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  1. Its wierd how its like that. I really hope they adress this in the upcoming game as it shouldnt be a "bad" thing to dominate possession ;(
  2. Slightly offtopic but was it this hard to obtain "good" possession stats on fm 20? I feel like every top tactic suffer with possession and if you have good possession you dont score.
  3. Hey, I copied your barcelona 4231 from back in the days, just for fun. It seems pretty good on this versions fm actually. Im not at home atm so cant post pictures. You should try to make one like that! I use very high loe and high def line. But everything else is like the original. (I also use WB on attack.)
  4. on the public beta the mentality "positive" seems way better than "offensive" i've tried almost every tactic here with both mentalities and the positive one scores more and lets in less
  5. @knap, have you tried to also have "be more expressive" enabled to your tactics? It seems to get me more goals atm. Especially from the wingers and striker.
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