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  1. Welcome, in many countries with a poor or cold structure, official matches are played in stadiums with a closed roof, or arenas. For example, Zenit Saint Petersburg, please consider the offer of a variety of stadiums. For example, you can allow the game to be played with the roof closed, and show the roof closed, and playpens when the stadium is still under construction, or problems with finances
  2. https://www.transfermarkt.ru/muhammad-ladan/profil/spieler/711911 https://www.transfermarkt.ru/philip-ipole/profil/spieler/711910
  3. https://www.transfermarkt.ru/anwan-lawrence/profil/spieler/685589 lost player
  4. https://www.transfermarkt.ru/vladislav-korobkin/profil/spieler/685637 Not in DB https://www.transfermarkt.ru/georgiy-ternovskiy/profil/spieler/697594
  5. Spartak really overrating. Ufa,Tambov&Sochi need upgrade. Sobolev upgrade need. Ural need upgrade.
  6. Chertanovo: Lost Sergey Pinyaev - https://1fnl.ru/players/4467 The rules of RPL: the Citizens of Belarus are not legionaries with the 19/20 season with 20/21 BRICK Citizens - not Legionare Lost U-17 teams for: Chertanovo CSKA Krasnodar Strogino Dinamo MSK Spartak Rybin Loko Zenit Kokorin & Mamaev - ban - for 2020 Apti Akhyadov - ban for 2020 Mamaev - play in Rostov Also - Crimea in Russia De-facto but other Tournament teams from Crimea in Russia but play in your Tournament
  7. map788

    Licenses System

    Good day, in the Russian football system - used license. I.e. to allow the team to play in the Premier League - the team needs to fulfill several requirements. The same applies to the FNL. "If the club wins the FNL championship, but the criteria are not met, then such a club will not be accepted in the RFPL." The same with the FNL teams, and below. These are Finance, infrastructure, availability of the Academy.
  8. What you programm used? It is Photoshop animation or may be other? and how saving?
  9. Russian injury table - https://www.championat.com/football/_russiapl/1768/injury.html
  10. In world Football Have new variant of Penalty: "Penalty Supporter". Like a Barcelona, Ajax, and FC Krasnodar. In this regard, I offer the ability to customize feed or a penalty kick. Video:
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