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  1. Hi, I'm using a 13" MacBook Pro with 1280x800 resolution and even with 85% zoom, i can't see all atributes without scrolling. What can I do? Maybe setting a smaller font in atributes?
  2. @KennedyBakircioglu Are you considering making a skin like your FMT 19 skin, for this years full FM? If you do maybe i'll buy the game. I really liked that skin, but i don't like FMT.
  3. Please make this skin for Full FM, i don't like FMT, and i'm fed up of the skins i'm using. For Fm18 i used your skin almost all the time i played.
  4. Too bad, any way to make it work on the full version, or if you make the skin I could test it.
  5. No, not in FM17 at least. i managed Barcelona B roleplaying Puyol with the maximum license and international experience, i won the league, and at the end of the season the Barcelona manager was fired and i applied, but the board rejected and even laughed at me. I wish that was possible as irl.
  6. Desculpa, só vi agora, não tenho jogado nem vindo ao forum. Mudei copiando a pasta fonts de uma base skin para a pasta desta skin, eliminando primeiro a pasta fonts desta skin.
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