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  1. the 4231 IF seems to be a bit unstable, aint near the goal tally u had with united. edit: Changed the passing from shorter to litte more direct and I suddenly started banging the goals in again. Nvm then ;D
  2. ahaa, I am Macclesfield in the first season, maybe the cardiff one is the way to go?
  3. Hey @knap. Which striker role and PI's fits with the IF's the most? (Most scored etc)
  4. Well I am still using the 4231 109p102TH. I added "Get further forward" to both the IF's. Seems to make them score more
  5. Is the 433 working on this version? Like with 3 central midfielders. Mezz/DLP/Mezz for example?
  6. A little note @knap, only the left IF do have the "Get further forward" PI. Is it meant that way?
  7. Is there a reason why the wingers dont have the "Shorter passing" PI and the IF's have them on the 109p, @knap?
  8. Hey Knap! could you try to make a high scoring 4123/451 with IF's? A more updated one? Cheers
  9. The tweak I made earlier is working insanely good on the new patch! I recommend it strongly
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