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  1. How come the 4231 seems way worse than the 442 and 424? Wierd
  2. the 4231 IF seems to be a bit unstable, aint near the goal tally u had with united. edit: Changed the passing from shorter to litte more direct and I suddenly started banging the goals in again. Nvm then ;D
  3. ahaa, I am Macclesfield in the first season, maybe the cardiff one is the way to go?
  4. Hey @knap. Which striker role and PI's fits with the IF's the most? (Most scored etc)
  5. Well I am still using the 4231 109p102TH. I added "Get further forward" to both the IF's. Seems to make them score more
  6. Is the 433 working on this version? Like with 3 central midfielders. Mezz/DLP/Mezz for example?
  7. A little note @knap, only the left IF do have the "Get further forward" PI. Is it meant that way?
  8. Brilliant, maybe test the 109p again without the "shorter pass" PI?
  9. Is there a reason why the wingers dont have the "Shorter passing" PI and the IF's have them on the 109p, @knap?
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