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  1. anyone know how to fix the Brazilian team names mid game? I just added the league and have three initials...
  2. Season 12 - 2030/31 Ended up applying for both PSG and Barca, PSG went with Zidan but managed to get the Barca job. The team was pretty poor, particularly coming from Chelsea where we clean sweeped. Conducted a bit of a rebuild but only had 70m pound budget so had to be smart. Ended up bringing Bottinger from Chelsea from me for a relatively decent price 38.5m, I had rejected 70m+ the previous year. The club also had two former players I had coached, Bundeliga winner 32yo Jordt and Serie A player of the year 31yo Odegaard. Comps - the league was a two team affair between us and current champions Atletico. Surprisingly, Barca had not won the league in 5 years so was glad to break that drought on the last day of the year. Cup Final - lost the final somehow. I had 5 starters out for the final and had to start 2 lightly injured players. I can see the need of having to win cups at the end of the challenge I must admit I didn't really enjoy my time at Barca so was super glad to win the league. I think a lot of my haste is driven by the fact ive won the Champions League and have nothing to really build for, its more of a tick the box type feel. I will resign shortly and look to ;eave Europe for the first time in cub management. With Italy we won the International league against France 1 - 0 in the final. WEre lucky they copped a red in the first half. Top Domestic Leagues 4 / 10 - Bundesliga (Wolfsburg 2026), Serie A (AC Milan 2028), Premier League (Chelsea 2030), La Liga (Barcelona 2031) Cups 3 / 10 - Betfred Cup (Arbroath 2023), DFB Pokal (Wolfsburg 2026), FA Cup (Chelsea 2029) Continental 2 / 6 - Club World Champs (Chelsea 2029), Champions Cup (Chelsea 2030) International 2 / 5 - AFCON (Senegal 2023), Copa America (Brazil 2028
  3. I found that it works both ways and took advantage of exhausted teams in the CWC with Chelsea. Constantly playing against players with 80% fitness I breezed through the tourney
  4. 2030 World Cup - Hosted in Spain The country that has won more World Cups than any other but had not won one for 28 years, a travesty for this great nation! Mind you it hasn't even played in a cup final since then either. The Football Association were happy to make the semis but I dare say the nation wanted more. Personally I didn't give us a realistic chance, for one reason or another (probably due to a lack of friendlies organised) I couldn't quite get it to click for this country. Two friendlies in March as the start of the preparation were against Wales and France. Scrapped a 2 - 2 draw with Wales after being 2 down and then lost to France 2 - 1. Last friendly just before the tourney was against Greece for a better performance and a 2 - 0 win. My two group games were against Uzbekistan and Scotland, could not have asked for an easier start. Well that's what I thought anyways. 3 - 0 win against the Uzbekis but then suffered a shock 1 - 0 loss to Scotland. Scotland had beat Uzbekistan in the other game so we qualified in second place. And the prize for that was a second round knock out game against Italy! The country that knocked me out (with France in the 2026 world cup). Second Round vs Italy Third Round (if applicable) QF (if applicable) SF (if applicable) Final (if applicable)
  5. Season 11 - 2029/30 After winning the World Club Cup in little less than a crawl, the season ahead was the year for redemption after bottling the league last season. What better way to start a season with some rage transfers. The league started similar to last taking up a pretty handy lead, 11 points clear half way through the season and undefeated. League was simply dominant and won the league undefeated only drawing 5 games in the process. A first for me. The only other live competition was the Champions Cup where were grouped with Barcelona, Borussia M'Gladbach and RB Salzburg. First game was Barca away which we played a thrilling 3 - 3 draw, then MGladbach at home for another draw. Won the next three and drew the last against M'Gladbach again to top the group. First knockout we got a bit lucky with the draw and played rangers. We beat them comfortably 6 - 0 on aggregate. Then drew Man Utd in the quarters, our nemesis in the league from last year. First game away we beat them 2 - 1 then drubbed them 4 - 0 at home, the win was sweet! In the semi we played PSG, the team we beat in the World Club final 4 - 1. First leg was away. It was a game of two halves, our system of 4231 just wasn't penetrating them and before I knew it we were down 3 - 0 at ht, putting away any chance they had. I changed the tactcs to 4-2-4 for the second half desperately needing to get something out of it to take to Stamford bridge. We turned the game around creating chance after chance but couldn't score, we got a wee bit of life in the leg after Mbappe scored against his former team in the 82nd minute so the game finished 3 - 1. The second leg started well but couldn't score again. We were given a penalty in the 40th min only for Mbappe to miss, lots of words were said which cant be repeated on this forum. Shortly after Mbappe made up for his miss to score in the 44th minute and in first half extra time we found ourselves in front in the leg with our second goal. The first half team chat was a lot different to the expletives I gave out earlier. We continued to dominate the game and sealed the win with a 3rd in the 83rd. To Athens we go for the final against Liverpool who we beat in the last game of the league 3 - 2 at Anfield. Very little action early. Mbappe loves the big stage and opened the scoring in the 41st minute. In a drama-less game we scored a second in the 54th and a third in the 65th minute to win the final 3 - 0. Games Its a World Cup year so will provide an update with Brazil after that. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Chelsea and have achieved personal records along the way however some juicy jobs have become available, Barcelona and Conte has just left PSG to go to Man City so I will apply for both roles. Top Domestic Leagues 3 / 10 - Bundesliga (Wolfsburg 2026), Serie A (AC Milan 2028), Premier League (Chelsea 2030) Cups 3 / 10 - Betfred Cup (Arbroath 2023), DFB Pokal (Wolfsburg 2026), FA Cup (Chelsea 2029) Continental 2 / 6 - Club World Champs (Chelsea 2029), Champions Cup (Chelsea 2030) International 2 / 5 - AFCON (Senegal 2023), Copa America (Brazil 2028)
  6. Bet it’s going to be tough to leave Benfica? I have DAVID Johnathon in my Chelsea squad, not bad back up who can play in all three attacking slots
  7. 2029 Club World Championship - Mini Update Thanks to Neil Lennon for winning the Champions Cup with Chelsea the year before I took the reigns, I was competing in this tournament after my first full season with the club. The best of the best clubs in Europe all involved. The group I was in had Al Sadd and Sundowns and qualified on top scoring a combined 15 goals to none. Next up was London rivals Arsenal in the quarters. Quarters Top Domestic Leagues 2 / 10 - Bundesliga (Wolfsburg 2026), Serie A (AC Milan 2028) Cups 3 / 10 - Betfred Cup (Arbroath 2023), DFB Pokal (Wolfsburg 2026), FA Cup (Chelsea 2029) Continental 1 / 6 - Club World Champs (Chelsea 2029) International 2 / 5 - AFCON (Senegal 2023), Copa America (Brazil 2028)
  8. Funny you say that, my game has only frozen once in match (few times out of match play) but it was also during the AFCON which I just replayed letting FM take control of the result
  9. Cheers just read the challenge again and it’s the very last item
  10. It was close but we had Swansea who were playing in the championship but even they pushed us to extra time where we scored in the final minutes. It was a very baron run towards the end. Surprised we managed to turn it around for the final
  11. Season 10 - 2028/29 This is a season that wont escape my memory for a very long time. After moving from Milan after only 1 season, I came to a team full of world class players that needed little improvement, but I had the money so brought in no less than 6 top notch signings as you do. All competitions were in play and was hoping to compete in all. The season started off ok, we played Man Utd away first up and after leading 3 - 0 with 15 mins to go, we walked away with a point. Next up was the Euro Super Cup as Chelsea won the Champions Cup last year which had us against Europa Cup winners.... AC Milan. We beat them 4 - 0 and I knew I made the right choice to come to this club. It took up until the 19th game for our first loss in the league, Liverpool easily beating us 3 - 0. We would then go 13 games unbeaten having us secure on top with a 11 point gap to second at one point. I started playing my second string side in order preserve the first team for the cup comps thinking we had the league sealed. Boy did FM come and bite me in the ass for my arrogance. 3 early red cards in consecutive games against Tottenham, Sheff Utd and Newcastle where we only managed 1 point followed by a loss to Burnley away destroyed us and let Man Utd take full advantage as they only dropped 2 points in the last 42 available to win the league. I haven't ever crumbled and given away a league like this before, its going to take a while to get over it! The Champions League was the focus whilst having a pretty comfortable lead atop of the premiership. The group stage had us against Genk, Locomotive Moscow and none other than Wolfsburg (my previous employers who sacked me a year after winning the Bundesliga). 5 wins and a draw against Wolfsburg away got us easily through. First knockout round paired us with Juventus which I enjoyed some success against with Milan last year so I was quite confident. First leg away and it couldn't have started any worse conceding a goal in the first minute. We then gave a penalty away in the 10th minute which luckily was saved. We dominated the rest of the match however couldn't find the back of the net, the game finished 1 - 0. This is what happened in the home leg. Close to 40 shots for a return of 1 goal and conceded in the 90th minute to bow out way too early in the competition! We at least won the FA Cup and got a little teeny bitty revenge on Man Utd. Im surprised I haven't been sacked (yet) and the board have given me a warchest of 270m pounds to spend. Will stick it out for as long as they want me until we win the league and champions league. Top Domestic Leagues 2 / 10 - Bundesliga (Wolfsburg 2026), Serie A (AC Milan 2028) Cups 3 / 10 - Betfred Cup (Arbroath 2023), DFB Pokal (Wolfsburg 2026), FA Cup (Chelsea 2029) Continental 0 / 6 International 2 / 5 - AFCON (Senegal 2023), Copa America (Brazil 2028)
  12. Copa America 2028 Went into the tournament hosted in Argentina as favourites and ranked 2nd in the world and also top of the World Cup qualification group despite a couple of draws. But just before the tournament began, I lost one of the best players in the world Vinicious Junior AML through injury which rocked the team. Nevertheless we move on and take grace that we haven't lost to Argentina since my reign and head coach. Results We started the tournament in disastrous fashion losing to the USA B team 2 - 1 though it didn't really look or play for that matter as a B team. Our consolation goal came in the 87th minute so we were never really in the game. Second game up was against Colombia who were the 3rd best rank South American team at ranked 10 in what was a must win game. We scored in the 29th minute but Colombia equalised a minute into the second half and needed a goal in the 80th minute to get our first win of the tournament. Next two games were against Ecuador and Peru in what I thought the whole tournament would be in relatively straight forward wins of 3 - 0 and 4 - 0. Last group game was against Venezuela who were sitting above us in first spot, a win would displace them. In a game I rotated the squad a little to freshen the team up a bit for the knockout rounds, we suffered another surprising 2 - 1 loss. We ended up finishing second and were paired against Paraguay in the quarters. We despatched them 3 - 0 in a great performance. In the semis we had Uruguay and we managed to put together our best performance beating them 4 - 1 with Everton (Junior's replacement) scoring a first half hattrick. Mexico was the other invitational guest along with the USA and they did us a huge favour in knocking out Argentina in the Semis. Mexico B in the final, a team that was made up of a lot of teenagers and little senior experience. Two penalties in the second half gave Brazil their 4th Copa America in a row and another notch on the checklist for me. Might stick it out with Brazil for the World Cup in a couple years, they don't tend to organise a lot of friendlies which is nice. On the club front 3 big jobs became vacant at Man City, Chelsea and Atletico Madrid. Was unsuccessful with my interview at Man City but got the job at Chelsea so after just a year at Milan I say goodbye. I broke their 15 year Serie A drought so im ok with that.
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