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    I'm disabled, have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my right hand and both feet. I've been playing FM since the very first game in the 80's.

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  1. yes im using DF facepacks. I removed all folders from the SI folder, loaded the game and it worked. closed it down and copied all the folders back over and loaded the game back up and it worked but the minute i went to 'Preferences'>'Interface'>'CLEAR CACHE then again click 'RELOAD SKIN' AS ALWAYS after downloading to folders, the game crashed!
  2. Nothing has changed, the folder is in the default folder as above.
  3. Hi Neil, Thats not the issue. Have tried loading again this morning and game was stuck on loading screen, deleted the Cache and Preferences', verified the game, loaded the game again and was still stuck on the loading screen. Removed all files from the SI folder, loaded the game and it worked so closed the game down and copied all the folders back over again, loaded the game and it worked. The minute i wanted into the'Preferences'>'Interface'>'CLEAR CACHE then again click 'RELOAD SKIN' AS ALWAYS after downloading to folders, the game crashed! Why is this happening as everything was
  4. Morning Jimmy, I turned off the public Beta and the game was stuck on the loading screen, turned the Beta back on and it was still stuck on the loading screen. This is doing my head in, everything was fine until the last update.
  5. Hi, Ever since the update ive been unable to load the my game. I'm using the Beta version, Ive followed every step, deleted the Cache and preferences, verified the game files etc all in the correct order and it still wouldnt load. i removed all the files and loaded the game and it worked. I closed the game down and re-added the files and loaded the game up and it worked. I went into the preference's folder to change game display (reload etc.) the game crashed. Ive enclosed a copy DXDiag and the crash dump. also when the game updated i lost my save game, i serched everywhere on my pc
  6. Hi Kyle, Sorry for the late reply but i was ill yesterday. This morning i deleted and reinstalled FM20 but still had the same issue, i deleted some files from my tactics folder as must of had over 50 which ive been messing around with since November. Loaded the game back up and worked, so i dont know if the amount of tactics you have in your folder has anything to do with it but it certainly worked for me.
  7. Went to load my game this morning and all i'm getting is Football Manager 2020 20.4.1-1363262(Staging). I cant do anything as soon as i click on FM20 from steam this all im getting, cant even start a new game. Ive verified all the files with no issues, deleted and reinstalled steam and still getting this issue. All facepacks ive got loaded have been there since November last year and never had an issue until today and its doing my head in! I would really appreciate if someone could help me as im disabled and my only lifeline is this game and today for some unknown reason i cant do an
  8. This has to be the best post I’ve read for a long time. What I like is how you new how you wanted to play, stripped it back and started again. You took the time to read some very good posts to help implement your ideas instead of being on here asking questions. In my opinion,you’ve done what I think everyone should do who’s quite new to the game and that’s watch matches to see where issues lay. You made in game changes to your tactic which shows that you can’t just plug and play a tactic anymore. By detailing your dilemmas etc.. I really hope that a lot of people read your post and take everyt
  9. Mines easy as its the same side ive been doing forever, FC Porto.
  10. Thank god for that! I thought I was the only one who did this. I put it down to my age(43). Fantastic article and can't wait for pt2.
  11. Big fan of your tactics Dave and cant wait for this tactic to be released. I'm looking to start a new save so do you know when this will one will be ready?
  12. Does anyone know where i can download Boots to Asses with defensive tweaks.
  13. http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/5262/tacticd.jpg http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/5514/resultsd.jpg I didnt have no luck what so ever with Mr Houghs latest tactic, i thought i would try what Hough said he was looking at in thread #550 at trying 4-1-2-1-2, as you can see it's working, it's early days yet but i will keep going and see what happens.
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