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  1. it appears that with your update a milan director was appointed as manager. is that a bug?
  2. I like the idea of this update, but with real results none of the players in this leagues have games played in the league.
  3. [Suggestion] Youth Intake Date

    Youth intake at the middle of the season its something that makes me play less football manager. And the game between the promoted players and the youth team is also stupid and unreal
  4. Tactics Pitch Screen like Forza App

    Too bad. Thanks for the info
  5. Tactics Pitch Screen like Forza App

    Is it possible to replace shirts by player faces in the tactics pitch, especially to use with the scope facepack. Thanks
  6. Netherlands Logo issue

    Thanks, i'll do that
  7. Netherlands Logo issue

    My config file, also the png's have the name gib.png and ned.png
  8. Netherlands Logo issue

    How? I'm not getting, and my config file has the two lines mentioned by michaeltmurrayuk