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    I'm disabled, have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my right hand and both feet. I've been playing FM since the very first game in the 80's.

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    FM has saved my life!!


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    Football manager/ Football

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    Manchester City

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    FC Porto

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  1. luton

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    Mines easy as its the same side ive been doing forever, FC Porto.
  2. Just seen this thread, I saw a few of Napoli's games last season in UCL on Tv. The way I see their set up is, Attacking/Fluid, Insigne and Callejon I would have as IF(S), Hamsik AP(A). Jorginho as DLP(D) and for Ghoulam and Hysaj I would set them up as FB(S). As for the Team Instructions, I would watch a few games on YouTube to see their style etc.. Shorter Passing is defiantly one.
  3. Same side as I manage every year, FC Porto
  4. luton

    How Old Are You?

    Nearly 44 and been playing since the very first version in the 80s.
  5. luton

    FM Wife Hate

    My wife doesn't have any issues in me playing FM, in fact she has had no issues with me ever since she left me 4yrs ago for playing FM too much. Having an accident which left me disabled changed my life and unable to work, so all my time went into playing FM. Everytime I felt low or felt depression kicking in I played FM which she hated as it began to takeover my life(Her words), I told her it was saving my life but she didn't understand. 4yrs later I'm still playing FM without any problems whatsoever as its still saving my life.
  6. This is brilliant and has got me thinking about a formation for FM17!
  7. Hi, I'm interested in this style of tactic and of course Bielsa himself as a master tactician. What I would like to know if anyone has a link to the tactic as the one in the opening post says its damaged and unable to download.
  8. Thank god for that! I thought I was the only one who did this. I put it down to my age(43). Fantastic article and can't wait for pt2.
  9. luton

    Age profile of FM players

    I'm 42 married(well separated due to FM addiction) with 2 kids. Been playing since the very first edition back in the 80s and have no plans to stop.
  10. luton

    Running Leagues.

    Argh right, I have i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30Ghz
  11. Just a quick query concerning leagues. What determines extra leagues you can run, is it RAM or the Graphics card? At present I have 16GB RAM and AMD Radeon HD6800 series 1GB Graphics card.
  12. I'm a life long Manchester City fan, but since my epic save on FM09 with Porto, i follow them over the internet and watch their games on the tv when they are on. I know its sad for a 42yr old, but i have bought a Porto shirt every season since FM09.
  13. Came across this tactic yesterday and thought i would give it try as wanted to start one last game before FM15. As ive never managed in Germany i thought i would try this with Bayern Munchen. My first 3 friendlies i won 7-0, 8-0, 7-1. Played Muller as the shadow striker and in the 3 friendlies he has scored 10 goals. The football is amazing and the defence is very solid. I'm surprised that not many people have tried this tactic as of yet.
  14. Hi, Does anybody know where I can obtain a list of South American talent?