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  1. Interesting, im more of a 4231 guy myself. I have recently played with the thought of using a 442. Also loving that you snatched Alli from the Sp*rs
  2. Insane results! Do you mind showing us your tactic? and also how you've progressed in pl over the years ? cheers
  3. This tactic is insane in defense, I have played 30 games in the PL with Arsenal, 71 GS and 3 GC!!
  4. I would also love to try it
  5. Can you test it and perhaps try to tweak it into the monster it was on fm17? I feel like its nowhere near as effective as in FM17
  6. Exciting times ahead !
  7. I had that too, but I removed it because of the TI "Exploit both flanks" as I know CF's often roam out on the flanks
  8. Im using 2 attacking inside forwards with the "Roam from positions" PI. Works really good for my Arsenal Team
  9. Impressive! got any 4231's coming up?
  10. Is it impossible to make a high scoring 4231 etc? like a more normal formation? Im not really digging the three striker thing either
  11. So you've only tweaked the Wingbacks?
  12. Which formation is this one?
  13. Cheers! One question Knap, which one of the 4-2-3-1's are best for the top teams do you reckon? The highest scoring one?
  14. I ticked on "Work ball into box" as I think it fits Arsenal better and there are many wasteful long shots. Will that affect the tactic badly?
  15. is this tactic also scoring for fun in fm 18? someone got any screenshots??