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  1. seems pretty decent?
  2. How is the 4231 going? is it completely impossible to make a overachieving 4231 this fm?
  3. How many trophies did it win?
  4. That's an amazing start? Which tactic/kind of tactic har you using??
  5. without any changes?
  6. Interesting, im more of a 4231 guy myself. I have recently played with the thought of using a 442. Also loving that you snatched Alli from the Sp*rs
  7. Insane results! Do you mind showing us your tactic? and also how you've progressed in pl over the years ? cheers
  8. This tactic is insane in defense, I have played 30 games in the PL with Arsenal, 71 GS and 3 GC!!
  9. I would also love to try it
  10. Can you test it and perhaps try to tweak it into the monster it was on fm17? I feel like its nowhere near as effective as in FM17
  11. Exciting times ahead !
  12. I had that too, but I removed it because of the TI "Exploit both flanks" as I know CF's often roam out on the flanks
  13. Im using 2 attacking inside forwards with the "Roam from positions" PI. Works really good for my Arsenal Team
  14. Impressive! got any 4231's coming up?
  15. Is it impossible to make a high scoring 4231 etc? like a more normal formation? Im not really digging the three striker thing either