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  1. You'll be loving that Good for him, he's definitely got a part to play this summer.
  2. Absolutely, 100% agree. However, whichever combo he picks, somebody is gonna slaughter him.
  3. Sounds like Southgate has a really good problem going on in terms of forwards I wouldn't start Grealish right now, as good as he is. You get more space and gaps attacking for Villa, than you do for City, Chelsea, United etc so it's difficult to say exactly how good he'll be, but there are other, proven, world class options. Can I just say that I really rate him, it's just that his competition is Foden, Mount, Rashford, Sterling and Saka. PS I wouldn't get too dragged into top speed stats, they're pretty unreliable and mostly irrelevant.
  4. Just to give my 50 cents, I also had a high scoring Henderson and a low scoring Salah. Bizarre, because I think their stats are pretty spot on!
  5. Too far out the loop but I'd trust what @HarrisFFC says. Falkirk fans on twitter seem quite pleased but a bit of concern as to who comes in now. I've seen Gary McAllister mentioned, don't know if that's unrealistic right now but it's interesting.
  6. Could be because they scrapped the youth system, as @HarrisFFC above said.
  7. A young Steven Gerrard. Personally I feel like his attributes aren't entirely suited to the Regista role but I'd be paying big bucks if I saw him on my save.
  8. Is that a fact? Shows how out of touch I am Isn't one of the 16 players on Love Island now? The one who accused the fans of racial abuse?
  9. Could be right @warlock but i've always heard that it's money stopping them, and as you said, they've developed it stand by stand. They do have a mini, temporary stand where the 4th one will be. Would be a good save to take on @Stuniverse, I wish you all the best in leading my home-town to glory
  10. Money, that's why. They're planning on a 4th stand. Falkirk have had some good young players, but just haven't had good investment to build on that and eventually have them poached. Even so, i'm surprised they were relegated, embarrassing.
  11. I actually tried to avoid that, so have most of the players I started with. Even squad players like Ox, Clyne, Moreno, Matip, Harry Wilson etc are really good players to bring in i think!
  12. Have a look and see if Joel Matip at Liverpool is available. He'll be about 28/29 and is the full deal if that's the kind of defender that you're after.
  13. Quick shot of Jones and Geubbels. Jones has the PPM "likes to run with the ball" and is driven so i reckon that's the secret behind him. Quick shot of Geubbels also, some scoring record, isn't it? He is mr physical.
  14. AML - inside forward but not AS good there, AMC is where the good stuff comes out Think his potential is reached though, only 20 but the reports say he's pretty much reached his potential
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