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  1. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    Fortunes Favour The Brave Having spent the last week lying in a bunker for charity, manager of Mr Monkey was delighted to speak with us, his favourite magazine 'Bi-Annual Weekly'. Rp:- Firstly, may I just say a big welcome and hello to you, I'm sure our readers would join me in saying that to almost anyone they meet. Rp:- On to the questions, your 2nd season in charge of Millwall FC and first in the Premiership started two weeks back now, how do you feel your squad has settled into the big time. Jm:- Well, I cant be too disappointed, or I would look sad, do I look sad sonny? Rp:- My name isnt sonny, and no you dont look sad. Jm:- Thats because I'm not, I just spent a week in a glorified ditch for a week, David Blaine eat your heart out. Who wouldnt be happy. Rp:- Quite, how was that btw? Jm:- Better than expected, cant really say much at the moment. FBI you understand. Rp:- That would explain the handcuffs Jm:- Not really Rp:- O-K. First game of the season, playing the mighty Chelsea, all that firepower all that wealth, how did you manage to put in a credible performance and win 2-0? Jm:- Because we have the strength, the pace, the skill, the quailty to win the premiership this season, my boys are the best I've ever seen. They moved, they glided, it was beautiful to watch. Like poetry in motion. Johannnnnsssson scoring on his debut after moving from Charlton was a wondrous thing to behold. Everybody played thier part, cant see why we cant become the new dominat force in the premiership based solely on that performance. Rp:- Full of praise I see, but you surely werent happy after your second game, a 3-1 loss away to former champions Blackburn. Jm:- Oh, I'm mad, mad at my players, worst in the world I tells ya, if I had the money, they would all be out the door. I've seen better players on my shoe...We are going down, hell, just send us to the Conference now. Rp:- And what of your final game in August, the 0-0 draw with Southampton? Jm:- Meh Rp:- Care to clarify? Jm:- Ok
  2. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> I joined the online game after about 12 games where already played. First I had to choose a club, not that many where available at this stage of the game and most of them in the lower part of the table. But that was what I expected anyway. I choose Ipswich because this is one of the few English clubs I never managed in my over 10 years of expierence with CM. And I didnt no anything about this town, but now as I lived several month here, I am proud to say: I'm from Switzerland, and I survived. You know anything about Ipswich? Like that: IPSWICH is in the heart of East Anglia and the heart of Europe. It is the regional centre for business, shopping, sport and entertainment. Ipswich is home to IP-City and is one pole of the Cambridge/Ipswich Hi-Tech Corridor. It is proud of its 800-year Royal Charter and its long maritime tradition and also possesses a magnificent heritage and fine parks. Okay, thats from their website, but we do not want to know about the Hi-Tech Corridor in the heart of Europe (strange position for a heart anyway...), all we care is Ipswich Town. http://www.itfc.premiumtv.co.uk but thats the reality, and we are talking about a game, which is way more important, than Elton John playing in a football stadium. I took over Ipwsich as manager as it was clear, this team has just one goal: to avoid relegation. I found an interesting mix between some youngsters (who didnt play first team) and some old farts, who playing all the time, even if their stats would suggest to move them to a retirement home for footballers and Elton Johns. Normally I do a lot of research when I come in charge of a new club. Means: Reading stats, stats, stats and making some conclusion. But there is no time when you play together with some youngsters with no patience and I am the old fart who thinks he is to old to rock'n'roll but too young to Elton John. So I designed a tactic and played the first 3 games, very defensivly. I lost 0-1 two times and got an 0-0 as the best result. And I had a red card in every game. Therefore I named a old bottle Marc Vaughan and throw and old football against it and smiled. But it took not that long for the new patch and since than I had'nt any red cards again, so I can gathering old bottles for the next release of the game. I tried to make some transfers, but as everyone could imagine, all the good players were already bought, so I got some young players like Dougie Ramsay and Christian Fox and some olds like Robbie Winters. The best transfer I did was Mikele Leigertwood from Wimbledon, a promising defender. Also very important was the loan in Jonathan Blondel from Tottenham and Clyton Zane from Antwerp. I played a custom made 4-4-2 in a defensive and an attacking way and as the game goes further I could become shure that I can compete with the teams in the bottom part of the table, but not with the big shots. I missed two sessions and in this two sessions Ipswich dropped to the 22th place. And not that many games to play. But in the last 10 games I managed a 4 win, 2 draw, 4 loose record and this was enough for becoming 20th. I decided to stay with Ipswich, as they are satisfied with my managerial performance, but I am sure they want a saved mid table place in the next season. I hope some of my young players will become valuable members of the first team. I hope also that Bosman transfer Taribo West will be a rock in my defense and Leigertwood will stay, even if some newly promoted Premiership clubs have already throw an eye on him. (ever seen a one-eye monkey, by the way?) I am looking forward into the new season, this online game rocks and I think my Ipswich squad has enough potential to become a surprising team next season. If not - there will be other teams, begging to become managed by a Swiss, for sure. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
  3. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    Lions Flying High After the exploits of January in the cup, the boys at Millwall were flying high, moving thier good form into the league. 3 wins and 3 draws in the next 6 matches (including a 3-1 victory over Bristol City in the FA Cup 5th Round) saw them slowly start to reduce the gap from 3rd to 2nd. It also included a 2-0 victory over then championship contenders Wimbledon, but that result seemed to spell the beginning of the end for thier season, with loss coming after loss, defeat after defeat, Millwall were catching up. March again was pretty similar to February, 3 wins and 2 draws in the league, meant once more they go undefeated for the month in Division One. It included some thrilling matches the 6-2 thrashing of Playoff hopefuls Norwich, where total ownage was secured. Also the two games at Old Trafford, for once more Millwall were drawn against a premiership big boy for the Quarter of the FA Cup. Breaking on the counter at the New Den gave Millwall a extremely good chance of stealing something from Man Utd, but it finally ended 1-1. The replay was again a close affair, but only managing to score right at the death wasnt enough for JM's boys, losing on the night 2-1. Moving on to the final 7 games in the league, Weatherson was on fire, Osbourne was keeping the retiring Wise out of the team, Whelan was excited about moving to Blackburn at the end of the season, so much so, he was outstanding week in week out. Two losses out of the seven really hurt Millwall's chance of automatic promotion, the complete collapse against Carnie's Cardiff, losing 5-1, was the worst result of the season. But strangely it didnt seem to effect morale in the camp, everyone was on a high, knowing that was a one-off, and full-credit to Cardiff for exploiting it. And so the season drew to a close, Millwall one point ahead of arch-ex-London rivals Wimbledon, all that was needed was a win and the premiership beckoned for the new season. Luckily they didnt even need that with Rob Stone's side going down 4-0 and sending Millwall to Money heaven. Symbolically Millwall were also playing Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, once the home of Wimbledon, who in Mr Monkey's own words said they had now sold out and moved abroad. We confronted him about these strange claims:- Rp: Firstly, congratulations on getting Millwall to the premiership, its quite a achievement. JM: Yes, yes it is, I like to compare it to when I first learnt to walk, there was waddling at first, and falling over, which did infact hurt my bum, had to hold on to things for balance, lost a few pounds in the process, but soon it all fell into place and running about like a nutter beckoned. Rp: Well, uh....quite. Moving on, you seem to have formed a special bond with Nottm Forest manager Dez Wilkins, whats the nature of this friendship? JM: Its quite simple, he let me beat him both times this season when we played, and I let him win the league, give and take, give and take. Also he likes to bake cookies, dont tell him, but they are scrummy. Rp: What are your plans for the new season? Any new faces? JM: Well, we have a few transfers planned, Mads Timm, Ryan Garry and Guilherme, should all help bolster our squad for the new season, I'm expecting it to be tough but I know my players have grit and determination to pull it off. Would be delighted with fourth bottom next season. Rp: I cant be arsed to speak to you anymore, have you any final words to someone. JM: Nope. And so he left, closing the door on the way out, very polite.
  4. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    Its amazing what a little persuasion can do, keep up the good work guys.
  5. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    Millwall - Kings Of The Cup January had been a unusual month for the Lions, 2 wins, a few draws and a loss in the league meant that by the end they were trailing behind the two automatic promotion spots by 7 points. However thanks to Wimbledon finally starting to do what everyone had been expecting them to, lose, well, they were only 7 pts off the lead as well, much better then the 11 it was at the start of the month. Pushing aside the league for a minute, January was time for the FA Cup, the oldest in the world, the most prestigious in the world, and one every club wants to win. The third round saw Millwall play lowly Halifax where they were given a good hard thrashing, 7-0 in fact, with talented young prospect Cherno Samba coming on to score two goals. On to the fourth round, and the draw was not an easy one, home to the big-spenders Chelsea. On the day, Chelsea fielded a full strength side with the likes of, Crespo, Gudjohnsesn, Mutu, Veron, Cole and Duff playing against thier south london rivals of Harris, Weatherson, Sweeney, Ifil, Whelan and of course old Chelsea favourite Dennis Wise. Chelsea of course dominated the game, but Millwall played excellent counter-attacking football and managed two goals on the break. 2-0 up, and looking good if they could just hang on. But when playing against the richest that the premiership has to offer, you know there will be a tough job ahead. They piled on the pressure managing to get a goal back. 2-1. And then, on his first game back from injury, Millwall Captain Dennis Wise lost his head and fouled his opponent in the box. PENALTY!!. 2-2. Not to be discouraged though, two minutes later at the other end of the park, Peter Sweeney scored a delightful free kick, bottom right corner. 3-2. After that it was all Chelsea, could Millwall hang on for 20 more minutes. They hung and they hung, until the 91st, Chelsea had a corner, got a flick on, Warner in goal flapped at it, it was 3-3. But no, the referee whistled, it was disallowed, there had been pushing in the box. Sighs of Relief echoed round the New Den!!. And then it was all over, Millwall were through to the FA Cup Fourth Round. Chelsea were going home, beaten, ashamed, gutted!

    I'm glad this is going well, online CM is the future, and is definitely the most fun way to play it... A big to all who organise it...
  7. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    Good idea, thats what it means.
  8. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    Did you read it? I liked the title though, has no relevance at all, but I liked it.
  9. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    December: A time for giving? December - A crucial month in the season, the half way point is reached, the christmas matches are always important, contracts are open for bids and of course the FA Cup third round begins just after. Starting the month in 3rd place behind Nottm Forest and Wimbledon, Millwall were flying high, expected to only just challenge for a playoff place, Mr Monkey has brought a new era of prosperity to South London. Bringing in new players such as Caldwell, Weatherson and Namouchi, he has created a side that could gain automatic promotion to the premiership by the end of the year. First came a match agaisnt Dez Wilkins Nottm Forest, who were 2nd one place above but ahead by more points then are worth counting. Millwall managed to win this game 2-0, but at a cost, losing the ever-present captain Dennis Wise and the new power striker of Weatherson to month long injuries. However this didnt stop Mr Monkey and his side, introducing his tactic for the first time in the season, he managed 2 more succesive 2-0 victories. This propelled him to 2nd for a brief time, moving above Forest on Goals Scored as goal difference was equal. The stay was short for in the next game a 2-1 win was not enough to keep GD the same, with Forst winning by 3 goals. On to the boxing day match, where a tough trip to Preston was on the cards. Things were sloppy, players were tired, but 3-1 up at half time and Millwall were looking comfortable for the win. Preston however had other ideas, breaking on the counter twice in the 2nd half produced the equalising goals, and so 3-3 was the final score of December and 2003. Back into 3rd but in a better position then at the beginning of the month, the top 3 are pulling away from the rest and Wimbledon are 10 points clear at the top of the table. Millwall and Forest yo-yoing between 2nd and 3rd, and the rest chasing to catch up, 2004 looks to be an exciting year in Division One.
  10. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    Gah..I dont like that league table...Millwall are actually 7th.. (P.S....Anyway to make the table smaller, it has fupped how I view the page...)
  11. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    We actually managed 2 whole games yesterday, after Ferbre turned up 34 minutes late...can you believe he was sleeping??
  12. GQ Online 03/04 Update Thread

    Woohoo...I won a game... Caley - Sorry, but I take no notice of you people acorss the border...