Mexico to arise but couldn't go past my local team. The club was established last year and have yet to complete their first full season due to the corona virus. My first senior coach is now the assistant manager and another of my coaches was the founder / inaugural CEO. I joined with 4 games to of the home and away season sitting in second last position. Ended up winning 2, drawing 1 and lost 1. This will be fun.
  9. Season 16 - 2035 Dalian Yifang The champions league is the only reason I stayed another year in China, it's a year longer stay more than I was hoping for after losing in the Semi Final the first 6 months after I arrived here along with the Final loss to Al-Hilal. The group stage was a walk in the park winning 5 and drawing one against Jeonbuk, Hiroshima and Adelaide Utd. Second round paired us against Zhejiang of China who were doing ok in the league in the top 5. Got through that leg pretty easily winning 3-0 away and 4 - 0 at home. QF we again were paired with another Chinese oppon
  10. Never really understood the foreigner rule in the Chinese League... it says 4 foreigners excluding 1 from Asia but lists 3 countries that you wouldn’t bother having any of their players. Does Korea fall under the jurisdiction as well?
  11. Asia Cup Desperate times ask for desperate measures so I applied for the Syria position after seeing it available only weeks before the 2035 Asian Cup. The squad was already selected and let's just say there wasn't much expectation. The furthest they've gone in the cup is reaching the quarter final and the FA wanted a similar performance this time round. Played a few casual friendlies against Yemen, Cambodia and South Korea. Beat the first two relatively easy and somehow held on to a 0 - 0 draw in Korea in a game we had limited opportunities. Group of Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Chi
  12. Season 15 - 2034 League - 30 games, 27 wins and 3 draws, enough said. Disappointed we didn't get to 100+ goal difference. Cup - won again, no real challenges here scoring 21 goals and conceding 4. Champions League - similar to last year we were paired against Guangzhou in the semi final. We drew 1 - 1 in both legs so played extra time at home. They copped an injury in the 93rd minute and were down to 10 men, we capitalised twice in each half of extra time getting us into the final against Al-Hilal. Somehow I lost this tie. Ill be staying for another year to win this. Looki
  13. Congrats mate! It really is a slog! out of interest was that on FM20 or FM19 as your first season states 2019?
  14. Season 14 - 2023 Dalian Yifang Started early June, 13 league games in and sitting in 10th position. Transfer window opened in July so brought in some decent local players and Joao Felix aged 34 for free. We won 15 and drew 2 from the 17 league games in charge - standings. Seems like quite an easy league with only Guangzhou being a challenge. When I took over we were still in the champions league and up against Jiangsu in the second round. They lost the first leg 2 - 1 at home and my first game in charge was the second leg which we won 4 - 0. We made it to the semis where we fa
  15. Kaizer Chiefs Season 14 - 2032/33 Joined mid year during the xmas break and was given 14m pounds (more than what Marseille was offering). They were 7th and 11 points away from top and 10 points away from 3rd. We had 14 games to make ground, we won 13 of them and lost 1 away to a mid table team - standings . Effectively, that one loss cost us the league! Fortunately for me, Kaizer had won the league the year before and were still in the group stage when I took over. The were sitting third 3 points behind second with 3 games to go in a group with Raja Casablanca, 1 de Agosto and A
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