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  1. Giraffin

    Match in-between highlights player list

    Does not work..
  2. Giraffin

    Match in-between highlights player list

    I can't seem to fully remove the tactics, there is always one left. I tried tho but it didnt work
  3. Giraffin

    Match in-between highlights player list

    I've never changed positions that way tho, I've always used the same tactic in all the three slots. Is there a way to reset this?
  4. My in match player list is annoying me, the players are placed in random order on the list in the match, but are in correct order on every other "view". The first picture are in correxct order but the second suddenly mix them up..
  5. seems pretty decent?
  6. How is the 4231 going? is it completely impossible to make a overachieving 4231 this fm?
  7. How many trophies did it win?
  8. That's an amazing start? Which tactic/kind of tactic har you using??
  9. without any changes?
  10. Interesting, im more of a 4231 guy myself. I have recently played with the thought of using a 442. Also loving that you snatched Alli from the Sp*rs
  11. Insane results! Do you mind showing us your tactic? and also how you've progressed in pl over the years ? cheers
  12. This tactic is insane in defense, I have played 30 games in the PL with Arsenal, 71 GS and 3 GC!!
  13. I would also love to try it
  14. Can you test it and perhaps try to tweak it into the monster it was on fm17? I feel like its nowhere near as effective as in FM17
  15. Exciting times ahead !