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  1. @knap Can you recommend the best tactic to fit my team? I started with the PARIS IF tac 1st season (using the custom world league database) Just wondering if the TIME Tac is good for 21.6? Or even if my team fits a Winger formation? That is my "Best XI" as picked by my Ast. Manager Thanks in advance
  2. So in general, Left footed on Right WM and Right footed on Left WM?
  3. @knap In your 105pts save/screenshots. Is that the roles you had them in? Sanchez upfront + Rashford on the left?
  4. @knapThis tactic looks fantastic but I am having a bit of trouble understanding the Winger roles and which foot to play with So Bailey (Left footed) and Son (Right Footed) both have "cut inside from both wings", so is that Left on Left? Or can they go on either?
  5. @knapDo you recommend any certain PPM for roles? Like Should like AF's have "run with ball down left/right"? or even PPM that shouldn't be taken? Or is it not something you look too closely into? I know on fmbase TFF gives out PPM, Just wondering on your take.
  6. Does changing the ST role make a difference to tactic? I feel Lukaku isn't a good DLF
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