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  1. Contemplating buying a Switch just to play this as my circumstances have changed and don’t have the time to play the full version on my laptop anymore. I enjoy doing the challenges on the challenge threads here ie. dafuge and world challenge etc but have read that once you’ve chosen three leagues from set up you can’t adjust in game? all the other gripes that I’ve read I can live with (although teamtalks and shouts in matches would be nice) but anything else I should know before I invest heavily just to play?
  2. once I was in L2, I found that getting team reports for all teams in Championship to L1 helped identify great loan opportunities
  3. Stalybridge Celtic Season 11 2029/30 Premier League League Table - on the last day of the year, it took an 81st minute winner from West Ham (against Everton) for us to qualify for the Champions League. On a last day where the stars needed to align, we overtook Arsenal who lost to Chelsea and Everton to finish 4th. Feels like we are still miles away from challenging for the title which is shown by the points differential but at least we made a little progress from last season. Euro Cup was a good taste of European hammering teams in the group phase before being knocked out by AC Milan in the QF. They got their revenge for the beating we gave them 5-0 in a preaseason friendly. Lots of activity in the transfer market, but Mollard was the clear standout winning the league top goalscorer and getting into the team of the year (only two players outside of Manchester) breaking club records along the way. Man Utd triggered Ivica's release clause in Jan which I wasn't too happy about but brought in some rushed reinforcements which did ok for the remainder of the year. Was knocked out by a championship team in the 6th of the FA Cup and made it to the QF of the Caraboa cup before losing to Liverpool who went on to win it. Transfers Finances Squad We're increasing the capacity of our stadium from 20k to 27k but will be playing in a reduced capacity of 18k for next year, a good 10k less than the Huddersfields John Smith stadium which we were playing in this year. Our training facilities are being upgraded and we're improving our youth level to level 2 as well.
  4. I try match the result but if the replay was a better result then so be it. I wouldnt accept a worse result tho
  5. Thanks mate, appreciate the prompt response. So my understanding of the decreased CA (which ive noticed across the board this preseason) is because i signed 2x 4.5 star players which is making the majority of the squad perceived CA worse than what it was last season. I had assumed this was only similar positional players were affected Does that also mean my future scout reports will be adjusted as well? seeing how my squad has improved
  6. Getting fed up with spending millions on 4 star CA at a good age between 22 - 26 and then ending the season with a 3 star CA even though they ave higher then 7 and have solid years. Does this happen to everyone?
  7. Stalybridge Celtic Season 10 2028/29 Premier League League Table – Improvement for last season finishing in 6th on the last day and qualifying for the Europa League. Managed to bridge the gap to the teams in the upper echelon, Liverpool having a disastrous season with Klopp being sacked helped. As you can tell from the ladder, there’s still a significant gap between ourselves and the top 4. A couple of great signings with Hernandez being the standout. Signed for 1.7m from Santa Fe and scored 6 more goals than the second best in the premier league. Ivica is developing nicely and a real driving force in the midfield. Shoutouts to Goodwin who kept notching at important times and Montenegro in defence who was signed from San Lorenzo for 10m. We also had our best progress in the Cups making it to the semi final of the FA Cup however losing to Chelsea 1 – 0 despite dominating the game. Bit of revenge took place 2 weeks later as we went to Stamford Bridge and beat them 5 – 3. Knocked out in the 4th round of the Carabao cup. Transfers Squad We’re increasing the capacity of the stadium from 13k to 20k so we’ll be playing at the 30k capacity St Johns stadium in the meantime. We have a huge transfer budget of 100m+ and wage capacity to play with in the off season so will try to bring in a couple of ready made world beaters. Need a LB, RB, CD and LW and I think we can challenge for a top 4 spot.
  8. Stalybridge Celtic Season 9 2027/28 Premier League League Table First year in the premier league the aim was simply survival and consolidation. Started the season with 2 losses but then 5 wins after that got me in 4th position after 7 games which included wins over Arsenal and Man Utd got me excited. 4 straight losses later and I found myself mid table which is where I remained for the rest of the season. Couple of hard lessons learnt against the big clubs, 7 – 0 to Man Utd in the FA cup at Old Trafford, 5 – 1 to Chelsea away, 5 – 1 to Liverpool away, 6 – 1 to Spurs away has me questioning my tactics. Brought in quite a few good free players as didn’t really have much of a transfer budget particularly with the large sign on fees which are being asked now. Ironically my biggest transfer fee paid 7.5m was a bit of a dud. Did manage to sign 2 wonderkids in Stankovic for 2.3m and Ivica 3.1m in Jan and have another one arriving in June for 1.7m. Standout players were Filipovic who was signed for free from Arsenal and Favre who i got for free from Marseille despite copping 69 league goals still managed average rating over 7. Transfers Finances Squad FA Cup was knocked out in the 4th Round to Man Utd and Carabao was knocked out in the 3rd round by Arsenal. Hopefully with more depth next year we can actually achieve something in the cups. Finances are great, we profited from playing at Huddersfield’s 25k capacity stadium this year but our own ground will be ready for next season with only a capacity of 13.6k. Managed to upgrade a lot of the facilities this season with the large profits, but then thought to myself, am I improving Huddersfield’s facilities since technically are ground isn’t ready yet? Board have given me an uplift in wages budget and 65m transfer budget which I cant wait to sink my teeth into! Need Desperately in need of a RB, LB, CB and LW.
  9. Only found out how to search for them recently myself. Doing a Dafuge challenge and in the premier league so only now can i attempt to sign any of these
  10. im by no means an expert, but there is an in game function to search for media descriptions of players and wonderkids are apart of it. If it's in game, how is that cheating?
  11. wondering if there were any Steam FM chat groups that I could join or anything of the like?
  12. Stalybridge Celtic Season 8 2026/27 Championship League Table - Second year in this league after narrowly missing out on the play offs last season ended up being quite straight forward finishing as champions with a couple games to spare. Spent most of the year. Difference this year was that when we had a bad spell it was only for a couple of games then we’d manage to get on a winning run again. Only spent 8 weeks not in the promotion zone and enjoyed a really good season on the injury front, will definitely put in a heavy offseason program again Key players were Finley Thorndike who stepped up from being my third midfielder last season to fans player of the season with 62% breaking the league record for highest ave rating with 7.44 from his 43 appearances. Also won league player of the year. George Clayton-Phillips on loan from Aston Villa had a break out season finishing second in the league in goals with 26 (Bertucci finished 3rd with 23) scoring many crucial goals along the way. He’d only scored 7 in 63 previously to this loan spell in the Championship. Remarkably 10 of my players made the Team of The Year!! The unlucky one was my captain your captain Robinson who was pissed off all year as I wouldn’t let him join an MLS team. Transfers Finances Squad Back to the old ways for us in the FA Cup getting knocked out at the first possible chance albeit vs a full strength Liverpool squad at home 4 – 1. Bettered the result from 2 years back in the same round where we lost 6 – 1, but not by much. In the Carabao, we were disappointingly knocked out in the third round 2-1 by Blackburn who scored two late goals. They ended finishing in 15th in the Championship. Finances were good, our stadium capacity was increased to 7,000 near the start of the season which we regularly sold out. Not much investment in players nor departures, we again relied on the core players from last year and topped up with some key loan signings. Negotiated some improvements to youth facilities and youth recruitment upon my contract renewal. The board have just announced they’re building a New Stadium funded primarily through loans, capacity only 13,640 so not too happy with that but will have to make it work. Completion date is end of next season so we’ll be renting with Huddersfield which fits 25k so that’s not too bad.
  13. Stalybridge Celtic Season 7 2025/26 Championship League - If you offered me 7th in the league before the season I would have snapped your hands for it. But after reflection, im quite disappointed how the year ended. I had two really bad runs that cost us a play off spot at the very least. The season started off ok and found myself in third after 7 rounds but then the first poor spell hit which took us to 16th 5 games later. At that point I thought we may be sucked into a relegation battle. But the team settled after that and we dominated games on our way back up into the play off spots which we remained between game 24 to the third last game. Alas, in the final game of the year I was 1 point behind 6th and was home against Brentford in 17th and Norwich was home to Wigan who were 9th. I conceded early Norwich scored the slim chance I was living off was virtually over. Wigan equalised in injury time in the first half but we went into the break 1 down despite dominating the possession and chanced. Made some slight adjustments at half time which worked and banged in 2 goals in 5 mins to be sitting in 6th! Scored a third around the 70th min to seal my game and just needed Wigan to hold on to their draw. Norwich waited until the 83rd minute to break my heart with what ended up being a 3 – 1 win to them in the end. Nathan Cooper on loan from Liverpool won player of the year scoring 12 and 9 assists ave rating 7.36 playing from MC but is heading Philadelphia on a bosman, was super close to signing him on a pittance but he wouldn’t accept what I could offer at the time. David Linley on loan from Swansea won young player of the year scoring 19 from 25 starts. My dip in form culminated with him being injured for the last 3 months of the season. Will definitely try bring him back next year Squad Past Positions Transfers Finances Improved in the FA Cup again this year making it to the 5th round but wasn’t fortunate enough to get a money spinner out of it. Had Man City in the 5th but that was at home and with my stadium holding less than 6,000, we didn’t make much out of it. Positive is that we did beat a premier league side in Stoke in the 4th round. In the Carabao, we got knocked out by Oldham in the 1st round who almost got relegated from League 2! You can imagine my disappointment here! Finances were ok, didn’t sell many players this year round but managed to keep finance in the black before solidarity payments. Getting a few bids for my key players after the season but im looking to build from here for the promotion bid next season so will have to be quite strategic who I let go and who we bring in. Budget is still going to be tight. Board have announced they are increasing they stadium capacity by 1,700 seats at a cost of 2m and should be ready by October. Hopefully that can yield us some more coin coming in.
  14. Stalybridge Celtic Season 6 2024/25 League 1 League Table - I don’t think I have ever had a season like this before. 6 Games into the season, I announced to the Dafuge chat group on steam that I was in the middle of a relegation battle. By round 13 I was dead last with 8 points. Fans were criticizing for not changing my tactics despite the poor form. Most games had a similar pattern, would concede early then have the majority of chances and higher amount of possession than my opponent but still lose. That all changed with a 3 – 3 draw away at Milwall which was followed by a 4 – 2 win where we created 31 chances to 14. We went on a 13 league game winning streak demolishing teams and ended up getting the unbeaten in 20 games achievement from it. That took us into the playoff zone and we looked good for an automatic promotion spot until round 38 where some key injuries took its toll. Up until now we had only drawn 3 games so it was pretty much win or lose but then drew 5 out of the last 7 games to missing out on auto promotion. In the first game away of play offs, we were down 2 – 0 but managed to come back and win 3 – 2. The return leg at home we were up 2 – 0 and were cruising until we conceded 2 but managed to hold on. The play off final was pretty straight forward, up 2 – 0 and only conceded late on for a 2 -1 win. Definitely a lesson learnt for me, I overdid the free incoming loans which unbalanced the team at the start of the season so it was like throwing strangers on the park. Will have to rebuild the squad for next year but ive so far managed to sign quite a few of my loans permanently for next season so they should know each other’s names at least. Past Positions Transfers Players Finances Had my best performance in the FA Cup to date reaching the heights of the 3rd round. I drew my 2nd round tie against another L1 opposition and with the fixtures drawing the winner of the replay against Liverpool away, I fielded my best team and won quite comfortable (game was amongst my turn of fortunes). Although getting plummeted by Liverpool 6-1, the 950k gate income helped the board approve my training facilities upgrade. Finances were great this year, on the eve of the season I sold my prior year starting striker for 500k with his min release clause being triggered. Was happy with that as I already had signed replacement however my starting left winger’s min release clause was also triggered for 500k which left me short. Managed to get the board to upgrade a few things so took full advantage of the new funds. We also saw an influx of cash coming from both the Liverpool FA cup game and the play off final. Looking forward to what the Championship has in store for us with a 2m transfer budget and a 60k weekly budget, have some decent options lined up to come in on free transfers so the aim will be middle table and hopefully push on for a play off spot.
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