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  1. The tweak I made earlier is working insanely good on the new patch! I recommend it strongly
  2. I haven't been able to play but I've seen it over at FM-korea where it seems popular. Did you get around to test it btw?
  3. In that version I also added "run at defence". Added a few PI's too but I dont think that affected it.
  4. It may be better without "run at defence". Im not quite sure tbh
  5. I removed the focus play on the flanks instruction and added run at defence, it seems like I score way more goals now. You think there is something to it Knap? Also turned the striker into a advanced forward, and added some PI's to the inside forwards and offensive midfielder. The tactic is at the bottom for they who wish to try it Took a season holiday with Arsenal and here are the result Knap 4231 tweak.fmf
  6. I use Auba in an advanced forward role, getting 61 goals in 50 games so far. First season
  7. Will it be out this evening?
  8. Is it possible to make an high scoring 4231 yet?
  9. Giraffin

    Match in-between highlights player list

    Does not work..
  10. Giraffin

    Match in-between highlights player list

    I can't seem to fully remove the tactics, there is always one left. I tried tho but it didnt work
  11. Giraffin

    Match in-between highlights player list

    I've never changed positions that way tho, I've always used the same tactic in all the three slots. Is there a way to reset this?