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  1. They were comfortable from my inexperienced Spanish football eye - although Plus Ultra had a man harshly sent off when it was 1-0. Was a bit disappointed with today's weather compared to yesterday - it started raining just as I turned up and there's no cover there! I'd say there was about 250 there and there was quite a cheer when Murcia scored so they were well represented. I'd have loved to find out the thoughts of the locals when they saw the slightly sunburned, obvious foreigner in attendance. Cheers for the link, I also managed to find a website that covers the preferente leagues - such was my desperation to see if I could catch a game this morning!
  2. No, changed my mind about attending this one too. I've hired a car and decided to travel a bit further. Still in Murcia though as I'm currently at the B team's match! Got a couple of matches pencilled in for tomorrow too.
  3. Also, when are the kick off times for tercera matches confirmed and where can I find the info?
  4. Well, here I am in a hostel room in Sant Vicent del Raspeig typing this on a tablet! I'll pop down to Murcia tomorrow to try my luck for the derby. Not hopeful though!
  5. Cheers. Providing there are no mishaps I'll be in Alicante on Wednesday afternoon before the match so it might be Thursday before I can attempt to get a ticket.
  6. It's the former; so at the older, smaller of the two grounds. I'm there a few days before the match so I'll give it a go but there's plenty other football on if not successful.
  7. Got a visit to Spain (Alicante) lined up for the weekend of 21st November. Two-pronged trip this, a) it's a break where, hopefully, there's still a bit of warmth in the air and I can do a bit exploring, and, b) take in some football whilst I'm there. When checking out the fixtures in the locality I notice that the big match for the weekend appears to be the Murcian derby between UCAM and Real and with the two towns only 50ish miles apart it seems silly to not attempt to attend. I was hopefully going to ask our resident Murcian what the chances of getting a ticket are but I see he's not posted on this thread so far and I've no way of finding out his last forum activity. Any other Spanish football aficionados able to help me out?
  8. Wasn't even the best Argentinian.
  9. Can't believe there are so few people that think Townsend isn't a monstrous **** and don't feel the need to smash their telly when they hear his unintelligent bilge.
  10. If that crossed the line then it should count. More potential ***** refereeing.
  11. BAE is just confirming the opinion of many that he's a massive **** there.
  12. Injured in first game after Balotelli steams in to a challenge with him then ruled out the rest of the tournament.
  13. Wtf USA? I see Kirchner's propaganda must be working on the natives.
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